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What Is Digital Marketing and Its Features


Digital marketing refers to the use of digital channels to promote products and services to consumers. Read this blog to learn about what is digital marketing and its features. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Is Digital Marketing and Its Features

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What Is Digital Marketing and Its Features? May
5, 2022 by digitaljubilee
Digital marketing refers to the use of digital
channels to promote products and services to
consumers. Websites, mobile devices, social
media, search engines, and other comparable
channels are all used in this sort of marketing.
Therefore, Digital marketing became widespread
with the start of the internet in the 1990s. In
other words, digital marketing is described as
the use of a variety of digital methods and
platforms to reach out to clients. Digital
marketing professionals can identify how each
digital marketing activity contributes to their
overall goals. Marketers can also use the free
and paid channels available to them to assist a
larger campaign, depending on the marketing
plans objectives. For instance, a content
marketer could develop a series of blog posts to
generate leads from a newly released ebook. The
companys social media specialist may then assist
in the publicity of these blog articles on the
companys social media accounts, both paid and
organically. Possibly the email marketing
specialist sends out an email campaign to
individuals who read the ebook, presenting them
with more information about the
organization. In short, the meaning of digital
marketing is doing marketing on any digital
channels or platforms. Is digital marketing the
same as online marketing? To be honest, digital
marketing is not absolutely the same as online or
internet marketing. Internet marketing relates
to every marketing that happens solely on the
internet. Therefore, this means it can only be
found on the internet. It is quite di erent from
digital marketing. However, digital marketing
comprises internet marketing as well as social
media and mobile app marketing. Additionally,
digital marketing can take place on mobile
devices, on a subway platform, in a video game,
or through a smartphone app, whereas internet
marketing occurs entirely on the internet.
Types of Digital Marketing
There are many types of digital marketing that
you can use to build your crowd reach. Below are
the 13 most e ective types of digital marketing
services. 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • This is the technique of boosting the quantity of
    organic (or free) tra c to your website by
    optimizing it to rank higher on search engine
    results pages. Websites, blogs, and infographics
    are among the channels that pro t from SEO.
  • There are several approaches to SEO or search
    engine optimization that can be used to create
    quali ed visitors to your website. These are some
    of them
  • On-Page SEO
  • While looking at a website, this sort of SEO
    focuses on all of the content that is on the
    page. By analyzing keywords for their search
    volume and intent(or meaning), you might answer
    questions for visitors and improve your ranking
    on search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • O -Page SEO
  • Whenever it comes to optimizing your website,
    this sort of SEO focuses on everything that
    happens o the page. The outbound link, also
    known as backlinks is the key to great o -
    page SEO. Also, how high you rank for the
    keywords is in uenced by the number of
    publishers who link to you and their respective
  • Accordingly, you can get the backlinks you need
    to boost your website by connecting with other
    publications. By producing guest posts on their
    websites (with a link back to your website) and
    creating external attention you can do it.
  • Technical SEO
  • This form of SEO concentrates on your websites
    backend and how your pages are coded. Technical
    SEO techniques such as image compression,
    structured data, and CSS le optimization can all
    help increase your websites loading speed.
    Therefore, this is a key ranking factor for
    search engines like Google.
  • 2. Content Marketing

  • The channels to use in social media marketing
  • Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Instagram Snapchat
    Pinterest Quora Blogger
  • 4. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • PPC is a website tra c-boosting technique in
    which an advertiser pays a publisher every time
    their ad is clicked. One of the most prominent
    forms of PPC is Google Ads. It pays you based on
    the per click for the links you place on the
    Google search engine result pages for the
    highest rank on Googles SERP. In addition, PPC
    can be utilized in the following platforms
  • Paid Ads on Facebook
  • People pay to create a video, image post, or
    slideshow that will be shared in the news feeds
    of people who are suitable to their companys key
  • Twitter Ads Campaign
  • Customers can pay to get a series of posts or pro
    le badges published in the news feeds of a
    certain audience, all with the intention of
    attaining a particular business goal. Increased
    website tra c, Twitter followers, tweet
    engagement, or even app downloads could all be
    part of this goal.
  • LinkedIn Sponsored Messages
  • Here the users might pay to send messages to
    selective LinkedIn users on the basis of their
    industry or experience.

  • Lead Nurturing Work ow
  • Creating leads and converting them into customers
    might take a long time. You can automate this
    process by sending targeted emails and
    information to leads that meet speci ed
  • Campaign Tracking and Reporting
  • Emails, webpages, material, people, phone calls,
    etc can all be a part of the marketing campaign.
    Marketing automation can help you manage
    everything you do with the campaign. Its
    supporting and then tracks the campaigns
    performance over time depending on the progress
    all of these components make.
  • E-mail Marketing
  • This marketing process is an approach for
    companies to intercommunicate with their
    patrons. Email is frequently used to promote
    information, o ers, and events, as well as send
    customers to a companys website. While executing
    an email marketing campaign, the following types
    of emails are usually sent
  • Blog subscription newsletters Followup emails
  • Welcome mails
  • Holiday programs for loyalty program members
  • Online Public Relation (PR)
  • Online PR is a strategy for boosting online
    exposure through digital magazines, blogs, and
    other content-related websites. Its quite
    similar to traditional public relations, though
    its done online.
  • You can utilize the following strategies to boost
    your PR

  • With this type of sponsored content, a brand pays
    an industry in uencer to create posts or videos
    related to the brand on social media. Another
    type of sponsored content is a blog post or
    article which focuses on a speci c topic,
    service, or brand.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • It becomes a fantastic opportunity for a
    promotion whenever a potential lead is seeking a
    product or service related to your
    product/service category. Paid advertising and
    SEO are two excellent methods for promoting your
    company and capturing perspective leads. Using
    sponsored adverts on search engines, search
    engine marketing is another approach to
    improving website visitors.
  • Google Ads is the most popular SEM service. Such
    paid advertisements display on the number one
    spot of the results pages, giving them rapid
    visibility. This is also a fantastic example of
    successful native advertising.
  • Instant Messaging Marketing
  • Marketing your products and services via
    messaging platforms is a quick way to reach out
    to potential customers.
  • This is e ective even if you dont have their
    contact numbers. Its an easy method to inform
    your customers about ash specials, new goods, or
    order status updates. Its also a quick option
    for customers to contact customer support if they
    have questions or require additional
    information. You can send text messages straight
    to a mobile phone or use platforms like Facebook
    Messenger or WhatsApp to deliver texts.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?
Through digital marketing, businesses can access
a larger audience compared to traditional
marketing strategies. You can prioritize
customers who are most likely to purchase your
products/services. Its also less costly compared
to traditional advertising. Furthermore, it lets
you monitor the results on a daily basis and make
adjustments according to the necessities. There
are a few major advantages of digital marketing.
They are as follows
(i) You can concentrate your e orts on
interested customers
If you advertise on TV, in a magazine, or on a
billboard, you have very little control over who
sees it. Certain demographics, such as the
magazines normal audience or the demographic of
a certain neighborhood, can be measured, but its
still essentially a guessing game. Digital
marketing, on the other hand, allows you to
target a highly particular audience and send
customized, high-converting marketing
communications to that audience. For example,
you may use social medias targeting features to
o er social media ads to a speci c demographic
based on criteria like age, gender, geography,
hobbies, networks, or behaviors. You can also
use PPC or SEO strategies to target visitors who
have expressed interest in your product or
service, or who have searched for speci c
keywords related to your industry.
(ii) Its less expensive than traditional
outbound marketing
You can monitor campaigns on a daily basis with
digital marketing, reducing the amount of money
you spend on a platform that isnt yielding a
high return on investment. On the other hand,
traditional forms of marketing are incomparable.
It makes no di erence how well your
advertisement performs whether it converts or
not is unimportant. With digital marketing, you
have total control over how you invest your money.
(iii) You can compete with larger businesses
using digital marketing
Competing with major companies having millions of
dollars budget on television advertisements or
national campaigns is certainly di cult for small
companies. Fortunately,
there are numerous ways to outrank the major
players by implementing smart digital marketing
strategies and initiatives.
(iv) It is measurable
  • Digital marketing can give you a comprehensive,
    end-to-end perspective of all the data that
    matter to your company. This includes
    impressions, shares, views, clicks, and retention
    time on the page. Therefore, this is one of the
    major bene ts of digital marketing. Traditional
    advertising has some limitations, the most signi
    cant of which is its lack of measurability.
  • For example
  • Website Tra c
  • By implementing digital analytics tools, such as
    Google Analytics, you can see the exact amount
    of visitors who have viewed your websites
    homepage. With digital analytics data, you will
    see how many web pages they accessed, what device
    they used, and also where they came from, among
    other things.
  • Content Performance and Lead generation
  • Assume youve designed a product brochure and
    mailed it to peoples mailboxes. The problem is
    that you do have any idea how many people have
    seen your brochure or how many have discarded
  • Now imagine having that booklet on your website.
    You could use forms to keep a track of the
    number of people who have visited the page and to
    acquire the contact details of those who have
    downloaded it.
  • Here. you can track how many people are engaged
    with your content and also generate quali ed
    leads by having them download it.
  • Attribution Model
  • You can track all of your sales back to a
    customers rst digital touchpoint using a
    successful digital marketing strategy with the
    correct tools and technologies. This is known as
    attribution modeling. It enables you to identify
    patterns in how people research and purchase
    your products. Additionally, this helps you to
    make better decisions about which aspects of
    your marketing strategy to focus on and which
    aspects of your sales cycle to improve.

(v) A digital marketing plan is adaptable and
A marketing strategy takes a lot of time and e
ort to develop and implement. Generally, youll
have to persist with a strategy until its
completed and then evaluate the results after
some time has passed. On the other hand, often
things do not go according to the plan. You may
discover halfway through that a calculation was
incorrect, an assumption was mistaken, or an
audience did not react as planned. Its really
useful to be able to pivot or alter your plan
along the road because it saves you from having
to start from scratch.
(vi) Digital marketing improves your conversion
rate and lead quality
Since digital marketing makes it easier to track
your marketing e orts, its also easier to
improve your conversion rate. If you can quantify
the impact of each strategy, you can develop
stronger plans. Continuously re ning your
techniques would de nitely improve your
conversion rate. Investing in online marketing
ensures that everything is in place to maximize
(vii) You can engage people at any level with
digital marketing
Its absolutely crucial to engage your audience
as soon as possible. Making a link earlier in
the buyers journey can help the lead move
through the customer funnel more quickly. You
may do this using digital marketing from
beginning to end or at any moment in between.
Using digital channels, you can trace your
customers whole purchasing journey. Converting
leads demands understanding as well as insight
into how customers move and operate.
Digital Marketing Challenges
  • There are speci c challenges for people who
    operate in digital marketing. Digital channels
    are continually expanding and digital marketers
    must stay up with how they work, how users
    utilize them, and how to apply them to e ectively
    sell their products or services.
  • Receivers are being increasingly swamped with
    rival advertisements, making it more di cult to
    attract their attention. Therefore it is
    challenging for digital marketers to lter through
    the vast volumes of data they acquire and then
    apply that information to new marketing
  • The challenge of correctly getting and analyzing
    data demands the need for a marketing plan based
    on a full understanding of consumer behavior in
    digital marketing. This could, for instance,
    require a corporation to investigate new forms of
    consumer behavior, such as the usage of website
    heatmaps for a better understanding of the
    customer journey.
  • Overcoming these digital marketing challenges can
    ensure your digital marketing strategies achieve
    the desired goals that you have always expected
    for your business.
  • What does a Digital Marketer do?
  • Digital marketers are in charge of generating
    leads and increasing brand awareness throughout
    the companys digital channels, both free and
    paid. These channels include social media, the
    companys website, search engine rankings, email,
    display advertising, and corporate blogs.
  • The digital marketer typically focuses on a di
    erent key performance indicator (KPI) for each
    channel to precisely monitor the companys
    performance throughout all channels. A digital
    marketer in charge of SEO is responsible for
    measuring the organic tra c coming to a
    website. One specialist could be in charge of
    multiple (above-mentioned) digital marketing
    tactics simultaneously in small businesses.
    Larger rms hire individual specialists to focus
    on single or multiple digital channels using the
    above approach.
  • Below are examples of some specialists
  • SEO Manager
  • Main KPI Organic tra c

How To Do Digital Marketing?
De ne the goals
Whenever youre initially starting out with
digital marketing, its vital that you establish
and de ne your goals, because your strategy will
be tailored to those goals. If you really want
to increase brand awareness, for instance, you
should use social media to connect with new
audiences. Nonetheless, if you want to boost
sales of a certain product, its more vital to
work on SEO and content optimization to attract
potential consumers to your site in the rst
place. If you want to increase sales, you could
also try PPC campaigns to boost tra c through
paid ads.
Identify the target audience
The ability to target relevant customers is one
of the most powerful features of digital
marketing, but you cant take advantage of it
unless youve identi ed your target audience.
Of course, your intended audience might change
depending on the channel or goal(s) you have
regarding a particular product/campaign. For
example, you may have observed that the majority
of your Instagram audience is younger and enjoys
hilarious memes and short videos, whereas your
LinkedIn audience includes older professionals
seeking more precise advice. Youll have to
customize your content to cater to these
distinct target audiences. However, if youre
starting from scratch, have a look at How to Find
Your Target Audience.
Estimating the budget for each digital channel
The elements of digital marketing to be included
in your strategy in uence the budget you choose.
The good news is that if youre focusing on
inbound strategies like SEO, social media, and
content production for an existing website, you
wont need much money. Inbound marketing focuses
on creating high-quality content that the target
audience wants to read. The only input youll
need is your time and e ort unless you want to
outsource the task. You can begin by designing a
website and using a Content Management System to
create content (CMS). For those on a budget, you
may begin with WordPress hosted on WP Engine, a
simple theme from StudioPress, and the Elementor
Website Builder for WordPress to design your
website without coding. Additionally, strategies
such as online advertising and acquiring email
lists involve investment. However, the cost
varies according to the visibility level
resulting from the advertisement. For example,
if you use Google AdWords to implement PPC,
youll compete with other businesses in your eld
to appear at the top of Googles search results
for keywords related to your business. Again,
this might be reasonable or incredibly expensive
depending on the competitiveness of the keyword,
which is why its a good idea to focus on growing
your organic reach as well.
Maintaining a balance between paid and free
marketing strategies
A digital marketing strategy needs both paid and
free components to be truly e ective. For
instance, if you spend time creating
comprehensive buyer personas to identify your
audiences needs and then focus on creating
high-quality online content to attract and
convert them, youll most likely see quality
results within the rst six months, despite
spending little on advertising. Including paid
advertising into the digital strategy can
undeniably yield better results. However, it is
important to focus more on organic (free)
expansion through content, SEO, and social
media. This would ensure long-term and
sustainable success. Whenever in doubt, try both
and repeat as you learn which channels
sponsored or free work best for your brand.
Creating engaging content
Its time to start creating material for all of
the di erent channels. youll use it when youve
determined a budget and selected your target
audience. Social media posts, blog posts, PPC
advertisements, sponsored content, email
marketing newsletters, and other forms of
content can be used. Naturally, any material you
develop for your audience should be fascinating
and engaging, as the goal of marketing content
is to raise brand awareness and boost lead
Optimizing the digital assets for mobile devices
Mobile marketing is another signi cant aspect of
digital marketing. In fact, smartphone use
accounts for 69 percent of the time spent viewing
digital media in the United States. On the other
hand, desktop-based digital media consumption
accounts for less than half and the United
States remains mobiles least enthusiastic
supporter when compared to other
countries. This means that mobile-friendly
digital ads, web pages, social media photographs,
and other digital assets are critical. Digital
marketing also includes business apps that
support customer interaction for buying
products. Those who interact with your company
online using mobile devices should have the same
favorable experience as those who interact with
your company on a desktop. This entails using a
mobile-friendly and responsive website design to
make browsing on mobile devices more
user-friendly. In addition, it could also
involve lowering the length of your lead
generation forms. Thus making it easier for
individuals to download your content on the move.
It is important to keep in mind the reduction of
social media image and text size while viewing on
mobile devices There are numerous ways to
optimize your digital marketing assets for mobile
users. Additionally, its critical to evaluate
how the experience will transfer on mobile
devices when adopting any digital marketing
strategy. Therefore, by keeping this in mind at
all times, youll be able to create appealing
digital experiences for your target audience.
This, in turn, gives you the expected result or
Conducting keyword research
Digital marketing is all about connecting speci c
audiences with customized content, which is
impossible to do without thorough keyword
research. Keyword research is extremely critical
for optimizing your web pages and content for e
ective SEO. This ensures people nd your company
via search engines. Additionally, social media
keyword research can aid in the marketing of your
products or services across a variety of social
media platforms. Keyword research is vital even
if you dont have a full-time SEO specialist.
Make a list of high- performing keywords related
to your products or services and think about
long-tail variations for more options.
Repeat and learn based on the measured analytics
Finally, learn and understand how to pivot based
on analytics. This is crucial for developing a
long-term and successful digital marketing
strategy. For example, you might discover after
a few months that your Instagram audience isnt
as engaged in your material as it once was, but
they adore what youre doing on Twitter. Sure,
this could be an opportunity to rethink your
Instagram approach as a whole, but it could also
indicate that your audience prefers to consume
branded material through a di erent
channel. However, you might discover that an
older web page isnt receiving as much tra c as
it did earlier. You need to ensure upgrading or
removing the page for visitors to nd updated and
relevant content. Digital marketing o ers a wide
range of options for long-term success, but it
is completely up to you on how to take advantage
of them. Digital Marketing Examples Doves
Real Beauty Campaign Dove decided to deliver a
statement as we continue to study how social
media a ects children, particularly young
females. The Reverse Sel e campaign features a
teenage girl altering her looks by doing the
absolute opposite of just about everything she
did to get
ready for a sel e. The purpose is to increase
awareness about the negative e ects of social
media on self-esteem. This is a ne example of
content marketing based on your target audience.
In this campaign, Dove successfully addressed
the overlooked e ects of the growing social
media. Legos Rebuild the World
Campaign Since it speaks something about the
brand, this is an excellent example of a digital
marketing e ort. In this ad, Lego makes a
statement on important global issues as a way to
communicate with its audience. It is becoming
increasingly vital for businesses to debate
global concerns and demonstrate alignment with
their customers in this way in todays world.
This campaigns main goal is to spread the
brands story and messaging. Since 89 percent of
the customers prefer purchasing from brands that
re ect values, this was a smart
move. Integrating Digital Marketing Into Your
Strategy Final Thoughts Every time you can
connect with your target audience, you have a
chance to convert a lead into a customer. By
allowing you to reach out to potential customers,
digital marketing opens up a lot of those
possibilities. Its an excellent tool to market
your business, service, or product through
social media platforms, websites, text messaging,
or any other online medium. Digital
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