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How to Fulfil Requirements of ISO 37001:2016 Documentation?


Global Manager Group has prepared presentation to provide information regarding ISO 37001 documentation requirements for Anti-Bribery Management System Certification. It described all primary documents like manual, procedures, policy, audit checklist, etc in details. For further information about ISO 37001:2016 documentation requirements visit @ – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Fulfil Requirements of ISO 37001:2016 Documentation?

ISO 370012016 Documentation Requirements
  • Anti-Bribery Management System

By Global Manager Group
What is ISO 370012016?
  • ISO 370012016 is an Anti-Bribery Management
    System standard published in October 2016 by
    International Organization for Standardization
  • It specifies the requirements for establishing,
    implementing, maintaining, reviewing and
    improving an anti-bribery management system.
  • This standard is designed for all types of
    organizations, any type of sector and any type of
    bribery risk it faces.
Benefits of Anti-Bribery Management System
  • Reduce bribery risks by implementing financial
    controls in early stages
  • Perform continuous improvement of anti-bribery
  • Monitors and manages risk throughout your
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Ensure that business associates and customers are
    devoted to positive anti-bribery processes
  • Increase international recognition
  • Opportunities to improve efficiency across
    working practices
  • Promote an anti-bribery culture
ISO 370012016 Documentation Requirements
  • To meet legal obligations and commit to the
    integrity of organisation with Anti-Bribery
    Management System, an appropriate documentation
    is required. Such a primary ISO 37001 documents
    are listed below
  • ISO 370012016 Manual
  • System Procedures
  • Process Approach
  • Policy
  • Exhibits
  • Sample Blank Filled Forms
  • ISO 37001 Audit Checklist
ISO 37001 Manual
  • ISO 37001 Manual covers clause wise details on
    how ISO 370012016 system is implemented. It
    covers the context of organization, sample
    policy, objectives, scope, organizations
    structure as well as macro-level each
    requirements of ISO 370012016.
  • ISO 37001 manual should normally contain, or
    refer to
  • Context of the Organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Improvement
ISO 37001 Procedures
  • ISO 37001 procedures are also called operational
    procedure, as they are a snapshot of the actual
    activities taking place in a company at a
    particular point of time. The list of sample of
    procedures are as follow
  • Procedure for document and data control
  • Procedure for corrective action
  • Procedure for internal audit
  • Procedure for management review
  • Procedure for bribery risk management
  • Procedure for training
  • Procedure for investigating and dealing with
Process Approach
  • It covers activities of all the main and critical
    processes with input-output matrix for
    organization. It helps any organization in
    process mapping as well as preparing process
    documents for own organization. It covers
    guideline for processes, flow chart and process
    model useful for process mapping.
  • Policies are statements of direction agreed upon
    by management or a board and provide direction to
    the organization toward its desired goals. These
    documents are the rules of the organization. It
    covers Anti-bribery and Anti-corruption Policy
  • ISO 37001 Exhibits are very helpful tool to teach
    all employees about how to implements and
    improvements quality requirements for
    organization and get number of benefits.
    Following are list of Exhibits covering all the
    details of ISO 370012016 requirements.
  • Skill requirements
  • Multi skill requirements
  • Document identification and codification system
  • Need and expectations of stake holders
Sample Blank Filled Forms
  • Sample forms, records etc. are supporting
    documents used by the company to record
    information for different procedures followed.
    They link the activities written in the procedure
    to the records kept in the department. It covers
    a sample copy of blank and filled forms that are
    required to maintain records as well as establish
    control and create system in the organization
ISO 370012016 Audit Checklist
  • ISO 370012016 Audit Checklist is a good tool for
    the internal to make audit questionnaire while
    auditing. It will bring effectiveness in
    auditing. It covers sample audit questions based
    on all the ISO 370012016 requirements. It can be
    used as a very good tool for logically auditing
    during internal audit for ISO 370012016 to
    establish proper audit trail
ISO 37001 Documentation Kit
  • Global Manager Group provides ISO 37001
    Documentation Kit that having sample documents
    required for ISO 37001 Certification. It contains
    all documents that covers all requirements of the
    standard. The ISO 370012016 manual to ISO
    370012016 audit checklist are provided in
    editable format that serves as the primary source
    of documentation.
  • The ready to use ISO 37001 Documents is taking
    care of all clauses defined in ISO 37001
    certification standard as well as it satisfies
    governing general requirements to create own
    documents for their company in couple of days.
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