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The High Middle Ages


The High Middle Ages 1000 AD -1300 AD High Middle Ages characterized by: Farming was improving: Iron Plow, Harness (replaced the Yoke) for Horse, which led to more ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The High Middle Ages

The High Middle Ages
  • 1000 AD -1300 AD

High Middle Ages characterized by
  • Farming was improving Iron Plow, Harness
    (replaced the Yoke) for Horse, which led to more
    food be produced on less land, creating a food
    surplus, which frees up more people to do other
    things than grow food.

Middle Ages
  • 2. Revival of learning Begin to build schools
    again called colleges, people outside of church
    began learning to read and write again, and
    townsmen began benefiting most from this.
  • Only wealthy clergy and nobility went to colleges

High Middle Ages
  • 3. Revival of Towns and Trade People begin to
    trade excess goods and towns become an important
    part of society

High Middle Ages
  • 4. Formation of nation-states(countries)
  • Small countries begin to form, grow and gain

High Middle Ages
  • 5. Feudalism begins to decline and a new
    economic system based on trade and money(market
    economy, capitalism) is being born.

Decline of Feudalism
  • 3 Readings/Handouts
  • The Crusades(Book pg. 282-285)
  • 1.What were the crusades?
  • Who was involved? Who Fought?
  • When did they fight? What fighting for?
  • 2.Who/What are the major people/events of the
  • What were the effects of the crusades?
  • -Feudalism? -growth of trade and towns?
  • -European knowledge and technology?
  • The Hundred Years War (HO)
  • The Black Death (HO)
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