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Later Middle Ages


later middle ages preston crump – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Later Middle Ages

Later middle ages
  • P. Crump

Christianity and Medieval Society
The Church Shapes Politics and Society
  • Clergy Very influential in Medieval European
    culture. For many people life revolved around the
    local church.
  • Society Ceremonies such as baptism and weddings
    were key events in peoples lives.
  • Politics The church owned a lot of land. Many
    people left land to the church when they died.
    Church became a major feudal lord.

Monks and Friars
The Monks of Cluny
  • Religious Order Dedicated their lives to
    religion with common rules.
  • Living Apart From Society Two new religious
    orders developed. Dominicans and the Franciscans.
    The members of these orders were called friars.

  • Francis of Assisi He started the Franciscans.
  • Friars The members of the two orders were called
  • Living within Society Women created their own
    religious communities in convents. Lived along
    side other towns and communities.

Universities are Built
  • Thomas Aquinas A Dominican friar who wrote an
    argument for the existence of god
  • Created by Religious Leaders First universities
    were built by the church. Religion, law,
    medicine, and philosophy were taught.
  • Students took tests then and now Scholars wanted
    to establish a connection between religious faith
    and intellectual reason. Students had to take
    test to show what they knew.

The Church and The Arts
Religious Architecture
  • The Gothic Cathedrals are among the most
    beautiful of all architectural achievements.
  • The spires and high ceilings and colorful stained
    glass windows are all designed to bring people
    closer to god.
  • Everything designed in the church were all works
    of art.

  • Elements of Culture such as Christianity helped
    shape society. Their architecture was based
    around god and being closer to him.

Magna Carta causes changes in England
Magna carta
  • Who demanded this agreement A group of English
  • They made the king approve the Magna Carta which
    was a list of rights the king could not ignore.

Effects of magna carta
  • What were the effects The Magna Carta was an
    important step in establishing democratic
    principles in Europe. The king would have to obey
    the laws as well.
  • Three Demands No one would be kept in jail
    without reason, nobles could no longer take wood
    or other resources off others land, and no man
    shall be forced to do services for knights.

Changes after the magna carta
  • What Did the Magna Carta inspire Nobles to do It
    inspired the nobles to slowly change into
  • Parliament A lawmaking body that still governs
    England today.
  • How did the King limit the Magna Carta Even the
    king had to obey the rules of the Magna Carta.

  • If I were to write a Magna Carta for our class I
    would have three rules. First rule would be that
    any student with an A average would be exempt
    from any homework. Second rule would be that
    teachers would not have all the power, students
    would be aloud to pick the lesson on days that
    permitted. The last rule would be that students
    must complete a PowerPoint on every unit that
    they complete.

The hundred year war
The course of the war
  • French Kings Die When the king died he did not
    have a son to claim the throne.
  • One man that wanted the throne was the king of
    England and the other was Phillip of France.
  • England had won many major battles throughout the
  • Joan of Arc was a teenage girl that rallied all
    the soldiers and encouraged them to fight.

Results of war
  • In England the war helped strengthen the power of
    the parliament.
  • In France the kings power grew.
  • Since the kings power grew the idea of democracy
    went disappeared for about 500 years.

Black death
Where it came from
  • The black plague originally came from central and
    eastern Asia

How it spread
  • Traders unknowingly brought rats carrying the
    disease to Mediterranean ports.
  • From there it quickly swept throughout much of
  • Fleas that fed on infected rats passed on the
    plague to people.

What disease was it
  • The disease carried by the fleas was called the
    Bubonic Plague.
  • The black death claimed over 200 million lives.

Effect on manor life
  • The old manor system already weakened from the
    growing empires collapsed.
  • Plague survivors found their skills in demand and
    charged more for their labor.
  • Instead of working for the rich peasants now had
    other job opportunities.

What happened to the plague
  • Through out the years the plague slowly started
    to disappear
  • Everyone who had caught the disease had died
  • Nobody else had contracted the disease so it
    died off
  • There are still cases of the bubonic plague