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Hotel Central Reservation System


Travelopro offers Hotel Central Reservation System to the global travel industries. Our Hotel Central Reservation System (CRS) is designed to help you make the smartest pricing and distribution decisions for your hotel. Manage rates and inventory all from one dashboard, and connect seamlessly to all major distribution channels. For more details, Pls visit our Website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Central Reservation System

Hotel Central Reservation System
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Cutting-Edge Hotel Central Reservation Software
That Synchronizes Online Distribution Channels
and Lets You Manage All of The Bookings from One
Place, Really Fast and Easy.
  • Travelopro is the best travel technology
    solutions provider that offers XML Hotel Booking
    Systems. Hotel Reservation Software for global
  • We work for all types of accommodations including
    hotels, lodges guest houses. We offer
    integration and API integration services. We
    provide end-to-end online hotel booking system to
    travel agents by combining with popular GDS
  • We understand the travel agent's needs and issues
    and work with the GDS provider's technical team
    to provide end-to-end solutions. Our Hotel
    Booking System allows hotels offline distribution
    with products like booking engine, channel
    manager with payment gateway, reservation system.

  • And also manages online and offline bookings as
    well. We are specialized in creating of robust
    Online Metasearch Hotel Booking System that is
    client-centric and mainly focused more on
    searching hotels with the lowest tariffs and
  • We develop Hotel booking engines that support
    B2B, B2C and also B2B2C business processes of
    travel companies. A few key benefits we provide
    can be Agent Controlling, Back End Profiles
    Management, Accounting Systems, Currency Control
    Access and more. We offer high-end XML hotel
    booking solutions for travel professionals and
    travel organizations. 
  • We will create this gateway for you, maintain it
    and connect your agents directly to your
    resources. Without API compatibility you're
    limited to your single point access portal,
    without the possibility of distributing your
    products nationally and worldwide. We offer
    Global Distribution System (GDS) integration and
    API integration services.

  • We provide end-to-end online hotel booking system
    to travel agents by combining with popular GDS
    providers. We understand the travel agent's needs
    and issues and work with the GDS provider's
    technical team to provide end-to-end solutions.
  • Our Hotel Reservation Systems allow visitors to
    search for the availability of rooms and book
    rooms that meets their budget and quality.
  • Travelopro's Hotels API collects hotel content
    into one single API system from different global
    hotel suppliers, hotel chains, consolidators,
    independent hotels and Online Travel Agencies

  • Our XML Hotel Booking System API enables a
    distinct sorted hotel with low prices from
    multiple API suppliers and wholesalers and
    enables Online Travel Agencies (OTAS), Meta
    search and Travel Management Companies and
    corporate companies to search, book and manage
    relevant hotel contents.
  • A team of web development experts has made an
    outstanding hotel booking engine development with
    a range of key features that help you to manage
    your hotel bookings effectively. With our Hotel
    Website Booking Engine, we help you to decrease
    your dependence on third-party software.
  • It will enable you to have control of your brand,
    your prices, your inventory, and your customers.
    Now, you will no longer have to pay commissions
    to third party booking engines/travel agents.

 Our Hotel Central Reservation System Is A
Robust, Feature Rich, And Certainly A Dependable
Web Based OTA Solution for The World's Best
Travel Companies.
  • Generate more ROI with our cutting-edge solution.
    Our innovative Hotel XML Booking System helps you
    to gear up for increased conversion and direct
    sales right from your website.
  • Our Hotel Booking System offers a user-friendly
    display for users to search for room availability
    and book reservations at your property.
  • The solution not only simplifies web-based
    reservation and guest management for your
    property but also enables you to have details of
    the revenue generated. Our booking engine offers
    your guests a quick and smooth reservation
    experience requiring minimum efforts while using
    their PC, smartphones or tablets.

  • Generate higher revenues by allowing your guests
    to avail of special offers, promo codes and the
    ability to do group bookings. We are a software
    company that has all the resources to form a neat
    and well-developed building booking engine.
  • This solution is capable to supply on-line
    bookings for the hotel room for those tourists
    who travel to different destinations and wish an
    area for his or her keep. We offer associate
    degree API integrated solution that is the way to
    provide error-free bookings for a hotel room for
  • Small chains and unconventional groups are more
    likely to seek out all-in-one suppliers, while
    most chains opt for "best of breed" solutions
    that call for optimal unique system selection,
    personalization, and large integration.

Our main services are
  • Booking engine to hotel website - easy to use for
    customers hotel.
  • Custom Website design development - you will
    get a website where all the content is inserted.
  • Revenue Management training for hotels.
  • Online marketing campaigns.

 By using our booking system can get the
following benefits
  • Saves Time
  • Sales Increase
  • Platform Independent
  • Credit Rotation a unique system where a client
    once facilities by a credit must be benefited for
    long. It's a cycle where given credit returns to
    clients when they settle the booking invoice and
    get its receipt.
  • If you have a single hotel or group of hotels
    then our booking solution is the easiest way to
    attract visitors to your website by allowing them
    to book hotel rooms from your website.
  • Clients can view your hotels, rooms detail, Room
    gallery, term and conditions, and price to book
    online. With our booking solution, you can also
    create your hotel network by adding any number of
    hotels countries and agents. Creating your hotel
    network can help you to create your base in the
    hotel industry.

Our services for your business
  • Sell Rooms through your portal whether B2C OR B2B
  • Sell Rooms by distributing your log-in Ids
  • Provide extranet to hotels to feed in their hotel
    info along with their inventory into your system
  • Provide your APIs/XMLs to agents and other
    organizations to be integrated into their

 Reason for choosing us for Online Hotel Booking
Engine Development
  • We all know that booking engines help in making
    the reservation process much easier for customers
    and the burden on staff is greatly eliminated. 
  • However, apart from this feature, our booking
    system helps guests by providing them the
    facility of creating customized schedules. Users
    can provide their preferences for destinations
    and options for hotel rooms.
  • The most important aspect any hotel business
    always looks after is a positive customer
    response. With the Intensive variety of features
    from our Hotel Booking Engine development, the
    burden and stress for hotel management staff are
    greatly decreased and both travelers and staff
    can do benefit in several ways.

  • Our main focus is to create interactive hotel
    booking solutions as per your needs, which will
    best solve your business purpose by generating
    more business and brand popularity.
  • We understand your requirements and bring your
    thought into reality with our huge domain
    experience in the hospitality industry. A Central
    Reservation System or CRS is a computerized
    system that maintains a hotel's room
    availability, rates, guest information, payment
    processing, and hotel information all in one
  • Popular CRS systems include Opera, eZee Front
    Desk, and MSI CloudPM. A CRS isn't only
    beneficial for travelers. Revenue managers also
    like the information a CRS can provide.

If you are looking for an off the self-hotel
booking software along with responsive hotel
booking website then please contact us at our
Hotel Booking Software includes the following
  • Display any number of Categories of rooms 
  • Display photos from a different angle of Hotel
    rooms in a more professional manner 
  • Room Amenities 
  • Display Rates 
  • Best Offers 
  • Availability of rooms 
  • Option to book the rooms 
  • Online payment option
  • Instant invoice sending facility to the customer
    after a successful booking

Benefits of Having a Hotel Central Reservation
  • Avoid booking mistakes Having a Hotel Central
    Reservation System, you can manage the core
    functions of your hotel and website. Hotel
    booking systems provide a valuable mechanism that
    does not permit two clients to book the same room
    at the same time, which forms the reservation
    process more productive.
  • Never Lose Track of Your Bookings The solution
    lies in the successful execution of a Hotel
    Central Reservation System. It will allow you, to
    book travel arrangements as well as your hotel
    personnel with guests, but also to view these
    details over all computers in the same system.
  • Get to Know Your Customers Discover the buying
    patterns of your clients can be critical when
    developing a better relationship with them. The
    building blocks of the hospitality industry are
    mostly services and long-term relationships with

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