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Top Digital Marketing Trends-2021


For today’s market, the key is to stay updated about the latest digital marketing trends that will help your business to grow faster. For any business, it’s very important to adapt to the changes that happen in the marketing niche to remain in the fast-evolving market. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top Digital Marketing Trends-2021

Top Digital Marketing Trends-2021
Digital Marketing Trends
  • Every year theres a lot of change in the
    marketing world, although the marketing tactics
    will remain the same, just the way of approach
    will be radical. The new age always calls for
    something fresh something innovative. In this
    new era, we will have a glimpse of data-driven
    marketing powered by Artificial Intelligence and
    Machine Learning, there is a lot more to think
    about for marketing in 2021.
  • Discover Trends of digital marketing trends 2021
    that will help your business not just survive,
    but rise in this age of digital innovation.

1. Smart Automated Bidding
  • Speaking of Smart bidding- Google Ads marketers
    continuously tweak and change their promotions
    campaigns, keywords, demographics, bids, and many
    other factors to get the most out of their
    advertising. Instead of having to carefully
    curate every ad placement, you can just rely on
    Googles AI to target the right audience based
    on, segregating the demographics, appropriate
    bidding time, and bidding amount.

2. Structured Data, Schema, and Rich Snippets
  • Structured data, also known as schema markup, is
    a type of code that makes it easier for search
    engines to track information on your website and
    better understand its contents.
  • Using structured data, you can generate Rich
    Snippet results, displaying images, review stats,
    and pricing. These rich snippets also known as
    rich cards are excellent for driving clicks,
    especially on mobile phones.

3. Branding after Googles E.A.T and Bert Update
  • We are living in a time when consumers are
    specific about their choices. It doesnt matter
    what niche your site is working on. 6 of
    consumers say that they feel connected to a brand
    whenever they trust it, and to earn their trust,
    you need to build a strong brand.
  • In short, Google wants to do more to rank good
    content it caters to user experience by
    demanding the most accurate, up-to-date,
    well-researched (i.e. authoritative) content on
    any given subject, preferably created by true
    experts in the field.

4. Growth in voice search and visual search
  • More and more consumers are searching through
    voice-activated tools like Alexa Siri, Google
  • But its not just voice search that will prevail
    in 2021we can also expect other creative search
    methods to rise to the top, such as visual

5. Local SEO in 2021
  • Google regularly updates their local SEO
    algorithm, so if youre a local business, you
    should continuously update your business
    appearance in local results too. In a way, local
    SEO is even more powerful than broad SEO for
    people searching so its easier to convert them
    into customers you need your business with their
    geographic location to have customer intent to
    visit, purchase or use your service if you dont
    have a storefront business.
  • If your location has a unique or prominent
    feature, a place located near your store.

  • The advertising trends we explained to make your
    future marketing journey more comfortable.
  • The inconstant nature of 2020 has forced brands
    to work on their plans to connect with their
    customers. Now that you all know what are latest
    Digital marketing trends you need to focus on in
    2021, so you must plan proactively.

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