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Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Under-utilized Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications(PART 6 OF 11)


Part 6 of 11 series: Entire part 1 to 11 can be viewed at or Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Less Well Known Water Cleantech for The Future: Across industries and science fields, previously not accepted technologies, some of which has been widely used for commercialized applications, are gradually being re-confirmed by mainstream Western academics. The next phase is how Western mainstream media of various levels(from news, science reports, to Wikipedia) are going to express these confirmations. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Under-utilized Water Technology for Industrial / Commercial / Agricultural Applications(PART 6 OF 11)

Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Less Known Water
Technology for Industrial / Commercial /
Agricultural Applications
PART 6 OF 11
  • Environmentally Friendly, Economical, Effective
    Water Cleantech for The Future

Ben Rusuisiak New nature paradigm TECH analysis
vancouver, BC, CANADA, updated Feb10, 2017

  • ABSTRACT This presentation
    covers some of low cost, water related
    commercialized cleantech that is under-utilized
    or not commonly known to exist at all, in areas
    of 1-Environmental cleaning, 2-HVAC improvement,
    3- Energy extraction, 4-Industrial
    processes, 5-Drinking water generation,
    6-Geoengineering, 7-Desalination wastewater
    treating, 8-Selective bio-enhancing, rust
    prevention etc. Some of them are convertible for
    a use in field of energy, medical, biology,
    weather modification, material science with
    similar advantages. ?
  • One of such effects not fully explainable by
    chemistry, yet officially utilized by some
    non-Western ally nations, is prolonged "water
    structure", or/ "activated" electrical charge
    holding capacity of ions in water. There are
    multiple treatment methods that can cause
    sustained unique capability in plain water for at
    least 4-5 days and used without added chemical or
    solutes. e.g. a-As detergent for commercial
    kitchen, butcher or heavy oil removal, b-Non
    fouling industrial cutting or washing fluid,
    c-Hospital operation room, or food industry
    equipment disinfectant, d-Medical
    oxygen/hydrophobic drug delivery, skin
    disease/infection/organ, upto conventionally
    untreatable chronic disease. e-Plant/animal
    growth increase, brackish water feeding,
    Removing animal residence odor, f-Increase
    strength of concrete, ice, paper, g-Enhance
    flavor of pasta, coffee, bakery, h-Low
    emission fuel making from subgrade incombustible
    hydrocarbon, i-Display chemical or mineral effect
    without chemistry present in water. Some
    exceptionally electrical-active water seems to
    even function as "phase catalyst" and used as
    "plain water concentrate" for similar or more
    robust effects by dilution.?

  • Such Scientific Status gap in water tech by
    nations is fairly common and it affects research
    funding market share of effective processes.
    e.g water treatment by Time variant magnetic
    field Rotating/Concentric Electrode, Far
    InfraRed waves, Hydrodynamic Cavitation,
    Sub/SuperCritical water, Non Anthraquinone H2O2,
    Emulsion fuel, Cold fusion, Resonance H2O
    decomposing, Acoustic Pulsed Fire Dewatering,
    Electro-Scavenging effect for rain generation
    Cosmic Ray based climate change idea. One reason
    for discrediting is they might co-display
    scientifically economically disruptive seeming
    thermodynamic over-unity non-local phenomena.
    But low cost effective way to displace chemical
    based system also have been supported in West
    Electrooxidation/coagulation or multiple ways of
    AOP including Ozone was backed by European groups
    they are now supporting Plasma Activated Water,
    Thermal Hydrolysis, Membrane Distillation,
    various Nano Filtration etc. Others are accepted
    but only for certain use ElectroOsmosis/Poration,
    Metal ion, 3chamber electrolysis, Vacuum
    superheated steam, Steam eductor etc. Overall,
    previously science contested low cost clean water
    tech is increasingly rapidly adopted even by
    multinationals, often accompanied by firm back up
    of mainstream media, science, tech awards. And
    unless spread of this new paradigm stalls soon,
    limitation based "closed system" belief of
    society will fundamentally shift to no-limit
    "open system" before 2030. - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • p10 Crystallization Template
    sssddAssisted, Fluidized Bed etc
    p21 Ozone UV etc p41
    SuperCritical Water etc
  • p45 Ultrasonic, Cavitation effect, . . .
    Pulsed Combustion Drying

    p61 Nano/UltraFine Bubble etc p67
    PhotoCatalytic water etc
  • p91 Electrolyzed acid water etc p118 Plasma
    Activated Water
    Electrolytic Venturi etc p141 .Magnetic Water
  • p157 Phase Catalyst Water

    p181 Torsion field/Scalar Wave p190
    Far InfraRed, Bioceramic, .. Minerals treated
  • PART 6 p221
    Pumpable Ice Slurry p228 ElectroSpray etc
    p235 ElectroHydraulic effect
  • p245 Solar Desalination etc p268 SuperHeated
    Steam etc p288 Magnetic Resonance
    Freezing Thawing
  • p291 Ion projection p298
    Ferrous/Ferrate Ion water p310 Vacuum
    Saturation/DDW, . Steam Jet
    Ejector/eductor p338 Plant Polymer
    Micelle p343 Rain Related Weather ..
    Modification p358 Water
    Technology List - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada

  • This presentation might not always reflect the
    views of mainstream group, particularly of
    western media, large NGOs, wikipedia hence
    attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess
    the data from independent perspective Listed
    commercialized claims include that are
    contradicting mainstream science law or
    effectiveness acceptance level, while empirically
    deemed to produce effects repeatedly. "Cleantech"
    here includes "clean chemicals" that are non
    residual Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic
    Acid, Plasma/ElectroChemical reaction etc
  • Compared to other industries, water technology
    tends to have wider varied mechanics to achieve
    intended physical effects Labs, schools, even
    conservative mainstream, or mundane looking
    companies often use their own effective unique
    processes not widely known. Many of what is
    covered here are selected technologies known as
    effective in some sectors or by small of
    consumers but not by other sectors.?

    Currently more detailed
    reference list is being produced will be
    published separately The research is updated
    based on reviewing academic papers journals,
    books, speeches, presentations, patents,
    lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints,
    publications public records of
    NGOs/media/research institutes/think
    tanks/military/space gov't agencies/industry
    associations. Due to space constraints,
    referenced individual names are given with max 3
    letters of first name with entire last
    name(except some non-Western names), company
    names are listed in a way that is findable by
    internet search.
  • 12 page long Water Technology Effect Comparison
    Grid List is located at the end of presentation.

    THIS FILE IS PART 6 of 11
    FILE AT SCRIBDclick here, ISSUUclick
    here, YUMPU click here, or CALAMEO click
    here - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
How to Read Tech Detail Explanation Texts

  • Technology claims are explained in details in
    each of 66 dedicated section in coming pages.
    Example of Hydrodynamic cavitation below
  • Tech effects Code used in tech lists(located at
    end of this presentation) are headed by Boldface
    purple letters as on the right. Code might
    refer to either or both of a-effect of static
    water product, b-process effect itself on water
    rather than water's effect on matter.
  • Commercialized tech claims are listed in(Blue
    Letter ), and within bracket means other
    unnamed companies also claim same effect.
    at example D4 indicates
    particularly effective application.
  • 11Hydrodynamic cavitation WM Accepted effect
    J(BOD reduction, Advanced Oxidizing Process,
    toxin/oil field waste water/sludge
    decomposing)(, For ballast
    water(Globallast ua), Enhanced oil recovery-
    additional hydrocarbon quality improvement(Arisdyn
  • Sometimes WM Disputed effect, A(Descaling), HVAC
    application(HyCator, VRTX Technologies), Pipe
    cleaning(Group Konstanta ???????), Dairy
    product flow pipe descaling is WM
    rejected(TEKMASH) B(anticorrosion of water
    pipes), C(Algae removal)(CT Systems ua),

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34Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing Effect Accepted
by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 34Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing

    Accepted effect Well developed for combined use
    in pharma, chemical industry etc but rare stand
    alone use as Eutectic Freeze Crystallization,
    This is obscure perception mainstream tech but
    currently one of most disruptive tech if fully
    installed for Desalination Water cleaning
  • M2(desalination) At some locations/conditions
    much lower cost to operate than Reverse Osmosis
    if tech is fully established but this
    desalination method development is sporadic or
    halted(active 1960-80s Colt Industries, AVCO
    Corporation) or in limited private operation,
    even lower cost(30-85) in above 0 temperature
  • i-lower initial capital, ii-Much less energy use,
    iii- little corrosion/fouling, hence less
    maintenance little to no chemicals cost, iv-
    Highly scalable and flexile to change operation
    size, v- Operable in varied salinities or oil,
  • Some use Clathrate/Hydrate for freezing(Koppers
    company), Even more efficient type(most
    efficient type) can be by combining Flash
    Vapor(below) element. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
34Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing continued 2
  • --gtcont WM Accepted effect

    Media level WM says
    officially too much technical challenge to be
    viable yet, but WM academically often supported
    for significant viable advantage over existing
    systems. Actually even partial process use in
    salt separation can be much lower cost.(IDE
    Technologies, CroDesalination Oberzom ), good
    tests results and some pilot or small scale
    commercialization occurred but no major scale
    system marketed. Others still wait for funding
    (EH2 Solar), Often related to 35Low
    Pressure/Vacuum Flash Vaporization
  • P2(water cleaning, same mechanics as
    desalination) This has two types ? aUse of
    natural outdoor cold temperature type
    ? ßTemperature effect is artificially
    created used as indoor system --gtgtcontinued - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
34Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing continued 3
  • gtgt continued WM Accepted effect

    a(EFC separations BV, Snowfluent Northern
    Watertek,) Spray waste water in air when
    temperature is substantially below 0C,
  • Many benefits, eg instantly pH raises at least
    1.5, hence ammonia turns to gas, which in turn
    triggers ammonium phosphate(instant fertilizer),
    or with less ammonia phosphate combine with other
    cations. This process continues as snow melts in
    the spring and HN3 all dissipates etc, similar
    effect with Cyanide, Arsenic compounds. This
    super low cost process is rarely used/invested
    even in sustained sub freezing point nations,
    even after the tech won mainstream award, despite
    fair amount of push by some of Western mainstream
    groups, there are signs of "more powerful key
    players" are blocking this WM approved tech
    validity info from reaching public spot light,
    yet some of mining companies, farmers, and Non
    Western nations etc are using this tech.
  • ? ß (Eskom, Blu-Ruby hybridICE, EFC Separations
    BV) Freeze crystallization itself under
    electrically generated set up is also much lower
    cost than conventional waste water treatment in
    many situations This method is also quietly
    installed in Non Western Nations with some
    Europeans back up. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
34Vacuum Freezing/Ice Freezing continued 4
  • gtgt continued WM Accepted effect

    Q2(food preservation) Standard process in
    vegetables flowers but can be applied to other
    unused product applications with significant
    savings(Desmet Ballestra, ColdMax Europe),
    Additional effect by slowing down germ
    growth(Aston Foods, BCH Limited), combination of
    vacuum cooking and rapid cooling(Cetravac ch,
    Blentech), This technology is officially called
    Vacuum Cooling, compared to other methods like
    forced air etc, product is far more rapidly
    cooled down in uniform temperature within entire
    sealed storage space regardless of product shape
    to below or around zero point(super cooling),
    Reduction of pressure enables to start boiling
    water at around 2-3C for rapid cooling.
  • U2(Increase energy efficiency) eg Vacuum Steam
    Stripping operation of deodorizing/refining Vege
    Oil much more effective by directly freezing
    steam (EcoFreeze Graham-Mfg), Fair cost
    reduction but far improved quality/price of
    food/wine/milk/herb etc processing(GEA Messo PT
    Icecon) less oxidation, more enzyme recovery
    etc, F3(Efficient drying) Exact same scenario as
    previous "P2" at Freeze Thaw Dewatering of

    ? This is not freezing, while vacuum drying is
    fully mainstream tech, but this low temp low cost
    process commercialization seems to be notably
    lacking just for biomass fuel production(Altentech
    ), pelletizing added(Thermal Energy
    International), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
35Vacuum Flash Vaporization/Vacuum Distillation
Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 35Low Pressure/Vacuum Flash Vaporization/Vacuum
    Distillation/Flash evaporation Can be linked to
    34Ice/Vacuum Freezing. Also widely used but
    rare stand alone or major use in
  • M2(desalination) Easily built in as part of very
    low heat recovery in existing factory/generator
    station etc. Often private use or test
    operations as low as 26-32C(Kerala/Karunya
    State Council for Science, National Institute of
    Ocean Technology of Chennai, Passarell
    Desalination ). At 45C(Inst. of Ocean Energy
    Saga), Not on tech list but low cost high
    temperature vacuum freezing is widely used - but
    not for freeze desalination. ?

    P2(Wastewater cleaning) sometimes lowest
    cost solution Vapor Compression
    Evaporation-Distillation/Mechanical Vapor
    Recompression(MVR) low grade heat water goes
    through venturi/orifice to made into steam
    partially at low temp, then that steam gets
    compressed to generate heat(ie far more than
    COPgt1 overunity) and this heat is used to raise
    liquid temperature itself to enable efficient low
    cost recovery of water, also often uses vortex
    flow/hydrocyclone for efficient solids
    separation(ENCON Evaporators, PureStream,
    Salttech DyVaR ZLD),

  • W2(Oil separation) various module based system
    removes oil emulsion(VACUDEST ClearCat - H2O
    GmbH), Reduces/solves shortcomings of cleaning
    off solvent after industrial washing(VAC Aero).
    (Centrifugal) Molecular Distillation/Short Path
    Distillation(high vacuum distillation) upto
    1x10-6 to -9 bar(1bar is sea level
    atmospheric pressure) - this effect can prevent
    molecule from colliding with each other with same
    kind or other types during distilling
    process/separation and storage. Hence Molecular
    Distillation(MD) can be useful but sometimes
    underutilized for specialty reaction/temperature
    sensitive water dissolved matter, compounds, or
    oil separation/purification, isotope separation,
    while MD is std processes in lab analysis or
    pharmaceutical manufacturing(TMC Industries,
    ULVAC)) - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
35Vacuum Flash Vaporization/Vacuum Distillation
continued 2
  • Claims not on tech list 1 Gold Silver
    Separation from other ores "Acidless
    Separation(ALS)" by 0.01bar(1/100 of atmospheric
    pressure) vacuum decompressed low level moisture
    based Vapor/SuperCritical Water(along with other
    air molecules?) works as mineral differentiated
    pressure yielding separator medium at above
    1000C(heated by magnetic induction in
    decompression chamber) and redepositing in
  • Vacuum Distillation based metal separation has
    been accepted science in Russia China quite
    naturally since sublimation rate of each mineral
    vapor pressure exerted on each mineral is
    different((Yongnian Dai), and this is finally
    quietly accepted in Western Europe groups and not
    even openly debunked(, IKOI srl,
    ?????? -???????????????? ????? ?? ?????????
    ??????? ???????? - ?? ???-??????????
    )(????????? ?????????). This is almost
    automated operation in addition to super low cost
    and fast processing. - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
36Water jet Effect Accepted by Western
  • 36Water jet M3(Cutting and boring holes),
    often can function with only water(no abrasives
    mixed), generally 60,000psi-4000bar pressure
    (DynaFlow Inc, Kmt Waterjet - Flow International
    - Shape Technologies ), Very mainstream tech but
    in some sector it is under utilized even if it
    can be lower cost and good quality effects
    Nanobubble use for cavitation shock wave ion
    effect for much cleaner cut and with less metal
    cracks compared to abrasives used(Kumamoto
    IDM), Boring concrete with less cracking rate
  • I3(General cleaning including metals),
    Hydrodynamic cavitation high pressured water jet
    nozzle for efficient cleaning/paint/oil
    peeling(??? "???" ?????????????),

  • Unlisted effects inside pipe cleaning, scale
    removal - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion Effect Accepted by Western
  • 37Water emulsion major std tech in
    food/cosmetics/pharmaceutical(also not really
    emulsion but ?Coal Water Slurry is discussed in
    later pages in this section)

    K2(Energy generation or
    efficiency improvement) Emulsion Fuel
    important tech as one of few mainstream approved
    "partial free energy" generation methods, Some
    pre-made water emulsified fuels last up to

    Significant effectiveness gap exists for oil
    water emulsion Generally science accepted level
    of 1-20 fuel saving with 10-80 emission
    reduction,(higher figure for PMparticulate
    matter, lower for NOx SOx), differs by
    engine/boiler types original fuel. Most of
    listed example companies here are higher
    performance types.
  • If some of sub-grade unburnable hydrocarbon or
    refinery residual (bitumen-asphalt) is upgraded
    to fuel then it can be counted as practically
    100 saving.
  • At high profile mainstream discussion,
    hygroscopic fuel's(diesel, biofuel) water mix
    problem solution is offered by water
    dispersant/emulsion additives(FPPF, Rolling Big
    Power RBP-80001, Central Illinois Manufacturing -
    HydroBurn, Lubrication Specialties Inc - Hot
    Shots Secret, Schaeffers Specialized Lubricants
    - Arctic Flow Plus) that include increased fuel
    efficiency of 3-10 range, but they are lobbied
    against by united mainstream groups as bad for
    engine etc(car engine makers recommend
    demulsion additive product), while magnitude of
    full emulsion fuel cost saving discussed later in
    this section remains entirely avoided topic.
    --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion continued 2
  • --gtgtcont K2(fuel efficiency improvement)
    Emulsion Fuel Majority
    of science legal version of emulsion fuel is same
    or less cost saving level as WM media willing
    academic pseudoscientized high performance fuel
    treatment by
  • i-Time variant magnetic field(torsion field)
    electric field, ii-Far InfraRed (FIR) wave or
    wave emitting mineral or lattice structure
    matter(based on wave imprinting), iii-HHO gas
    on-board generator, iv-Certain frequency range of
    electric pulse, v-Place next to robust
    bioenhancing type bottled antioxidant
    microorganism, vi-Nanocarbon dispersed engine
    oil, general fuel additive etc. These are fully
    valid science in China, Russia majority of 3rd
    world. Additives are widely used by commercial
    operations in West.
  • In comparison, emulsion fuel or its equipment
    tend to be somewhat to much more expensive hence
    except top-performance emulsion, best performing
    magnet/FIR devices save more cost(0 maintenance
    etc), combination of multiple methods sometimes
    have added synergy saving effects. --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion continued 3
  • --gtgtcont K2(fuel efficiency improvement)
    Emulsion Fuel Magnets etc vs Emulsion

    Only small of companies are
    offering, but they are spread out world
    wide(similar to weather modification tech
    status). There was a fairly clear sign by a part
    of Western Mainstream (WM) business establishment
    to promote Emulsion Fuel under "excuse" of
    decreasing emission(with no reference to fuel
    saving) in 2001-2003. But dominant WM groups,
    mainly US Germany based ones resisted and
    largely ignored since. Current emulsion system
    building offers are made by relatively
    non-mainstream type smaller companies in West.?

  • ? Europe(Eco Energy Holding AS, IncBio, EFuel SA
    ) Italy is most active, ?North America (Nonox,
    Next Alternative Inc, Industrial Sonomechanics,
    Fierce Fuel Systems), Bulk of Americas is served
    by US companies. ?
    ?Russia many companies operating at
    mainstream level (?????????????????-??????,
    ?????? -, ?????? Vodmazut,
    ????????????????? ?????????? ??? -,
    ), Also Ukraine(Nano oil Ukraine), ?Middle
    East(4C Technologies ), ?India(Creatnet
    Technology Pvt ), ?Japan(AIT Emulsion, NanoFuel
    co ) also active market but mainstream groups
    tend to hide their use, ?South Korea unique case
    amongst Western ally to openly focus on
    government level (CoxOil kr, Green Hitech kr,
    Sampower kr), ?Other Asia(Solar Emulsi PT
    Pertamina), --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion continued 4
  • --gtgtcont K2 Emulsion Fuel System offering

    ?China Much more focus in Coal Water Slurry
    Coal To Liquid/Gasification, Some state
    companies supply inhouse but also Taiwanese
    companies operate (Comaxima Eco-Green Technology,
    Shine Bond ??????????).

  • SECTOR BASE ? For Ocean vessel focus
    (Monohakobi, ??? ????????????, TecnoVeritas), ?
    Finally open debut in mainstream maritime
    industry(Quadrise MSAR) with major European back
    up, ? Western Mainstream Automotive sector still
    sell or use after sudden debut in 2001-2003(but
    often difficult to obtain), "Purely" emission
    reduction tech or /possibly dumb down
    version(Lubrizol PuriNOx, Pirelli Gecam, Veolia
    Transport, Total Aquazole ), others
    withdrew(Shell, BP, Chevron)?
  • TECH VARIATION ? Combo with HHO gas(Cynergi
    Holding SA), ? Biofuel Emulsion(Alternative
    Petroleum Technologies, Gruppo Forini ), ? Works
    down to -30C storage(SulNOx Fuel Fusions),
    ?Fringe market serving smaller companies seem to
    get away even with science illegal 50-70 fuel
    savings (Eneco-hd, Fukai Soken). --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion continued 5 Coal Water Slurry
  • --gtgtcont K2(fuel efficiency improvement)
    Emulsion Fuel

    ?Coal Water Slurry(CWS) pulverized coal
    with 30-50 water, major emission reduction of
    CWS vs coal Thermal efficiency increases about
    20 from regular coal while fuel volume itself
    also increases Easy storage transferability.
    Plus CWS beats diesel/heavy oil competition with
    much lower price potential to entirely replace
    it if modified engine is introduced(eg DICE
    Direct Injection Carbon Engine), Almost equalling
    heavy oil on thermal efficiency at current tech
    level, emission wise PM is higher but SOx/NOx is
    lower. Not exclusive but one of effective ways
    to utilize often unrecovered fine coal or coal
    sludge, to turn environmental hazard into
    revenue "free energy"?

  • There is a significant geopolitical strategic
    implications in not spreading this mainstream
    approved relatively simple low tech about half
    of global conventional hydrocarbon reserve is
    coal(as WM idea), and stock is available evenly
    world wide
  • This concept happens to at least partially match
    with a few leading Western policy think tank's
    philosophy since 1970s Stifling already lowest
    cost coal utilization(by scientific
    enviro-political methods) had effectively
    established the base for energy shortage, but
    propagation of CWS seriously risks energy
    non-shortage/non-crisis/regional stability
    strategic war or export sanction against few
    nations will be made ineffective --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion continued 6 Coal Water Slurry
  • --gtgtcont K2(fuel efficiency improvement) ?Coal
    Water Slurry(CWS)

    based trend ? In China, media widely talks about
    it as national priority, use is by far the
    largest scale in world(more share than world coal
    production itself 45). Often as state company
    inhouse or top project management companies
  • (???????????? - China Coal Technology
    Engineering Group Corp, ?????? Shangdong Energy
    Group, ???? Yuankuang Group - ?????????????????
    Slurry Gasification and Coal Chemical Engineering
    Research Center ?????????? Yankuang Lunan
    Chemicals, ??????????????? - Zjxianchuang,
    ?????????????? GCPMC, jf NAIC), High moisture
    content low end lignite slurry focus
    (???????????????? - ???????????? Yulin Western
    Coal Technology Research Centre), Low grade fine
    ground mix for emission reduction
    focus(?????????????? cctegce),Taiwan(Neofuel
  • ? Fairly active use at CIS nations(????????-??????
    vodougol, ????? Cotes-Group), Rather surprising
    US controlled Ukraine's Gov't since 2014 is
    making CWS as national energy policy with Chinese
    financial back up(Ukrheat). --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion continued 7 Coal Water Slurry
  • --gtgtcont K2(fuel efficiency improvement) ?Coal
    Water Slurry(CWS)

  • Other Nations ? In West rest of the world, CWS
    is overall very low key commercialization with
    very small of players for science legal
    tech(EET CWS, JGC, Kawasaki Heavy ), acoustic
    mix enhancement(ecoTECH Energy, AuraSouce Inc ),
    Often small one-man show type operation or main
    business is other engineering (Advanced Coal
    Water Slurry Technologies, LeMar LLC,
  • Fairly consistent concerted effort of western
    science, media NGOs to create energy shortage
    reality 1-various pseudscientization of
    unfavoured disruptive techs, hydrocarbon reserve
    volume statistics, how "fossil fuel can be
    created" abiotically or by CO2bacteria.
    2-Exaggerated, or allegedly fabricated, or
    solution blocked selective environmental problems
    attached to large resource reserve, many other
    types of massive untapped energy source. But
    this has been greatly helping mainstream endorsed
    type of alternative energy propagation. ?

    In US 1980s, there
    was a momentum unsuccessful govn't participated
    (but not much by media, NGOs corporate)effort
    to promote CWS using world's 1 reserve domestic
    coal to replace majority of consistently higher
    priced imported oil(also at some allies). Yet
    often clean coal burning IGCC (Integrated
    Gasification Combined Cycle) power plants in US
    are actually using coal water slurry for boiler
    feeding(wet feed gasification to produce extra
    H2)(CBI E-Gas, Texaco-GE), this is almost never
    reported by media. --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion continued 8
  • gtgt continued K2(Energy generation)
  • Research to increase water content in emulsion or
    calls for installing device to reduce emission at
    mainstream level has been responded by coal
    industry lobby related few academics while
    ignored by Western environmental infrastructure
    funding or influential mainstream tech promotors.
  • Emission reducing emulsion tech does not only
    "increase" existing fuel, but also can create new
    fuel out of non-burnable sub-grade hydrocarbon
    fuel refining residual or natural bitumen/asphalt
    can be quickly made into fuel(Orimulsion,
    discontinued) instead of emulsified bitumen for
    limited pavement/construction use, to possibly
    significantly increase overall useable
    hydrocarbon from Venezuela, Canada, Russia. Same
    for low grade(low carbon high moisture)
    unburnable lignite/brown coals upgraded by CWS.
    This tech might have become geopolitically high
    risk subject since it is WM approved science,
    hence not debunkable discussion of emulsion fuel
    seems to have been carefully avoided by Media,
    NGOs, Mainstream Energy experts in West, while
    there is a few Western Academia continue
    researching - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
37Water emulsion continued 9
  • There are many more disruptive water based energy
    techs than emulsion that are practically WM
    undebunkable if unselectively investigate field
    industrial applications and mainstream
    corporations' own patents, or non-western
    academic papers ?i HHO, ?ii Ammonia production
    from air, ?iii Self deoxydizing aluminium powder
    based hydrogen production system, ?iv Floatation
    gravity power, ?v Nitinol Engine, ?vi Water
    ionic movement battery, ?vii Phase changed
    material based on slight water temperature gap,
    ?viii WM avoided subtle temperature activating
    thermo-electric device, ?iv Betz limit exceeding
    performance hydro turbine, ?x Cold Fusion, ?xi
    Hydrodynamic cavitation, etc- last 6 of above
    exhibits WM science illegal over-unity or
    perpetual mobile effect, but almost all of
    disruptive energy technology ventures fail for
    various reasons(See other report Less Known,
    Controversial Abundant, Energy Technologies...),
  • I3(Metal cleaning) no poisonous elements (Bez
    Laboratories inc - GE ), For non metal
    cleaning, often non water component is used,
    but precision static sensitive plasma screen
    parts cleaning by microemulsion is effective
    (Lion specialty chemicals, NSclean) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
38Pumpable Ice Slurry Effect Accepted by
Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 38Pumpable Ice Slurry Usually minute of
    Ethylene, Sugar, Salt is mixd as additive, Very
    mainstream tech and application in majority of
    following use also, but some sectors it is
    underexplored use compared to bulk ice
    preservation) Ice wraps around product without
    airpockets Heat removal is much faster/uniform
    than other forms of ice or many other methods, to
    halt microbial activity, discoloration etc,
    (Sunwell), Fishing boat slurry making machine
    from seawater(Icelings net, NorthStar Ice),
    Vegetable cooling and preserving(TRJ
    refrigeration inc), Low cost ice making by
    Orbital Rod Evaporator method (Ice Synergy),
    Venturi like turbulance low pressure using high
    capacity ice slurry maker(,
  • R3(Thermal energy storage, refrigerant) R718
    refrigerant (ILK Dresden), There is hydrate
    water ice slurry which is not quite all water,
    but significantly lower cost and effective. Often
    no modification required for HVAC system
    application, Use of off peak hours low cost power
    to make ice(ZIEGRA Eismaschinen, Beluga
    Technology), Beluga is water only without
    additive, Not pumpable ice but in some situations
    Flake Ice becomes most efficient water storage
    medium. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
38Pumpable Ice Slurry, 39Sabatier reaction etc
Effect Accepted by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • --gtgtcont R3(Thermal energy storage,
    following only sort of clean water tech is not
    fully WM approved as valid effect Hydrate water
    slurry with higher temperature phase change is
    more suitable for HVAC use(By mixing small of
    non lethal chemicalTBAB Tetra-Butyl Ammonium
    Bromide hydrate crystal, freezes at 8C, melts at
    12C ) is twice as efficient than water ice only
    for HVAC use,- also slurry behaviour can be
    controlled by Ultrasonic or LF EM wave(JFE Steel)
  • Unlisted effects Ice Pigging to clean inside of
    various pipes(Suez-environnement)
  • 39Combination of Sabatier reaction/High temp.
    electrolysis/Fischer-Tropsh other related
    processes(CO2 reduction to CO etc) HO2 CO2
    based hydrocarbon fuel production
  • There is widely no accepted one name to describe
    this whole combo processes. Cost is lower only if
    consider free excess electricity was used to
    generate fuel. Many different versions of
    applicable technology steps have been existing
    since 1925 but mostly use biomass or coal as raw
    material focus for hydrocarbon fuel production
    Many declared commercialization of waterCO2 to
    fuel based on this mechanics yet shelved over the
    years, often due to high cost system is suitable
    only as excess electricity storage system at
    current costing. --gtgtcontinued - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
39Sabatier reaction etc HO2CO2 fuel continued
  • WM group generally calls this tech unviable and
    should not focus on such low potential system(eg
    Hitachi Zosen, JAXA, SNL-INL, Air Fuel Synths,
    NewCO2Fuels, Doty Energy etc), This treatment
    trend by WM is same for low cost energy
    tech(Catalytic Depolymerization, Pyrolysis,
    SuperCritical Water Depolymerization etc),
    Similar pattern occurs as what is appearing to be
    a standard process to inventor type free energy
    technology claims even after they pass academic
    on site validation and small private use
  • K2(energy production) Some of above listed
    companies are likely producing it in-house.
    Commercialization seems to be very low key likely
    due to conceptually disruptive(CO2 used as fuel
    stock and loses its constraint-control
    mechanism), i-Methanol as "abiotic fuel"
    production by use of geothermal power etc CO2
    from volcano(Volcanol - Carbon Recycling
    Intrenational), Room temp/pressure methanol
    production via photocatalytic reduction of CO2
    with water(Mitsui Zosen Plant Engineering),
  • Currently limited form of ii-liquid fuel
    commercialization by mainstream (E-Diesel -
    SunFire - Audi), Sort of "common military
    knowledge" at least US Navy(NRL electrolytic
    cation exchange module "demo") has been using CO2
    as feedstock for their submarines.
    plastic from CO2 H2O via methanol(Mitsui
    Kagaku), by heat recovery use, mostly low key
    internal use only
  • Unlisted effects(Reduce water storage needs for
    space ship crew) O2 required for breathing is
    made by H2O electrolysis, hence breathed out CO2
    can be made into H2O by this reaction. For more
    disruptive low cost type go to (PhotoCatalyzed O2
    Nanobubble oil-water emulsion infused by CO2 at
    room temp/pressure) at section 63'Other Anomalous
    Process - iv - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
40Electro deposition/Polishing Effect Accepted
by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 40ElectroDeposition, ElectroPlating(also
    pulsed), ElectroCoating, ElectroRefining (Also
    see sub category in this section
    ?ElectroPolishing, ?ElectroWinning) are types of
    electrolysis use electricity to deposit
    dissolved metal ions in metal form onto target
    electrode in water, or clean it off electrodes
    part of tech in this section is not clean tech-
    uses toxic electrolyte emits heavy metal
    effluent but included in presentation in order to
    present this type of different water related
    commercialized effects
  • Also this tech is fully deployed mainstream use
    T2H3(Metal rust proofing, less wasted ion
    deposition, metal recovery, nano laminating)
    (IMO Oberflächentechnik, Bestgalvanik ru,
    Niklaus-sa ), Strong paint evenly depositing
    (Nihon parkerizing), or custom processing
    service(?????????????? Platings, Sec-ms com ),
    Yet depends on industries application, some
    types are rather underexplored or rarely used
    Layered metal production far stronger than
    regular metal(Modumetal), same mechanics for
    bearing production(Mahle gmbh), also academic
    level many similar commercialization candidates
    discussed(Eli Podlaha),
  • Unique use of minute low electricity accretion
    effect based green ocean geoengineering
    Depositing Calcium Carbonate(CaCO3)/Magnesium
    Hydroxide(Mg(OH2)) main mineral around conducting
    wire for artificial reef creation to prevent
    seashore line erosion foster sealife(Biorock
    Process, GeoCorail, Nippon Corrosion
    Engineering). Well endorsed by mainstream but
    officially not easily available service - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
40Electro deposition/Polishing continued 2
  • --gtgtcont Part of H3(less wasted ion deposition)

    Pulsed ElectroPlating/Pulsed
    Plating/Pulsed ElectroWinning/Pulsed
    ElectroDeposition When pulse is applied there is
    anomalous effectiveness in energy efficiency,
    metal strengthening, altering crystallization
    etc(frequency waveform dependent) Used by
    specialty companies majors for specific
    purposes but often underused outside of
    semiconductor/PCB(Printed Circuit
    Board)/electronics manufacturing(Plating
    Electronic, MacDermid Enthone, Dynatronix),
    Reversed Pulse focus for even wider range of
    crystallization(Dutch Reverse Pulse Plating)
    largest conglomerate types' use are often
    "company secrets"(General Motors) Effective at
    various nanometals/nanowires manufacturing
    methods with significant use at least academic
    level but less often publicly discussed corporate
    use. ?

    Also opposite of
    deposition use as ?Electro Polishing/ElectroRefini
    ng to uniformly clean off metal surface, polish,
    passivate. Reduced surface adhesion. Can
    improve machine/medical implants parts
    performance, reduce surface fouling, scale
    building etc. Far ahead of other methods in
    detailed metal pattern cleaning,
  • but same mechanics Plasma Electrolyte
    Polishing/Electrolyte Plasma Polishing is further
    far superior no phosphoric acid, all clean
    eletrolyte use, several times faster process and
    much more detailed smooth quality, metal parts
    can stay below 100C during process Being the
    Russian/Belarussian tech it is still hardly used
    outside of ex-soviets China despite significant
    machinery industry etc advantage(Plasmacraft
    ????????????-??????????, Plasotec, ??? ??????????
    ? ???????????, ) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
40Electro Winning/Electro Deposition continued 3
  • --gtgtcont Part of H3(less wasted ion deposition)

    lytic Refining/Electrolytic Metal Recovery(EMR)
    also categorized as part of HydroMetallurgy.
    Chemically reduce metal ions to form solid metal
    on cathode. Although one of oldest mainstream
    electrolytic process usually the most core part
    of metal smelting/concentration/production step
    to recover/adsorb/concentrate many metals from
    pregnant aqueous solutions-electrolyte(Gold/Silver
    /Copper are easier with positive electropotential
    while Zinc/Cobalt/Lead etc are harder with
    negative electropotentialAluminum process uses
    no water), it is underused at mining, PCB
    recycling, or electroplating wastewater stage
    effluent cleaning metal recovery purpose
    combined partially due to conventional EW's
    ineffectiveness at low ore concentration. And at
    the Western Mainstream media level this is still
    often treated as "revolutionary new technology".
  • i-FLATPLATE TYPES Combine Ion-Exchange resins
    and stripping them with EW hence no resin
    regeneration(i.e. cleaning, often uses chemical
    itself to do so) is needed(Gekko Systems),
    copper focus after Solvent extraction and
    ElectroWinning(SX/EW) process wastewater(Fluor),
    PCB recovery, Jewellery etc sector focus(Precious
    Metals Processing Consultants), --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
40Electro Winning/Electro Deposition continued 4
  • --gtgtcont Part of H3(less wasted ion deposition,
    Metal recovery from wastewater)
  • Market focus in Russia is often more on
    wastewater treatment than metal process(???
    ???????-???, "????????????????" gsp-bmt,
    ???????? ??-??????????),
  • ii-CIRCULATING FLOW Generally significantly more
    effective than conventional flat plates

    ?Vortex Water Flow around
    Cylinder Electrode for high efficiency
    performance(prevent target metal ion depletion
    zone formed around electrode) down to
    10ppm(emewCorporation ),
  • ?Cyclic Electrowinning/Precipitation CEP super
    efficient ability to selectively remove copper,
    iron, zinc, lead etc potentially still
    profitable process as low as 5ppm by effective
    Spouted Electrode, Hydrogen overvoltage control,
    pH etc handling(Eltron Water ElectroWinner),
    Nickel Cobalt wastewater strength -
    likely pioneer of swirling tech(De Nora),
    China is
    generally advanced along with other water tech by
    taking on rotating water tech (??Elade
    ?????????, ???????????? Ke-Fei),
  • Electro Winning itself is cleantech, but
    depends on how to regard entire mining process
    that includes grounding ores, leaching(dissolving
    minerals, cyanidea Carbon-Nitrogen compound by
    triple bond is used particularly for gold and
    silver) and Electro Extraction, it might not fit
    to clean technology category. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
41Electro Spray Effect mix of Accepted
Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 41Electro Spray, ElectroHydroDynamic
    Atomization Actual water application in this
    tech is mostly minor, also see 58Ionizing
    WM Accepted
    J2(emulsion), Microfluidics. Electrospray for
    Taylor cone/emulsion drops creation, std process,
    uniform DC use. Also Thin-film coating of foods
    by spraying effectively emulsified water-oil, or
    Effective drug delivery (SprayBase),
  • K2(charged water spray enhances combustion 10
    range more than regular sprayed water) This
    research has not found reliable commercialized
    claims but it is a generally known phenomena for
    experts(Kar Hendratna), while less effective(5
    range combustion increase non-electrically
    charged spray water has been commercialized(M-powe
    r BMW, Aquamist-Direct)
  • O2(hydroxyl radical production, bacteria killing
    etc), D3(Drug-hydrophobic matter solubility,
    carrier), E3(Wet scrubbing), often seems to be
    more effective than conventional water only types
    due to use of electric charge, Also superior
    performance than regular Electrostatic
    precipitator, Ionized wet scrubber(Verantis)
    (also Air cleaner, Affect air moisture such as
    fog reducing), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
41Electro Spray continued 2
  • gtgtcontinued WM Accepted

    H3(Efficient paint spray depositing to
    significantly reduce paint cost, Ion depositing)
    standard process in auto painting etc but not in
    others(Graco inc, Electro-Spray, Mesac jp),
    On-site painting at environmentally sensitive
    location eg restaurant, food store(ElectroPainters
    ) but need extra process for recessed area
    painting, water moisture contained in food stock
    is used in food coating process(Gemafoodcoating
    ), Also Foliar feeding for cost effective niche
    farming, Pesticide applied evenly and on target
    to leafs to save costs, Best to finely atomize
    water spray(Martigani, OntargetSpray,), Some
    increased effectiveness claims by adding
    Ultrasonic spray,
  • O3(Electroscopy Chemical analysis) Electro
    Spray Ionization Liquid chromatographymass
    spectrometry etc (NewObjective ), More
    versatile Desorption Electrospray Ionization
  • Unlisted effect Nanofibre production by Taylor
    cone - Electrospinning (Electrospintech,
    Nanonc), - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
41Electro Spray continued 3
  • Generally WM Rejected effect S2(bio enhancing
    way to feed water to plants) Related to
    ionizing/activation of water molecules? Fairly
    common knowledge amongst experimental researchers
    and farmers(Bas Wainwright) doubly effective in
    addition to foliar feeding for niche farming as
    charged water sticks to leaves instead of
    dropping to the ground,
  • Not electrospray but similar presumable
    mechanics very strong effect on acoustically
    treated water spray, or water spray on
    acoustically treated plants combining with plant
    preferred harmonic resonance audio while water
    spray onto plants have significant repeatable
    plant growth effects frequently 1.5-3 times
    growth(WM Fully rejected or Fraud)(Sonic
    Bloom) There is no experimental data found
    whether electrified spray additionally increased
    crops in this method. Same mechanics as
    differently termed Electrostatic spraying(also
    see 25Electrostatic),
    F3(weather modification) see section
    65Artificial Weather - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
42Electroporation(Cold Plasma) Effect Accepted
by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 42Electroporation (can be interpreted as Cold
    Plasma/NonThermal Plasma effect)(also see
    26Electric Pulse), Use of generally AC electric
    field/pulse to increase membrane permeability to
    pass through various particles/liquid/chemicals/mi
    nute organism etc- This section refers to cell
    membrane in relation to bioenhancing by increased
    permeation or its cell membrane breaking effects.
    Following Medical/DNA uses are mainstream widely
    known application, works in or out of water.
  • S2(Bioenhancing) Introducing new DNA to
    cells(ElectroTransformation), C3(Transmembrane-ski
    n blood test/ water gaging), D3(hydrophobic drug
    solubility/carrier/permeability increase)?

  • Somewhat WM media only disputed effects(complete
    WM science) L2(Biofuel extraction) by affecting
    DNA and enhancing fermentation(Syngas Biofuels
    Energy) or simply break the cell
    wall(Irreversible Electroporation) (OpenAlgae,
    OpenCEL Trojan, Vogelsang), joule heating
    emphasis for enhanced wall breaking(Eltron
    research), ?

    effects Dewatering or nutrition extraction from
    food/juice/dairy(eg sugar, protein, enzyme, high
    quality milk-juice-food etc)(Diversified
    technologies, May Ruben Hieco, ??? ??????,, ??????????????, ??????),
  • Internal use (Pokka Sapporo, ????), --gtgt cont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
42Electroporation(Cold Plasma) continued 2
  • gtcontinued WM Accepted tech's disruptive nature
    for food use?

  • This type of WM science legal technology is
    potentially very disruptive since it cant be
    debunked as using mainstream science, This tech
    extracts more nutrition, some case no killing of
    temperature sensitive high value enzyme,
    significantly reduce coloring heating smell
    etc, with much lower cost shorter
    time(1/10-1/50th), and can kill specific
    undesired germ with its unique pulse frequency,
  • Hence it can replace current high energy using
    pasteurization process and end product having
    nutrition much more intact to compete with fresh
    food- ie make it more difficult to have seasonal
    price fluctuation benefits), might need time
    lagged partial step by step mainstream
    introduction, in a way same micro electric
    mechanics as NanoFilter effect --gtgtcont - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
42Electroporation(Cold Plasma) continued 3
  • gtcontinued WM Accepted tech's disruptive nature
    for food use?

  • Furthermore, i-when this becomes mainstream, it
    would be difficult to continue to debunk
    resonance based virus killing for medical use,
    ii-But actually there is enough
    empirical evidence of significant medical effect
    outside virus related chronic disease(and very
    low cost) (For more see this report and look up
    "Rife" Cold Fusion, Other Controversial
    Energy Tech Claims... )
  • Similarly Waste water cleaning effect, Medical
    undesired cell removal/killing, or precision
    surgery (AngioDynamics NanoKnife )
  • Industrial dewatering significantly enhance
    existing ElectroOsmotic/Phoretic method by adding
    what already exists a-high pressure b-joule
    heating, c-moving water micro matter thru
    microchannels by adding ability to break small
    bacteria cell walls in sludge etc(basically
    adding poration effect takes only frequency
    adjustment of electric pulse) Instead of
    moisture content 80 at best by pressure only,
    this brings it to below 50 while using lot less
    energy(Ablewater jp, Kurita jp, AW????????
    ????????? ) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
43Electro-SonoPhoresis Effect mix of Accepted
Disputed by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 43Electro-SonoPhoresis, Electro Ion-to-resis
    sound and electric charge to move elements in
    water, can do so through membrane/skin without
    using syringe or cutting WM Accepted Y2(pH
    acidity control), D3(hydrophobic
    drugsolubility/carrier/permeability increase)
  • WM media level Disputed effect
    C3(Transdermal-skin blood test/water gauging) no
    need for syringe injection, or physical blood
    taking- all done through the skin.

    Unlisted effect Dental application natural
    mineral re-depositing to fill tooth

    ? Medical
    application Acoustic and electric oscillation
    added for various bioenhancement effects(WM
    rejected), WM approved for some pain relief,
    oversweating hands/feet therapy(Hidrexusa),
  • But currently almost ANY low cost tech to compete
    expensive disease treatment is fully WM rejected
    or treated fraud.
  • Seems to need specific accurate frequency to be
    effective for chronic diseases. Also detail
    mechanics are disputed amongst promotors. - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
44Electro-Hydraulic effect Effect mix of
Accepted, Disputed, Rejected by Western
  • 44ElectroHydraulic effect shock like high
    voltage zapping in water causes various effects,
    WM interprets as purely shocking
    effect(temporarily 1000bar), ignoring production
    of not only hydroxyl(then later as H2O2), but
    x-ray, metal molecule structure changing etc
    Most of effects except drilling is identical as
    Rotating magnetic field(part of Torsion field)
    effect(see section 27'Time Variant Magnetic

  • WM Accepted effect Y2(pH acidity control),
    B3(soil-sand oil extraction/separation) This is
    rather disruptive effectiveness applied to
    Enhanced Oil Recovery. Originated in
    Russia(Yutkin) re-packaged/upgraded recently as
    a new tech(Molchanov), and funded by affluent
    group for world wide application hence this part
    of effect is fully WM accepted(Ecotech EOR,
    Novas Energy, BlueSpark Energy) part of Pulsed
    Plasma/Plasma Pulse,
  • Similarly M3(powerful boring or severing,
    cutting effect), drilling deep by powerful Pulsed
    Plasma(it covers non water use also) this effect
    attracted major funding after WM approval(GA
    Drilling), Same tech with space application
    (Zaptech), This is basically same tech as large
    industrial rock shuttering application - which
    also became science legal in West but stays
    obscure without big funding(Tetra-Corporation,, Small portable scale
    device(VLN-tech) - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
44Electro-Hydraulic effect continued 2
  • Many of Electrohydraulic effects are
    unexplainable on shock factor only, hence some

    WM media Disputed effect Russia/Ukraine and
    ex-Soviet nations use more commonly O2(Hydroxyl
    radical production- AOP) P2(Water filtering by
    coagulating some elements in water, hence
    purifying/disinfecting/cleaning effect) these
    effects are often byproduct and not chief
    purpose OH etc producing above O2P2 combo
    effect rare commercialization of ElectroHydraulic
    water electrooxidation(Clear Water Plasma)
    highly economically disruptive overunity type
    efficiency electron avalanche causing standing
    wave - acoustic pulse/cavitation accompanying to
    generate wide range of oxidants in abnormally
    large amount with little electricity use - also
    portable system.
  • Q2(food preservation effect water), V2(low redox
    potential), by electrolysis looking device
    abruptly creating shock in water(,
    - This effect of water is sustained at least
    several days linked to Plasma Activated
    Water(electrical discharge in water). Virtually
    science legalized since PAW has been WM
    approved since around 2010
  • Unlisted but instant molecule structure changing
    type effect of Metal forming(Bmax, Trakonta -
    ????????) this is not necessarily water
    related. N3(shutters small kidney stones)
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