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Title: Diapositive 1

24th CCE Workshop
ICP Modelling and Mapping, 30th Task Force
Rome, 7 10 april 2014
News from your prefered LRTAP convention
Topic 6
  • Merging between EMEP and WGE will not happen
  • Changes in ICP forests PCC
  • Martin Lorenz gt Walter Seidling
  • Richard Fischer gt Till Kirchner, and more.
  • ICP materials has a new co-chair
  • Stephan Doytchinov gt Pasquale Spezzano
  • Other changes in organisation
  • JEG DM october 2014, Sitges. And ?
  • WGSR
  • EGTEI shall become TF TEI and absorb TF POP and
    TF HM
  • TF Nr Dutch gt Danish Co-chair. Tommy Dalgaard
  • In 2015, only one EMEP-WGE meeting in september

2014-2015 workplan synthesize, integrate to
obtain policy relevant messages
Topic 6
  • Main objectives of the work plan
  • Derive policy relevant messages
  • Develop common standards and tools
  • Synthesize information from EMEP/WGE/WGSR
  • Integrate and combine work of different groups
  • Enhance the involvement of EECCA countries
  • The work plan is available on the EB pages of the
    LRTAP Convention http//www.unece.org/fileadmin/DA

Contribution to LRTAP Reports (2014-)
Topic 6
  • The joint report (Work plan item 1.1.11)
  • Main updates of policy relevant work done under
    the WGE
  • Coordination P. Grennfelt, WGE Chair
  • Publication September 2014
  • The Assessment report (Workplan item 1.9)
  • Assess scientific and policy outcomes within the
    Convention over the past few decades, including
    scientific understanding, trends and achievements
    under the Gothenburg Protocol, and outline future
  • Coordination Rob Maas (TFIAM Chair, depending on
  • Publication tentatively 2016
  • Country reports
  • German LRTAP reports
  • http//www.umweltbundesamt.de/publikationen/genug-

ICP MM and CCE reports (2014)
Topic 6
  • Technical report (Work plan 1.1.12)
  • Policy relevant findings, advice, recommendations
  • Relevant scientific findings and highlights
  • Issues for the attention of other groups
  • Template prepared by EB
  • CCE status report (work plan 1.2.1)
  • Response to the call for data
  • NFC contributions expected

WGE will produce thematic reports on (tentative
list, 2015)
Topic 6
  • Trends of effects indicators over the long term
    (tentatively 2015)
  • Ozone nitrogen interactions on ecosystems
  • Communication of ICP Forests CLd data to ICP MM
  • Heavy metals and POP
  • Development of knowledge on coastal ecosystems,
    sensitive to nitrogen depositions

ICP MM contributions expected
Policy relevant!
ICP MM work is integrated within the Research
Network (LRTAP, FP7, H2020)
Topic 1-6
  • Monitoring
  • Monitoring ICPs, Habitat
  • Modelling of effects
  • ICPs (including MM)
  • Monetisation
  • Eg Eclaire
  • Integrated assessment modelling
  • Eg EC4Macs, Eclaire
  • Policy suport
  • Convention
  • EU policies (WFD, Habitats)

Further ICP MM collaborations
Topic 6
  • Going further
  • 2015 Joint session with ICP Vegetation on Ozone
    and Nitrogen interactions
  • More?
  • Informal discussions on effect indicators that
    may be included in the NEC directive Annex V
  • Collaboration with ICP IM in the field of dynamic

ICPMM contribution to communication within and
without LRTAP
Topic 6
  • Common web portal to present WGE and access data
  • Cf EMEP Portal (www.emep.int)
  • Need for a meta database
  • Need for resources (human and )
  • Need for agreement so that data are available
  • decision 2006/1 data availability under the
  • ICP Vegetation App, tweeter and other approaches?

Topic 6
What to do to improve collaborations with EECCA
Topic 6
  • Funding for their participation to regular ICP
    MM and CCE meetings
  • Not available from lead countries (France,
  • Not available from LRTAP Secretariat
  • Specific workshop
  • 2015 Workplan Opportunity for one workshop in
    order to raise competenties for the
    implementation of protocols.
  • Discussions with the secretariat.
  • A one shot meeting.
  • Potential for developping collaborations at NFC

List of meetings of interest
Topic 6
  • LRTAP meetings
  • 30 june- 3 july WGSR in Geneva
  • 17-19 september WGE in Geneva
  • 8-12 december EB in Geneva
  • http//www.unece.org/environmental-policy/treaties
  • Other meetings
  • International Conference 'OZONE AND PLANTS 18-21
    may in Beijing, China
  • Workshop related to biomass burning and effects
    of ammonium and ozone deposition in Northern
    Fennoscandia and North-West Russia, St.
    Petersburg, Russia, 1-3 october 2014

Tour de table
Topic 6
  • Would you please report on
  • NFC progress in relation to the 2012-2014 call
    for data
  • NFC envisaged capacity for 2014-2015
  • NFC collaboration with habitat experts
  • Collaborations with EECCA colleagues
  • Please send your 10 - 15 lines of contribution by
    30th may to
  • Anne-christine.le-gall_at_ineris.fr

Past and present ICP MM TF meetings
Future (2015) CCE and ICP MM Meeting
  • CCE WS
  • Task Force on Modelling   Mapping
  • Zagreb, April 2015

25th CCE Meeting and 31st ICP Modelling and
Mapping Task Force, Zagreb, April 2015
25th CCE Meeting and 31st ICP Modelling and
Mapping Task Force, Zagreb, April 2015
25th CCE Meeting and 31st ICP Modelling and
Mapping Task Force, Zagreb, April 2015
25th CCE Meeting and 31st ICP Modelling and
Mapping Task Force, Zagreb, April 2015
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