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Convergence Technology Center Overview


Convergence Technology Center Overview – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Convergence Technology Center Overview

Convergence Technology Center Overview
  • Dr. Ann Beheler, PI
  • February 12, 2009

Regional Convergence Technology Center
Three Separate Colleges Dared to Form a
  • 2.469 million over 4 years
  • Awarded August 1, 2004

New Partner UNTTarrant became a mentored
Convergence Technology Bringing IT together
  • the blending or integration of voice, video,
    data, image into one flexible network
  • the bringing together of products and
    capabilities of multiple vendors so that they
    provide the services the customer wants
  • Active in enterprise businesses and homes

Convergence Technology Center Focus
  • Curriculum
  • Training faculty
  • Case study/problem-based learning approach
  • Convergence technology content
  • Recruiting underserved faculty and students
  • Dissemination including mentoring other college
    in implementing Convergence Technician degrees
    and certificates

All Our Work Has Always Been Driven and Owned
by Regional Businesses
  • Focus groups
  • Quarterly Business Advisory Calls
  • Skills Analysis updated yearly
  • Needs analysis updated yearly
  • Addresses two job opportunities
  • Home Technology Integration
  • Enterprise Network Support
  • New and modified courses including
  • Convergence -aligned with CompTIA
  • Digital Home Technology Integration DHTI
  • Voice over IP
  • Enrollments up
  • New Partner, University of North Texas
    articulation to BA in IT

We Heard You Last Year
  • Efforts refocused on Green IT
  • We branded the Convergence Technology Center
  • Held first annual Green IT Summit
  • Submitted a grant renewal proposal centered
    around Green IT

(No Transcript)
Significant Pressures To Go Green
  • Economic
  • Social and environmental
  • Technological
  • Political

We continued with the Mentored College Program
and scaled it
  • Instead of keeping it people intensive
  • Scaled it as a result of Synergy 08 conference
  • First mentored college workshop held in December
    along with VoIP training for partner and mentored
    college faculty

Orange Coast College
  • Largest college of 3-college district Coastline
    CC District
  • 25,000 students
  • Costa Mesa, CA

Orange Coast College Highlights
  • Faculty received free professional development
  • Validated job skills and mapped skills to
  • New Convergence Certificate through Curriculum
    Committee in 1 month using CTC resources
  • 101 students enrolled Fall 2007
  • 129 students enrolled Spring 2008
  • 189 students enrolled Spring 2009
  • Plans to implement AS degree and achievement

City College of San Francisco
  • 106,000 Students
  • 10 campuses
  • NSF grant in Optics

City College of San Francisco Highlights
  • Validated skills and mapped skills to curriculum
  • Revised several certificates and degree
  • Implementing Intro to Converged Networks 2009
  • New Digital HTI sequence of courses
  • Recently awarded a Regional Center by NSF, MPICT
    (Mid-Pacific ICT Center)

Room for more colleges this year.
  • More details on mentored colleges will be given
    tomorrow by the mentored colleges themselves!
  • Prospects for handling large numbers of colleges
    are favorable

Professional Development
  • Has retooled faculty, both community college and
    high school
  • Working Connections IT Faculty Development
    Institute will be held for the 8th year this year
  • 5-6 cutting edge tracks
  • July 13-17
  • Numerous other events including VoIP training in
    December 2008

Conscious Recruitment Continues
  • In Fall, 2004, most people said Convergence?
    Whats that?
  • With a variety of events, we have provided
    awareness and MORE for thousands of faculty,
    staff, students, parents, business people, and
    community members in general
  • New challenge is explaining Green IT

CTC Job Opportunity 1
  • Home Technology Integrator
  • Independent or working for a company
  • Installs and integrates communications systems
    and entertainment systems in the home, including
  • DSL,and Cable Modem
  • Wireless access WITH security
  • Home entertainment systems such as TIVO and
  • Home management systems
  • Must have great communication skills
  • Likely the new entry level IT job and cant be

CTC Job Opportunity 2
  • Enterprise Convergence Technician
  • Works in a large enterprise, not necessarily IT
  • Handles support for
  • Voice (including old telephony and Voice over IP)
  • Data (like regular computer networking)
  • Video and Image
  • Wired, wireless, different Qualities of Service
  • Must have good communication skills

Other related Job Opportunities?
  • Programming for mobile devices?
  • Handling the Smart grid?
  • Others?

Collaboration has taken time and commitment.but
it is paying off
  • Bi-weekly leadership team meetings
  • Joint Faculty Meetings
  • Curriculum subteam meetings with faculty
  • Quarterly Business Advisory Councils
  • Minutes
  • Communication, communication, communication

Collaborative Involvement of Business and
External Experts
  • Active Business involvement continues
  • Heavy involvement with NCTT and other NSF ATE

Curriculum Built on Business Demand
  • New Courses in prior years
  • Convergence Technology
  • Home Technology Integration HTI
  • Voice over IP
  • Convergence -aligned with CompTIA
  • Digital Home Technology Integration DHTI
  • This years focus is largely on Online and
    Advanced VoIP

The Grant Has Made Things Possible
  • Free cutting-edge professional development for
  • Support for curriculum development and updating
    that needed to be done anyway
  • Faculty jobs have been saved because enrollments
    are now up
  • Each college received national recognition and
    extra press because of our work

This Years NVC Meeting
  • Preliminary report from Pete Saflund, our
  • Reports from each of the lead partner colleges
  • Update on the Green IT Summit
  • Student Presentations
  • Details about Curriculum
  • Recruitment details

This Years NVC Meeting
  • Dissemination activities
  • Professional Development
  • Mentoring testimonials
  • Review of response to 2008 recommendations
  • What else should we be doing?
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