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ISO 14001 Planning as per Clause 4.3 – Presentation by Globalmanagergroup


This presentation is on ISO 14001 clause 4.3 for Environmental planning and ISO 14001 certification. This presentation helps to establish and maintain procedures that identify environmental aspects of it’s activates of control as well as influence, requirements and environmental impact. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ISO 14001 Planning as per Clause 4.3 – Presentation by Globalmanagergroup

ISO 140012004 Clause 4.3 Planning
Clause 4.3 Planning
Key Requirements of Environmental Management
System Certification
4.3.1 Environments Aspects
Established and maintain procedures to identify
environment aspect of its activities for control
and influence, considering environmental impact.
Aspect/ Impact Assessment
  • Institute a core team
  • Define procedures and Scope
  • Evaluate activities, product, processes,
    services, work situations, product life
    cycle, past experience, existing practices and
  • Identify items and all loss exposures
  • Determine impact and liabilities
  • List concerns
  • Quantify concern and identify significant

Techniques Requirements
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Checklist
  • Questionnaire and interviews
  • Records review
  • Discussion OEM, technology, service providers
  • Site inspection
  • Product Lifecycle analysis
  • Internet and regional libraries/ database

4.3.2 Legal and other Requirements
  • Establish and maintain procedures to identify
    and access to all legal and regulatory
    requirements applicable for environment.
  • Determine how such requirements are applicable
    to Environment aspects, activities, products,
  • Establish, implement and maintain EMS. Maintain
    and update recorded of all legal and other

Requirements Applicable
  • Identify obligations
  • Define responsibility
  • Identify requirements
  • Define procedures
  • Record compliance
  • Review performance

Non Applicable Requirements
  • Justify Why?
  • Update with respect to Changes
  • Other requirements

4.3.3 Objectives, Targets and Program
Establish and maintain documented environmental
objectives and target at each function and level,
considering the legal requirements significant
aspects and prevention of pollution, conservation
of natural resources energy, business
requirements and views of interested party.
  • Set of objectives and target for Organization/
    Department/ Function
  • Quantified where practicable
  • Input and output oriented
  • S.M.A.R.T
  • In line with Long tern HSE stratify plan
  • Linked to personal performance criteria

Input for Objective
  • Environmental Policy
  • Continual improvements commitment
  • Prevention of pollution commitment
  • Initial review results
  • Legal and other requirements
  • Technology options
  • Financial, operational and business
  • Views of interested parties
  • Results of management review

Environmental Management Program
Establish, documents and maintain EMP for
achieving its objectives
  • Responsibility and authority for achieving at
    relevant level
  • Means and time scale to be achieving
  • Review at regular and planned interval
  • Updated

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