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How to Create SEO-Friendly WordPress URLs


Do you want to learn how to create SEO-friendly URLs to boost your WordPress SEO? Read on to discover the best tips to do so! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Create SEO-Friendly WordPress URLs

How to Create SEO-Friendly WordPress URLs
  • https//

  • Do you want to learn how to create SEO-friendly
    URLs to boost your WordPress SEO? Read on to
    discover the best tips to do so! Generating
    SEO-friendly URLs is one of the best ways to
    boost your organic search visibility and
    WordPress SEO. If you focus on enhancing the
    user-friendliness of your URLs, you will get one
    step closer to having an optimized URL. It will
    enable you to boost your visibility for
    low-volume, long-tail keywords, and high-volume,
    short keywords. Lets take a look at some handy
    ways to create SOE-friendly WordPress URLs!

How to Create SEO-Friendly URLs on WordPress
  • Create a Primary Root Version of Your Domain
  • By default, there are multiple versions of your
    root domain that can act as functional URLs and
    identical versions of your pages. This includes
    the home page and every other page on your
    website, depending on how your domain is
  • For instance, if your website is named
    XYZPatterns, here are the domain variations for
    its URLs
  • http//
  • https//
  • http//
  • https//www.

All of these will properly render the site.
However, if they render your website separately,
they can look like its mirrored versions. Its
why you should pick one of the HTTPS versions
and have the other three redirect globally to the
version you select. Picking one primary version
will enable you to consolidate all rankings,
indexing, and link value to a single version of
your domain and site. Additionally, if you want
to create an SEO-friendly URL, focus on
encrypting your website with an SSL certificate
to ensure that HTTPS appear in your URL. After
all, its a ranking signal in Googles algorithm.
Plus, Google requires HTTPS for secure data in
Chrome. So, it will not only help you improve
your rank, but it will also boost the user
2. Choose an SEO-Friendly Permalink Structure If
you want Google bots to recognize your content
and associate it with certain keywords or search
phrases, you will need to ensure your URL uses
those keywords relevant to your topic. After all,
your URL should tell internet users and Google
what your topic is about even before they visit
the link. Simply put, Google bots should be able
to understand it since it is SEO-friendly. To
change the full URL or permalink structure in
WordPress, simply access the settings and click
on Permalinks to choose from multiple options,
including plain, day and name, month and name,
post name, and custom structure. If you have a
large website with multiple categories and
subcategories, you can customize the URL and
mention the category and post name for a granular
permalink. You can also make changes to the URL
of individual posts and pages via the admin
dashboard. Rewrite your URLs to make them
SEO-friendly by removing any irrelevant stop
words, such as a, the, of, and focusing on
your target keywords instead.
3. Map Out Your Site Architecture URL
Structure When mapping out your site and URL
structure, your ultimate goal should be to align
your URLs with your content topics and keywords
for each designated section and page,
respectively. The best way to do that is to
follow your sitemap and main navigation to
organize your URL strings determined by
directories your content should live in. Dont
shy away from going deep vertically in terms of
navigation as the subject matters become more
specific. Now that you know the basics of how to
create SEO-friendly URLs, you need to remover
that there isnt a single surefire way to boost
your WordPress SEO. What works for you will
depend on your website structure, niche, and the
value its able to add to your web visitors. If
you want to create a user-friendly, credible
website with exceptional SEO, get in touch with
Marketing Tiki today!
  • https//
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