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8 Best Free Email Marketing Tools For Your Business Growth - Jain Technosoft


If you are growing your business in an online presence? Use these Top 8 Free Email Marketing Tools it's easy to create the best emails. Or if you don’t want to risk, You can always partner with a professional digital marketing company in India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 8 Best Free Email Marketing Tools For Your Business Growth - Jain Technosoft

Do you consider email as an age-old tactic of
connecting? Hold on! Even though it is age-old,
it hasnt become outdated yet. Email is one of
the strongest channels used today to connect
with others.
Even when it comes to promoting business, email
marketing has proven to be one of the most
popular and successful strategies among both B2C
and B2B marketers. More than 80 of marketers use
email marketing to network with their audience
connecting with the existing ones, and bringing
in newer ones. Certainly, an email marketing
strategy is nothing without a great email that
can attract as well as engage the audience,
creating which is a difficult task. It takes a
good amount of time and skill to create and send
out a good-looking email from scratch. To help
you save time, there are a plethora of efficient
tools that you can choose from to create and
send good emails, without having to pay anything
extra, as the tools are free! Listed below are
some Best 8 free email marketing tools that can
help you save both time and money, while
improving productivity.
HubSpot HubSpots free email marketing tool has
been supporting lots of small business
transactional email requirements, may it be to
promote current campaigns, send out Thank You
emails after a purchase, or send kickback emails
from lead offers. This tool is very easy to use,
equipped with readymade templates, and featuring
a handy drag-and-drop visual editor.
Furthermore, it has a native integration with
other HubSpot tools so, when you start an
account, you can create a centralized contacts
database, organize it is lists, and manage and
track email performance. Benchmark Benchmark
offers tons of pre-designed templates based on
industry, type, and occasion. And, if you are
HTML-savvy, you can also use the code editor to
build your emails from scratch. You can design
responsive emails with this tool, making it easy
for your receivers to view the email on any
device. You can add images, effects, and
stickers along with the text in your email to
make it even more attractive and engaging. And,
all of this can be done easily with the email
editor right on the platform. You can also use
the Dual View feature to see your email design as
youre editing it, making the entire email
creation process significantly simpler. Sender Sen
der helps create stunning newsletters, even if
you dont have any HTML knowledge! You can begin
by choosing from a ready template, and then
customize it with your own images, videos, and
text. To make an even bigger impact on your
audience, you can also personalize your
newsletters for each recipient. One unique
advantage is that Senders analytics feature can
help you track who opened your mail and when,
and clicked on the links too. All this
information can help you build accurate buyer
profiles based on their actions, so that you can
optimize your existing email strategy, and craft
compelling offers. Sendinblue Sendinblue is a
platform that features both email marketing tools
as well as additional functions like landing
page creation, customer relationship management,
It is an easy-to-use tool with readily available
responsive templates to choose from. Also, you
can preview your results first to ensure that
your design looks just like it should. It also
features A/B testing and segmented recipient
lists to optimize your campaigns and target your
ideal audiences. SendPulse SendPulse is a
multi-channel marketing platform, but it is
popular as an email marketing tool as it comes
with a ton of professional-designed email
templates that can be used and easily customized
using the drag-and-drop editor. These emails can
then be automatically sent out at the right time,
based on the user behaviour, event triggers, and
other variables! Furthermore, SendPulses
subscriber rating feature also helps identify
your most valuable subscribers by analyzing the
open and click rates, as well as the read/unread
rate of each subscriber. Mailchimp A leader in
email marketing tools, Mailchimp not only offers
the most basic email marketing features like
email creation and scheduling, but much more than
that. For instance, it offers a smart
recommendations feature, which can provide you
with valuable audience insights, which can help
you to further optimize your marketing
efforts. With its Content Manager tool, you can
design your emails, and store your images and
files for easy access. You can then automate your
emails at crucial steps of the buyer journey to
send out welcome emails, order confirmations,
abandoned cart reminders, and more, at the right
time. MailerLite Along with the basics like
drag-and-drop email builder, rich text editor,
and built-in photo editor, MailerLite also
brings other sophisticated features like the
landing page builder and pop-up customizer,
which is what makes it stand out from the
rest. With MailerLite, you can not only create
emails, but also responsive landing pages to
match the emails you send out, thus improving
your chances of driving conversions. You can run
split tests on different variations of a single
email to see what works best to drive clicks and
This amazing tool also provides with a
comprehensive campaign report containing
important statistics like click rate, open rate,
unsubscribe rate, and more. Moosend Moosend is
another free email marketing tool, but one that
comes with many unique additional features. One
such feature is that it lets you automate
repetitive tasks, thus saving you a significant
amount of time. Next, it helps you design
behavioural email campaigns based on your
subscribers information and activities. It also
possesses an advanced segmentation feature that
can help you send highly accurate emails to each
recipient. All of this, when combined well, can
increase your open and click-through rates, thus
boosting your ROI. Moosend also offers a
detailed campaign performance report that lets
you know exactly how to optimize your campaigns
further to get better results. And, the best
part is that unlike other tools, Moosend will
never include its logo in your emails! Conclusion
You can check out the robust features that each
of the above-mentioned free email marketing tool
offers. Without upgrading to paid plans, you can
achieve so much! Use the most relevant tool for
your business, based on industry type and your
audience, and make the most of your efforts and
time. Although its easy to create the best
emails and send them out at the right time with
the above email marketing tools, you can always
partner with a professional digital marketing
company in India, if you dont want to risk, or
invest your time on the same. Frequently Asked
Questions Any tips on how to write the content
of an email? From everything youve read above,
one things certain that your email should offer
value to your audience. To be able to do that,
you need to travel a journey that is relevant to
every customer, to drive them to the end of the
sales funnel, and ultimately make them do a
purchase. And, this is possible by connecting
with your audience, building interest about your
brand, instilling trust, and only then talking
about the sale. This way, youll convert a
customer into a loyal one wholl keep coming
back to you every time. Should I buy an email
list or build it myself? Never ever buy an email
list! Doing so means you arent having verified
email ids that are interested in your brand,
thus being of no use to you. You must hence
always build your own email list, comprising of
those individuals who have already visited your
site before. You can get this information by
asking them to share their email id with you, in
exchange of e-books, whitepapers, and promotional
items. What should be the frequency of sending
emails? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to
this question. It all depend upon your business,
industry, and audience. However, in general,
sending an email once a month can keep reminding
people about you. Doing so twice or thrice a
month can help develop a connection while a
once-a-week email schedule can create
consistency. But, whatever schedule you choose,
make sure to do it very carefully, as to not
create a nuisance for your audience, or youll
shoo them away for good. Keep testing what works
best for your business. How can I make customers
read through my email? Customers generally ignore
their mails, until they come up with one that
they feel they connect with, or those that sound
relevant to them. So, the first thing that you
need to do is understand your customers, their
expectations, and the things that matter to them
the most. Then, you should design your email
content, as well as the subject line, in a way
to matter to your email recipients. You must also
personalize your emails for better impact. In
short, focus on the value you create for your
customers, and the benefits you are offering to
them. Will my sales hike due to an email
marketing campaign? If you succeed at stimulating
and inspiring your audience, through your emails,
towards investing their money in your brand or
products, your email marketing campaign can
certainly hike your sales. And, how would you be
able to do that? If you provide a solution to an
existing or potentially upcoming problem that
your audience is or will be facing, theyll more
likely be tempted to approach you. To make an
even stronger impact, share testimonials and case
studies to instil trust in the minds of your
audience that your brand/products will certainly
add value to their life.
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