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Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Under-utilized Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications(PART 4 OF 11)


Part 4 of 11 series: Entire part 1 to 11 can be viewed at or Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Less Well Known Water Cleantech for The Future: Across industries and science fields, previously not accepted technologies, some of which has been widely used for commercialized applications, are gradually being re-confirmed by mainstream Western academics. The next phase is how Western mainstream media of various levels(from news, science reports, to Wikipedia) are going to express these confirmations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Under-utilized Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications(PART 4 OF 11)

Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Less Known Water
Technology for Industrial / Commercial /
Agricultural Applications
PART 4 OF 11
  • Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Effective
    Water Cleantech for The Future

Ben Rusuisiak New nature paradigm TECH analysis
vancouver, BC, CANADA, updated Feb10, 2017

  • ABSTRACT This presentation
    covers some of low cost, water related
    commercialized cleantech that is under-utilized
    or not commonly known to exist at all, in areas
    of 1-Environmental cleaning, 2-HVAC improvement,
    3- Energy extraction, 4-Industrial
    processes, 5-Drinking water generation,
    6-Geoengineering, 7-Desalination wastewater
    treating, 8-Selective bio-enhancing, rust
    prevention etc. Some of them are convertible for
    a use in field of energy, medical, biology,
    weather modification, material science with
    similar advantages. ?
  • One of such effects not fully explainable by
    chemistry, yet officially utilized by some
    non-Western ally nations, is prolonged "water
    structure", or/ "activated" electrical charge
    holding capacity of ions in water. There are
    multiple treatment methods that can cause
    sustained unique capability in plain water for at
    least 4-5 days and used without added chemical or
    solutes. e.g. a-As detergent for commercial
    kitchen, butcher or heavy oil removal, b-Non
    fouling industrial cutting or washing fluid,
    c-Hospital operation room, or food industry
    equipment disinfectant, d-Medical
    oxygen/hydrophobic drug delivery, skin
    disease/infection/organ, upto conventionally
    untreatable chronic disease. e-Plant/animal
    growth increase, brackish water feeding,
    Removing animal residence odor, f-Increase
    strength of concrete, ice, paper, g-Enhance
    flavor of pasta, coffee, bakery, h-Low
    emission fuel making from subgrade incombustible
    hydrocarbon, i-Display chemical or mineral effect
    without chemistry present in water. Some
    exceptionally electrical-active water seems to
    even function as "phase catalyst" and used as
    "plain water concentrate" for similar or more
    robust effects by dilution.?

  • Such Scientific Status gap in water tech by
    nations is fairly common and it affects research
    funding market share of effective processes.
    e.g water treatment by Time variant magnetic
    field Rotating/Concentric Electrode, Far
    InfraRed waves, Hydrodynamic Cavitation,
    Sub/SuperCritical water, Non Anthraquinone H2O2,
    Emulsion fuel, Cold fusion, Resonance H2O
    decomposing, Acoustic Pulsed Fire Dewatering,
    Electro-Scavenging effect for rain generation
    Cosmic Ray based climate change idea. One reason
    for discrediting is they might co-display
    scientifically economically disruptive seeming
    thermodynamic over-unity non-local phenomena.
    But low cost effective way to displace chemical
    based system also have been supported in West
    Electrooxidation/coagulation or multiple ways of
    AOP including Ozone was backed by European groups
    they are now supporting Plasma Activated Water,
    Thermal Hydrolysis, Membrane Distillation,
    various Nano Filtration etc. Others are accepted
    but only for certain use ElectroOsmosis/Poration,
    Metal ion, 3chamber electrolysis, Vacuum
    superheated steam, Steam eductor etc. Overall,
    previously science contested low cost clean water
    tech is increasingly rapidly adopted even by
    multinationals, often accompanied by firm back up
    of mainstream media, science, tech awards. And
    unless spread of this new paradigm stalls soon,
    limitation based "closed system" belief of
    society will fundamentally shift to no-limit
    "open system" before 2030. - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • p10 Crystallization Template
    sssddAssisted, Fluidized Bed etc
    p21 Ozone UV etc p41
    SuperCritical Water etc p45 Ultrasonic,
    Cavitation effect, . . . Pulsed Combustion
    p61 Nano/UltraFine
    Bubble etc p67 PhotoCatalytic water etc
    p91 Electrolyzed acid water etc p118 Plasma
    Activated Water
  • PART4
    p126 Electrolytic
    Venturi etc p141 .Magnetic Water treatment p157
    Phase Catalyst Water

  • p181 Torsion field/Scalar Wave p190 Far
    InfraRed, Bioceramic, .. Minerals treated etc
  • p221 Pumpable Ice Slurry p228 ElectroSpray
    etc p235 ElectroHydraulic
  • p245 Solar Desalination etc p268 SuperHeated
    Steam etc p288 Magnetic Resonance
    Freezing Thawing
  • p291 Ion projection p298
    Ferrous/Ferrate Ion water p310 Vacuum
    Saturation/DDW, . Steam Jet
  • p338 Plant Polymer Micelle p343 Rain Related
    Weather .. Modification
    p358 Water Technology List - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

  • This presentation might not always reflect the
    views of mainstream group, particularly of
    western media, large NGOs, wikipedia hence
    attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess
    the data from independent perspective Listed
    commercialized claims include that are
    contradicting mainstream science law or
    effectiveness acceptance level, while empirically
    deemed to produce effects repeatedly. "Cleantech"
    here includes "clean chemicals" that are non
    residual Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic
    Acid, Plasma/ElectroChemical reaction etc
  • Compared to other industries, water technology
    tends to have wider varied mechanics to achieve
    intended physical effects Labs, schools, even
    conservative mainstream, or mundane looking
    companies often use their own effective unique
    processes not widely known. Many of what is
    covered here are selected technologies known as
    effective in some sectors or by small of
    consumers but not by other sectors.?

    Currently more detailed
    reference list is being produced will be
    published separately The research is updated
    based on reviewing academic papers journals,
    books, speeches, presentations, patents,
    lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints,
    publications public records of
    NGOs/media/research institutes/think
    tanks/military/space gov't agencies/industry
    associations. Due to space constraints,
    referenced individual names are given with max 3
    letters of first name with entire last
    name(except some non-Western names), company
    names are listed in a way that is findable by
    internet search.
  • 12 page long Water Technology Effect Comparison
    Grid List is located at the end of presentation.

    THIS FILE IS PART 4 of 11
    FILE AT SCRIBDclick here, ISSUUclick
    here, YUMPU click here, or CALAMEO click
    here - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
How to Read Tech Detail Explanation Texts

  • Technology claims are explained in details in
    each of 66 dedicated section in coming pages.
    Example of Hydrodynamic cavitation below
  • Tech effects Code used in tech lists(located at
    end of this presentation) are headed by Boldface
    purple letters as on the right. Code might
    refer to either or both of a-effect of static
    water product, b-process effect itself on water
    rather than water's effect on matter.
  • Commercialized tech claims are listed in(Blue
    Letter ), and within bracket means other
    unnamed companies also claim same effect.
    at example D4 indicates
    particularly effective application.
  • 11Hydrodynamic cavitation WM Accepted effect
    J(BOD reduction, Advanced Oxidizing Process,
    toxin/oil field waste water/sludge
    decomposing)(, For ballast
    water(Globallast ua), Enhanced oil recovery-
    additional hydrocarbon quality improvement(Arisdyn
  • Sometimes WM Disputed effect, A(Descaling), HVAC
    application(HyCator, VRTX Technologies), Pipe
    cleaning(Group Konstanta ???????), Dairy
    product flow pipe descaling is WM
    rejected(TEKMASH) B(anticorrosion of water
    pipes), C(Algae removal)(CT Systems ua),

24Electrolytic Metal Alloy Venturi Effect mix
of Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully rejected
by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 24Electrolytic Metal Alloy Venturi
    treatment (also related ? Static Electricity
    Ionized Water subsection at end of section) Much
    less studied than time variant magnetic water
    treatment but very similar effect observed in
    often stronger degree, Consistent theoretical
    claims on electrical static/ionizing effect
    produced by alloy core and metallic cylinder
    outside - some devices need earth grounding(RSI
    Team Green).
  • And this is presumably affecting water or
    dissolved minerals molecule behavior(electrostati
    c charge) for various effects, and combination of
    metal water friction followed by Venturi
    Cavitation with sudden pressure drop as key
    process. With significant backlash-debunking
    from WM mainstream backed groups most devices
    have money back guarantee 2-12months. Effect is
    too obvious to ignore and barely keeping
    pseudoscience status by consistent effort by
    Western mainstream institutions, some of them
    accidentally confirm their effect and later
    retract. Full mainstream tech in many Non-West
    nations. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
24Electrolytic Metal Alloy Venturi treatment,
Static Electricity Ionized Water continued 2
  • WM media disputed effect CD(Algae germ stifling
    as process as water) (Fre Flo Water),
    virtually accepted at science level due to
    electrolyte of Zinc or Copper can cause those
    effects even water passes quickly, L(Drinking
    water generation non desalination), used as
    part of filtration processes, but stand alone is
  • Generally WM Rejected effect Some devices need
    replacement of metal electrolytic parts from
    3months to 5yrs, while others are non-sacrificial
    type. Flowing pattern to create turbulence
    greatly differs by manufacturer. Sometimes
    combined with AB(Scale removal, anti
    corrosion/rust) claims(SilkWater ????? ??? ????,
  • B2(less water required by plants), some of
    mechanical explanations given for this effect are
    altering ionization of electrolyte or charge
    polarity of water molecule, hence it becomes more
    suitable to be absorbed by plants(this effect is
    usually associated with "clustering effect" or
    water structure, or cell like water),
  • This research, both mainstream/debunked fringe
    water scientists tend to see idea of "small
    cluster" as cause of increased cell
    permeation-hydration is less probable than
    "charged water i.e. negative electron attached,
    or reduced state, charge gradient" effect), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
24Electrolytic Metal Alloy Venturi treatment,
Static Electricity Ionized Water continued 3
  • --gtgt cont Generally WM Rejected effect

    C2(Plant grow in salt/toxin water/soil
    enhance/desalination), strong effect and
    mainstream use within some sector in western
    nations(eg Dry brackish water aquifer Australian
    farming area) despite damage control denial
    effort by WM. Mechanics might be also that
    "ionized water" has improved performance of plant
    metabolism even with NaCl water content.
  • Weaker effect E(industrial cleaner), F(Laundry
    detergent as water)(Vibrant Water Purification
    System) weaker compared to Ozone but enhance
    detergent ability with cold water, and at certain
    light washing no detergents in rare cases,
    Q(Metal working fluid, cutting fluid or
    J(Toxin neutralizing, waste
    water cleaning) Not as AOP, but fairly
    consistent(but not always)experimental/anecdotal
    user indication on altering of Chlorine effect.
    This claim is also made on magnetic/electric
    water treatment etc and seems to be due to some
    kind of ionization effect HClO to increasingly
    turn to ClO? regardless of pH(pseudoscientific
  • Occasionally claimed as N(Food washing liquid) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
24Electrolytic Metal Alloy Venturi treatment,
Static Electricity Ionized Water continued 4
  • WM Fully rejected effect despite seeming
    pressure against it, some Western Academics and
    local Govnt authorities often quietly endorse
    fairly significant consistent agricultural
    effects X(Plant animal grow larger-faster with
    more nutrition, less smell cattle/chicken
    residence or excrement etc), D2(Human preferred
    herb-insect- germ- enhancement) by feeding water
    in the area
  • Other commercialized eg (CareFree Water
    Conditioner, Morill Industries, PHT Water
    Improver, Zeta-Core USA, SoftWater Conditioners,
    Ejax, HydroDrive)
  • Variation examples Silver use(Wold-unwelttechnool
    ogie), Equally effective but sacrificial
    anode(Aquabion), Or needs monthly anode change
    specific North-South orientation for best
    effect(Solavite), One of the largest in this
    category with 200,000units installed(ScaleBuster
    ), Heavy industrial focus(Scale Ban India,) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
24Electrolytic Metal Alloy Venturi treatment,
Static Electricity Ionized Water continued 5
  • Sub Category ? Static Electricity Ionized Water
    eg1 To create same range of effect as
    Electrolytic Metal Venturi but no metal alloy
    used. Commercialized examples are rare One of
    theoretical claim explanation is Friction
    between water and inside gate(Carbon,
    Aluminium, Epoxy etc, or some kind of Electrolet)
    generates certain electron flow into water
    perpendicularly to its flow to create effect.
    Commercialized eg (, Suprion
    AquaFlow, ?G7- NewG7), Similar to "fresh water
    version" of Leyden Jar like mechanics.
  • eg2 Detergent effect Seems completely
    different/unrelated but similar purported
    mechanics Powder based non chemical detergent
    water electrolyzed Sodium Carbonate NaHCO3 in
    which fish can live (???? ???????)
  • eg3 High voltage ElectricPulse projected in
    water soaks soil, activates plants and causes
    same range of effects as Electrolytic treatment
    (Narasaki-Int - ?????),
  • eg4 High voltage with no current exposed seeds
    24hrs significantly(not necessarily in water)
    alters gene expression(Unlisted effect,
    complete WM pseudoscience or fraud)(Chiba-Geigy,
    FIOS GreenBox) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
25Electrostatic treatment Effect mix of,
Accepted, Generally Rejected, Fully rejected by
  • 25Electrostatic treatment(also see 26'Electric
    Pulse), Here definition is high voltage stick
    coated with dielectric material inserted in water
    flow, Often combined as sub process to amplify
    main effects(, Hkapc Ion Stick). In
    this section other types of electric pulse with
    similar effects are included.
  • WM Accepted effect H(Oil-water separation) see
    H2 below, S(Coagulation, separation of
    particle/toxin etc) (EndressHauser, FlowMark
    Water), metal flocculant/colloidal particles
    seeded from electrode etc to alter repulsing
    static charge to attraction, fully mainstream
    electrocoagulation application(induction might
    generate microplama). The fact WM media approves
    this effect which is in direct relation to next
    pages debunked A Antiscaling effect shows its
    inconsistent logic applied, Generally expensive
    mainstream offered effect is mostly media
    approved while same mechanics device is debunked
    when device price is far less, H2(Dewatering of
    sludge, oil, masonry etc) widely utilized
    application of Electrostatic Desalting/Dewatering
    at crude oil refining process(Electrostatic
    Coalescence)(Cameron, Prosernat) causes water
    in oil to oscillate with electrostatic and make
    water droplets acceleratingly larger for easy
    recovery - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
25Electrostatic treatment continued 2
  • WM generally Rejected effect A(descaling),(PermaC
    lean Water, ELECTROchem,, ), this
    electrostatic repulsing of molecules to prevent
    scale deposit effect is completely WM science
    approved common sense while it remains strong
    debunking target by some WM media- to which
    academic abstain from openly criticizing.
  • CD(Algae bacteria stifling by process, or as
    water)(Also see 42'Electroporation)(Envirovision
    jp ) some claims by
    pulsating electrostatic -changing electric charge
    suffocate algae-microbe cells by sticking
    together, while repelling off pipe wall of silica
    type solutes. Micro voltage device can
    "superactivate" already electrical negative
    superfine/nanobubbles and applied nanobbule water
    works as disinfectant with electroporation
    effects(Tennant - Orbio - Water Star), Micro
    Voltage electromedicine device can be discharged
    into water(equivalent strength as most
    Electrostatic) with selected frequency to kill
    all microbes(ParaZapper ) since it is illegal
    in many western nations to state what
    non-mainstream approved medical devices can do,
    some advertise as water treatment device,
  • ?????? - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
25Electrostatic treatment continued 3
  • --gtgtcont WM generally Rejected effect
  • M(spray water to ionize air that contain hydroxyl
    to disinfect germs)(Talya Water, Gatrimon
    Orodox), O(remove odor of housing by feeding
    cattle water) (FujiKeiSokki ???)

    Occasionally claimed effect B(Pipe
    corrosion/rust prevention/fouling)(Zeta Rod)by
    naturally causing dissolved microbes to repel
    each other, X(Lower redox value)
  • WM Fully rejected effect Z(Plant, animal
    enhancement, catalyst to ferment food, drink,
    manure)(Customized Water System CWS,
    WaterChangers), unlisted application but
    conventional wood drying can be enhanced 20-30
    by spraying treated water over it- claimed to
    increase ion-electron activity. Also reduce
    oxidation during the process, This Z category
    effectiveness increases when ground has biochar
    buried(, - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
26Electric field, EM pulse Effect mix of
Accepted, Disputed, Generally Rejected, Fully
rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 26Electric field, Electromagnetic/Electric
    field pulse(also see 25'Electrostatic) etc,
    treatment variant frequency electric field
    affects water crystallization by likely
    ionization/excitation of molecule or its bonding.
    Major pseudoscienzation of this tech along with
    Time Variant Magnetic Water Treatment tech at WM
    media academia level until recently, Cost
    difference of using this tech against
    chemical/conventional tech use is large in terms
    of device, maintenance, man power cost.
  • Yet there seems to be significant
    performance/effectiveness gap between
    manufacturers in this tech, due to lack of own
    standard device test protocol or industry
    association any company can just wrap wires from
    frequency generator or magnet around the pipe and
    present as a product
  • Commercially viable effect is at least 75 of
    case in properly installed std modern device,
    some seems to be over 90. Unworkability can be
    due to excess water temperature, strong external
    magnetic field presence to hinder effect, water
    is static (major issue with magnetic treatment,
    but does affect electric pulse type also to less
    extent), super high hardness-salt content etc,
    but still some causes are unexplainable as even
    those supposedly unworkable situations it works
    about 1/2 of time. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
26Electric field, EM pulse continued 2
  • It has been vogue in WM science publication to
    emphasize failed device function(about 40 of
    paper showed insufficient or no effects, while
    most Non Western nationsRussia, India,
    Slovenia, Iran, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia
    etc academic reports are practically 100
    success rate, then talk about how to improve
    performance application), type of academic
    approach abstained from publishing if it were WM
    accepted tech in order to avoid criticism keep
    the job.
  • But in strict sense WM approved tech of
    spectroscopy research or crystallization of
    calcite deposit scale form altered to aragonite
    repeatedly showing fully accepted water/scale
    quality difference after magnetic or electric
    treatment for at least since 2005. Also ortho
    Hydrogen's high activity vs Para Hydrogen and
    magnetic reactivity of former is WM science
    approved along with Oxygen reactivity - hence
    this water effect is practically undeniable. Just
    like Cold Fusion for energy(see 18'Electrolysis
    Alkaline-Acid mixed), still overt conveniently
    selective scientific debunking data is supported
  • Electric type of device is most widely sold and
    used in residential market, usually stand alone
    technology devices. Most makers provide
    3-12month money back guarantee, some industrial
    application types mandate preconsultation/site
    visit prior to purchase. Similar to Time Variant
    Magnetic Water treatment device, effect and price
    range differs considerably. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
26Electric field, EM pulse continued 3
  • Often price and performance level doesnt match.
    Likely three most important performance elements
    as 1-AC frequency, 2-its coverage width, 3-wave
    form. Some advanced or commercial/industrial
    application devices has separate frequency
    intermixed for scaling, bacteria killing(and
    different species) etc, Most of them has AC pulse
    emitting two coils wound in solenoid pattern, It
    is often assumed two coil should generate
    coupling effect in standard set up.
  • Compared to some of other electromagnetic, plasma
    or subtle energizing type water tech devices
    listed here, there is lot less claim or focus on
    bioenhancement effect water by electric field
    frequency water devices. ? Those who
    tend to claim more often are 27Magnetic/24Elect
    rolytic/33Mineral BioCeramic FIR(Far InfraRed)
    Thz(Teraherz) wave oscillation/31Torsion
    field/32Coil Scalar Wave emitter/
    11HydroDynamic Cavitation. ? Those tend to
    claim less bioenhancement are 26Electric Field,
    Electric Pulse, ElectroStatic, 41ElectroSpray,
    44 ElectroHydraulic - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
26Electric field, EM pulse continued 4
  • WM Accepted effect H(oil-water separation,
    Demulsion) ElectroCoalescence, Use of
    Dielectrophoresis effect by applying Electric
    field(EF) to body of emulsified liquid, Pulse is
    more effective than uniform EF. Main use is for
    deep water petroleum extraction, or cleaning
    hydrocarbon fuel instead of only using expensive
    heating, chemical etc
  • Vessel Internal ElectroStatic Coalescer
    VIEC(Wärtsilä) Low Water Content Coalescer
    LOWACC(Aibel AS), Compact types(Statoil, FMC
    Technologies, Fjords Processing AS), also focus
    on biofuel(Origin oil - Origin clear)
    Mainstream use in hydrocarbon extraction, but not
    widely used in other industries. ?

    Also can create opposite effect Emulsion(oil
    water mix) ElectroEmulsification in flowing
    droplets in electrospray(see section 41') type
    setup, Uniform Electric Field applied instead of
    pulse. Suitable for small volume production.
  • WM media disputed effect J(BOD reduction, waste
    water cleaning) by germ stifling/killing. Based
    on 42'Electroporation(lysing), 13'Nanobubble
    bursting or Microplasma triggering hydroxyl
    radical, H2O2, UV effects etc. ?

    WM media Rejected effect A(scale
    prevention), Most common application, many
    targets residential market(Eddy Water Descaler,
    CalConditioner, LittlePlumber, ScaleBan,
    4DeepBlue ), Ultrasonic resonance causing
    frequency band for increased effectiveness(Go
    Green Technologies, ), In
    china EM water treating device is offered as a
    part of water treatment or HVAC
    system(, Hwktgs, - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
26Electric field, EM pulse continued 5
  • --gtgtcont WM media generally Rejected effect
    A(scale prevention)?

    commercial/industrial sector(SmartFlow eu,
    UbcalIndia, Koshin-Chem Zeta Wave), Oil industry
    specific(MPK-VNP, AGT Soft Wave Inc, Weatherford
    ClearWell,), Also works for struvite scale at
    wastewater pipes/motors(ScaleWatcher),
    Significant local government industrial
    installations and testimonial in a country/large
    corporate whose official science calls it
    pseudoscience(Desincal), Probably much stronger
    effect by synergy with DBD discharge microplasma
    causing pulse(Reverse Ionizer),?

  • Target both Industrial and Residential focus
    (Kejingyuan, Life Science UK, ), Major Western
    mainstream organization sells quietly under
    occasional criticism(BWT group, WaterCat -
    Hidrocat), Wide range of govn't facilities
    industrial(?????? etch)?

    Likely more than
    100,000 units sold, Some are more than million
    units(ScaleBlaster, Hydropath - HydroFlow -
    AquaKlear, Aqua-Rex Water-King, Valcan
    Descaler) ?

  • Claims sine wave form is more
    effective(ScaleManager, FlowTech Systems, )

    Combination of magnetic and electric pulse

    Ozone combo(FlowMark Water) actually large
    portion of effect comes from economically
    disruptive H2O2 produced insitu? Vortex flow
    precedes(DropSon, Bauer-WT ), Frequency
    programmable(Universal Water Technologies, ) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
26Electric field, EM pulse continued 6
  • --gtgt cont WM media generally Rejected effect

  • Occasionally claimed B(corrosion rust
    proof)(Calmat ), various sophisticated
    programming frequency configurations for erratic
    industrial process water flow(EZV spol),
    C(Algae- germ stifling as process)(???????),
    sometimes algae killed by cell walls ruptured at
    certain devices accurately set frequency, but
    most devices dont have accurate frequency or
    frequency power is not strong enough. Also extra
    water permeation through cell walls rupture for
    lysing effect(also see 42ElectroPoration). Note
    WM approved high power version(categorized as
    2Pulsed Power) devices often rely their cell
    wall breaking by shock wave factor rather than
    subtle electroporation-. K(Dirty smelly lake
    water cleaning/clearing), S(Coagulation), Usually
    AC oscillating frequency needs to be adjusted for
    bioenhancement effect vs descaling effect as
    separate unit or frequency adjustment mode
  • B2(less plant water needs), C2(Soil desalination,
    plant growth with salty/toxic water), D2(Human
    preferred herb-insect-microbial enhancement),
    E2(Flavor enhancement of bakery, pasta, coffee
    etc), For beer (CellarControl - Hunter
    Technologies), Wine(Aropur eu, Innovative-dt),
    F2(Human/animal skin, dental, bio enhancement,
    Medical)(Vi-Aqua) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
26Electric field, EM pulse continued 7
  • --gtgtcont WM media generally Rejected

    Weaker effects less
    often claimed D(Algae/germ stifling as water),
    E(Detergent water effect) some type claims to
    have electrostatic effect causing to charge water
    solutes(Maxim-Water jp), M(spray-soak to make
    food last longer), N(food detergent), O(remove
    odor of dairy farm by feeding water to animals),
    P(Sludge reduction or oder removal of water),
    when electroporation effect causes certain
    undesirable type bacteria to die vs pulse happens
    to enhance human favorite bacterias activity?-
    seems there is different band range frequency
    between them, most devices are not set
    up/targeted to do this but a few apparently have
    some effects, T(even dyeing, paint production),
  • U(stronger cement, ice, paper, gypsum etc),
    V(faster boiling, alcohol separation, more heat
    conductive), W(degassing, deoxygenation), X(Lower
    redox value), H2(Dewatering effect) not
    commercially targeted by weak power device found
    for this use(see 2Pulsed Power, or
  • Effect WM Fully rejected Z(Plant animal grow
    larger-faster-nutritious, Catalyst to ferment
    food, drink, manure),(Sirox Cleantech, Viaqua,
    Tathastu Services, Aqwatech, Harmony-bg eu ),
    Remote controlled frequency change radionic
    type element combined targeting agricultural
    sector(Plant Horizons Technologies), Use of
    unique low frequency range(HydroSmart au ), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
Effect Accepted, Generally Rejected by (WM)
  • In this section 27Time variant magnetic water
    treatment, Some details of geopolitical
    background is given in as an example of how
    non-standard low cost technology is allegedly
    treated by Western Mainstream(WM) groups. In
    addition to pure economic incentives, Their
    collective behavior suggests likely involving a
    few key members within Academia-Govt
    Scientists-NGOs-Corporate-Industry Sponsored
    Groups Backers, Media. They often seem to
    demonstrate interlocked scientific lobbying
    This story is
    applicable to other, low cost, clean water
    related technology development. Also at least
    partially applicable to some non water industry
    segments when low cost tech can replace existing
    technologies Energy, GeoEngineering,
    Communication, Psychology, Medical, Mining,
    Various Industrial Process, Environmental
    remediation, Agricultural, and Military-National
    Security-Intelligence-Space-Commercial Banking,.
    For details see report Cold Fusion
    Analysis of Other Controversial Claims... ?

  • 27Time variant magnetic water treatment Two
    main types are discussed here ?i-Water moving
    past between mutually repulsing pole reversing
    magnetic field with sufficient speed to cause
    certain kind of ionization or activation effect
    in molecules-bonding structure of water
    solutes, Water structure effect is actually WM
    confirmed since 1960s by MRI machine(Fre Cope,
    Ray Damadian) primitive super low power
    wiggler/undulator effect on moving water
    without specific frequency(no set water speed
    needed), ?ii-Confined water dissolved matter is
    exposed to fast rotating magnetic field(several
    thousand rpm) to cause microplasma like
    phenomena in water(often very strong effect) -gtgt
    continues - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 2 Historical tech status
  • ?i- Until 1990s, up to 30(recently max about
    15) of cases, effect by magnetically treated
    water in pipes scale formation seemed
    insufficient to none at industrial/commercial/agri
    cultural applications even when established
    device manufacturers' product was used. This
    might to be due to insufficient PRECISE knowledge
    or inappropriate installations as to exact
    mechanics of how it works and what prevents
    effect etc. Many corporate users prefer to keep
    their secret combination water recipe
    application, added to the fact this is publicly
    unannounce-able pseudoscience to start with still
    in many situations. In strict WM academic level
    hypotheses still vary while effect is long been
    taken for granted and practical focus has been
    about the mechanics or effect amplification/utiliz
    ation when fund is available. Yet full
    mainstream use electromagnetic water flow
    meter(mag meter) clearly shows commercialized use
    of Faraday effect charge separation when
    non-deionized water flows angle to magnetic
    field. ?

  • ?ii- Though to lot less extent than water pipe
    descaling, waste water treatment method was
    devised in Soviets utilized also in China by
    treating confined water with Rotating Magnetic
    Field/Motional Electric Field(Torsion
    field/gravity effect link) which generates
    effects like electrolysis, cavitation, ultrasonic
    oscillation, electrohydraulic phenomena within
    water(often 20mm like metal pin is mixed). This
    decomposes waste water, separate heavy metals,
    while enhances fermentation amongst range of
    other pseudoscientific effects, speed, low
    energy use. This effect never seemed to raise
    interest amongst "fringe" type consumer groups in
    west- so it was simply ignored and never debunked
    by WM. While quietly used by some Western
    companies. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 3, Historical tech status 2
  • --gtgt cont ?ii- Rotating Magnetic field(RMF)
    Its has much stronger
    drastic effect due to prolonged Magnetic field
    exposure accompanied by microplasma generation(ie
    more like plasma induction effect). Product using
    Rotating Magnetic mechanics are marked with .
    Effects of RMF/Spatially Motional Electric
    Field(including claimed to demonstrate gravity
    shielding effect) have been disputed and recently
    avoided largely in western academics probably due
    to "overunity" ambient electricity production
    capacity and gravity related mechanics for more
    details go to other report Cold Fusion
    Analysis of Other Controversial Claims... and
    look up "unshieldable moving magnetic field"
  • In west, mainstream low cost disruptive tech
    funding often comes for debunking method creation
    not much for actual technology development,
    while encouragement for low cost tech is usually
    given in non West gov't, non-multinational
    NGOs(Russia, China, India etc) and 3rd
    world(Middle East, Indonesia etc).
  • For some low cost potentially disruptive
    technologies, there seems to be two groups of
    science established in West A-Actual effect
    using technological commercialization,
    B-Discussion level of science or debunking
    specialist type to publish one time debunking
    experiment in order to prevent it from widely
    recognized at public announcement of
    installation/open admission of money saving
    results at WM media. Latter group seems to be
    usually better funded and widely interlocked - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 4, Historical tech status 3
  • Yet magnetic water treatment debunking groups
    were not well organized during 1940-1990s
    Mainstream Govnt lab, Military experimental
    groups, notably of United States published
    conflicting conclusions/announcements/test
    results on magnetic water effectiveness Some
    Gov't bureaucrats took for granted tech efficacy
    and recommended its wide applications more
    research funds spending while others insisted
    effect is dubious no funds to be spent.
  • Later years(1990-2013) debunking group prevailed
    and uniform harmonious reality was projected as
    interlocked Western official scientific reality
    for ineffectiveness of magnetic water treatment.
    Non-multinational-interlocked smaller
    corporations have been usually free to install
    devices, while large corporations often abstain
    from talking about their secret installations. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 5, Historical tech status 4
  • And for latest years(2013-), other various cost
    efficient disruptive water technologies have been
    approved by mainstream(eg Diamond Electrolysis,
    Plasma Activated Water etc), and new official
    approval might come soon to previously
    pseudoscience treatment tech such as magnetic or
    electric field water along with FarInfraRed water
    treatment devices or ozone use no-detergent cold
    water washing etc, allowing for mainstream public
    mass to gradually adopt into new technology.
  • Historically there are a few well known(within
    the segment) widely deployed strains of patented
    advanced magnetic water settings/flux
    capability/manufacturing methods eg1 Soviet
    mainstream technology which went to some of
    Australian, US and UAE operations(Tkatchenko),
    eg2 Fringe science US inventors/scientists
    came up with similar flux magnetic
    technologies(Kulish-De Palma-Shivo) and used in
    several of very large vol selling products world
    wide, eg3 Inventors did not widely commercialize
    the tech but improved utilized by some Polish
    companies(Moriya Miyata) and further researched
    seriously multiple large car manufacturers and
    academics. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 6, Companies products
  • Magnetically treated water effects, if not the
    degree, are often very similar or identical with
    11HydroDynamic Cavitation/24Electrolytic/26Elec
    tric Field, Electric Pulse, ElectroStatic/31Torsi
    on field/32Coil Scalar Wave/33Mineral
    BioCeramic FIR(Far InfraRed) Thz(Teraherz)
    wave oscillation/41ElectroSpray/44
    ElectroHydraulic technologies, also electrical
    active type 55'Nano Material, 56'Nanofiltration
    tech except filtering capabilities ,
  • About half of device in the market is combined
    with other supplemental technologies, or magnet
    is worked as supplemental or other key
    technologies. Many nations outside of DACH,
    Nordic, Japan, or Anglo-American types, devices
    are more frequently sold as part of comprehensive
    industrial/commercial water treatment or
    environmental enhancement product lines.
  • Some are well established large volume sales,
    likely at least 100,000 sales up to 1millon plus
    units,(Superior Water Conditioning, PolarInt no,
    BP Group ?? ?????, Magnetizer - GMX, Filtermat nl
    - CEPI )

    1 Residential focus(AquaMax SRL,
    Aqua Israel, Magmini jp, ?????? - Neomag,
    NakipOFF - ?????OFF)

    2 Commercial focus(AquaMag ch,
    Mediagon ch, Runga ru, ??? ????-????),
    3 Industrial focus(UDI-MAG,
    Enecon EneFlow, CleanAirTech ca,, ) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 7, Companies products 2
  • 4 Agricultural focus(Delta Water Solutions,
    Jnysh com cn, Aqua-Correct de),
    5 Niche focus Oil Gas industry usually
    inline direct magnet contact or venturi design
    (Scale-X au, Flo-Rite Fluids inc, RFG Petro,
    FluxIndia, Magtekinc), Pulp-Chemical-Steel
    industry(Koken-Ltd Ecobeam, ), Super high
    temperature pipe(Akua Manyetik Kireç), Solar
    water pipe(Purion Water Conditioner), Swimming
    pool(Pure Water Ionizador de Piscinas), 6
    Military Focus (????? ?????-????????), 7
    Medical focus (Magnetizagua SYLOCIMOL, Fuji
    Keiki) 8 Waste water treatment focus offered
    by fast rotating magnetic field(2000rpm)
    (Globecore ru, Aquapromspb,
  • ? General wide range use coverage(Descal-A-Matic,
    FluidForce com, JaTech fr, Eniris ru,, ????????? ????????? Amina,
    Ekosu, )?
    ? Some companies won Western
    mainstream innovative technology award(AkwaMag,
    Oakwoode - AquaPhyd, AquaUnique dk, AquaVital at,
    Movagro, Akra pl, Infracorr Sp )

    Also focus on other pseudoscientific magnetic
    product Magnetic fuel treatment for 3-10 gas
    saving, 30-50 general emission reduction(Reneval
    Hungary Kft, SuperMagnit kz, Magnet-tool Magiko,
    Profi-Magnet hu ), extremely rare Western
    official institution German TÜV passed effect as
    15 fuel improvement(Maratech AG TIZICALOR), some
    non Western ally nation's govn't test usually
    products pass the test. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 8, Companies products 3
  • ? PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE 10 crop increase or
    less water needed for farming use(Movagro), 5
    boilder fuel saving by magnetic fuel water
    treatment(Arionic), same for 10(Vosges-Italia),
    100,000 reward if academics can prove device
    doesnt work(MultiMag pl)
  • ? UNIQUE CONFIGURATIONS Wire grounding required
    for electron transfer(Scale-Buster cn, ), RO
    with magnet inside to reduce scaling(Graham Tek
    Reverse Osmosis), Water treatment coagulation
    and trapping by magnet(Spaw-Test pl ), Geometric
    considerations(Purak eu ), Pipe flow divided
    into multiple magnetic exposure lines(PrimaCalc
    CONTACT claiming stronger effects for given
    configuration(, Ekom si )
  • ? ADDED OTHER MECHANICS Vortex(Algarid, Omni
    Water For Life, BeonTech de ), Venturi(ITmastion
    - Mecklings MHD Systems, GieWasser),
    Electrolytic(FilterWater Direct), Subtle Torsion
    - Scalar Wave(Aqua Lyros, Aqua Sinus Plus ),
    Metal Ion(AquaDynTech)Far InfraRed(Viox co jp,
    ????????????? ),
    STD PRODUCT LINE( Comapwt )

    MAINSTREAM EQUIPMENT (AtlasFiltri, Genebre es,
    Krafting cz, Elcla it ) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 9
  • WM Accepted G2(electricity/energy production)
    Faraday effect can generate electricity when
    conductive water flows vertically to magnets,
    Slightly similar to MHD effect. Self powered
    Magnetic Flow Meter(OMEGA Engineering) by pair
    of magnets on opposed sides of water pipe, when
    water flows charge is separated to be picked up
    by opposed electrodes to cause electron flow.
    Completely ignored for major power generation
    potential. Most Faraday effect water meter is
    ElectroMagnet type which doesn't generate net
  • ?Weak Effect H(oil-water separation), generally
    seem to assist existing system to recover oil in
    coagulated form but as minor effect. Some are
    getting stronger results by featuring
    "magnetostatic coalescence" effect(EXPORTech
    Company, Eco1st Technology Separation Enhancer),
    Others use magnet/ferromagnetic particle as
    nucleus for water/oil droplet later collect
    together. --gtgt cont - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 10
  • WM media generally Rejected effects

    A(Descaling) most
    frequently focused application except in
    agricultural industry (MagnaTek Water
    Conditioners, Anti Ca, CSV Optimus ba ),
    Usually very difficult dairy production line
    scale prevention(???-?????????? ???? ), Dental
    scale prevention(Weltecnet), Some specialized
    brand seems to be able to significantly reduce or
    eliminate scale as long as regular shutdown
    inspection is conducted at even dairy processing
    or sugar production plant pipes(MundiMex),
    Medical application by blood vessel plaque
    removal by specifically accurately configured
    magnetic field(AML Superconductivity
    Magnetics), Bioenhancement pain relief by
    flowing blood is exposed to time variant magnetic
    field in thousands of blood capillaries
    vessels(BioMagnetic Sport),RO desalination scale
  • Paraffin descaling oil pipe scale prevention
    (????????????????, Separation Enhancer Eco 1st,
    Oil-tic ??????, Incompneft), Most challenging
    way-beyond chemical capability type use is often
    in-house or engineering firm customized or RD
    devised(PETRONAS) but this info seems usually
    unpublished, --gtgt cont - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 11
  • --gtgtcont WM media generally Rejected effects
    A(pipe scale prevention)
  • Also depends on set up certain coagulation
    Scale prevention effect is complete mainstream
    science(not media) accepted tech, but even at
    generally new tech willing Western oil industry
    they tend to abstain from use openly, core use in
    Russia and some other nations,
  • B(anticorrosion, rust prevention/removal),(Jspkk
    Japan System Kikaku, Kanasugi-Syoukou,
    Perma-Trade), B2(less water needed for plants,
    faster yet longer water absorption by
    soil(MundiMex), C2(plant grow in salt water,
    soil enhance, desalination)(MorePlant) salty
    water plant growth-commercially harvested up
    13,000ppm,) (MagneticEast, Rosoobgir)This is
    often deemed as most cost effective available
    method- particularly in Farmers in ME South
    America, D2(human preferred herb-insect-germ
  • Less often claimed C(algae germ
    stifling)(Donglimbk, ....................Wfluquan,,
  • ????? - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 12
  • --gtgtcont WM media generally Rejected

    flavor of pasta, coffee etc) (Elisirproductor,
    ROSS - ???? ????), Wine effect seems to be weak
    compared to electric fields specific frequency
    setting(???-?????????? ???? ), E2(enhancement
    of flavor in coffee-pasta-rice etc)(Aqua-Technique
    s fr, HydroLux info), U(stronger cement, gympum,
    ice bonding strength etc), Improve paper density
    strength(Beijing Jiacheng
    ) as water passing magnet
    type(???????-?), stronger effect by fast
    rotating magnetic field ( ???????? ECOUOM),
  • Occasionally claimed weaker effect D(algae
    stifler as water, disinfectant) (Panox jp),
    E(Industrial type heavy cleaner), F(laundry
    detergent as water) usually only reduce
    detergent use, some light wash makes detergent
    unnecessary (?????????????? ??????? ??? 20),
    Magnetic Laundry Ball(WasserFix,
    MagneticLaundry, Dipro Clean, MagnetBall net),
    G,I,K(Toilet stain/odor, Kitchen odor, grease
    trap cleaning, dirty smelly lake water clarity
    Hydrocarbon esp diesel fouling prevention(Metalsin
    ter filtros), M(spray soak to lad food longer,
    less mold) (, N(food detergent),
    O(remove odor of dairy farm by feeding water to
    animals)(Mag Tech PVT), S(coagulation/toxin
    separation)(Nicaro), gtgt continue magnetic
  • ???????? - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 13
  • WM Fully rejected effect J(waste water, toxin
    cleaning) removal of heavy metals, or bio waste
    or peat converting to fertilizer with much less
    water use, time, cost than conventional methods
    (??????????? ?????????, ???????? ECOUOM),
    if this stronger rotating magnetic field effect
    is introduced to Rendering industry, low temp
    hydrolysis(100-120C level) can be largely
    replaced many other disruptive effects in other
  • Also comparatively weaker flowing water effect
    through static magnetic field(also electric pulse
    treatment etc) has repeated claims on perceived
    chlorine smell reduction/removal. This is likely
    due to some kind of ionization effect is causing
    dissolved HClO in water to increasingly turn to
    ClO?(less smell and weaker germ killing effect)
    regardless of pH(pseudoscientific effect) --gtgt
    cont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 14
  • --gtgt cont WM Fully rejected effect

    T(even dyeing, paint
    production)(Junyutong cn),
    V(faster boiling, alcohol
    separation, more heat conductive)(Evolu-Tech
    Mag-O-Pure, ), W(degassing, deoxygenation)(EkoMag
  • X(lower redox value water) some mainstream
    explanation associates degassing and higher heat
    conductivity, Z(plant animal grow larger-faster
    with more nutrition, less smell of animal,
    catalyst to ferment food, drink, manure etc)
    (MagnaPower Mexicana),
  • A2(desalination)by separating ionic elements
    during intense rotating magnetic field(torsion
    field) effects(Chonquing Univ Electrical Eng.
    dpt, Kazan State Univ Power Eng. dpt) Emulsion,
    Bioenhancement, Desalination by Torsion field
    (Rotating magnetic field is mainstream science in
    China, Russia and other nations less influenced
    by West) --gtgt cont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 15
  • --gtgtcont WM Fully rejected effect

    F2(human/animal skin, dental general bio
    enhancement, insect bite,) (Magnolith de,
    Magna-Tek) effect degree significantly seems to
    differ by EM frequency generated/device, Treated
    water Fish growth is strong consistent effect for
    intended device, but for salt water there are
    several incidents(out of 10,000 successes) of
    entire fish stock died when applied to ocean
  • General bioenhancement effect by EM wave etc
    treated water Effect indication comes via
    different methods than numerously claimed field
    results on direct extra growth volume There are
    various mainstream lab level claims(Pau Héroux)
    on some specific frequency within a wide range of
    EM spectrum(from ELF/Schumann, visible light to
    FIR/Thz) that has effects ?

  • ?1 Wave itself or water(treated by that wave
    freq) enhances Adenosine Triphosphate(ATP) or
    Biophotonic Activities(debunked by seemingly
    medical aligned WM lobby)
    --gtgt cont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
27Time variant Magnetic Field water treatment
continued 16
  • --gtgt cont WM Fully rejected effect F2(general
    bio enhancement)
    ?2 Plain water treated by
    specific frequency ELF EM wave(copy) can
    formulate DNA from plain water Water based
    Polymerase Chain Reaction(Del Giudice, Luc
    Montagnier ), ?

  • ?3 Some mainstream water test methods like ATP
    actually match results of various Western
    Mainstream pseudoscientized "subtle energy" water
    test methods(Drop Evaporation/Drip picture/Drop
    picture methodsSwenk Kröplin, Gas Discharge
    Visualization GDVKorotokov, Rabe, Color
    PlateDie Knapp, Ice CrystallizingEmoto
    Nemoto, Braun Steinmann, , Dispersion
    Staining, Darkfield Microscopy, Polyurethane
    ActivationVI Vysotskii etc) Note Emoto is
    sometimes quoted as a "scientist", but he
    publicly stated he was "artist", and others used
    his methodology of water testing with more
    scientific protocol, ?

  • ?4 General magnetic water treatment enhances bio
    effects, but each matter/entity's specific
    standing wave causing natural frequency, not
    strength, seems to exaggerate effects, and same
    improved efficiency is observed in water
    treatment(coagulation, desalination etc), water
    decomposing, and to non water effects like
    combustion, refrigeration etc(all WM unapproved)?

    Unlisted effects Emulsion (Hammel su,, AfuelSystems), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
28Catalytic water, Phase Catalyst water
Effect mix of Disputed Fully rejected by
Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 28Catalytic water, Phase Catalyst water
    (also similar to 63'Other Anomalous processes)
    Vitalize effect creating water water shows
    higher activation state to function as a kind
    of phase catalyst to alter states of other
    medium(matter or dilution water or bio organism).
  • Indications of electronically or ionically
    energized state water lasting for upto several
    years with range of pseudoscientific effects eg
  • ?i-lightly shake 200ml bottle creates vortex and
    lasts for 10seconds each time,
  • ?ii- Place clearly visible dye and color
    disappears after stirring,
    ?iii- Conductive light bulb turns
    on submerged with live wire dipped in the water
    away from the bulb,

    ?iv- diluted solution
    prolongs life of cut flowers 30-100 compared to
    control(easily distinguishable by testing
    together with regular water), this type of effect
    occurs in Mineral, Bioceramic - FIR Thz,
    Magnetically etc treated water half the time
    some nanocarbon but effect is stronger
    consistent in "catalytic water"
    --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
28Catalytic water, Phase Catalyst water
continued 2
  • Prolonged state of highly structure water? From
    academic lab results there are indications this
    type of water is exaggerated effect version of
    prolonged effect of "Structured Water"(Wol
    Ludwig, L Montagnier), "Water Memory" effect(Jac
    Benveniste, Fedyakin Derjaguin), "Water as
    Signal Carrier"(RI Bender, Yur Kronn, Rol
    ConteBeta Radiation)
  • Above water effects used to be Western
    Mainstream(WM) full pseudoscience status until
    around yr2000 with repeated intense campaign
    including WM approved magician but now "promoted
    to disputed state" with practically undeniable
    level of WM data accumulations similar to the way
    Cold Fusion (18'Electrolysis Alkaline-Acid mixed)
    has been replicated. New concept of this type of
    water includes charge storing "Fourth Phase of
    Water"/EZ Water(