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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? Effective for Website Ranking on SERP.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, as the name suggests it is a tactic that is used for the website to stand out in a Search Engine’s Ocean of websites. In other words, this Internet marketing strategy helps your website to rank in organic Internet traffic and improve the visibility of your website by ranking higher on the web search engine pages (SERP) resulting in more visitors, more leads and hence more business. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? Effective for Website Ranking on SERP.

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Effective for Website Ranking on SERP.
  • If you are Internet savvy or use the
    Internet for business purposes then chances are
    high that you may have come across the word SEO
    more often than not. As dreading as it may sound,
    it is actually not that difficult to understand.
  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, as
    the name suggests it is a tactic that is used for
    the website to stand out in a Search Engines
    Ocean of websites. In other words, this  Internet
    marketing strategy helps your website to rank in
    organic Internet traffic and improve the
    visibility of your website by ranking higher on
    the web search engine pages (SERP) resulting in
    more visitors, more leads and hence more

  • SEO Decoded
  • Dont get worked up! Let me break it down for
    you in simple ways. There are as many as 1.8
    billion websites on the Internet providing many
    services products and offers. If you have a
    question in your mind of any sort, the Internet
    has the answer to most of them! It is found
    that approx 91 of the users of the
    Internet relies on search engines like Bing,
    Google, Yahoo, etc to find the answers to their
    needs. The catch, however, is that out of all the
    results people find on the Search Engine Results
    Page(SERP) most people(approx 95-96) just check
    the first page of the Web page results and only
    the first few listings get the most attention
    from the user. That is why businesses need SEO,
    to improve their websites ranking and show them
    on top of search engine pages.

  • The Mechanism Behind the Working of SEO
  • There are many factors that search engines use to
    crawl or scan through the websites to determine
    its relevance to the audiences and hence the
    ranking of the website.
  • The Keywords or Topics you include in your
  • How original is your content?
  • How relevant is your content?
  • How many references to other sites or Backlinks
    you include in your content?
  • Your sites readability and speed

  • SEO techniques help you improve these factors to
    attract organic or unpaid traffic to your
  • Content Marketing
  • It all comes down to the content eventually!!
    Your website's content matters the most. It
    should be original, fresh and relevant to reach
    the targeted audience. Writing blogs, articles
    and social media contents can help in increasing
    the visibility of your website. Incorporating
    "How to guides" and visual contents, Tutorials,
    etc. also help in attracting Internet traffic.
    The more relevant fresh and consistent your
    content is the more viewers it will garner.

Types of SEO Helpful for Improving Website
  • Here we will discuss the tactics which you can
    implement in your website to make it SEO
    friendly. Remember that SEO doesn't happen
    overnight. You might have to wait a while before
    your website reaches the highest rank in the web
    search engine results but what I can assure is
    that it will be worth it for your company.

  • On-page SEO factors are those which are in your
    control and you can work on, to improve or
    change. There are many factors that control
    your ON-PAGE SEO
  • How interactive your content is! It should be
    exquisite to the user's need in order to grab and
    sustain the user's attention in order to generate
  • Your Website's speed, It will determine user
    experience on your website and also be a key
    factor when search engines crawl your website
    to determine your website's speed.  
  • Internal Backlinks (the link on your webpage that
    connects it to some other content's link on your

  • Your content's Title, It is very important to
    choose an attractive and most searched about
    topics as a title in order to get higher
  • The Meta Description, The description which you
    see after the URL line on the results page that
    gives you the summary of that page. We see
    results on Search engines as Heading/URL/Meta
    Description, so it is very important to optimize
    it as users and search engines use it to check
  • The Sub Headings of your content. Try to
    incorporate more relevant headings (Useof Meta
    tag H1 H6 for Website Ranking) as when search
    engines crawl a website they use this information
    also in determining the quality of your content.
  •  And another thing which is very important is
    that most users who search for things use mobile
    devices for their searches, so make sure
    that your websiteis mobile friendly as it
    generates as much as 96 of the Internet traffic.

  • OG Tag og tag (Open Graph Tag) inserted in your
    website header section. og tag is important for
    your social audience. You can use og tag
    generator tool for og tag.
  • Twitter Tag Twitter tag is also inserted in
    website header section for twitter audience. You
    can use twitter tag generator tool for twitter
  • For Website SEO Audit you can use many tools for
    website optimization

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  • OFF-PAGE SEO factors are those that happen
    outside your website, and hence, are not in your
    control. However, you can always try at your end
    to improve these as much as possible. There are a
    few points that need to be paid attention to in
    order to achieve better results.
  • The Backlinks
  • The links which connect your website's
    content to some other website's content are key
    factors affecting Off-page SEO,   The quality of
    your backlinks is as important as the quantity of
    it. It shows search engines how much you people
    can trust your website.
  • so when you provide a link to someone else's
    content then make sure that it is an authentic
    and relevant link which is also adding to the
    user's requirement and not just for the sake of
    adding backlinks. Search engines will crawl
    (scan) your website and check both how many
    backlinks you have incorporated in your content
    and how authentic is the website which you are
    referring to.

  • Social Factors
  • This includes how much shares, likes you get
    on your webpage. It also helps search engines
    to determine how relevant your content is to
    users and how is the user experience at your
    website, which, in turn, decides your ranking.  
  • The main motive of incorporating these SEO
    techniques is to improve Off-site SEO, is to
    build trust amongst the users and subsequently
    building trust with the search engines. The more
    genuine, fresh and relevant will be your content
    and the backlinks you provide are the more search
    engines will trust your website to provide
    quality and content which will subsequently help
    your website to reach the top of the search
    engine results page.

  • The sooner you start implementing SEO
    techniques on your website the sooner you will
    reach the top ranking ladder as SEO is a process
    which takes time as you do it organically to
    generate genuine, unpaid and useful traffic to
    your website which can be converted into the
  • You can follow more Off-Page SEO technique to
    create high page rank Do-Follow Backlinks on your
    website and can generate more Organic
    Traffic from SERP.

  • Business Listing
  • Blog Posting
  • Articles Posting
  • Comment Posting
  • Classifieds
  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Posting
  • Create Web2.0
  • PPT Submission
  • PDF Submission
  • Video Posting
  • Profile Creation
  • Directory Submission

  • Guest Posting
  • Podcast Submission
  • Infographics
  • Image Submission
  • Press Release
  • Competitors Backlinks
  • Social Media Posting

  • At any point, If you feel that you alone can
    not do it then don't worry professionals like us
    are here to help you out and do the SEO for you.
  • You can call us anytime on below mentioned
    no. and leave your SEO problems for us! We will
    take care of it!!
  • If you found this useful then help your
    friends, colleagues, and others to understand the
    world of SEO better by Liking and Sharing!
  • Written By   Sakshi Sharma.

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