Еколошки, ниска цена, мање позната технологију воде у будућности, што је релевантно за регион Балкана(резиме на српском)/ Clean, Low Cost, Water…(1of11) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Еколошки, ниска цена, мање позната технологију воде у будућности, што је релевантно за регион Балкана(резиме на српском)/ Clean, Low Cost, Water…(1of11)


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Title: Еколошки, ниска цена, мање позната технологију воде у будућности, што је релевантно за регион Балкана(резиме на српском)/ Clean, Low Cost, Water…(1of11)

Four Levels of Clean, Low Cost, Forgotten Water
Technologies for Industrial / Commercial /
Agricultural applications (Part 1of11)
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Ben Rusuisiak New nature paradigm TECH analysis
vancouver, BC, CANADA, Feb10, 2017

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    "???????? ??????" ??? 2030. ??????,


  • ABSTRACT This presentation
    covers some of low cost, water related
    commercialized cleantech that is under-utilized
    or not commonly known to exist at all, in areas
    of 1-Environmental cleaning, 2-HVAC improvement,
    3- Energy extraction, 4-Industrial
    processes, 5-Drinking water generation,
    6-Geoengineering, 7-Desalination wastewater
    treating, 8-Selective bio-enhancing, rust
    prevention etc. Some of them are convertible for
    a use in field of energy, medical, biology,
    weather modification, material science with
    similar advantages. ?
  • One of such effects not fully explainable by
    chemistry, yet officially utilized by some
    non-Western ally nations, is prolonged "water
    structure", or/ "activated" electrical charge
    holding capacity of ions in water. There are
    multiple treatment methods that can cause
    sustained unique capability in plain water for at
    least 4-5 days and used without added chemical or
    solutes. e.g. a-As detergent for commercial
    kitchen, butcher or heavy oil removal, b-Non
    fouling industrial cutting or washing fluid,
    c-Hospital operation room, or food industry
    equipment disinfectant, d-Medical
    oxygen/hydrophobic drug delivery, skin
    disease/infection/organ, upto conventionally
    untreatable chronic disease. e-Plant/animal
    growth increase, brackish water feeding,
    Removing animal residence odor, f-Increase
    strength of concrete, ice, paper, g-Enhance
    flavor of pasta, coffee, bakery, h-Low
    emission fuel making from subgrade incombustible
    hydrocarbon, i-Display chemical or mineral effect
    without chemistry present in water. Some
    exceptionally electrical-active water seems to
    even function as "phase catalyst" and used as
    "plain water concentrate" for similar or more
    robust effects by dilution.?

  • Such Scientific Status gap in water tech by
    nations is fairly common and it affects research
    funding market share of effective processes.
    e.g water treatment by Time variant magnetic
    field Rotating/Concentric Electrode, Far
    InfraRed waves, Hydrodynamic Cavitation,
    Sub/SuperCritical water, Non Anthraquinone H2O2,
    Emulsion fuel, Cold fusion, Resonance H2O
    decomposing, Acoustic Pulsed Fire Dewatering,
    Electro-Scavenging effect for rain generation
    Cosmic Ray based climate change idea. One reason
    for discrediting is they might co-display
    scientifically economically disruptive seeming
    thermodynamic over-unity non-local phenomena.
    But low cost effective way to displace chemical
    based system also have been supported in West
    Electrooxidation/coagulation or multiple ways of
    AOP including Ozone was backed by European groups
    they are now supporting Plasma Activated Water,
    Thermal Hydrolysis, Membrane Distillation,
    various Nano Filtration etc. Others are accepted
    but only for certain use ElectroOsmosis/Poration,
    Metal ion, 3chamber electrolysis, Vacuum
    superheated steam, Steam eductor etc. Overall,
    previously science contested low cost clean water
    tech is increasingly rapidly adopted even by
    multinationals, often accompanied by firm back up
    of mainstream media, science, tech awards. And
    unless spread of this new paradigm stalls soon,
    limitation based "closed system" belief of
    society will fundamentally shift to no-limit
    "open system" before 2030.

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak, Vancouver BC, Canada
  • PART 1
    p10 Crystallization Template
    sssddAssisted, Fluidized Bed etc
    p21 Ozone UV etc p41
    SuperCritical Water etc
  • PART 2 to 11
    p45 Ultrasonic, Cavitation effect, . .
    . Pulsed Combustion Drying

    p61 Nano/UltraFine Bubble etc p67
    PhotoCatalytic water etc
  • p91 Electrolyzed acid water etc p118 Plasma
    Activated Water
    Electrolytic Venturi etc p141 .Magnetic Water
    treatment p157 Phase Catalyst Water

    p181 Torsion field/Scalar
    Wave p190 Far InfraRed, Bioceramic, ..
    Minerals treated etc
  • p221 Pumpable Ice Slurry p228 ElectroSpray
    etc p235 ElectroHydraulic
  • p245 Solar Desalination etc p268 SuperHeated
    Steam etc p288 Magnetic Resonance
    Freezing Thawing
  • p291 Ion projection p298
    Ferrous/Ferrate Ion water p310 Vacuum
    Saturation/DDW, . Steam Jet
  • p338 Plant Polymer Micelle p343 Rain Related
    Weather .. Modification
    p358 Water Technology List

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada

  • This presentation might not always reflect the
    views of mainstream group, particularly of
    western media, large NGOs, wikipedia hence
    attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess
    the data from independent perspective Listed
    commercialized claims include that are
    contradicting mainstream science law or
    effectiveness acceptance level, while empirically
    deemed to produce effects repeatedly. "Cleantech"
    here includes "clean chemicals" that are non
    residual Ozone, Hydrogen Peroxide, Peracetic
    Acid, Plasma/ElectroChemical reaction etc
  • Compared to other industries, water technology
    tends to have wider varied mechanics to achieve
    intended physical effects Labs, schools, even
    conservative mainstream, or mundane looking
    companies often use their own effective unique
    processes not widely known. Many of what is
    covered here are selected technologies known as
    effective in some sectors or by small of
    consumers but not by other sectors.?

    Currently more detailed
    reference list is being produced will be
    published separately The research is updated
    based on reviewing academic papers journals,
    books, speeches, presentations, patents,
    lab/commercialized product testimonies/complaints,
    publications public records of
    NGOs/media/research institutes/think
    tanks/military/space gov't agencies/industry
    associations. Due to space constraints,
    referenced individual names are given with max 3
    letters of first name with entire last
    name(except some non-Western names), company
    names are listed in a way that is findable by
    internet search.
  • 12 page long Water Technology Effect Comparison
    Grid List is located at the end of presentation.

    THIS FILE IS PART 1 of 11
    FILE AT SCRIBDclick here, ISSUUclick
    here, YUMPU click here, or CALAMEO click

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
How to Read Tech Detail Explanation Texts

  • Technology claims are explained in details in
    each of 66 dedicated section in coming pages.
    Example of Hydrodynamic cavitation below
  • Tech effects Code used in tech lists(located at
    end of this presentation) are headed by Boldface
    purple letters as on the right. Code might
    refer to either or both of a-effect of static
    water product, b-process effect itself on water
    rather than water's effect on matter.
  • Commercialized tech claims are listed in(Blue
    Letter ), and within bracket means other
    unnamed companies also claim same effect.
    at example D4 indicates
    particularly effective application.
  • 11Hydrodynamic cavitation WM Accepted effect
    J(BOD reduction, Advanced Oxidizing Process,
    toxin/oil field waste water/sludge
    decomposing)(WhirlWind.nl), For ballast
    water(Globallast ua), Enhanced oil recovery-
    additional hydrocarbon quality improvement(Arisdyn
  • Sometimes WM Disputed effect, A(Descaling), HVAC
    application(HyCator, VRTX Technologies), Pipe
    cleaning(Group Konstanta ???????), Dairy
    product flow pipe descaling is WM
    rejected(TEKMASH) B(anticorrosion of water
    pipes), C(Algae removal)(CT Systems ua),

66 Under utilized Water Technologies 1-26
  • 66 Technology names Well established mainstream
    application might be omitted from effect
    explanations. Same techs are listed twice.
  • PART1

    TAC(Template Assisted), FBC(Fluidized Bed)
    2-Pulsed Power, 3-KDF, 4-Metal Ion,
    5-Natural Acid, 6-Ozone, 7-UV,
    8-Aeration/Anaerobic, 9-Sub SuperCritical
    Water/Thermal Liquefaction
  • PART2-11

    10-Ultrasonic, Sonic Cavitation
    water, Acoustic Pulse Fire Drying

    11-HydroDynamic Cavitation, 12-Spiral Vortex
    flow, Rankine Vortex
    14-PhotoCatalytic Water treatment
  • 15-Electro Deionization(EDI) Capacitive
    16-Electrolysis Alkaline water, 17-Electrolysis
    Acid water
    18-Electrolysis Acid-Alkaline mixed,
    19-Boron Diamond Electrolysis
    20-Electro Phoresis/migration/reclamation,
    21-Fulvic Acid water
    22-Nano Material Used Filter,
    23-Plasma Activated Water(PAW)/H2O2

    24-Electrolytic Metal Alloy Venturi,
    25-ElectroStatic treated water
    26-Electric field

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
66 Under utilized Water Technologies 27-47
  • 27-Time Variant Magnetic Field treatment
    Rotating Magnetic Field
    28-Phase Catalyst water or
    Catalytic Water
    Hydrogen dissolved water
  • 30-EM Other Antioxidant type Micro-organism
    activated water
    31-Torsion field Subtle
    field treated water
  • 32-Scalar wave phase conjugated paired wave
    treated water
    33-Mineral, Bioceramic, FIR/Thz wave treated
    water 34-Vacuum
    Freezing, 35-Vacuum Flash Vaporization/Vacuum
    Distillation. 36-Water jet, 37-Water Emulsion,
    38-Pumpable Ice Slurry
    39-Sabatier Reaction
    Hydrocarbon production by CO2 H2O
  • 40-Electro Deposition/ElectroWinning, Plasma
    Electrolyte Polishing
    41-ElectroSpray, 42-ElectroPoration, 43-Electro
    44-Electro Hydraulic effect,
    45-ElectroDialysis/Bipolar Membrane

    46-ElectroFloatation, 47-ElectroHeating

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
66 Under utilized Water Technologies 48-66
  • 48-Nitrogen Carbon Dioxide infused water

    49-Solar Distillation, Solar Water
    treatment, Atmospheric Water Collector

    50-SuperCritical Water(also SubCritical,
    Low Temp Hydrolysis, Steam Plasma)
  • 51-SuperHeated Steam, 52-Degassing/Degassed pure
    53-Biochar/Classic Carbon UV treated water

    54-Slow Acoustic Pulse wave, 55-Nano
    Material Treated water
    56-NanoFiltration water
  • 57-Electric Magnetic Resonance Freezing-Thawing

    58-Ionizing Projection in air-mist

    59-Ferrous Ferric/Ferrate Ion,
    Its oscillation treated water, Iron Sulphate
    water. 60-Vacuum Saturation heating or cooling
    Deuterium Depleted Water. 61-Membrane
  • 62-Mineral, FarInfraRed, High Pressure treated
    water, Deep Sea Water
    63-Other Anomalous Processes
    from overunity energy to "ORMUS" making.
    64-Plant NanoPolymer applied water, 65-Rain
    Related Weather Modification. 66-Atmospheric
    Water Generator

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
1Crystallization Effect Accepted by Western
Mainstream(WM) as valid
  • 1Crystallization Crystallizing water
    dissolved matter to recover certain material as
    solids, in this section a-Template Assisted
    Crystallization, b-Fluidized Bed Crystallization
    are covered(For Freeze Crystallization see
    section 34').
  • a-Template Assisted Crystallization TAC This
    particular naming is branded used in English
    speaking nations but other names/no particular
    names used in other nations. Water treating resin
    bead media with special surface triggers
    nucleation pattern of dissolved elements
  • WM Accepted effect A(Scale prevention in water
    pipe) Calcium Carbonate CaCO3 etc crystallizes
    in microscopic scale when it passes TAC media so
    that it remains in water instead of depositing
    onto the water pipe wall as hard scale
  • B(anti-corrosion in water pipe) rarely this
    claim is made as most companies in this category
    are focused in core Western Mainstream(WM)
    market, but it is possible some of TAC media
    might be triggering additional effects by WM
    unapproved mechanics such as i-charge creation by
    ceramic beads hitting each other, or ii-some kind
    of non-light-photolytic process or metal ion,
    iii-some media contains metal, magnet particles,
    or FarInraRed emitting bioceramic which has same
    effect etc. Pipe descaling effect seems to be
    much faster than magnetic or electric field types
    Might be less effective at heavy solutes
    contained. Commercialized examples Watercryst,
    Nextfiltration, OneFlow

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
1Crystallization continued 2
  • b-Fluidized Bed Crystallization(FBC)/Pellet
    Reactor Crystallized pellets of various
    minerals/heavy metal etc are recovered or
    reused(eg Calcium Carbonate CaCO3Calcite etc)
    at drinking water or wastewater processing. This
    method often involves chemical dosage but
    non-chemical cleantech option exists.

  • WM Accepted effect A(Scale prevention in water
    pipe), By water softening effect combined with
    resource recovery fine sand/silica/calcium on a
    fluidized bed become nucleus for inorganic
    material to continue crystallizing to pellet size
    for recovery utilization, Substantial
    installation in Netherlands but in most other
    hardwater countries especially Americas it
    remains underused or not used at all. Deployed
    at small to large drinking water treatment
    facilities(Hydro-Elektrik GmbH, Veolia Actina,
    Reststoffenunie Waterleidingbedrijven BV,
    Symphonic water solutions) cleantech option is
    non injection of low impact chemical(Caustic soda
    NaOH, Lime CaOH2) to raise pH for enhanced
    crystallization. Lime pellets recovered are used
    for fertilizer/steel/cement/construction industry
  • New calcite nucleus(not sand) pellet growth for
    higher quality lime for increased return(Waternet

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
1Crystallization continued 3
  • --gtgtcont b-Fluidized Bed Crystallization(FBC)/Pel
    let Reactor
  • Unlisted effect(Resource or toxin, heavy metal
    recovery) in addition to water softening
    purpose, FBC's ability to crystallize solutes in
    water is used for wastewater cleaning combined
    with resource recovery. This method often
    deploys chemical dosage, but some companies can
    use cleantech method of non chemical dose or it
    is all recovered for reuse hence no effluent is
    produced(Century Water Systems, Ever-clear
    ????????????? ).

    Phosphorus Recovery (Royal HaskoningDHV -
    Crystalactor), add magnesium dosed for
    crystallization of phosphorus but all recovered
    for fertilizer use (Mitsubishi Kakoki, PHOSNIX -
    Hitachi Zosen), But unlike other processes, for
    this purpose, there are many innovative method
    that must always use low dose chemical/polymer
    for flocculation(hence not covered in this
    research) that are as or in some cases more
    effective/lower cost.
  • P(Sludge reduction), S(separation of waste
    toxin) as a result this enables separation of
    unprocess-able elements, reduces sludge to be
    handled at rest of wastewater process make more
    entire system to function more effectively
    (particularly Anaerobic Digestion) by providing
    concentrated sludge feedstock.

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
2Pulsed Power Effect Accepted by Western
Mainstream(WM) as valid
  • 2Pulsed Power Strong Electromagnetic field
    pulsation causes water and dissolved ion molecule
    behavior to be affected
  • For some effects like pipe scale prevention,
    official WM acceptance occurs only in Pulsed
    Power categorization while other much lower cost
    system with essentially the same mechanics tech
    are pseudoscience treatment(actually the portion
    of higher H2O2 type Reactive Species are
    generated with Pulsed Power via plasma generation
    in water but this is often not mentioned as
    difference by WM). Such as 25Electrostatic
    26Alternating Electric field, 27Alternating
    Magnetic field, and to some extent
    24Electrolytic metal ion and venturi do generate
    some micro plasma by some of effective models.
    High powered pulse is easier to make microplasma
    or even larger plasma in water(for some unclear
    reason certain weaker power systems seem to be
    able to make one also frequency? waveform?)
  • Only difference is high cost of device,
    frequency(in some cases) how much high power is
    used to generate the effect. It might be
    beneficial for seller of similar tech products to
    use Pulsed Power as branding name for WM
    acceptance, which might seem to happen with some
    weaker power using devices.

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
2Pulsed Power continued 2
  • WM Accepted effect A(Descaling),
    B(unti-corrosion), C(algae stifling) by altering
    electric charge of CaCO3 type elements so that it
    would continue to be suspended in water instead
    of attaching to pipe walls, or stifle germs
    activity, High power devices also caused by
    shockwaves to rupture cell walls, Also effective
    in fouling control by different mechanics but
    same microplasma type generating Microwave
    induction(Onvector), also widely known to
    increase microwave plasma induction by ultrasonic
    wave, H(oil water separation, demulsion), J(Waste
    water cleaning), P(Sludge reduction or odor
    remove), H2(Dewatering), See section
    42Electroporation for more of above J,P,
  • Commercialized eg (Dolphin WaterCare, Griswold
    Water System, Genesis Environmental Service co)
  • As generally in West, this type of contrast
    often happens to coincide when existing tech
    lobbying is strong enough to deny tech validity
    of lower cost same effect technology across
    different industry sectors(eg energy industry
    Water emulsion of unburnable oil into low
    emission fuel, medical industry Vaccine, Cancer
    treatment exclusive only valid treatment while
    clearly documented more effective much lower cost
    techs are legally banned from quoting evidence
    and witness).

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
3KDF Effect mix of Accepted Disputed by
Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 3KDF(Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) Media with
    copper-zinc formulation, some relation to
    24Electrolytic metal water treatment, Works by
    triggering electrochemical oxidation reduction(by
    copper and zinc in the media) to water for CaCO3
    etc to remain in solution. Also ion reaction for
    bacteria stifling effect. Often used with
    Activated Carbon or a part of many filtering in a
    drinking water system. Stand along system usually
    need backwash every month or more, Usually piggy
    backing other media or filters combined in
    treatment system WM Accepted effect C(Algae
    germ stifling)
  • Sometimes media Disputed effects, but WM science
    accepted A(antiscale of pipes), B(anti
    corrosion), Commercialized eg (CuZn Water,
    TowerClean, H2O Concepts )

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
4Metal Ion Effect mix of Accepted Disputed by
Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 4Metal Ion Metal ions of Silver/Copper/Zinc
    to dissolve into water,

    WM Accepted effects CD(Algae germ stifling as
    process or as water), N(Food detergent),

  • Sometimes WM media level Disputed A(Descaling
    water pipes)(BrightWater Environmental )

  • Weaker effects Result is stronger in as "full
    effect" when offered by certain specific mix of
    metal ions(often to do with silver see
    "colloidal or ionic solution" at section 63') or
    some kind of "EM wave amplification" types
    offered by some companies. Effect gap in this
    area depended on technology might be significant.
    This seem to include metal ion itself becomes
    or/and surrounding water into biologically active
    resonance state with selective bioenhancing
    controlling ability H(oil water separation),
    K(Dirty lake, river, ocean water cleaning, fish
    enhancement) significant result in smaller sized
    pond, but effect is weak in ocean or flowing
  • Commercialized eg(Cromwell Environment
    Technologies, Nevoton, Ocion, Procare Water
    Treatment, AquaSmarter VALTECH, Exterminator
    Pond), Unique Silver ion H2O2 mix for
    augmented effect of "stabilized" hydrogen
    peroxide(Roam Technology Huwa San - BioXeco,
    Sanosil AG, ) or catalyzed?(Hei Hungerbach) WM
    sometimes insist Ag should decompose H2O2.
  • Unclear but seemingly similar mechanics
    Specialty electroplating process of nickel which
    reacts to water, for significantly increased germ
    killing even over silver(Kobelco KENIFINE) can
    be applied to paint as powder, surface is too
    hard to scratch away.

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
5Natural Acid Effect mix of Accepted Disputed
by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 5Natural Acids Here only a few of them are
    highlighted from large of acids that can be
    referred to as naturally fast degradable(hence no
    toxin) acids synthesizable from natural
    ingredients(but usually chemically produced for
    commercial purpose including ingredients).
  • Some are fully generated by natural environment
    or bio organism. Due to no residual this
    qualifies as water cleantech. Also see
    Hypochlorous acid(HOCl) at section 17'
    18'Electrolysis, 19'Fulvic acid(C14H12O8). Very
    widely used H2O2 is not covered in this

    i- Citric Acid(C6H8O7)
    Commercialized eg (NuvoH2O, eH2O, Precision
    Dynamics). Standard process in oil
    refining/degumming, but under-utilized usage as
  • WM Accepted effect D(general cleaning), in rare
    cases product is used without chemical mix on
    commercial scale. --gtgtcont

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
5Natural Acid continued 2
  • --gtgtcont i-Citric Acid
  • Disputed for commercialized benefit by some media
    or conventional water treatment company linked
    articles, Effects are widely accepted as valid
    for historical traditional manual home type
    applications but far less of academic documents
    to officially approve practicality for commercial
    use, while some industry linked credible groups
    deny its effectiveness. Many chemical scale or
    other water related treatment methods combine
    citric acid with other chemical/mechanics.
  • A(Descaling), as chelating agent to soften water
    by reacting with CaCO3 type scale elements,
    H(oil-water separation), M(Spray, soak water to
    last food, less mold), N(Food detergent),
    Y(Insectcide, herb stifler),
  • Weaker effect B(Decorrosion or rust prevention),
    F(Laundry detergent as water), i.e. effective
    only in narrower range of situation.

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
5Natural Acid continued 3
  • ii--Peracetic Acid(C2H4O3)(PAA, Peroxyacetic
    acid) Full std process in many industrial
    applications with very large volume used, but
    significant regional/industrial segment
    acceptance gap with particularly low level in
    consumer use or water treatment related
    application. Might require modification in flow
    system installation due to high metal
    corrosivity. Basically a mix of vinegar and
    hydrogen peroxide. More maintained oxidation
    ability with organic matter mix, also effective
    at lower temperature operation. Even now
    occasional cleantech debunking occurs described
    as "harmful residual chemical" by a small part of
    mainstream or cleantech promotor by lumping
    together with other chemicals that are toxic.
    Some large commodity Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2)
    producers actively participate for specific end
  • WM Accepted effect Many offer cross-over
    effects A(Descaling), useable for heavy scale
    depositing situation(Evonik DEGACLEAN),
    C(algae-germ killing),(Vetoquinol HYPEROX),
    D(general cleaning, disinfectant)(??????? ),
    F(Laundry detergent as water)(Belinka Perkemija
  • J(cleaning wastewater)(USP Technologies, Solvay
    Chemicals) low initial infra cost and simple
    operation advantage, Strong enough to have
    effective results on oil field fracking water
    (PeroxyChem VigorOx, Ecolab NALCO Champion),
    85-100 water recycling as a module system(Organo
    jp, ............................................
    ......................... additionally even
    hot water heat is recovered for use(Kurita),
    L(drinking water generation), usually for
    domestic stock/animal(Agraplan Peraclean, Tevan
    Panox), --gtgtcont
  • ?ing ???????????? ARRoWS ),

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
5Natural Acid continued 4
  • --gtgtcont ii--Peracetic Acid?

    M(Spray on seed/crops to disinfect)(Jet Harvest,
    PERAgreen Solutions), N(Food detergent)(Enviro
    Tech Chemical Services, ?????? "????")
  • Strong oxidizer, Fast complete degradation,
    freezing point -40C. Many effects are quite
    potent after high dilution used in some
    industrial disinfection over toxic chemicals even
    when it is not issue, while underused in other
    sectors. There is added synergy by pretreatment
    effect for UV. Many also offer in powder form to
    be diluted by water for use(Atomesbio BIOXY),
  • Other H2O2 based Peracetic acid
    variation(Freebac), H2O2 Formic acid gt
    Performic acid(CH2O3 freezing point -18C)(Kemira
    DesinFix), Other acid mix(Novus ACTIVATE wd)
    there are many other variations that are
    biodegradable and low cost. Also Most products
    are transported stored before application, but
    there are 25-40 less cost Peracetic Acid onsite
    production upto 30 range concentration type
    grades from various chemicals(Peracetic Acid
    Systems), while Water Air based onsite
    production is much lower cost(Eltron Water
    IMPAACT)(max 330,000ppm) with negligible vol
  • Other Natural Acids that are mainly limited to
    DIY type use small scale utilization with some
    of prementioned situations, and it is possible to
    use cost effectively in many situations as is or
    by blending with other natural acids, but in most
    industrial situations mixed with chemicals eg
    Ascorbic Acid(C6H8O6 Vitamin C), Acetic
    Acid(CH3COOH Vinegar) etc.

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
6Ozone Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed,
Rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 6Ozone Part of std process in early stage
    water disinfection, but rare to replace chlorine
    as final stage drinking water treatment before
    circulation mainly due to regulations(Xylem
    Wedeco). Despite some WM claims of opposite,
    cost can be already lower than chemical tech in
    majority of cases.
  • Also when not isolate Ozone only effect, other
    byproduct radicals co-produced its synergy seem
    to magnify effect(can be 2-20 fold more effective
    with likely by Hydroxyl generationOH) there
    are many other ways than UV to produce
    Electrolytic Ozone Generation(Biotek-Ozone),
    Spiral vortex water ozone generator
    (Ailove.co.jp), Platinum based coating(with
    Ir, Ru or Rh) of Titanium electrode (Tanaka
    Kikinzoku) etc, Concentrated -supersaturated
    ozone dissolved in water by bubble size
    pressure control etc (BlueInGreen, AirTree
    Ozone). Plasma/Corona discharge in water(Ebara
    EJK jp, Ozomax inc) often in pulse mode,
    Emphasis on duel insitu sterilization by two
    choices with H2O2(Teknomar), also see 19Diamond
    Electrolysis, Catalyst based Ozone(Ozontech
    Systems AB) some effective ones seem to be
    ozone water exposed to corona/plasma discharge,
    Ceramic based Ozone likely
    other reactants co-producing(Medklinn) ?

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
6Ozone continued 2
  • WM Accepted effects In some nations not widely
  • CD(Algae-germ stifling process, or as water
    short term) Ozonated ice/Ozone ice is rarely
    used application outside of prolonged fish
    preservation(O3-Matic, KoronaOzon), Claims WM
    unapproved max 20ppm ozone dissolved
    (???????? ????)

    I(grease trap cleaning, kitchen odor
    removal)(Kanplakun, Oxytech GmbH), Long lasting
    Stabilized Aqueous Ozone(Tersano), Low temp
    Medical Sterilization(TSO3), Partial agriculture
    pesticide replacement while crop growth is
    enhanced by increased oxygen supply(AgOzein, AgO3
    nz), Wine industry(Pacific Ozone), Semi
    pseudoscientized effective dental
    treatment(healOzone), ?

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
6Ozone continued 3
  • --gtcont WM Accepted effects

    J(AOPAdvanced Oxidation Process waste water
    treatment etc) organic mater is decomposed
    instead of absorbtion type process like filtering
    which requires another process (also see 7'UV),
    Ozone type AOP often involves H2O2, OH-(Hydroxide
    ion), Singlet Oxygen(1O2 excited state,
    regular ground state is triplet3O2) etc
    co-production of Electrolytic related activity
    which generates OH(hydroxyl radical), but there
    seems to be other multiple ways of OH production
    that is not understood/agreed upon(Silver Bullet

    AOP is offered by many ozone
    electrolyzer providers but still underutilized in
    many sectors/nations(Note non-ozone based AOPs
    are also listed here to give comparison).
  • Companies' focus on different mechanics i-Ozone
    H2O2(Trussell Technologies), ii-H2O2
    UV(Calgon Carbon Sentinel - Rayox) can be used
    for wastewater as well as drinking water with
    residual Hydrogen Peroxide to replace chlorine if
    regulation allows (also generally no risk for O3
    related Bromate byproducts), iii-Ozone water UV
    (Spartan ULTRAZONE), iv-Some use all major
    multiple combo i-iii to maximize multiple
    reactive specie production, and can deliver mega
    size wastewater oxidation system(Ozonia -
    Degrémont - SUEZ, TrojanUV), v-Nanobubble Ozone
    increases effect when organic material attaches
    to negative electron of finebubble
    surface(Sumitomo Seimitsu Kogyo), vi-Some
    combine with Hydrodynamic cavitation(Ozomax
    inc), Others combine cavitation from Ultrasonic
    Hydrodynamic to further significantly augment
    effect for high flow AOP(OZONIX Ecosphere Tech)

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
6Ozone continued 4
  • --gtgtcont WM Accepted effects J(AOP)

    Some focus on niche markets
    i-Competitive in Pulp paper bleaching(ZeTrac
    Valmet - Metso), ii-Ground remediation by all
    insitu generation electrochemical process(Kerfoot
    Technologies), or by high pressure pulse mode
    injection of Ozone H2O2 (Applied Process
    Technologies APTwater HiPOx), iii--For Produced
    Flowback water at Oil industry(atg UV),
    iv--Mini AOP portable device(Ozo-Pen), v-For
    ocean water fishpond, or hot spring baths(Toyo
    Valve ????????), etc Under-explored regularly
    claimed effects, H(effective in water oil
    separation), M(food disinfection), N(food
    detergent, Ozone/Ultrasonic can combine to
    increase effectiveness), R(metal precision, high
    tech parts washing) Wafer, semiconductor,
    LCD(liquid crystal display), photomask parts,
    ozone nanobubble infused water is most effective
    washing fluid in some parts(MKS Instruments,
    Nomura nms, Ovivowater ), W(degassing)
    E(Industrial type cleaner), S(coagulation, toxin
  • Sometimes Disputed effects, A(pipe scale
    prevention by stifling biological element),
    Strong AOP insitu reactive specie mix for
    drastically reduce or eliminate chemical blowdown
    (Ozomax inc, BWT Coolzon, OzoCan),),
    B(corrosion prevention)(Ozone Elettronica - De

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
6Ozone continued 5
  • Generally WM media Rejected effects,
    significantly lower cost version by Ozone use and
    already major commercial use in some regions
  • F(laundry, detergent as water or process,
    effective in cold water use(unless washing load
    is very dirtythen use lukewarm, Ozone dissolved
    type is more effective than direct air ozone
    injection, Some still uses reduced small amount
    of detergent to activate its effect) eg
    PureWash, Guardian Manufacturing, Air Trona )
    Often plasma type method is used(can involve UV
    pulse), co-producing H2O2, Hydroxyl Radical etc,
    some combine other pseudoscientific methods to
    increase effectiveness(eg Magnetic water
    EcoWasher), Nanobubble use(Cwtozone), Validity
    confirmation of low cost and effectiveness is
    sometimes avoided by WM academic while still
    appealed as complete pseudoscience at main
    media(targeting consumer market), but amongst
    scientists and industrial sector this tech is a
    common sense and regularly used,

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
6Ozone continued 6
  • --gtgtcont Generally WM media Rejected effects,
    significantly lower cost version by Ozone use and
    already major commercial use in some regions
  • Z(Plant growth enhancementaside from
    disinfection by irrigation) Mainly Plasma
    Activated water/Electrosprayed water containing
    Ozone or separately ozone water makes plant
    robust while reducing needs for pesticide(develop
    resistance), Some insist effect is only due to
    extra oxygen(Oxion Inc), Enhancing
    roots(Novozone ltd), Something more than just
    delivering extra oxygen its effects(Mountain
    High Water, Ozonetrust.ir).
  • Academical interpretation is soil quality
    enhanced with electrolyte concentration and more
    absorbing softer soil even clays, UV irradiation
    might be additionally required(Han Steffen).
    Additionally saves water also(Climate Control
    Systems Inc, Creative OZ-Air pvt), This effect
    resembles Phase Catalyst Water production
    methods(see section 28', also 23'Plasma Activated
    Water, 41'Electrospray )
  • Unlisted effects Water oil emulsion fuel etc
    production Rotating Electrode(also Concentric
    Cylinder Electrode or vortex swirling type
    electrode)use 25 more efficient ozone generator
    use(Inpal net)

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
7UV UltraViolet ray Effect mix of Accepted,
Disputed, Fully rejected by Western Mainstream(WM)
  • 7UV, widely deployed effect, Not always same
    effect as 6Ozone tech due to some UV types
    incorporate various reactive species
    generation(H2O2 etc leading to Hydroxyl Radical
    production strongest "nonchemical" type
    oxidizer) for disruptive level effect(WM media
    sometimes unapproved).
  • Also as effect itself one fundamental difference
    is UV simply disinfects, but Ozone has oxidation
    capability, while UV exposure of Ozone generates
    amplified disinfection ability with Hydroxyl
    generation. But especially on effective
    versions, exact detail on i-catalyst/electro
    chemical process, ii-what reactants are
    co-produced, or iii-what chemical interaction
    types of oxidizing takes place in their reactions
    seem to be both secret unclearly identified at
    the same time. Even cost for non-AOP/regular
    type UV is increasingly becoming lower cost than
    chemical system overall by various tech
    advancement environmental regulation

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
7UV continued2
  • --gtgtLowering cost of various UV techs
  • i Electrodeless UV lamp by microwave/plasma use
    for instant turn on off, light direction
    flexibility, adjust light, low heat etc (Severn
    Trend Denora, MEC co Ltd ), ii similar benefits
    in LED UV/UV-C LED/Excimer UV(laser like
    concentration to focus on selectivity)
    (Aquisense, Aquionics, Acuva Technologies,
    RayVio), often significant effectiveness
    dependence on UV equipment makers, and sometimes
    owned by them, Original UV inventor offering
    water treatment is rare(U-VIX), iii Unique
    quartz inlined water pipe to continuously reflect
    UV light in very effective way combined with
    ultrasonic transducer to prevent
  • iv Non water contact easy maintenance UV lights
    surround transparent wastewater pipe with self
    cleaning turbulent flow(Enaqua Grundfos), v
    Vertical reactor flow control(Ozonia aquaray
    SUEZ), vi Further stronger high powered UV
    pulse(in some cases takes 1/30-40 time of
    continuous UV)(Xenex, Excelitas, econos ????)
    AOP type effect.

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
7UV continued3
  • --gtgtvarious UV techs
  • For AOP Level strength i Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2
    co-production and eventual Hydroxyl radical
    generation seems to be one of key factors for
    high effectiveness(compared to Ozone only, far
    stronger effects produced by synergy with other
    insitu produced reactants) as repeated often in
    7'UV 6'ozone section, including Photo Fenton
    Reaction(Enviolet), but also
    ii some irradiate Ozone water with UV for
    significantly amplified effect(Sen Lights UZON),
    iii TiO2UV - Photocatalytic combo,
  • WM Accepted effect C(bacteria stifling at pool
    etc), J(AOP process or/and disinfection)
    Commercial pool doable with on par or superior
    effects(DEL Ozone), Ballast water(Alfa Laval,
    Hyde Marine, BIO-SEA/BIO-UV),

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
7UV continued4
  • --gtgtcont WM Accepted effect
  • Super high performance officially pre-made enough
    vol of Hydrogen Peroxide(H2O2) feeding for waste
    water treatment combo with UV system exists since
    1990s(ULTROX, Vulcan - Calgon Carbon Perox-Pure)
    which was often shelved by buyouts other
    methods etc, but actually many seem to be capable
    of further disruptive waterair based insitu
    production of low concentration H2O2 with UV
    combo(Eltron Water PeroxEgen) this tech's
    effectiveness is sometimes WM debunked as "UV
    cannot penetrate well even slight turbid water".
    Shirt pocket carried mini device(SteriPen),

    While Sometimes WM
    Disputed effects are A(pipe descaling) by
    production of H2O2, Ozone, Hydroxyl(Silver Bullet
    Water) this company also claims Singlet Oxygen
    production as a cause. Occasionally claimed
    effect of above temporarily decomposed water
    functions as E(Industrial cleaner),

    Weaker occasionally claimed
    effects S(Coagulation, toxin separation).

    Other commercialized eg (UV Pure, Phonix
    Science and Technology, LG Innotek ) ?

    Fully rejected Prolonged UV treatment combined
    with other processes(pressure, distillation-conden
    sation repetition, temperature, cavitation,
    electrolysis) produces electrically active
    capacity holding or bioenhancing effect
    water(Penta AquaRX)

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
8Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic
Digestion Effect mix of Accepted, Disputed,
Rejected by (WM)
  • 8 Aeration Aerobic Bacteria Activation(See
    ?Anaerobic Digestion 6 pages later) Also see
    30'EM, 13'Nanobubble/Finebubble/Microbubble
  • Air or oxygen as dissolved in water is circulated
    so that aerobic bacteria is activated to consume
    organic waste faster. Most std process in many
    parts of drinking water waste water treatments,
    but not in other processes. There are less
    deployed but notable combined stronger claims
    with Ultrasonic, Microbubble(down to more
    effective Nanobubble/Ultrafine Bubble) for
    enhanced effects.
  • WM Accepted widely used effects C(Algae
    stifling) different elements can make the process
    ineffective, S(Coagulation), H(oil-water
    separation) std process, J(waste water
    cleaning) Although activated sludge process with
    separate aeration settling tanks are starting
    to become common amongst existing sewer waste
    water treatment system, Membrane BioReactor
    MBR(faster processing smaller space taking,
    scalable sizing) is already mainstream standard
    on new installation level(Bio Microbics). Some
    claim to function with 1/2 size of regular MBR
    tank size(Kubota), ?--gtgtcont

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
8Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion
continued 2 Aeration Aerobic Bacteria 2
  • --gtgtcont WM Accepted widely used effects
    J(wastewater aeration)
  • Other competitive low cost effective aerations
    by i- selecting bacteria that needs less
    oxygen(American Water NPXpress),
    ii- very high oxygen
    retention large biofilm area generation
    Membrane Aerated Biofilm ReactorMABR(Emefcy, GE
    water ZeeLung, OxyMem ), aerating nano ceramic
    "gill"(BioGill), similar?(Microvi), iii- deep
    vertical underground shaft with separate up/down
    controlled flow to maximize hyperbaric
    oxygenation(NORAM VERTREAT), iv- pressurized
    oxygen feeding with rotating ceramic membrane
    disc that diffuses fouling(Grundfos BioBooster),
    v- Aerobic and
    Anaerobic processes take place alternatingly
    (AtlasEnergyTech - Baswood BioViper), vi-
    Simple containerized highly adoptable non reactor
    type single-pass treatment by advanced composite
    polymer material enhanced biofilm filter media
    system(Island Water Tech REGEN), --gtgtcontinued

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
8Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion
continued 3 Aeration Aerobic Bacteria 3
  • --gtgtcont WM Accepted widely used effects
    J(wastewater aeration)

    Other competitive low cost effective aerations
  • vii- Unique low maintenance tray based compact
    Air Stripping system(not packed tower which is
    mainstream in many nationsTonka Water, Layne
    Christensen) that removes almost all toxic VOC
    Volatile Organic Compounds (QED Environmental
    Systems, Carbonair),
    viii- Supersaturated /concentrated air
    or oxygen dissolved in water by bubble size
    pressure control etc(BlueInGreen) ix-
    Combination of aeration and hydrodynamic

    This is not really
    aeration, but at about 10 size of equivalent
    performing conventional primary treatment
    settling tank with 1/2 power use with improved
    overall performance by Rotating Belt
    Filtration(screen belt) is still not well
    propagated in some markets(Hydro International
    Hydro MicroScreen, Blue Water Eco MAT), same
    mechanics with sludge dewatering added(Salsnes

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
8Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion
continued 4 Aeration Aerobic Bacteria 4
  • --gtcont WM Accepted widely used effects J(waste
    water cleaning) Membrane BioReactor(MBR)

    In addition to smaller
    tank, 20-30 less energy use low CAPEX by
    aerobic granular sludge generating quicker
    setting(Royal HaskoningDHV Nereda) initiated by
    Delft Univ.(There is slight disputing on
    effectiveness at media level)
  • Although some universities in West pioneer new
    water technology commercialization, This group
    from Netherlands has most frequently been the
    driving force of bringing in previous
    pseudoscience into WM as science legal effects.
    Often when they publish western unapproved but
    non western nations granted effects, suddenly it
    becomes "discovered" other western scientists
    can officially start studying it for the first
  • L(Drinking water production) Slow Sand
    Filter(SSF) by biofilm effect(schmutzdecke) has
    been long used as very effective low cost method
    with essentially only cost is occasional sand
    cleaning. Mostly replaced by "new conventional"
    methods since around 1950s by exaggerated media
    ineffectiveness appeal, lack of profitability
    (when this system is sold compared to other
    mechanical-chemical types) short term land
    sales profit in low cost land area, and genuinely
    higher cost in super high land cost area.

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
8Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion
continued 5 Aeration Aerobic Bacteria 5
  • --gtgt cont WM Accepted L(Drinking water
    production) Slow Sand Filter(SSF) by biofilm

    Its high effectiveness in removing
    heavy metal to undesired bacteria is not fully WM
    explained. Also effective as activated sludge
    combined waste water treatment is now becoming
    under-utilized status on new installation basis,
    replaced by another bio process MBR(Membrane
  • Given established economic system, more suitable
    to install new in poor nations with low cost land
    that doesn't disrupt local overall business
    structure. With mechanical sand cleaning system,
    low cost labour is no longer essential. Cost
    competitiveness diminishes in long freezing
    season area(BioSand Filter - Manz Engineering,
    Bushproof, South Asia Pure Water Initiative),
    Often due to low profitability(too cheap) notable
    NGOs handling rather than prv companies(similar
    phenomena to solar desalination or atmospheric
    water collector)(DHAN Vayalagam foundation), but
    some eco conscious Western companies are taking
    up again(Osmo Sistemi)
  • J(waste water cleaning) effect in sludge
    digestion by some high aeration methods has
    WM media occasionally
    Disputed portion as to whether non-conventional
    aeration methods are much more effective than
    regular aeration types. In certain
    applications/situations some are reported to
    demonstrate disruptively increased effectiveness
    in following types Spiral aerator type(Pax Water
    Technologies), Z(bioenhancement, extra plant
    growth)(Seair inc)

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Research,
Vancouver, Canada
8Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion
continued 6 Aeration Aerobic Bacteria 6
  • --gtgtcont J(waste water cleaning) WM media
    occasionally Disputed Portion
    Bottom up spiral vortex
    bubble aerator(Hanasaki Bussan Neo Tornado),
    Bottom up slow pulsed air seems to save 50-95 of
    energy with low maintenance no moving parts
    mechanics variety of unconventional favorable
    side effects(Pulsair Systems, Pulsed Hydraulics
    inc, Geyser Pulse Pumps ) this tech is widely
    used for a long time by military types and many
    mainstream organizations in specific segment
  • Oloid aeration for surface floating
    device(Oloid.ch) likely the most effective in
    exclusive surface aeration tech, BioCeramic
    contained microbe use(BioCleaner), Cavitation
    Jet(DynaSwirl), Some unidentified bacteria combo
    seem to have pseudoscientifically effective
    results(Sludge Solutions International), Adding
    infused microbubbles ultrasound(Blue Frog
    System) for smaller nanosized Ultra fine bubble
    aeration(Anzaimcs) see 13Nanobubble. For
    Vortex types see 11HydroDynamic Cavitation
    12Spiral Vortex Flow. For Aerobic/Anaerobic
    digestion also see 30EM.
  • Generally WM Rejected effect D2(Human preferred
    selective herb-insect removing), G2(energy/fuel
    production), microbial EOR(New AERO technology)
    cleantech mainstream level acceptance is
  • Unlisted Effect Unusually low energy use(80-90
    less) effective aeration decomposing of waste
    water when rapidly changing pressure was applied
    as liquid travels to out of rotating treating
    drums via settling tanks Bio-Disk Rotating
    Biological Contractor (????? ?????? ?????? .?.?
    E.P.C. ltd Bio-Disk)

linkedin.com/in/newnatureparadigm - Ben
Rusuisiak Specialty Cleantech Analysis,
Vancouver, Canada
8Aeration, Aerobic Bacteria, Anaerobic Digestion
continued 7 Anaerobic Digestion(AD)
  • ?Anaerobic Digestion(AD)(Anaerobic AnMBR)
    microbes consume waste content in water to
    produce methane gas(natural gas) in absence of
    oxygen, which can be used to produce power, some
    water treatment operations are net electricity
    exporter. Pre-treatment like mild hydrolysis etc
    increases digestion effectiveness
  • WM Accepted effects, widely used in some nations,
    J(wastewater cleaning) specifically ammonia
    oxidation/decomposing Anammox Process(Anaerobic
    Ammonium Oxidation)(Paques nl, Kurita, DEMON
    GmbH, Hitachi), likely similar(Microvi). ?

    Also as four element
    combined effect of J(waste water
    cleaning)/P(sludge reduction)/C2(plant growth
    promote matter generating)/G2(energy fuel
    production) CHP(Combined Heat Power) use
    often at least to heat AD tank. There are
    installation gaps by n
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