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Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Under-utilized Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications(PART 3 OF 11)


Part 3 of 11 series: Entire part 1 to 11 can be viewed at or Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Less Well Known Water Cleantech for The Future: Across industries and science fields, previously not accepted technologies, some of which has been widely used for commercialized applications, are gradually being re-confirmed by mainstream Western academics. The next phase is how Western mainstream media of various levels(from news, science reports, to Wikipedia) are going to express these confirmations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Under-utilized Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications(PART 3 OF 11)

Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Less Known Water
Technology for Industrial / Commercial /
Agricultural Applications
PART 3 OF 11
  • Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Effective
    Water Cleantech for The Future

Ben Rusuisiak New nature paradigm TECH analysis
vancouver, BC, CANADA, updated Feb10, 2017

  • ABSTRACT This presentation
    covers some of low cost, water related
    commercialized cleantech that is under-utilized
    or not commonly known to exist at all, in areas
    of 1-Environmental cleaning, 2-HVAC improvement,
    3- Energy extraction, 4-Industrial
    processes, 5-Drinking water generation,
    6-Geoengineering, 7-Desalination wastewater
    treating, 8-Selective bio-enhancing, rust
    prevention etc. Some of them are convertible for
    a use in field of energy, medical, biology,
    weather modification, material science with
    similar advantages. ?
  • One of such effects not fully explainable by
    chemistry, yet officially utilized by some
    non-Western ally nations, is prolonged "water
    structure", or/ "activated" electrical charge
    holding capacity of ions in water. There are
    multiple treatment methods that can cause
    sustained unique capability in plain water for at
    least 4-5 days and used without added chemical or
    solutes. e.g. a-As detergent for commercial
    kitchen, butcher or heavy oil removal, b-Non
    fouling industrial cutting or washing fluid,
    c-Hospital operation room, or food industry
    equipment disinfectant, d-Medical
    oxygen/hydrophobic drug delivery, skin
    disease/infection/organ, upto conventionally
    untreatable chronic disease. e-Plant/animal
    growth increase, brackish water feeding,
    Removing animal residence odor, f-Increase
    strength of concrete, ice, paper, g-Enhance
    flavor of pasta, coffee, bakery, h-Low
    emission fuel making from subgrade incombustible
    hydrocarbon, i-Display chemical or mineral effect
    without chemistry present in water. Some
    exceptionally electrical-active water seems to
    even function as "phase catalyst" and used as
    "plain water concentrate" for similar or more
    robust effects by dilution.?

  • Such Scientific Status gap in water tech by
    nations is fairly common and it affects research
    funding market share of effective processes.
    e.g water treatment by Time variant magnetic
    field Rotating/Concentric Electrode, Far
    InfraRed waves, Hydrodynamic Cavitation,
    Sub/SuperCritical water, Non Anthraquinone H2O2,
    Emulsion fuel, Cold fusion, Resonance H2O
    decomposing, Acoustic Pulsed Fire Dewatering,
    Electro-Scavenging effect for rain generation
    Cosmic Ray based climate change idea. One reason
    for discrediting is they might co-display
    scientifically economically disruptive seeming
    thermodynamic over-unity non-local phenomena.
    But low cost effective way to displace chemical
    based system also have been supported in West
    Electrooxidation/coagulation or multiple ways of
    AOP including Ozone was backed by European groups
    they are now supporting Plasma Activated Water,
    Thermal Hydrolysis, Membrane Distillation,
    various Nano Filtration etc. Others are accepted
    but only for certain use ElectroOsmosis/Poration,
    Metal ion, 3chamber electrolysis, Vacuum
    superheated steam, Steam eductor etc. Overall,
    previously science contested low cost clean water
    tech is increasingly rapidly adopted even by
    multinationals, often accompanied by firm back up
    of mainstream media, science, tech awards. And
    unless spread of this new paradigm stalls soon,
    limitation based "closed system" belief of
    society will fundamentally shift to no-limit
    "open system" before 2030. - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • p10 Crystallization Template
    sssddAssisted, Fluidized Bed etc
    p21 Ozone UV etc p41
    SuperCritical Water etc p45 Ultrasonic,
    Cavitation effect, . . . Pulsed Combustion
    p61 Nano/UltraFine
    Bubble etc p67 PhotoCatalytic water etc
    p91 Electrolyzed acid water etc p118 Plasma
    Activated Water
  • p126 Electrolytic Venturi etc p141 .Magnetic
    Water treatment
  • p157 Phase Catalyst Water

    p181 Torsion field/Scalar Wave p190
    Far InfraRed, Bioceramic, .. Minerals treated
  • p221 Pumpable Ice Slurry p228 ElectroSpray
    etc p235 ElectroHydraulic
  • p245 Solar Desalination etc p268 SuperHeated
    Steam etc p288 Magnetic Resonance
    Freezing Thawing
  • p291 Ion projection p298
    Ferrous/Ferrate Ion water p310 Vacuum
    Saturation/DDW, . Steam Jet
  • p338 Plant Polymer Micelle p343 Rain Related
    Weather .. Modification
    p358 Water Technology List - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

  • This presentation might not always reflect the
    views of mainstream group, particularly of
    western media, large NGOs, wikipedia hence
    attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess
    the data from independent perspective Listed
    commercialized claims include that are
    contradicting mainstream science law or
    effectiveness acceptance level, while empirically
    deemed to produce effects repeatedly. "Cleantech"
    here includes "clean chemicals" that are non
    residual Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic
    Acid, Plasma/ElectroChemical reaction etc
  • Compared to other industries, water technology
    tends to have wider varied mechanics to achieve
    intended physical effects Labs, schools, even
    conservative mainstream, or mundane looking
    companies often use their own effective unique
    processes not widely known. Many of what is
    covered here are selected technologies known as
    effective in some sectors or by small of
    consumers but not by other sectors.?

    Currently more detailed
    reference list is being produced will be
    published separately The research is updated
    based on reviewing academic papers journals,
    books, speeches, presentations, patents,
    lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints,
    publications public records of
    NGOs/media/research institutes/think
    tanks/military/space gov't agencies/industry
    associations. Due to space constraints,
    referenced individual names are given with max 3
    letters of first name with entire last
    name(except some non-Western names), company
    names are listed in a way that is findable by
    internet search.
  • 12 page long Water Technology Effect Comparison
    Grid List is located at the end of presentation.

    THIS FILE IS PART 3 of 11
    FILE AT SCRIBDclick here, ISSUUclick
    here, YUMPU click here, or CALAMEO click
    here - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
How to Read Tech Detail Explanation Texts

  • Technology claims are explained in details in
    each of 66 dedicated section in coming pages.
    Example of Hydrodynamic cavitation below
  • Tech effects Code used in tech lists(located at
    end of this presentation) are headed by Boldface
    purple letters as on the right. Code might
    refer to either or both of a-effect of static
    water product, b-process effect itself on water
    rather than water's effect on matter.
  • Commercialized tech claims are listed in(Blue
    Letter ), and within bracket means other
    unnamed companies also claim same effect.
    at example D4 indicates
    particularly effective application.
  • 11Hydrodynamic cavitation WM Accepted effect
    J(BOD reduction, Advanced Oxidizing Process,
    toxin/oil field waste water/sludge
    decomposing)(, For ballast
    water(Globallast ua), Enhanced oil recovery-
    additional hydrocarbon quality improvement(Arisdyn
  • Sometimes WM Disputed effect, A(Descaling), HVAC
    application(HyCator, VRTX Technologies), Pipe
    cleaning(Group Konstanta ???????), Dairy
    product flow pipe descaling is WM
    rejected(TEKMASH) B(anticorrosion of water
    pipes), C(Algae removal)(CT Systems ua),

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16Electrolysis Alkaline water Effect mix of
Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western
  • 16Electrolysis Alkaline water

    WM Accepted
    effect W(Degassing, Deoxygenation),

    WM media Disputed effects B(unti corrosion) no
    salt 3 chamber type is useable for minor rust
    proofing also- generates "membrane" on metal
    surface, D(Algae germ stifling as water,
    Disinfectant),(Zaohnet, Ecostdown, Ksp-hd jp ),
    less than pH13(usually 12.5) types are less
    effective than acid water,
  • E(Industrial type heavy cleaner, Cleaner
    concentrate)Clean water tech but most types are
    hazardous to touch till pH comes down, No rust
    worry metal cleaner(doesnt work on Aluminium
    etc), one time clean method saves time,
    particularly effective in oil cleaning, - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
16Electrolysis Alkaline water continue 2
  • --gtgt cont WM media Disputed effects E(heavy
    Clean water tech but most types are
    hazardous to touch till pH comes down, No rust
    worry metal cleaner(doesnt work on Aluminium
    etc), one time clean method saves time,
    particularly effective in oil cleaning,
  • pH12.5(???????, ??????????), but 0.1-0.2
    Sodium Hydroxide NaOH equivalent water or its
    production device for pH13.0 is sold in large
    number (???????? JuJu), some are even pH13.8
    (????KK, ???????),
  • Generally 10times water diluted reducing 1pH(eg
    pH13 to 12) for house hold use, Usually last
    6-12months with less than 0.5ph difference but
    liquid bottle needs to be capped after each use,
    not on open container. Also often diluted water
    must be used within 3hrs or effect loses(but many
    exceptions), can spray one time only wipe clean
    on hot temperature oily area without burning
    smell or catching fire like chemical cleaner,
    Small bottles are often more expensive compared
    to chemical detergent, - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
16Electrolysis Alkaline water continue 3
  • WM media Disputed effects F(Laundry detergent
    as water)Usually combo with reduced use detergent
    is most effective, faster drying, cold water
    effective, 30 or more faster job(Shimazaki-Denki., one consumer targeted machine debuted in
    Japan with high effectiveness then later versions
    significantly declined washing quality then
    disappeared, M(Spray soak to last food, less
    mold)(??????), N(Food detergent)(????????????
  • Q(Metal working fluid, cutting fluid,
    surfactant) no spilling cleaning or decomposing
    fluid by heat friction, no fire risk, germ-foul
    free, no fluid quality change by microbes, but
    need to be ph13lt to be effective full replacement
    for oil/hydrocarbon cutting fluids (Cooltech jp)

    R(Clean precision, semi-conductor type
    equipment parts) only for 3 chamber no
    salt/electrolyte water- only ions dissolved(Amano
    Maintenance Engineering, E-wash HelClean),
    S(coagulation, toxin separation), X(Lower redox
    value water Oxygen Reduction PotentialORP),
  • Occasionally claimed effect K(Dirty smell lake
    water cleaning), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
16Electrolysis Alkaline water continue 4
  • WM media Disputed effects Weaker occasionally
    claimed effect. When pH13.1-13.5 product is
    applied without dilution it might be strong
    enough effects- but cost uncompetitive compared
    to Acid water, Plant Micelle or chemical
    detergents etc)
  • G(Toilet stain odor remove by water), pH13gt
    Alkaline water is generally not good enough for
    alkaline scale-stain cleaner as stand alone use,
    Y(Insecticide, Herb stifler),
  • Z(Plant/animals/fermentation growth, nutrition
    increase), In situ production medical
    electrolyzer(Fujiiryoki jp), Proprietary h2
    production lasts 3months in sealed aluminium
    container also strong medical results (,
    E2(Enhance flavor of bakery/pasta/coffee
    etc),(Panasonic alkaline cooking) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
16Electrolysis Alkaline water continue 5
  • Generally WM Rejected effect F2(Enhance
    human/animal bodyfunction/skin condition,
    dental/medical),(Nihon Trim), Home use
    electrolyzer machine acid side water is useable
    also(Takaoka Toko, Enagic Kangen, AkvaYav) good
    effect in certain internal organ disease, non
    3-chamber type water with poor filtration used
    for medial cure might have minor negative effect
    if consumed several yrs in row after cure This
    is a rare case of officially approved in Japan
    but majority of rest of western ally
    pseudoscience seems to be by strong medical
    industry lobby. Anomalous style AC current
    electrolyer with proprietary frequency itself
    makes catalytic ability(see 28Catalytic water)
    effect ( water is used by 10times
    dilution, also anomalous white power deposits
    (Ormus?). Portable Hydrogen water making
    device(HYXIA Hydrogen Techno,
    ?????????? ???????),

    G2(Combustion assistance) water used for
    pyrolysis increase hydrocarbon output (Izumrud
  • Other Nonlisted effects Reduced surface tension
    often well below 60dyne/cm vs regular 73 at room
    temperature(ZyoutaiseiGyosui), Some mineral or
    ink dissolved in water literally
    disappears(occurs at Catalytic like watersee
    28Catalytic Water), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
17Electrolysis Acid water Effect mix of
Disputed Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 17Electrolysis Acid water There is a
    significantly different range of water quality in
    this category effect lastability/strength, rust
    tendency, skin/ingestion reaction, or chlorine
    content etc - eg difference bet Hypochloric acid
    vs Sodium Hypochlorite. For details see
    sub-section called "General Electrolysis
    Introduction" located before section 16'
    Electrolysis Alkaline water
  • WM Accepted but sometimes WM media Disputed

    CD(Algae germ stifling as process/water,
    disinfectant water) both very effective(Comfosy
    Haccpper, AquaCharge, Parkson MaximOS), Oil
    industry focus(Ecotreatments),
  • J(AOP equivalent effect)- by normal non-plasma
    inducing electrolysis does't produce much Ozone
    but some equivalent exists like stand alone
    ballast water treatment with no filter
    use(TechCross). Strong effect by self cleaning
    Concentric Tubular Electrolyzer/Concentric
    Cylinder Electrode(seems to demonstrate rotating
    electrode, rotating magnetic field, or
    hydrodynamic cavitation type strong effect
    especially if water is caused to flow in spiral
    naturally by the electric current)(Evoqua
    seaCURE) mainstream companies don't claim it,
    but this must also cause some other strong
    oxidation other than Hypochrorus acid
    effect(Titanium Tantalum Products Limited
    HYPOPAC). This strong effect is also created at
    acid-alkaline water mixed regular wastewater flow
    situation. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
17Electrolysis Acid water continued 2
  • --gtgtcont mix of WM Accepted /media Disputed
    effects J(AOP equivalent effect) Concentric
    Tubular Electrolyzer/Concentric Cylinder
  • Also this double to multiple layers of
    cylinder(s) within a cylinder design mechanics
    seems to share common element with a-"overunity
    electricity production device"(no water is
    used)(H Aspden), b-Beyond thermodynamic 2nd law
    HHO/Hydrogen gas production(by far the most
    common design)(S Meyer),?
    "Orgone" energy c-
    One of most anomalous "engine operating energy"
    eg"Joe Cell"(Booker, P Stevens), also this seems
    to show "Orgone" related effects,
    d-Distant aerial electroScavenging type
    effect causing Orgone(directional device) (above
    "a-d" are automatically treated as fraud by WM).
    Many of this multiple concentric layers design's
    same effect can be also found in stacked flat
    plate type or cube type(wedging dielectric
    material between metals) closed system in Orgone
    generator mechanics(also consistent claims on
    bioenhancement as well as mental clarity). .
  • Platinum(expensive) Titanium based various
    coating allows effective ozone production
    electrodes(MIOX, Takana Kikinzoku, Sanyo
    Denki),or see(section 19'Boron doped diamond),
    Sand disinfection device(Torabest jp) - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
17Electrolysis Acid water continued 3
  • --gtgtcont Sometimes WM media Disputed effects

    to food for lasting freshness, food
    detergent),(EwaterSystems), Spraying as
    humidifier air Cleaning germ killing static
    reduction at cattle housing, manufacturing plant,
    product storage etc(Hokuty Apiamist, Klarion -
    Spraying System), Housing use, hospital etc
    by(Sanyo Denki, Bisansei, ??????),
  • Y(Pesticide/germicide), mostly on site production
    by electrolyzer (Hoshizaki, Aquaox BV), some
    are Unipolar type electrolyzer(Envirolyte
    Industries/Omnilyte), making inroads in
    mainstream at still under developed North
    America/Western Europe market(Eautechnologies,
    MIOX, Radical Waters), generally as strong or
    stronger than chemical insecticides but no effect
    in some of pests/germs unlike effect adjustable
    insecticide(by mixing different chemicals),
  • Usually needs 1.5-2times as frequent spray
    required than chemical types for agricultural
    use, but user has no need for mask or protector
    use or separate storage, often combined with
    conventional pesticide or diluting. --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
17Electrolysis Acid water continued 4
  • --gtgt cont WM media Disputed effects

    Some organic
    farms combine other pseudoscientific pesticides
    such as Metal Ion or Effective Micro-Organism
    contained water(see 30EM) for complete clean
    tech only pesticide success(notably Parsley,
  • To avoid salt in farming field, either use of
    KOH(Potassium Hydroxide),K2CO3(Potassium
    Carbonate) electrolyte or 3 chamber NaCl
    electrolyte. Often targeted to have low Cl(max
    20ppm) and some simply electrolyze tap water
    chlorine(0.5-4ppm) for "activated
    HClO(Hypochloric Acid)" for application(media
    pseudoscience as tab water cannot/must not be
    able to replace pesticide)(Yi Shan Electronic
    Industrial, Shinkobensen Cela, Aqua-club jp aqua
    system ),
  • G(Toilet stain odor remove by water), Z(Plant
    growth enhancement, doesnt work for
    fermentation) is only effective at growth of
    roots and at early seeding stage(Kowa-Tec jp,
    Bakhir ru). - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
17Electrolysis Acid water continued 5
  • WM media Rejected effect E(Industrial type heavy
    cleaner) this is only for non-NaCl containing
    usually made from 3 chamber electrolysis.
    Cleaning mechanics differs from Alkaline, very
    effective removal of germs(Migtech ru, Morinaga
    Milk) or certain scale deposit removal. If there
    is too much impurity to clean effect is lost(when
    contact organic material it gets easily
    neutralized). Often used in combined washing
    method at industrial applications Alkaline wash
    first then followed by Acid water, then 3rd time
    by Alkaline water.(TechCorporation jp), Most of
    non-Japanese supplierss conventional 2 chamber
    water is unsuitable for its NaCl content
    corrosiveness to the metal.
  • D2(skin, dental treatment, medical)(Perfect-Perio
    , Oculusis, Puricore, Adept water BacTerminator)
    is usually more effective than conventional
    medical treatments,
  • Some stay away from referring to use of "just
    water" and make explanation vague under
    "proprietary technology". Awkward Western Govt
    approved(but media "correcting its mistake")
    medical effects Skin related,(Nipponintek),
    Tattoo skin care focus(Electrasyn), Digestion
    organ related( - - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed Effect mix
of Accepted, Disputed, Fully rejected by Western
  • 18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed. Here it
    covers somewhat unique versions of standard type
    water processes that are not necessarily widely
    used in all situations/applications.?

    WM Accepted effect
    S(Coagulation, toxin separation) i
    -Electrocoagulation Prior to WM official
    acceptance, electrocoagulation had long been
    demonstrated effectiveness by "pseudoscientist"
    or by ex Soviets since 1900s. Past debunking was
    based on selective focus on devices produced
    large sludge vol, needed high use of electricity,
    electrode fouling/passivation/deposition build
    up, performed erratically etc. This "fact" was
    exclusively accepted by media, and seemingly
    unclear exact mechanics helped their discrediting
  • But after yr 2000 some major acceptance push
    seemed to have taken place for this disruptive
    tech by mainstream European groups and their
    media by actually somewhat diverged from
    US/Canada media-industrial groups. Then some of
    effective version was more or less highlighted
    whole tech was officially accepted(Powell Water
    Recovery, McKay Creek Technologies), This might
    have significance that WM actually is willing to
    introduce lower cost effective technologies at
    expense of existing profitable systems with wide
    spread consequences. --gtgt continue - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 2
  • -gtgt cont. WM Accepted effect, S(Coagulation,
    i -Electrocoagulation Significance of WM
    acceptance its effectiveness

  • 1- Electrolysis was officially accepted as very
    low cost effective performance tech for most
    types of waste water treatment Ion
    seeding/dissolving from long lasting electrode
    electric current to break colloidal/ion solutions
    emulsion to precipitate, while other effective
    methods of electrofloation and electo-oxidation
    effects(H2O2, Ozone, Hydroxyl) can all take place
    simultaneously. 2- By newly approving this long
    resisted unknown mechanics tech with major
    ramification, this demonstrates a
    possibility/recent precedent of both scientific
    media level legalization of other currently
    pseudoscientized versions of electrochemical
    water effects.
  • Wide range of low cost effects application
    Radioactive isotope removal(FT water
    solutions), Somewhat rare focus on heavymetal
    recovery for drinking water cleaning
    (ElectroChemical Arsenic Remediation Sus Addy),
    Wastewater arsenic removal(BakerCorp), oil water
    separation/demulsion(WaterTectonics), Heavy
    metal(AVANTech) --gtgt continue - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 3
  • -gtgt cont. WM Accepted effect, S(Coagulation,
    Separation) i

    Some unique type within this major std
    process but evolving process of
    electrocoagulation(solid powder coagulant use
    types are not included, coagulant metals can be
    used as electrode instead) are listed here.
    There are many cross-overs with highlighted techs
    in other sections
  • Some of unique types/methods ?i- Scale(calcium,
    magnesium etc) precipitation on electrodes for
    cooling water scale prevention (Frontiertechnology Also ecological artificial reef
    creation method see 40'ElectroDeposition. ?ii-
    Unique flow/water contact of electrode/solid
    polymer electrolyte/no anolyte(Axine Water).
    ?iii- Adjusted electric pulse from
    solenoid wire around pipe to neutralize charges
    of suspended solutes to coalesce(FlowMarkWater),
    same with water passing specific magnetic
    field(IRANDOC) both weaker effect. ?iv-Super
    low power use coagulation(Igaden).
    --gtgt continue - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 4
  • --gtgt cont WM Accepted effect S(Coagulation,
    i -Electrocoagulation
  • ?v- Rotating electrode(basically same as rotating
    magnetic field /strong torsion field effects if
    rpm is high) for increased coagulation
    activity(Boydel, Avivid Water) What would
    happen if additionally place rotating magnetic
    field? There are very widely used full mainstream
    lab-academic type device with such specific
    capacity(Rotating Disk Electrode RDE, Rotating
    Ring Disk ElectrodeRRDE), but many experiments
    are done at only 50-200rpm range, usually needs
    5,000-10,000rpm to have anomalous effects. ?vi-
    Varied electrolysis based mechanics to recover
    phosphate from wastewater From human
    urine(Novaquatis - NoMix toilet), Dairy farm
    Rephater, Residential housing size FePO4
    recovery(Fujiclean jp),
    ?vii- Silica
    precipitation for descaling cooling tower
    pipes(Water Vision Inc), ?viii-
    Various other mineral resource precipitation from
    water (ElectroSynthesis) also see ElectroWinning
    below. ?

    -ElectroWinning(See 40'ElectroDeposition/ElectroPl
    ating) Although this is complete mainstream or
    the most core part of many metal
    smelting/production process(Gold/Silver/Zinc/Coppe
    r/Aluminum etc), it is underused in mining
    wastewater effluent cleaning metal recovery
    purpose. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 5
  • --gtgt cont WM Accepted effect
  • G2(Energy generation) ?i- Electrolysis is used
    as base mechanics for widely researched fuel cell
    technology, Most of them do not use enough water
    to qualify to be in this presentation but if heat
    recovery was fully used in addition to
    electricity generated, a few types qualify as
    lowest cost energy tech in limited application
    geographical area PEMFC(Proton Exchange
    Membrane(Ene Farm Panasonic) in Japan's
    residential use,
  • ?ii- Conventional electrolysis hydrogen
    production, but on-board H2 generator for
    increasing automobile gas mileage is WM science
    illegal(see 29HHO-H2), --gtgt continued - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 6
  • gtgtcont WM Accepted effects G2(Energy
  • ?iii- Another this tech utilization method is
    Cold Fusion(Low Energy Nuclear Reaction(LENR)/Latt
    ice Assisted Nuclear Reaction etc), currently
    most high profile disruptive water tech that is
    entering into mainstream defacto approval
  • Base model LENR(there are vast range of
    variation particularly if include fringe
    inventor type claims) is Palladium-Platinum
    electrodes electrolysis in Deuterium heavy water
    burns hydrogen and excess heat created in
    overunity manner. Additionally unpredictably
    generates various precious metals transmutation
    phenomena(this is also WM generally rejected
    effect). Further, there is a string of various
    related low cost disruptive tech applications
    from this model, for details see other report
    Less Known, Low Cost Abundant Energy
    Technologies.. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 7
  • gtgtcont WM Accepted effects G2(Energy
    generation) ?iii- Cold Fusion
    After around 2014 active debunking is even ceased
    by WM media, and they are currently rather
    passively ignoring it with occasional appealing
    for tech's unsuitability for commercialization
    potential. There were several commercialization
    attempts but only one tech leader company seems
    to be offering service-and is understandably for
    severe ramification they are the only WM debunked
    main player company in cold fusion
    currently(E-Cat - Leonardo Corporation)

  • WM media Disputed effects C(Algae germ
    stifling) works as disinfecting effect for farm
    feed water(WaterKub52), M(spray soak to last
    food longer), some used for large entire
    cattle/chicken residence interior spraying for
    large scale disinfecting, N(food detergent), by
    Hypochlorous acid(HOCl) or Sodium
    Hypoclorite(NaClO, more common out of Japan)
    effect Voltage and electrode makes difference
    for germ killing content.
  • Occasionally claimed effect A(Descaling), by
    depositing scale on electrodes instead of
    pipes(Global Environmental Solutions ltd), AC
    three electrode style with no deposits
    accumulating also to kill germs(Reiken Inc),
    B(Decorrosion/Derusting), High frequency AC
    current Electrolyzing or rust proof anti
    scaling(??????), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 8
  • gtgt cont WM media Disputed effects Occasionally
  • Some combine with Metal Ion, J(AOP, water/toxin
    cleaning) wastewater/toxin decomposing, i
    -ElectroOxidation(EO), sterilization primarily by
    H2O2 or Hydroxyl radical(NeoPure Technologies,
    Owatec Group Oy), Some use high power to
    decompose all solutes in water to obviate light
    wastewater process needs for coagulation. Singlet
    Oxygen main use for high selectivity less
    corrosion to equipment(Clean Chemistry
    PeroxyMax). Close relation to
    Electrocoagulation(EC) but this definition is
    without coagulants producing - direct
    oxidation/decomposing, potentially one of most
    disruptive tech with high capacity oxidation and
    hydrogen peroxide other "clean chemical"
    radical specie production and strong enough to
    make fracking produced water involving oil
    operations competitive. Combo of EO EC for
    enhanced speed up cleaning compared to EC only
    with lower overall power use(Global AdavanTech),
    Widely deployed WM accepted ElectroCoagulation/Ele
    ctroOxidation effect is not covered as
    independent section in this presentation. Plasma
    effect when thin wire cathode is on water
    surface, in right conditions it would produce
    plasmacontact glow discharge electrolysis, at
    lab level effective waste water handling by AOP
    process that precipitates impurities(ProcontrolSL
  • Disruptive Advanced Ground Water Electro Bio
    Remediation of entire contaminated soil/Electro
    Reclamation by in-situ Electro Fenton(Elgressy),
    . - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 9
  • gtgt cont WM media Disputed effects Occasionally
    claimed J(AOP, water/toxin cleaning)
    wastewater/toxin decomposing?

    ii-Concentric Tubular
    Electrolyzer/Concentric Cylinder Electrode.
    Causes fast rotating flow or water like
    hydrodynamic spiral. Sometimes there seems to
    have robust effect similar to rotating electrode
    treatment or hydrodynamic cavitation(see
    section17'Acid water).
  • Cost advantage in environment remediation at
    right condition is very large, More in sections
    42Electroporation, 20Electro Phoresis Electro
    Migration, Electro Kinetics. All of this also
    further link to pseudoscientized HHO
    gas(Oxyhydrogen gas) generation as strong general
    remediation soil vitalization effect. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 10
  • WM Fully rejected effect

    X(Lower redox value water),(
    ), by AC pulse shock wave from electrodes to
    generate nanobubble size H2/O2(,
    some vitalizing effect water involves mixed
    electrodes water treatment and water remains low
    ORP value for several months when sealed in
    container, This element is also used as part of
    28Catalyric Water process,
  • E2(Flavor enhancement of food, drinks) Wine,
    Juice, Milk flavor enhancement(Innovate-dt com),
  • F2(Human/animal skin/dental/body function
    enhancement/Medical) claims of long lasting
    Hydrogen dissolved in water up to 6months in
    sealed container, in addition to large amount of
    experimental results of significant
    bioenhancement/medical effects due to H2
    neutralizes OH other effects(mechanics
    disputed amongst experimenters)(Miz Company).
    Stanger/Galvanic bathing is DACH nations and
    Japan widely approved effect hence difficult to
    completely pseudosientize only WM disputed level
    effect(Paracelsus de, ???? Konishi Electric) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 11
  • gtgt continued WM Fully rejected effect
    F2(Medical type effects)
  • Activation of water by electrodes into drinking
    water container with resonance, different
    changeable metal electrodes for various metal ion
    dissolving option(OLI-DYN), some water have
    highly electrically charged/bioactivated
    Catalysis function
  • Many of semi phase catalyst type water, or
    water based products presumably use duel
    electrode in single water container or flow(hence
    Alkaline-Acid mixed),(also see 28Catalytic
    water, 33'Mineral BioCeramic Far InfraRed, 9',
    50'SuperCritical Water, 63'Other Anomalous water)
    as semi permanently activated state water. Some
    of water product examples on next pages are
    alkaline or acid only types --gtgt
    continue - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
18Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed continued 12
  • gtgt continued WM Fully rejected effect
    F2(Medical type effects) semi phase catalyst
    type water/water based products 11
  • Production process can be repetitions of various
    proprietary type long duration electrolysis
    involving fluctuation of heat/pressure/EM
    wave/Static high voltage electric field etc(ASEA
    water, DNR inc Animal Therapy Systems, ECPI
    water), Often claims of inonized or activated
    state of water/Oxygen(Rpa Biotech, GP8, Oxygen
    SuperCharger, Waterdesign-WD, RealWaterUs,
    R-Garden - Vitamin O), Activated molecular
    hydrogen(IonAqua cz ) (links to 29'H2 HHO
    water), Cell like function(Life Force Water),
    Far InfraRed use(AeroFresh Water)
  • Unlisted effect/tech Pure Water electrolysis
    without massive energy by use of solid polymer
    electrolyte membrane, Initially patented by GE in
    1970s, and improvements made after. Rather
    clumsy scenario of continued WM
    pesudoscientization, while many labs/companies
    are continuing to use this method on regular
    basis since 1980s to produce cost effective high
    capacity pure H2, or Ozone etc(,
    Organo jp, Kobelco, GS Yuasa) at least in 3rd
    world and Japan it is used openly. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
19Boron Doped Diamond Electrolysis Effect
Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 19Boron Doped Diamond Electrolysis Diamond
    made electroconductive by doping, Due to high
    over voltage difference it has very high capacity
    instantly generate O3(Ozone) H2O2(Hydrogen
    Peroxide) rather than O2(Oxygen), Super efficient
    high volume of O3 is produced continuously with
    effective power ratio, Very little erosion of
    electrodes, Usually by far the most efficient AOP
    method, Because of disruptive nature of full
    spreading of this tech could take for a long
    time. Currently mostly just ignoring at media
    level than debunking.
  • WM media Disputed effects A(antiscaling) by
    Hypochlorite, B(anti corrosion), C(algae germ
    killing). J(AOP)- very effective Electro
    Oxidation, some unique applications include ship
    Bilge water decomposing as a portable device,
    L(Drinking water generationnon desalination),
    N(Food detergent).
  • Weaker effect M(Spray-soak to last food longer)
    germ killing agents neutralized quickly
  • Commecialized eg Element Six/Electrolytic Ozone
    IncDe Beers Group,, DeNora
    Permelec, Advanced Diamond Technologies, Terragon
    WETT, Ai Denshi Kogyo ) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
20Electro phoresis Effect mix of Accepted
Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 20Electro phoresis, Electro migration, Electro
    Reclamation(also below ?) Use electric field to
    move particles of charge potential difference(no
    charge needed for Dielectrophoresis),
    molecules/bacteria depended on size and charge.
    Use for medial drug delivery and related tests or
    DNA/biological research is core mainstream
    application(not on tech list),
  • ? Electro-Osmosis Use electric field to move
    liquid by charge potential across a solid porous
    matter(soil, rock, masonry, concrete etc), or
    nano scale matter(capillary tube, membrane),
    Widely used for medical or lab related
    technology. Various degrees of under-utlized use
    in different sectors/applications,
  • ? Electro-Wetting part of Digital Microfluidics,
    Applying electric field to finetune-alter water's
    surface tension. Also can mean changing
    substrate's (water contact surface)
    hydrophilicity to influence behavior or state of
    water located on the substrate(move it around,
    change shape of droplet etc). This process can
    be reversed to harvest electricity by movement of
    water on the substrate.
  • Both E-Phoretic E-Osmosis effects are accepted
    for heavy oil recovery, while they experience
    strange scientific disputes only in
    soil/concrete/masonry related effectiveness. But
    WM approval would affect construction/digging of
    buildings and roads/embankment, geoengineering
    civil engineering market, as well as other large
    scale industrial business. gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
20Electro phoresis, Electro migration, Electro
Reclamation, ElectroWetting continued 2
  • WM Accepted claimed effect H(oil-paraffin
    separation from water), J(waste water cleaning,
    oil field cleaning) Oil field Electrically
    Enhanced Oil Recovery(EEOR) (ElectroPetroleum,
    Geoox dk, ?????? ????????? ??????), also some
    oil majors have patents at Some soil/oil/mineral
    situations much higher recovery is made by
    i-Pulse like Electrochemical cracking,
    ii-ElectroHeating(which decreases heavy oil
    viscosity), iii-Oil dragging effect as permeated
    water/diluent(but sometimes chemical needs to be
    injected - then not cleantech) migrates or
    spirals with electric fields/pulse
  • This seems to be even more effective than
    convection effect added Electro-thermal Dynamic
    Stripping Process(ET-DSP)(McMillan McGee Corp),
    or Thermal-Assisted Gravity Drainage(TAGD)(Athabas
    ca Oil) they need no external water, less depth
    limitation compared to types of already
    conventional basic Steam Assisted Gravity
    Drainage(SAGD), or further less efficient Cyclic
    Steam Stimulation(CSS) for unconventional oil
    sands EOR. For oil field remediation focus
    (ElectroKinetic Solution), while others
    additionally claim bioremediation enhancement of
    tailing ponds due to collection of nutrients and
    minerals strategically..
  • S(coagulation/toxin separation), G2(harvesting
    electricity) Reverse ElectroWetting use(Instep
    nanopower), Often appearing similar but actually
    different Tribo Electric harvester(Beijing
    Institute of Nanoenergy Nanosystems), Lot more
    efficient than PiezoElectricity. H2(dewater
    sludge, soil, Geosynthetics) Food use is WM
    approved, while masonry, water ingress proof use
    is sometimes debunked(HydroTech Asia,
    ElectroKinetic Limited, Lectros, Structural
    Technologies), but US military
    endorsed(Drytronic de), But adding to this
    ElectroPoration makes more than x2 improved
    dewatering with less energy cost(see end of
    section 42'Electroporation). Also "fraud
    treatment" lower cost version exists in later
    pages - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
20Electro phoresis, Electro migration, Electro
Reclamation continued 3
  • --gtgtcont WM Accepted effect

    Weaker effect
    L(Drinking water generationnon desalination),
    in most situation not cost competitive as stand
    alone process at this time,
  • Unlisted effect by ElectroWetting effect use ?i
    Switch devices on and off by water's reaction to
    EM waves including visible light (illumina -
    Advanced Liquid Logic), ?ii EM wave
    adjustable Liquid lens, suitable for rapid
    frequent focus change(Varioptic ), Liquid Lens
    Camera(PixeLINK), ?iii Track sun movement like
    plant flowers do to maximize solar power
    generation (PhotoElectrowetting/Optofluidics sun
    tracker Teledyne)
  • WM Disputed effects A2(Desalination), C2(plant
    growth in salt, toxic water, soil enhancement),By
    Electro Remediation (Terrancorp - Lasagna
    process) salt, toxin or water content can be
    removed with minimum or no digging/moving of soil
    but might take longer duration than conventional
    method, yet cost is a fraction, Possibly further
    improved effect by use of Vacuum Enhanced
    Electrocoagulationreduced pressure changes
    solubility of hydrocarbon(Ground Effects
    Environmental Services ). Some toxin
    decomposing(Elgressy) Some WM fraud treatment
    version works wirelessly with no electricity used
    see next page --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
20Electro phoresis, Electro migration, Electro
Reclamation continued 4
  • --gtgtcont WM Disputed Weaker effect

    Z(Plant growth
    enhancement, enriching soil) carry beneficial
    microbes/particles to desired surface, Actual
    effect should be strong, but often inconsistent
    effect due to undeveloped nature of tech, Also
    see 42Electroporation
  • WM Fully rejected or called Fraud version of
    A2(desalination), of soil or porous matter,
    S(coagulation/toxin separation), H2(dewater
    sludge, soil), also not listed application but
    related to Geosynthetics some companies win WM
    uninfluenced local technology prizes Above S
    H2 effects to be done much cheaper by light
    user Wirelessly tuned accurate frequency EM wave
    projection(Damp Prevention Control -
    Electrosqua, ECODRY, Osuszanie, MURAG Aquamat,
    Dinant Vochtbestrijding), Cases of moisture
    wont come back after some kind of phase
    conjugated wave treatment?(DOMODRY), reduce
    energy cost of building(Ursa doo ).
  • More disruptive version is No electricity is used
    at all yet with same effectiveness (Aquapol, Dry
    Floor Stick) deemed to work by Scalar wave
    mechanics. Earthquake prevention
  • Unlisted WM approved effect ElectroRotation(Eddy
    current cause particles to swirl) to measure
    certain bacteria or contaminants degree in water
    or various diagnosis - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
21Fulvic Acid Effect mix of Disputed Rejected
by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 21Fulvic Acid used often with iron powder
    char, sometimes Humic acid, High vol FIR wave
    emitting, Photo- reaction causes H2O2 production
    trigger Photo Fenton reaction to make Hydroxyl,
    Then by-product Ferric Ion(Fe3) is reduced to
    Ferrous Ion(Fe2) again to repeat water cleaning
    chain reaction better effect under the sun.
    Also similar microbes work other mechanics than
    very effective Photo Fenton effect.
  • WM Disputed effects LP(Outdoor
    pond/lake/river/ocean beach odor
    Z(Plant-animal growth enhancement, fermentation
    promotion)(based on above L P)(Eaudemerus),
    due to dissolved ion is promoting nutrients
    ..........................), Mass production for
    industrial market(Furubo Net), D2(human prefered
    environment creation),
  • Less often claim as I(grease trap cleaned) by
    sponge type device oozes fulvic acid to decompose
    oils - but mechanics unclear,
  • Weak effect claim as J(waste water cleaning),
    natural Photo Fenton effect creation for rapid
    effect from up to rivers and lakes(
    X(lower redox value water)
  • Generally WM Rejected effect F2(human animal
    skin enhancement, medical(BLK Beverage Inc),
    Skin improving shampoo further charged by
    electrostatic projection(Fulvio-Japan), Peat
    bath(this is WM reluctantly approved due to long
    European tradition)(Moorbad Gmös) contains
    fulvic/humic acid with other minerals.
  • ??????
  • ???? RYOKO Industry - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
22Nano Material Used Filter Effect mix of
Accepted, Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully
rejected by (WM)
  • 22Nano Material Used Filter/(also see
    56NanoFiltration)Nano Carbon membrane/Graphene
    tube etc/Nanopolymer/Nano metal/Buckypaper
    filtered-soaked water it is mainstream approved
    anomalous effects often seemingly related to
    water molecule structure change or solute ion
    absorbing capability i.e. at least for
    temporarily redox value can change.
  • WM approved effect of graphene(naturally
    hydrophobicwater repelling but suddenly rapid
    water flow is created when narrow cylinder shape
    tube is made by it) has 100-1000times
    permeability than regular RO filters(Reverse
    Osmosis)- super effective water filter product
    viability announced but not launching at this
    time(Lockheed Martin),- i.e. in slow filtration
    process there is no need to use energy to
    pressurize filter like RO(Jef Grossman),
    suitable for use of Direct Portable Reuse(DPR)
    even as drinking water? There are many other
    academic claims on similar level of filtration
    effects at WM level. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
22Nano Material Used Filter continued 2
  • Graphene or many other nano material is prone to
    be electrically active thermo-electric
    response to light, generate hydrogen in contact
    with water with no oxidization? at certain nano
    geometric shape(AW Castleman), Hydrophobic
    graphene/carbon nanotube turns hydrophilic at
    single layer vs thicker when UV-FIR wave
    irradiated. Extended Capillary action
    Self-pumps/sucks up water(S Hendy), and speed of
    water flow is violation of HagenPoiseuille
    equation /Fluid Dynamics law by a few orders of
    magnitude(Majumder), Also affects water molecule
    structure or sucks up ion i.e. disruptive fast
    water filter
  • Some nano techs water borne germ killing ability
    is not ion element use, but by physical cell wall
    punctuation by combo of nano formulation of
    dagger shape and bacteria/virus pulling
    electrostatic force to works as disinfectant
    surface of solid matter(applied to wall, table,
    carpet etc) (Qore Systems Amosil-Q, Nano Global
    Corporation, Strategic RS, Rotunda Cleaning ).
    However one branch of mainstream approval of an
    effect within science sometimes does not have
    same interpretation in other mainstream branches
    - often up to WM media to decide reality.
    Furthermore, even science accepted level claims
    can be often downgraded to controversy level by
    interlocked Western mainstream media. Some basic
    function as Graphene filter is WM approved, but
    only as experimental basis and commercialized
    products are often pseudoscienctized based on
    assumption if most advanced science cannot do
    it yet, others can never do it - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
22Nano Material Used Filter continued 3
  • WM Accepted effect A(Descaling), can filter
    scale building Calcium/Magnesium ions, L(Drinking
    water generationnon desalination), But WM is
    not very willing to approve toxic oil field water
    effects(Sandbox Resource Solutions), same effect
    but no mechanical pressure needed for filtering
    and filter washable for reuse, also Track
    Membrane is structured in such a way produces
    Antioxidant water(Electro conductive polymer, or
    nano electret type matter, mineral, magnet
    sprayed on)(Petros Water NAQWA, Nerox Water,
    Trackpore ru), Resorcinol polymer made(??????
    Geizer) has same effect, S(Coagulation/Toxin
  • WM Disputed effects are also claimed by filter
    makers K(Dirty lake/river water cleaning ),
    M(Spray soak to make food last longer), N(Food
    detergent), P(Odor removal as filter process),
    V(Faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat
    conductive), X(Lower redox value water), A2(salt
    water desalination)
  • Weaker effects H(Oil/water separating, ),
    Y(Insecticide, herb stifler) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
22Nano Material Used Filter/Nano Carbon
membrane continued 4
  • 22Nano Material Used Filter/Nano Carbon membrane

    WM Rejected
    effect Many non Western nations dont hesitate
    to claim all of the following(????????
    ?????????????? ???????? ?????????? -, Claim related to Structured Water-
    eg Fullerene(C-60) trapped water initiates
    structure and spreads the entire water container
    and maintains after boiling(GV Andrievsky, VN
    Khvorostinka), and D(Algae-germ stifling,
    disinfectant) Bacteriacide effect filer,
    Z(Plant/animal grow larger faster, assists
    fermentation, Catalyst to ferment food, drink,
    manure decompose), B2(Less plant water needs,
    soil water fast absorb, longer retention),
    E2(Flavor enhancement of soup/pasta/coffee),
    F2(Human animal bioenhancement) Medical
    claims(????? ???????????? - Center Sokolinski)
  • WM Fully rejected effect D2(Human prefered
    herb-insect-germ enhancement) filter most toxin
    but keep bio-beneficial minerals, affect spin
    quality of filtered materials, remove Tritium
    High Reactivity Carbon Mixture(minor
    transmutation?- labeled fraud/insane- likely some
    kind of electrical reaction common to
    graphene-nanocarbon filters Golden Formula
  • Other commercialized Spin selectivity
    reversible chemical reaction with
    grapheneFullerene)(Svetla Water, Bionomic
    Technologies) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
23Plasma activated water(PAW) Effect mix of
Disputed Generally Rejected by Western
  • 23Plasma activated water(PAW) or Electric
    arc/Pulsed Corona treated water(also dielectric
    barrier discharge, contact glow discharge, pulsed
    plasma etc) can be also called Plasma treated
    Electrolyzed Water etc, There are diverse range
    of Plasma/Electric discharge in water
  • They are mostly Cold Plasma(Non Thermal
    Plasma/Non-Thermal Atmospheric Pressure
    Plasmaalso some are high pressure or vacuum
    environment set up), or can be called as "Micro
    Plasma" Energy of electron is much higher than
    ion's Non-Equilibrium Plasma
  • i-Occurring at surface, ii-Inside bulk water,
    iii-Treated in droplet forms,
    vi-Steam-vapor form(see section 50SuperCritical
    Water -Steam Plasma) or v-plasma generated
    without electrodes by certain wireless EM
    frequency oscillation/induction(Customized Water
    Systems) etc. There are wide range of mechanics
    but often DBD(Insulating/Dielectric Barrier
    Discharge, can be low cost power use high voltage
    short pulse) is one of preferred methods for
    water effects. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
23Plasma activated water(PAW) continued 2
  • One of most potentially disruptive water tech
    with wide ramifications Non-Thermal Plasma
    treated water can be called an euphemism version
    of Super Low Cost Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) /
    Direct Hydroxyl Radical(OH) mass production
    method at low cost(too disruptive to call it
    spade as Hydrogen Peroxide production/Disinfection
    industry is too big to suddenly replace)
    compared to other AOP tech, plus there is more
    residual effect in water itself?

    WM officially
    approved prolonged(several days) disinfection
    effect of this "plain water" is explainable by
    presence of H2O2 until it all decomposes into H2O
    and O2(decomposition also often generates
    OHhydroxyl radical), Also in other cases seems
    to produce OZONE(O3) H2O2 simultaneously which
    generate high portion of OH, or initially plasma
    produced O3 is irradiated by UV which is
    co-generated by plasma in water. This short
    lived(nonresidual harm) strongest "nonchemical"
    oxidizer is very disruptive if easily available
    as needed. Also NO and N2 are produced and
    would increase the effect.
  • But there seems to be other elements for this
    effect than just H2O2/OH. Very
    energy-electricity efficient, and applicable to
    other industries of non-enegy relation. This
    plasma effect might be slightly different from
    time variant electromagnetic field(electric
    pulse) or basically same but separately named
    Pulsed Power effect through dielectric
    insulators. closer to, or same as
    Electrohydraulic effect direct plasma discharge
    with shockwave effect. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
23Plasma activated water(PAW) continued 3
  • Similar to Plasma Steam but PAW is more like
    biomimicry of thunderstorm water Ambient air is
    split into reactive nitrogen, or oxygen, in
    addition 0.5-4 vapor in air rain water
    produces H2O2 which triggers Hydroxyl radical
    also. And this method of water activation has
    long lasting effects(up to 7days approved by WM).
  • These water effects have been claimed about 70yrs
    by inventors, sidelined western scientists and
    Russian mainstream academic and finally met WM
    academic approval quietly after around 2011.
    This is a rather crucial step that someday likely
    trigger approval of severely pseudoscientized
    string of unapproved water effects represented in
    28Catalytic water and others. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
23Plasma activated water(PAW) continued 4
  • Note some effects in this section 23 refer to
    Cold Plasma arc discharge action itself in
    water(or electric arc), rather than activated
    water quality itself like in other sections. ?
  • Due to new WM(Western Mainstream) approved
    status, many organizations focus on research on
    PAW w
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