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You just heard someone mention “content marketing” and you get the feeling that you should know what it is already, but you’re too afraid to ask someone about it. Congratulations, this is your message. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: what is content marketing

What is Content Marketing
What is content marketing
  • You just heard someone mention content
    marketing and you get the feeling that you
    should know what it is already, but youre too
    afraid to ask someone about it. Congratulations,
    this is your message. To reach your target
    audience, content marketing is the process of
    planning, producing, distributing, posting, and
    publishing content. Factors like brand
    recognition, revenue, scope, interactions, and
    loyalty can be improved.

Importance of content marketing
  • Content marketing will support the company with
    the following as wellEducate the representatives
    and prospects on the goods and services you
  • Increase conversions.
  • Building customer-business relationships that
    result in increased loyalty.
  • Build a sense of community around your mark.
  • Lets look at the different forms of marketing
    for content now.

Types of Content Marketing
Social Media Content Marketing
  • Its easy to see why so many companies invest
    in social media marketing, with over 3.6 billion
    global social media users. There are a variety of
    sites to work with (e.g. Facebook, Instagram,
    Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat) and a number of
    ways to build and share content (e.g. images,
    live videos, pre-recorded videos, stories) on any
    of them.

 Infographic Content Marketing
  • Infographics present content, data, and
    information in a graphic format that is simple to
    understand. Infographics are a perfect way to
    express the content effectively, with a
    combination of straightforward wording, short
    sentences, and descriptive pictures. They work
    well if you attempt to distill an educational
    and/or complicated subject so that it can be
    understood by all audience members.

 Blog Content Marketing
  •   Blogs are a powerful form of inbound content
    and in terms of their intent and topic, allow for
    a lot of creativity. You can do things with a
    blog, such as promoting other internal and
    external content and blog posts through links,
    adding social sharing buttons, and integrating
    product data.

Podcast Content Marketing
  • It was noticed in a 2020 study that 37 percent of
    U.S. adults had listened to a podcast in the last
    month. Many corporations and media outlets have
    begun to produce and share their own podcasts for
    this purpose. As they can be about any subject of
    choice, podcasts allow for a lot of imagination.
    In addition, you decide on other podcast-related
    variables, such as the rate of episodes, who is
    on the podcast, where the podcast is advertised,
    and how long episodes are.

Video Content Marketing
  • Over 50 percent of customers say they want to see
    videos from the brands in which they communicate,
    according to HubSpot data. In addition, video
    marketing will increase conversions, enhance ROI,
    and help you establish relationships with members
    of the audience. On social media sites, landing
    pages, or on the website of a co-marketer, you
    can choose to share your video content.

Paid Ad Content Marketing
  • Paid advertising will help you reach a wider
    audience and allow you to position yourself in
    all the ways you want to be seen. When combined
    with inbound marketing, paid ads are particularly
    beneficial. You can share paid advertisements in
    many ways, including on social media, landing
    pages, banners, and support content. First, lets
    look at some examples of content marketing that
    are related to those kinds of content marketing
    we just checked

Content Marketing Examples
  • 1. Example of Social Media Content Marketing
  • If the page did not say Lush Cosmetics anywhere
    on the profile, consumers will probably still
    know that the profile belongs to Lush. Lush
    Cosmetics Instagram account is on-brand and
    complements the rest of their marketing material.
    The Instagram page shares the product line of
    Lush displays numerous color and fragrance
    choices for the products and shows the different
    ways in which each product can be used. Lush
    feels and looks vibrant and distinctive in its
    profile, and depicts members of its diverse
    customer base.

2. Example of Infographic Content Marketing
  • IBM created an infographic when they launched
    their Cloud marketplace. Their graphics are
    on-brand, well-organized, and simple to read. It
    outlines precisely what theyre doing with their
    cloud marketplace and how it will help customers.
    It also informs audience members how they can
    access and get started using the marketplace.

3. Example of Blog Content Marketing
  • Expedia has a blog called Out There Starts Here
    that posts travel-related details you can take
    part in all over the globe, including hotel
    reviews, great places to visit, and
    travel-related events. To keep readers interested
    and active, Expedia publishes its blog content
    regularly. This involves a wide variety of topics
    relevant to any kind of trip you may think of.
    The blog is on-brand and all posts contribute to
    the aim and mission of the travel technology
    company of acquiring clients and enhancing brand
    recognition. By connecting to their services and
    writing about clients who have had good
    encounters with the business already, they do

4. Example of Podcast Content Marketing
  • Harvard Business Review (HBR) has a weekly
    podcast called HBR IdeaCast that features
    business and management leaders in the industry.
    You can either sign up to receive hundreds of
    podcasts on a regular basis or pick and choose
    which ones you want to listen to. The podcast is
    on-brand, complementing the majority of the
    content produced by HBRs. It also acts as a great
    way for HBR to communicate with its target
    audience. It increases brand recognition, and
    develop a following through a channel that varies
    from their usual work (e.g. podcast versus HBR
    article) for audience members.

5. Example of Video Content Marketing
  • Many of the video content for Dollar Shave Club
    has gone viral. On-brand, funny, and fun are
    their marketing activities. In reality, on
    YouTube, one of their videos has over 26 million
    views. Dollar Shave Club has experienced
    impressive growth and brand awareness by creating
    a name for themselves through online video

6. Example of Paid Ad Content Marketing
  • Revolve, an apparel and accessories company uses
    social media advertisements. These ads are paid
    and promoted to reach their target audience when
    checking their news feeds. Some of their goods
    are included in the content ads as well as
    information about their free shipping and return
    policies to push (and eventually transform them
    into paying customers) target audience members to
    their site.

  • You can hit your target audience and increase
    conversions with powerful content marketing. To
    increase sales, increase your brand image and
    reputation, and establish relationships with your
    prospects and consumers, there are many ways to
    market content. And dont forget to use any piece
    of content you produce to extract more value.
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