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Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online. It is often used by businesses in order to: Attract attention and generate leads. Expand their customer base. Generate or increase online sales. To know more click on the link given below: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Content Marketing

The Value of Content Marketing
Content Marketing Is King
Marketer everywhere are using content to build
their brands.From articles,blogs videos to
white papers and Infographics,content marketing
is leading the way for digital marketers hoping
to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.
Content marketing has some history to itself.
Even before the dawn of computers and the
information superhighway, people were using
content to market their products and services.
Benjamin Franklin in 1732 made the poor Richards
Almanac to promote his printing business. From
here in 2014 Forbes pointed out that there is a
60 hike in big business utilising content
marketing as a preferred weapon for grabbing
customers attention.
Content Marketing strategies
When it comes to content marketing strategies, it
becomes crucial to list down the underlying
factors that will determine the course of
action.We need to narrow down our choices on the
following Format Which format of media will
suit our objective perfectly, whether to go for
video, images or a hybrid format. Media
Whether we would go the organic way or the paid
way. Channel Which platform to use for
engagement. Source Whether the content is
custom created or curated, etc, etc. Intent
Why are we placing the content at the first place
Content marketing Types
Vanity Content Things like press release and
propaganda falls under this category. They simply
dont work now. Audience is really not interested
in the glories of your past or your crap history.
In Fact they have been exposed so much to this
tactic that they have outlived it. Vanity content
might work in places where you need to voice your
credentials, but using it as a marketing strategy
is surely going to give you a bad
taste. Conversational Content Starting a
conversation with your audience is the one of the
best thing you could do. Its a content marketing
strategy that has a high rate of success.Why?
Because brands are actually encouraging a two way
dialogue. We are talking about us, how we can
help each other. The care factor comes to play
and chances of people hugging and kissing your
story becomes very real.
Convictional Content Lets talk about you!
This strategy always has takers. Here our story
is not about me or us but its about you. The
marketers here are putting a very powerful and
emotional appeal in to their audience with their
story or content. This strategy goes beyond the
business angle and leads to something holistic
which is bigger than everything else. This
strategy actually forces the audience to act, and
thats what we all want as marketers. Viral
Content This is the best kind of content that a
content marketer can create. It provides both
reach and conversion. However not every content
that becomes viral is for marketing. Creating a
content which has a chance to become viral
requires great insights on the planning part. As
it is often seen that viral content crosses the
boundaries of demography and other parameters.
Measuring Content Marketing ROI
1. Brand Awareness and Visibility If the goal
of your campaign is brand awareness and
visibility, then you would want more people
coming to your website or page, also you would
want them to spend some productive time there.
This can easily be gauged by looking at the click
through rate,time spent on the site, bounce rate
and the number of subscribers that we get through
our campaign. 2. Brand Health Metrics If we
have put out a message out to the world, we would
certainly want to know what impact did it have on
the audience. Brand health is hence determined by
the volume of positive and negative feedback that
the communication has received. This also lets us
know the importance of the brand for customers.
Brand health is generally measured by looking at
the share of voice i.e. the number of times our
brand is discussed when compared to competition.
Sentiment i.e. Whether people are talking good
things or bad things about us, or they are just
neutral. Brand Influence It is just the number
of times our post or message is shared on the
social platforms.
3. Diversified user base Modern analytic tools
like universal analytics by Google enables
marketing to actually see what kind of people are
reading their content, from where they come and
how they behave. This information then can become
a powerful tool for course correction for the
content marketing. 4. Sales Usual e-commerce
metrics like CTR and time spent on page lets us
know which specific piece on content is impacting
our sales conversion rate. This calibration can
really help boost the bottom line of any digital
setup. 5. Innovation Metrics This tool is used
for analyzing a piece of content for its
influence on establishing a social media trend.
Its very easy to get this information using
Google trends and similar services for other
social media platforms.
Benefits of Content Marketing
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