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WWII- Post-War


WWII- Post-War From War to Cold War – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: WWII- Post-War

WWII- Post-War
  • From War to Cold War

  • A. Europe Destroyed
  • The winners of WWII (US, England, Russia) meet to
    discuss what to do next.
  • a. End of War Conferences
  • 1. Yalta- Allied leaders meet to discuss what
    to do with Europe after the war.
  • a. Arguments break out over which nations
    should be allowed to hold elections (Poland,
    Czechoslovakia, etc)

  • 2. Potsdam- Decide to divide Germany, half
    democratic, half communist.
  • a. Unconditional Surrender- Germany must
    accept all decisions.
  • b. Big Three Leaders- H. Truman (US),
    W. Churchill (UK), J. Stalin (USSR)
  • c. Roosevelt had died in April, 1945
  • d. Truman decides not to tell Stalin about
    the Atomic Bomb at Potsdam!!


End of the War
  • 2. Tensions rise between Stalin and Truman
  • a. Stalin secretly knew about the bomb!
  • b. Some historians believe this lie by Truman,
    started the Cold War!
  • c. Stalin and Truman distrusted each other
  • d. Stalin made power grabs in Poland, Ukraine,
    and Czech Republic.
  • 1. Threatening to Europe and the US

End of the War
  • B. Rebuild
  • 1. Europe
  • a. Marshall Plan- 14 Billion pumped into
    Europe to rebuild France, Germany, and others.
  • b. 17 countries received aid
  • 1. Rebuilt farms, factories, homes, roads
    and bridges
  • c. Offered to Russia, but Stalin refused

End of the War
  • d. Built strong support for the US in Europe
    (key later in the Cold War)
  • 2. Japan
  • a. Occupation- led by Gen. MacArthur!!
  • 1. Truman dropped the bomb to avoid an
    ground invasion.
  • a. After surrender however, the US sends
    in ground troops to control the
  • 2. 1945-1952
  • a. US troops were stationed in Japan for

End of the War
  • b. Rebuilt from the ground up
  • 1. New Constitution written by US lawyers
  • a. Similar to our Bill of Rights
  • 2. US rebuilt manufacturing centers
  • a. Toyota
  • b. Honda
  • 3. Land reforms for peasants, free speech,
    religious reforms, rights for women, etc.

Japans Diet
End of the War
  • 4. Article 9- Banned Japan from having
    military forces (still in effect today!)
  • c. Japan became one of our biggest allies, and
    our best trade partner.
  • 1. Key ally in the Cold War
  • 2. We still have over 22 military bases in
    Japan today!

End of the War
  • C. Everlasting Peace?
  • 1. 1945- Due to the failure of the League of
    Nations to prevent WWII, a new organization was
    called for.
  • 2. United Nations
  • a. Formed in 1945
  • b. A few very important changes made to make
    the UN more effective.

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After the War
  • c. Changes
  • 1. Security Council- made up of 15 states,
    this was the brain of the UN.
  • a. Major decisions made here
  • b. 5 permanent members, 10 rotating

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After the War
  • 2. US joins!
  • a. Headquarters of the UN is in New York
  • b. We take an immediate role as the
    flagship member
  • 3. Humanitarian Efforts
  • a. Food aid, peace- keeping, financial help

After the War
  • D. European Cold War Protection
  • 1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • (NATO)
  • a. A military alliance among democratic states
  • b. Foudned in 1949 to protect Europe and fight
  • c. Key members in 1949 US, UK, France, W.

After the War
  • 2. What NATO did
  • a. Create combined troop forces
  • b. Pool financial, military, and intelligence
  • c. Set-up an anti-Communist block of
    countries to rival the Soviets
  • 3. Soviets form their own group
  • The Warsaw Pact (1955)
  • a. Countries were forced to join!
  • Poland, Hungary, East Germany
  • b. United all European communist nations
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