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3 proven ways to make your mortgage business more efficient


Welcome to “Build Up Better,” a new blog series from the mortgage experts at Shape, which will help you emerge from 2020’s unpredictability with the essential tips, tricks, and best practices needed to make 2021 the best year ever for your business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 3 proven ways to make your mortgage business more efficient

3 Proven Ways to Make Your Mortgage Business More
  • Welcome to Build Up Better, a new blog series
    from the mortgage experts at Shape, which will
    help you emerge from 2020s unpredictability with
    the essential tips, tricks, and best practices
    needed to make 2021 the best year ever for your

Although were making our way through the first
quarter of another record-breaking mortgage
market, its never too late to invest the time to
set your business up for success. Whether your
goals for 2021 are growth, saving more time, or
just cashing in on the influx of new and
refinancing borrowers, much of your focus needs
to point toward making your lending workflow more
  • In this post, were going to cover 3 easy ways to
    automate the frequent, everyday lending tasks you
    waste countless hours a day on with a customer
    relationship manager (CRM). But first, why does
    this even matter?
  • The benefits of automation for mortgage brokers
  • CRMs provide brokers with 8.71 ROI for every 1
    they invest in one 
  • Mortgage teams that use CRMs and automation tools
    are 50 more productive
  • CRM automation boosts individual sales rep
    revenue by 41
  • CRMs help brokers retain 27 more clients 
  • When used correctly, software automation can
    unlock new growth opportunities for your mortgage
    business, allowing you and your team to focus on
    building the human connections you need to
    compete in todays market!
  • Tip 1 Stop Wasting Time on Your Calendar
  • Studies show it can take up to 52 touchpoints to
    convert a mortgage prospect, and on average, it
    may take as many as 4 separate attempts (think
    back and forth emailing to land on a scheduled
    time to meet) just to book a meeting with them.
    If youre not using a CRM or other calendar
    automation tool, this is wasting you over 8 hours
    a month per teammate!

  • Instead, when you use a calendar automation tool,
    you can provide prospects with your real-time
    availability and automatically sync your
    appointments with your calendar. 
  • The benefits of calendar automation for mortgage
  • Keep availability real-time for prospects and
  • Always be up-to-the-second on your meeting
    schedule at the office, or on-the-go
  • Reduce manual email scheduling time to zero 
  • Shorten the lead sales cycle and boost client
  • Tip 2 Clean Up Your Database
  • The cost of dirty data for brokers isnt just
    disorganization bad data has led to 12 of
    businesses losing revenue, 28 suffering email
    deliverability issues (rendering their marketing
    dollars useless), and 21 experiencing
    reputational damage. In a business where
    reputation is extremely important, you cant
    afford to have a sloppy Excel database or lose
    track of important client details because you
    rely on manually updating your database. 

  • Collecting and maintaining a quality database is
    a business best practice, and for mortgage
    brokers, the power of a CRM that can help
    organize and automate the collection and syncing
    of prospect and client records to other systems
    (like your LOS), cant be overstated enough. 
  • Think about how beneficial it becomes when a lead
    enters information on your website, and that data
    automatically syncs to your database, creates a
    client record, can fire off a welcome email, and
    kickstart the relationship all within seconds. 
  • The benefits of an efficient client database for
    mortgage brokers
  • Have one source of truth where client data is
    always up to date for your team 
  • Drastically reduce time spent on manual data
    entry into multiple systems
  • Ensure marketing emails and other communications
    will always be delivered
  • See higher customer loyalty and referrals
  • Automate your marketing campaigns and drive more
  • Tip 3 Automate Your Email Outreach and Marketing
  • If youre still sending manual emails because you
    think it shows clients that youre a real human
    stop! Research shows that not only do most
    consumers not recognize when a seemingly
    well-written email is automated, but the cost is
    too great for manual sends Automated email
    marketing generates 38 for every 1 spent!

We get it, the mortgage business must provide
soft touches, and you need to form a personal
connection as youre building new client
relationships. New buyers want to be reassured
youre providing them with the best rates and
best service because there's no shortage of
competition out there. But you cant focus on
building a relationship when youre knee-deep in
your inbox! The benefits of email marketing
automation for mortgage brokers Using a tool
with tokens can make your automated messages look
human, genuine, and personal the latter leads to
a 50 boost in open rates Meet your clients and
prospects where they want to communicate 72 of
consumers say that email is their preferred
method of communication  Cuts down dramatically
on time you spend responding to every email in
your inbox automated drip campaigns for your
FAQs save your team tons of time while
simultaneously educating the buyer and building
their trust, which is great for your brand! Take
Action Today Want to get started with calendar,
email, or database automation for your mortgage
business? Weve helped thousands of brokers build
more efficient workflows that have helped them
grow revenue and save time. Its not a secret
its CRM science. 
Schedule a chat with us to learn how we can help
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