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How to fulfil requirements of ISO 20000:2018 documents?


The PPT shows that ISO 20000 is the international standard for IT Service Management (ITSM), published by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization), and ICE (the International Electoral Commission).The standard describes a set of management processes designed to help you deliver more effective IT services.For more details please visit : – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to fulfil requirements of ISO 20000:2018 documents?

ISO 20000 Documentation Requirements
  • For IT Service
    Management System

- By Global Manager Group
What is ISO 20000?
  • ISO 20000 is the international standard for IT
    Service Management (ITSM), published by ISO (the
    International Organization for Standardization),
    and ICE (the International Electoral Commission).
  • The standard describes a set of management
    processes designed to help you deliver more
    effective IT services. The information technology
    service management system complies with the
    requirements mentioned in the clauses of ISO
  • ISO 20000 gives you the methodology and the
    framework to help you manage your ITSM, while
    allowing you to prove your company follows best
    practice. With the requirements of the standard
    you will achieve best practice, helping to
    improve your delivery of IT services.

Advantages of IT Service Management System
  • Alignment of information technology services and
    business strategy.
  • Creation of a formal framework for current
    service improvement projects
  • Provides a benchmark type comparison with best
  • Creates competitive advantage via the promotion
    of consistent and cost-effective services.
  • By requiring ownership and responsibility at all
    levels, it creates a progressive ethos and
  • Supports 'interchanging' of service providers and
    staff by virtue of the creation of
    inter-enterprise operational processes.
  • Reduction of risk and thus cost in terms of
    external service receipt

ISO 20000 Documentation Requirements
  • ISO 20000 documentation kit covers each and every
    requirement for documentation process and is used
    globally by many organization for making the best
    system with ISO 200002018 Certification. Primary
    ISO 20000 documents are listed below
  • SMS Manual
  • IT SMS Plan
  • IT SMS Procedures
  • IT SMS Policies
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Job Descriptions
  • Blank Formats /Templates
  • Name of departments
  • ISO 20000-12018 Audit Checklist
  • ISO 20000-12018 Compliance Matrix

SMS manual
  • Service Management System manual which gives
    clause-wise details of how ISO 20000-12018
    system is implemented. It covers the service
    management system, sample policy, objectives,
    scope, and organization structure as well as how
    each requirement from clause no. 4 to 10 of ISO
    20000-12018 is implemented at macro level in the
  • SMS manual should normally contain, or refer to
  • Context of the Organization
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Improvement

  • IT SMS Plan includes the complete IT service
    management system plan with interlinkage of
    various processes and reference of procedures,
    ITSMS policy and objectives. It covers the frame
    work to fulfil the service requirements.

IT SMS Procedures
  • ITSMS mandatory procedures as per ISO
    20000-12018 are provided, which cover all the
    details like purpose, scope, responsibility, how
    procedure is followed as well as the list of
    exhibits , reference documents and formats.
  • The list of sample procedures provided in the kit
    is as below
  • Procedure for Communication
  • Procedure for Document Control
  • Procedure for Control of Records
  • Procedure for Internal Audit
  • Procedure for Improvements
  • Procedure for Service Management
  • Procedure for Delivery of New Changes
  • Procedure for Management Review

IT SMS Policies
  • Some guidelines are covering in ITSMS Policies as
    per ISO 20000-12018 are provided
  • The list of sample policies provided in the kit
    is as below
  • Availability Management Policy
  • Visitor Policy
  • BRM Policy
  • Budgeting and Accounting Policy
  • Capacity Management Policy
  • Change Management Policy
  • Configuration Management Policy
  • Incident Management Policy

Standard Operating Procedures
  • The directory of the ISO 20000 documentation kit
    covers sample copy of SOPs to link with
    significant aspects in the organization. It takes
    care of all such aspects and can be used as a
    training guide as well as to establish good ITSMS
    system in the organization.
  • The List of Standard Operating Procedures
    provided in the kit is as below
  • SOP for Company Internet and IT Resource Use
  • SOP for E-mail and Messenger Use
  • SOP for Service Continuity Testing
  • SOP for Personnel Recruitment
  • SOP for Service Reporting
  • SOP for Risk Management
  • SOP for Business Relationship Management

Job Descriptions
  • The directory covers sample copy of job
    descriptions covering 24 different categories of
    personnel including their responsibility and
  • The Job descriptions covered in kit are listed
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Business Development Manager
  • Capacity Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Configuration Manager
  • Director
  • HR Head

Blank Formats /Templates
  • The directory includes sample copy of blank forms
    that are required to maintain records as well as
    establish control and create system in the
    organization. The samples are given for the users
    as a guide to follow. The organization is free to
    change the same to suit their own requirements.
  • Blank formats are covered in kit are listed
  • Visitor Entry Register
  • Employee leaving/transfer/termination Checklist
  • Employment confidentiality and Non-competition
  • Vehicle Requisition Form
  • Experience, Personal Information Assessment
    Chart (EPIAC)
  • Duty Resumption Form

ISO 20000-12018 Audit Checklists
  • ISO 20000-12018 requirements wise as well
    as gap analysis checklist are provided. The
    audit checklists are very good tools for
    the auditors to make audit questionnaire
    and bring effectiveness in auditing. The
    questions are prepared on the basis of ISO
    20000-12018 standard. They can be logically used
    for auditing during internal audit for ISO
    20000-12018 to establish proper audit trail.

ISO 20000-12018 compliance matrix
  • The Compliance matrix contains ISO
    20000- 12018 requirement wise list of
  • information for easy reference of users and
    to understand how this system is made.

ISO 20000 Documentation Kit
  • Global Manager Group provides ISO 20000
    Documentation Kit that having ready to use
    document kit for IT Service Management System,
    which covers ITSMS plan, policies, procedures,
    sample plan, templates, forms, SOPs, job
    descriptions, ISO 20000 audit checklist and
  • The ready-to-use ISO 200002018 Documents are to
    ensure with all clauses defined ISO 20000-12018
    standard as well as it satisfies governing
    general requirements to create own documents for
    their company in couple of days.

Why ISO 20000 Documentation Kit is Useful?
  • Users can modify the templates as per their
    service activity and create own documents for
    their organization.
  • There are Readymade templates are available which
    can reduce time in document preparation and
    preparing ISO 20000 Audit checklist to meet
    system requirements for easy certification.
  • Saves time and cost for making effective
    documentation on ITSMS.
  • All the section and sub-sections for information
    service management system and give better
    confidence in your system as well as provide
    linkage with related document list.

Global Manager Group is the first company that
introduces Online Consultancy by offering
International System Certification Documentation
and Auditor Training Packages
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