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Tips & Tools How to Make SEO Friendly Website: Expert Guidance


Very easy tips and tools to create SEO friendly website keeping internet marketing in mind. Building links is the most important part of an SEO, but if the website is not SEO friendly than those links do not matter. For this everyone should make a so friendly website. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips & Tools How to Make SEO Friendly Website: Expert Guidance

Tips Tools How to Make SEO Friendly Website
Expert Guidance
Bio Link https//
es/1294916/tips-tools-how-to-make-seo-friendly- we
bsite-expert-guidance Building links are
considered one of the most important parts of an
SEO component. However, designing an SEO
friendly website using cheap SEO packages is way
more beneficial. The links building will only be
helpful and serve its purpose if your site has a
perfect SEO structure and the keywords are
correct. Building an SEO friendly website is
much easier. You can control what you want to add
to your website and look like. However, link
building includes a lot of factors, and you
cannot control it.
Tips To Make an SEO Friendly Website
  • To make an SEO friendly website, the best SEO
    services in Jaipur, India follow the following
    tips and tricks.
  • Design SEO And UX Friendly Site Structure
  • Your website must have an SEO friendly structure.
    It helps search engines like Google and Yahoo
    index your website properly. Also, ensure that
    your page ranks in the top 10 websites. First,
    you need to collect data to create the correct
    pages. Then, you have to categorize them into
    tabs and organize them in a proper structure.
  • Add menus, footers, and bread crumbs with links
    to the structure. Make sure that your website is
    navigable and offers a better user experience.
  • Use A Good Hosting Platform
  • An essential factor Google considers while
    ranking the website is its loading time.
    Therefore, it should always support websites
    that offer a good user experience. If the loading
    time is more, the abandonment rate increases
    too. Remember to use a dedicated hosting platform
    offered by the best seo company.
  • Research About The Competitors

  • A popular way to cut the amount of time spent
    designing an SEO friendly website is by
    researching the competitors. The other companies
    have already done their hard work by researching
    their customer base and have created sites based
    on the data.
  • There are many tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs.
    These tools can analyze your competitor's
    website and offer the list of keywords they are
    using. It will save you a lot of time.
  • Use The Correct Set Of Keywords In The Correct
  • You need to research properly on the topic and
    find the popular keywords and place them in the
    correct places on your website. It also includes
    metadata, headlines, H2 tax, etc.
  • If you are having trouble creating SEO friendly
    pages, you can always use website tools like
    Clear Scope.
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Many search engines also check if your website is
    easily accessible from mobiles or tablets.
    Again, this is because most people will visit
    your website from mobile devices.
  • So, if your website looks and performs well on
    mobile, your site ranking will improve. In
    WordPress, you will find many free logins and
    themes only available for mobile devices
    optimization. To help you with mobile
    optimization and other things, you can take
    assistance from the best SEO services.
  • Reduce The Image Sizes
  • Another trick that you can use to increase your
    website loading speed is by reducing the image
    size. So, while developing a website, make sure
    that you use the smallest version of your image.
    However, it should still look good on your
    website, especially if you run an e- commerce
  • Use Crisp URLs
  • When you create a website, it automatically
    creates long URLs containing all the
    information. However, this is not good for SEO
    ranking as short URLs are easy to search on the
    search engine. So, instead of using default URLs,
    you can edit them into a crisp URL. The website
    URL must include primary keywords and be within
    three to six words.

If you want to make the best SEO friendly
website, you have to choose a affordable SEO
service providing company in India with best SEO
packages in low budget.
Free Tools That You Can Use For SEO Development
  • You can use HubSpot Website Grader to receive a
    report on the SEO efforts.
  • The website owner can also use Google search to
    search for terms and phrases for the target
  • You can use Google Analytics to locate and
    compile all SEO data. Next, you can use queries
    to detect the areas that require improvement with
    keywords, key phrases, and other things.
  • You can create an account on Seoptimer,, woorank, seositecheckup and
    here you can generate free SEO Report to analyze
    your website and determine its performance
    against the competitors. To help you with the
    task, you can hire affordable SEO services in
  • Advantages of SEO Friendly Website
  • You can easily avail of search result listing for
    free. You do not need to spend a lot of money to
    get a good search engine ranking. With the help
    of SEO, you can rank your website and web
    traffic and keep it consistent without
    continuously paying.
  • SEO tools and strategies ensure that your website
    receives traffic. The increase in web traffic is
    a plus point. You can continue to benefit from
  • The search results on the top list in Google are
    considered more informative than others. You can
    always hire low-cost SEO services to perform
    these tasks for you.
  • With an SEO friendly website, you can compete
    with your business rivals. So, if you want to
    stay on the top list in the market, you must have
    an SEO friendly website.
  • SEO can also help to increase your profits and
    boost your sales because it attracts new
    customers to your business and retains existing
    ones. Therefore, an SEO friendly website will
    help you grow more in the future.

  • One of the best advantages of SEO is that you can
    efficiently track the site data. For example,
    you can track your guest data and determine the
    source they are accessing on your platform.
  • How will the SEO service providing company help
    develop an SEO friendly website?
  • With the help of the correct search engine
    optimization services, the owner can create
    better engagement with these brands across
    various platforms. It also helps the website to
    rank higher on the search engine results. Top
    rankings are the best way to attract more
    visitors, brands, leads, and potential customers.
  • An SEO company will first learn about your
    requirements and help you develop the perfect
    website. Then, they will use the various tools
    and applications at their disposal to create a
    good and efficient website. Once they are done
    with the first half, they will share the draft
    with you. If you are satisfied, then they will go
    forward and launch your website. However, they
    will do it for you if you need any corrections.
  • Conclusion
  • Most businesses prefer an SEO friendly website.
    It helps them gain more customers profit and
    expand their business online. We have also
    discussed the various benefits of SEO- friendly
    websites in the post. You can also go through
    them to understand the necessity of SEO better.
    Visit the official website of A R InfoTech to
    view our website designing services packages and
    get free quotes.
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