About us

Welcome to PowerShow.com, the best website for viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations! It is brought to you - for free - by CrystalGraphics, the award-winning developer and market-leading publisher of rich-media enhancement products for Microsoft PowerPoint.

CrystalGraphics' unmatched success in the area of enhancements for PowerPoint has been the result of one clear vision: That the most successful presentations of the future will be broadcast-quality rich-media productions that people create themselves, quickly & affordably. And, over the past 10 years, CrystalGraphics has developed several almost-magical PowerPoint-enhancement tools that help people like you make that dream come true.

Now CrystalGraphics has decided to bring rich-media presentations to the web though its exciting new website: PowerShow.com. It intends to make PowerShow.com the number one destination for viewing and hosting PowerPoint presentations online - for everyone from starving students to wealthy corporate tycoons. It plans to accomplish this through the winning combination of urpassed ease of use, quick performance, high-quality, rich-media presentations and free price.

What you see on PowerShow.com today is just the beginning! We have lots of cool enhancements currently under development. We invite you to come back often to check out PowerShow.com's rapidly expanding feature set as well as all the awesome PowerPoint presentations we hope you and your friends and associates will be adding to the site over the next few months!

In case you're interested, some of CrystalGraphics' most popular rich-media products include PowerPlugs-brand software plugins that can easily enhance your PowerPoint presentations with visually stunning:

  • 3D transition effects
  • Flash animation
  • video backgrounds
  • 3D charts and more!

Some of CrystalGraphics' other products include PowerPlugs-brand content products that professionally enhance your PowerPoint presentations with:

  • 10,000+ templates
  • 1,000,000+ photos
  • 1,000+ background videos
  • Music tracks and more!

These and other cool products from CrystalGraphics have helped its 100,000+ worldwide customers turn otherwise boring PowerPoint presentations into cutting-edge multimedia productions that delight and captivate their audiences.

CrystalGraphics' products have received numerous Standing Ovation Awards from Presentations Magazine for "Best PowerPoint Templates" and "Best PowerPoint Plugins". Other recognition includes five-star ratings from PC Magazine and c|net, as well as "Cool Tools", "People's Choice" and "Best Buy" awards from other publications.