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How to Design a SEO Friendly Website


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Title: How to Design a SEO Friendly Website

SEO Friendly Website Design Tips
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Why SEO Friendly Website is Important?
Nowadays market is very competitive. People
search everything in online. So it is vital for
every companies or organizations to have an
online existence and also important for the
website visibility in the search result for
business growth when people search through
related keywords. So, SEO friendly website plays
vital role for better search engine rankings and
very helpful to get new business .
Tips for SEO Friendly Website Design
  • Here are some SEO friendly website design tips
    suggested by website design company in India
  • Search Engine Friendly Navigation
  • Reduce Website Load Time
  • Website Images
  • Add Social Elements
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • HTML Sitemaps
  • Google Web Fonts
  • 301 Redirects
  • W3C Validation Checking
  • Clean Coding Structure

Search Engine Friendly Navigation
Search Engine Friendly Navigation means search
engine can read and follow each and every links
easily. Links Should be text based. That means
always try to avoid flash based navigational
system because Google and other search engines
cant read image. In other word, nowadays web
shifted more in mobile devices and there are very
few mobile devices that support flash.
Reduce Website Load Time
  • Website load time plays vital role for SEO
    friendly website because if website load time is
    high then most probably new visitors will leave
    the site before opening. It is not only cause
    loss of the visitors . It also increases the
    bounce rate which is vey bad in the SEO point of
    view. So here are some points suggested by web
    design company in India
  • Break up long pages into several shorter pages.
  • Remove any unnecessary elements from the page.
  • Remove unnecessary codes.
  • Use cascading style sheets (CSS) instead of table
    based design.
  • Reduce the size of image files and also save in
    proper format.
  • Combine repetitive scripts into a single,
    external script file.
  • Define image height and width with tags.

Website Images
  • Google or other search engines cant crawl
    through image file. So here are some techniques
    you should keep in mind when you use images in
    your website
  • Give related image file name.
  • Try to keep image file size small. It should be
    30 to 100 kb and ideal resolution is 72 dpi.
  • Images should be related with the surrounding
    content in the page .
  • Place image inside the folder images or
    something like that.

Add Social Elements
Nowadays social signal plays most important role
for SEO friendly website design because it is not
only helpful to increase visitors . It is also
very helpful to maintain good rankings in SERP.
So it is very crucial for designers to add a
social elements like Twitter button, Facebook
button, Google plus button etc.
Search Engine Friendly URLs
URL should be SEO friendly means search engine
likes static URL than dynamic URL. Just
like http//
ry/laptop Better than http//
m/products/item1?20193 And the second thing is
that keyword , means use keyword in URL. It is
helpful for SEO.
HTML Sitemap
HTML sitemap is the most important techniques to
distribute link juice efficiently within your
site. It is actually a page of your website that
links to all the important pages on your website.
It is most valuable for human visitors. It allows
the visitors to quickly find out any page within
your website.
Google Web Fonts
Normal web fonts are very simple and boring that
we cant use as a logo or banner. Thats why we
create various web related images like logo,
banner and clip arts in Photoshop since Photoshop
has huge amount of attractive fonts. But search
engine bots cant crawl images. The solution of
this problem is very easy . We can easily style
and design various web fonts by the means of
scripting and style sheet.
301 Redirects
  • 301 redirection is the most helpful method for
    webpage redirection. If you change filename or
    move pages to a new domain then it is the safest
    method. It includes mainly two things
  • Inform search engine that pages has been moved to
    new location and it requires re-indexing.
  • Inform search engine that page has been renamed
    and requires re-indexing.

W3C Validation Checking
World Wide Web Consortium abbreviated as W3C that
allows designer to check XHTML and HTML codes for
well-formed markup. Having less error in a web
page makes a website search engine friendly.
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