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Top 5 Best SEO Friendly CMS


CMS stands for Content Management System & it is a web-based application that provide capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to manage content, data or information of a website, internet / intranet application. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 5 Best SEO Friendly CMS

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  • Define CMS?
  • Purpose of Using CMS
  • Some Popular CMS
  • Define SEO Friendly CMS
  • SEO Friendly CMS
  • Why to use Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal, Joomla
    ExpressEngine as a CMS?
  • CMS Necessity for Organisation

What is CMS?
  • CMS stands for Content Management System it is
    a web-based application that provide capabilities
    for multiple users with different permission
    levels to manage content, data or information of
    a website, internet / intranet application.
  • Content Management System is a software tool that
    allows you to create, edit, and publish content.
    It can perform a variety of different tasks for a
    website as regulating the content to be
    displayed, many times the content can be shown to
    a specific user.

Purpose of Using CMS
  • CMS include tools for SEO, email marketing,
    social media marketing and blogging. You can also
    use a CMS to create event registration forms,
    collect fees and donations, and store member
  • CMS is used to provide an intuitive user
    interface for building and modifying webpage
  • CMS also provides a web publishing tool that
    allow one or more users to publish updates live
    on the Web.

Some Popular CMS
  • Wordpress
  • Blogger
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Textpattern
  • Sliverstripe

Define SEO Friendly CMS
  • CMS that describe the content to which our
    audience is interested in.
  • CMS which make the pages easy to share to the
    targeted audience.
  • Help the Web visitors to receive the knowlegable
  • Help in Increasing search engine ranking using

SEO Friendly CMS
WordPress WordPress is the world's most popular
CMS free web software designed for creating
template-based websites or blogs. WordPress is
incredibly versatile primarily known as a
blogging platform which can be used to run a
non-blog web site as well.
SEO Friendly CMS
Blogger A Blogger is a blogging platform used as
a content management system. Blogger was built by
keeping one task in mind as blogging.
SEO Friendly CMS
Drupal Drupal is a CMS that has a very large,
active community. Drupal consist of various
optional modules that can add lots of interesting
features like forums, user blogs, OpenID,
profiles and more.
SEO Friendly CMS
Joomla A flexible web publishing tool that
supports custom databases and extensions. Joomla
is a very advanced CMS in terms of functionality.
Joomla's installer is meant to work on common
shared hosting packages.
SEO Friendly CMS
Expression Engine ExpressionEngine (EE) is an
elegant, flexible CMS solution for any type of
project which is designed to be extensible and
easy to modify. It is easy to understand the
layout of the backend and how to create or modify
the look of the content.
Why to Use Wordpress as a CMS
Popularity WordPress holds the largest market
share in the CMS market. Many users are already
familiar with the WordPress and it also take less
time to understand learn to use. Open Source
WordPress can be self-hosted so there are no cost
associated with downloading, installing, and
upgrading. There are more than 20,000 WordPress
plugins available to install such as slideshows,
contact form, SEO optimization. Highly
Customizable WordPress is popular because it
meets the demand of many users with its flexible
framework allow designers and developers to
create and modify layouts and applications.
Why to Use Blogger as a CMS
Free-to-Use Platform Blogger is an open source
platform in which there is no need to purchase
hosting because blogger sites are hosted at
Google Servers. It can be used for any purpose
either personal or industrial without any cost.
Blogger is free from such limitations.
Professional Templates Support We would
never feel difficulty in finding a Template.
Blogger has a wide range of free themes
collection we can also check out some free
professional themes developed by over developers
at Templateism. User Friendly Interface The
blogger has user friendly interface from its
dashboard to the setting panel, everything is
arranged in a systemic manner.
Why to Use Drupal as a CMS
Taxonomy Drupal has a powerful taxonomy
system that allow organize and tag content. Each
Drupal "vocabulary" (set of categories) is
limited to certain content types. Custom
Content Types We can use the Content
Construction Kit and View modules to create new
content types. We can also create advanced custom
views without writing any code. Advanced URL
Control Drupal gives the precise control over
URL structure. Each item of content in Drupal can
be given a custom URL called a URL alias.
Why to Use Joomla as a CMS
Easy to Use Joomla starts with choosing the
site name templates. We can easily customize
the site text in the Joomla text editor using the
default images or adding new ones through the
media manager. Mobile Ready Joomla is the only
CMS that supports mobile ready feature. Both the
front end and back end are fully responsive so we
can manage our site by mobile or tablet.
Front-End Editing This means that anyone with
the relevant access level can submit, publish and
edit content and modules in the front end without
navigating to the admin area.
Why to Use ExpressEngine as a CMS
Highly Featured ExpressionEngine is packed
with helpful features like the ability to have
multiple sites with one installation of software.
For designers, EE has a powerful templating
engine that has custom global variables, custom
SQL queries and a built in versioning
system. Sell E-commerce The ExpressionEngine
comes with a E-commerce module called Simple
Commerce. EE is designed with selling products in
mind which makes EE an even better option for
ecommerce. Content Editing Most important
feature of EE is global search and replace
functionality. Anyone who managed a site or blog
knows, how useful it is to change lots of data
without having manual search and modify each
CMS Necessity for Organisation
  • Choosing a CMS platform is a huge decision that
    will impact the organisation for years to come.
    It enables the process automation that help the
    organisation in saving time, cost workflow.
  • Any system we choose such as the cost of
    implementation and customisation will be far
    greater than any other expense like hosting or
    licensing costs.
  • Joomla strike as a middle ground between ease of
    use and complexity. It also provide a framework
    that make customisation easy for developers..

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