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How to Make Website SEO Friendly


If you want to bring more traffic to your website, it’s essential to learn all you can about search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is defined as the techniques you need to utilize to improve the visibility of your website and receive high search engine rankings. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Make Website SEO Friendly

How to Make Website SEO Friendly
How to Make Website SEO Friendly
  • Whether your business is new or youve owned
    your company for years, you know the importance
    of a website that is designed well and gives a
    professional impression. Making it easy for
    customers to reach you online shows that youre
    aware of technology advancements and want to make
    shopping convenient for consumers. Websites are
    one of your most important marketing tools you
    have and can significantly increase your client
    base. If you want to bring more traffic to your
    website, its essential to learn all you can
    about search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is
    defined as the techniques you need to utilize to
    improve the visibility of your website and
    receive high search engine rankings.

  • SEO is an essential part of the way you
    communicate with current and potential customers
    online. If you use this tool correctly, youll
    raise your search engine ranking and get more
    people talking about your site. If you want to
    make sure more clients can easily locate your
    website, SEO is a must. In most cases, when
    people think about SEO, theyre mainly thinking
    about the written material on their websites.
    This is why a number of company owners ensure
    that they include specific keywords in their
    articles, blogs and marketing copy. However, this
    doesnt necessarily mean that the design for the
    website is SEO-friendly. Its possible to
    incorporate SEO into more than the wording on
    your website. By keeping these tips in mind, you
    can make sure all aspects of your website are
    search engine-optimized.

  • One of the first things you should do is
    combine social media into the design of your
    website. When people can easily get to your
    social media pages from your website, youll rank
    higher in search engines. Include social media
    icons in the design of your website and include
    popular networks like Facebook, Twitter and
    Instagram. You may also want to include Pinterest
    if you have lots of graphics or images on your
    site and want to showcase a catalog of your
    products. Search engines pay special attention to
    social media and your potential clients when you
    include social media on your website as well. The
    icons you include on your website show that your
    company is personable and willing to interact
    with customers.

  • Finally, dont forget that you should also use
    SEO for the images on your website. Text is not
    the only part of your site that needs
    optimization. When the pictures and words on your
    site are in keeping with your SEO goals, youll
    achieve a higher ranking on search engines. The
    images on your website need to be between 30 and
    100kb and should have a 72dpi resolution. If the
    pictures are too large, your website will take
    too long to load and this could cause you to rank
    lower on internet search engines. Make sure you
    include a keyword in the alt text section of your
    image to enhance SEO for the website even more.
    Be careful with the images you upload to your
    website. The more relevant the images are to the
    page, the higher your website ranking will be.

  • In the alt text section of the image, make sure
    that you use a keyword. This will further help
    with your sites SEO. Also, place images on your
    site carefully. The more relevant they are to
    that page, the more it will improve your
    websites ranking.

SEO Friendly Website Design Ideas
  • Search engine optimization is one of the best
    ways to make sure that people are getting what
    they want from your website. When your website is
    SEO-friendly, youre also increasing the chances
    that youll get a higher ranking on website
    search engines. These website design ideas will
    help you get appeal to more customers and improve
    your professional reputation.

  • Once you know the images and copy you want to
    use for your website, dont overdo it when it
    comes to JavaScript. Java shouldnt be used for
    your entire website remember that search engines
    inspect websites and index them according to
    JavaScript to help determine their search engine
    rankings. If your website has lots of JavaScript,
    search engines will have a hard time reading your
    site, and this could lead to crawling issues.
    Keep in mind that JavaScript doesnt work very
    well on mobile devices, so youll want to make
    loading your website as easy as possible so
    people can access it whether theyre on the
    computer, phone or tablet.

  • Another way to make the URL user-friendly is to
    make your web address simpler to remember and
    type. If you have too many symbols and numbers at
    the end of your web address, the web address
    wont be SEO-friendly. Try to include your
    products or location in the web address to make
    it easier for people to remember. Dont include
    too many categories in the main web address save
    these for the pages of your website to make sure
    that each page extension is specific. If you have
    to use separate words in the URL, make sure you
    use hyphens instead of underscores.

  • Dont forget to place your keywords in several
    different places as well. Its common to ensure
    that website content is keyword-focused, but the
    images on your website should be optimized with
    keywords as well. You can also use keywords in
    your headings, along with the slogans on your
    website and your meta descriptions. Keywords are
    great in your H2 tags, bullet points, titles and
    navigation too and makes it easy for users to
    find exactly what theyre looking for while
    searching your website.

  • Your website should be as accessible as
    possible. If the website is not accessible, your
    conversion rates will be affected and your search
    engine rankings may go down. Visitors are more
    likely to leave your website if it takes a long
    time to load or if they cant get to your site on
    a variety of mobile devices. Your website should
    appear correctly on all browsers and load quickly
    and accurately. Remember, the functionality of
    your website is an effective marketing tool as

  • Finally, dont forget to use flash elements
    sparingly. If you use too much flash on your
    site, it can be distracting and cause your
    ranking to go down. Flash is devalued and
    sometimes completely ignored by search engines,
    so this element wont add to the SEO for your
    website. So, if you do decide to use flash for
    certain parts of your website, you should use as
    little as possible so you can maintain a positive

Designs that Make Your Website SEO Friendly
  • SEO website design is the process of developing
    and designing sites so that they rank well in
    search engines. When you make your website design
    SEO-friendly, the search engines can search every
    page on your website efficiently and accurately
    interpret the content on your website. After this
    process, the website is indexed in the search
    engines database. Once your site is indexed, it
    becomes especially valuable and practice for
    users and helps them find the products and
    services they need. Indexation also increases the
    chances that your website will show up on the
    first page of search engine results.

  • Its important to note that billions of
    individuals use search engines on a daily basis,
    and less than 5 of these people go to the second
    page of search engine results. This is why its
    so important that you develop and design a
    website that is SEO-friendly so you can increase
    the traffic to your website and earn top rankings
    on the first page of results.

  • Its also vital to know about on-page
    optimization, which includes SEO tactics that are
    controlled by you, the website owner. These
    methods play a critical role in how search
    engines inspect and comprehend your website
    content. There are several on-page optimization
    strategies, including conducting research for
    your keywords and choosing the right keywords and
    topics for your site. Youll need to use the
    keywords appropriately on your website pages for
    best results. Its also important to use header
    and title tags, as well as image alt tags and
    meta descriptions for your blogs and articles. Be
    sure youve created a URL structure that is
    user-optimized and designed for positive search
    engine results.

  • When you want to create designs that are
    SEO-friendly, you should also create a structure
    for internal links, and ensure that users can
    navigate easily through each page of the site.
    When you create interesting and engaging content,
    you can use this skill to gain inbound links
    during off-page optimization, which makes your
    website even more popular. Its best to use
    several types of content, including images,
    lists, text and even videos.

  • When youre creating or updating your website,
    choose content and images that ensure that users
    can access your site regardless of the device
    theyre using. Too much JavaScript could make it
    difficult to see all of your site on a tablet or
    Smartphone. Of course, when youre considering
    website design, you should use professional
    designs that immediately add visual appeal to
    your site. The images you select should
    accurately represent your brand and have a look
    and feel that is consistent throughout all your
    website pages.
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  • Dont forget about off-page optimization as
    well. This term refers to manage the way your
    website marketing tactics are used. Off-page
    optimization includes links on other website and
    mentions on social media. These factors make your
    website and company more reputable and can
    increase your search engine rankings. Off-page
    optimization, as well as the factors listed
    above, can also increase website traffic, which
    can result in more users who could turn into
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