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How to use ISO 17025 total Documentation kit


ISO 17025 certification documents for calibration laboratory which includes an iso 17025 manual, procedures as well as ISO 17025 audit checklist. The ISO 17025 manual is conforming to the requirements of ISO 17025:2005 standard for accreditation in calibration laboratory. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to use ISO 17025 total Documentation kit

How to use ISO 17025 Total Documentation kit
By Globalmanagergroup
ISO 17025 Documentation Process
Our document kit is having sample documents
required for ISO 17025 certification as listed
below. All documents are in word and you can edit
it. You can do changes as per your company need
and within 2 days your entire documents with all
necessary controls are ready and our many
organization are certified globally in trial with
the help of our documents from any stringent
certification audit.
ISO/IEC 170252005 relevant accreditation
specific criteria.ISO 17025 management system
should be documented and demonstrable manner
consistent with the requirements of ISO 17025
laboratory management system standard. The
demonstration in the total management system ISO
17025 consists of documents.
Manual Procedures Work Instructions Manual
operation procedure Forms Records

ISO 17025 manual
It covers sample copy of Quality manual and
clause wise details for how ISO17025 systems are
implemented. It covers list of procedures as well
as overview of organization and covers tier of
ISO 17025 documents. It is having total 8
chapters covering company profile, amendment
sheet, index, clause wise details as per ISO
17025 for implementation, sample Quality policy
and organization chart. It covers sample copy
quality manual and clause wise details for how
ISO 17025 systems are implemented. It covers list
of procedures as well as overview of organization
and covers tier of ISO 17025 documents.
ISO 17025 Manual provides ISO 17025 describes the
policies and ISO 17025 system of an organization.
It may be the total activity of an organization
or a selected portion of it, for example,
requirements depending on the nature of the
products or services, processes, contractual
requirements, the regulations governing etc. It
is intended to provide an adequate description of
the intention of management to meet the
requirement of the system while serving as a
permanent reference for implementation and system
maintenance. It should include how the ISO 17025
system is implemented in the organization at the
macro level. 1.Introduction 2. Scope 3.
Definitions and terminology 4. Management
requirements 5. Technical Requirements
ISO 17025 Procedures
It covers sample copy of mandatory procedures
covering all the details like purpose, scope,
responsibility, how procedure is followed as well
as list of exhibits, reference documents and
formats. The list of sample procedures provided
is as below. This is a manual that includes a
number of ISO 17025 procedures, each procedure is
independent of it. Procedures manual should be
done department wise / item wise. It is also
called a "Management Book East". Generally, these
procedures ISO 17025 are prepared by the
functional head / coordinator in consultation
with HOD. ISO 17025 procedures are also known as
operational procedures, because they are a
snapshot of the actual activities that take place
in a society at a given moment of time.
  • Following is the list of ISO 17025 procedures,
    which are mandatory for ISO/IEC 17025
  • Procedure For Document And Data Control
  • Procedure For Contract Review
  • Procedure For Purchasing
  • Procedure For Complaint Handling
  • Procedure For Control Of NonConforming Work
  • Procedure For Corrective And Preventive Action
  • Procedure For Control Of Records
  • Procedure For Internal Audit
  • Procedure For Management Review

  • Procedure For Personnel And Training
  • Procedure For Accommodation And Environment
  • Procedure For Working Procedure
  • Procedure For Measurement Uncertainty
  • Procedure For Equipment And Reference Materials
  • Procedure For Measurement Traceability And
  • Procedure For Handling Of Test Items
  • Procedure For Quality Control / Verification
  • Procedure For Preparation, Review And Issue Of
    Test Certificates/Reports

Work instructions ISO 17025
The Standard requires work instructions to be
available, where the absence of this instruction
would be detrimental to ISO 17025. In the
practical sense, work instructions can be
written, drawings, photographs, computer menu
items, machine care / operation, the work of
production documentation, work instructions etc.
deals with the shop floor of activities. Their
goal is clearly to direct the operator as to what
should be done, and what is the manufacturing
standard is needed to control the important
aspects. The instructions must clearly identify
  • What needs to be done?
  • The correct sequence of activities.
  • The ISO 17025 special conditions, temperature,
    humidity, cleanliness etc.
  • The reference to standards and codes of practice
    that must be met
  • In the case of special processes, work
    instructions are a mandatory part and for that,
    detailed instructions are necessary. These work
    instructions should be written in the local
    language, so they are easily understood by
    operators. For laboratory or QC activity and
    calibration of instruments operating procedure is
    documented describing how the particular activity
    should be done.

ISO 17025 Forms and Records
Forms, templates, etc. are documents used by the
company to record information for various
procedures. They link the activities in the
procedure of written records maintained in the
department. This documentation serves to
demonstrate that the ISO 17025 system works
effectively to produce the product in accordance
with specified requirements of the ISO 17025
system. They must be legible, readily retrievable
and available when requested by the auditor. On
all forms of control over them establish
appropriate document. As a part of society can
also prepare the documentation checklist and
check the ISO 17025 system with the help of
This is a commitment to ISO 17025 and a
demonstration of commitment through
documentation. This documentation is a Herculean
task. The company must prepare ISO 17025 manuals,
procedures and work instructions and supporting
materials also meet the requirements of the
standard. In the literature, it must be kept in
mind that ISO 17025 Manual, ISO 17025 and
procedure records should be linked to each other.
Link to record in the manual procedure and the
procedure in ISO 17025 manual must be done to
make the system more visible and transparent. The
user must take care to release procedures, so
they are understandable, applicable and binding.
Manual Procedures Work Instruction Formats
/ Templates Policies Audit Checklist
ISO 17025 Total Document Kit
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