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GDS Hotel Reservation


FlightsLogic is a top GDS travel software company that develops and deploys best-in-class travel booking systems with travel APIs and GDS links. GDS (global distribution systems) are computerized network systems owned by major travel technology companies such as Amadeus, Travelport, and Sabre. With FlightsLogic GDS Hotel Reservation System, boost your distribution, focus on direct bookings, maximize revenue, reduce costs, and improve your guest experience. For more details, Pls visit our Website: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: GDS Hotel Reservation

GDS Hotel Reservation
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What is GDS Hotel Reservation?
  • A global distribution system is one of the most
    effective ways for hotels to promote their
    properties in the travel market (GDS). It is an
    essential component of a well-rounded marketing
    strategy that aids hotel management in boosting
    usage in the lucrative business travel sector.
  • More than 600,000 travel agencies now use global
    distribution systems to locate and book hotel
    bookings online. A GDS functions as a middleman
    between a travel agency and a hotel's central
    reservation system (CRS) to display a property's
    available inventory and rates so that agents can
    book flights and reserve rooms on behalf of

  • Hoteliers can use the GDS to track bookings,
    cancel reservations, and update guest
    information. It can help hoteliers stay on top of
    their business and ensure that all their guests
    have a good experience. GDS systems enable you to
    handle bookings, reservations, and other aspects
    of your hotel's operations more efficiently,
    saving you time and resources.
  • A hotel GDS connects and exposes your hotel to
    thousands of travel agents and business bookers
    around the globe who are looking for hotel rooms
    individually or as part of a package, boosting
    your sales possibilities.
  • A global distribution system (GDS) can link with
    your Property Management System (PMS) to fully
    handle the reservation process and update your
    availability across other OTAs and your direct
    bookings site.

How Does the GDS Hotel Reservation System Work?
  • The GDS hotel reservation system enables
    businesses such as travel agents and corporate
    bookers to book hotel reservations. The main
    purpose of the GDS Hotel Booking System is to
    assist travel agents/agencies in finding hotel
    rooms that meet their needs.
  • Hoteliers are constantly looking for new methods
    to expand their reach to attract more clients and
    enhance revenue and profit. A global distribution
    system is a crucial way to achieve this.
  • This integration can assist hoteliers in keeping
    track of their rooms and availability. It can
    also help to automate various hotel management
    tasks, such as issuing invoices and delivering
    confirmations, from a single platform. Finally,
    the GDS system may aid hotels in reducing costs.
    Using the GDS allows hotels to avoid paying
    commissions to travel agencies.

  • FlightsLogic builds online booking systems and
    Central Reservation Systems (CRS) for direct
    ticketing, passenger tracking, confirmation/cancel
    lation, and other services that can be readily
    integrated with GDSs, OBTs, extranets, and open
    distribution channels. We design cloud-based
    property management systems with responsive
    platforms for all hospitality property kinds and
    features that handle seamless business processes
    for front desk administration, bookings, and
  • Our professionals build PMS solutions for hotels,
    holiday rentals, and other property types that
    are integrated with third-party GDS, OTAs, and
    POS systems to create an all-in-one centralized
    solution that saves property owners and
    administrators time and cost.
  • FlightsLogic team will work with your hotel to
    ensure that it is represented in the best
    possible way on the GDS, allowing you to optimize
    the revenue you can accomplish through this
    channel. Once your hotel is active on the GDS,
    our team will work with you to boost revenue by
    participating in sales and marketing activities
    and advising you on competitive pricing

  • Our PMS experts create channel manager
    integrations for Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre,
    Pegasus GDSs, and leading OTAs like Kayak,
    Expedia, and Priceline. We combine distribution
    channels to effectively manage listing sales,
    including automation tools for real-time supplies
    and dynamic pricing.
  • We offer a broad range of GDS integration
    services to tour operators, travel agents, and
    TMCs. It will enable their customers to take
    advantage of services such as reserving luxury
    rental cars, buses, hotel bookings, and airline
  • Our innovative hotel booking system is best
    suited for individual hotels and hotel chains. It
    is an ideal solution for hoteliers with a single
    hotel or a chain of hotels, travel companies, and
    agents who want to build their own hotel network
    using our customized booking solutions.

  • Our GDS software development experts have
    extensive experience developing web services such
    as booking engines, custom websites, front-office
    systems for travel agencies, and corporate
    self-booking tools. With GDS, operators can
    provide comparison reports on travel expenses for
    their clients. As a result, if GDS continues to
    grow over time, it will undoubtedly dominate the
    travel industry.
  • GDS makes it easier to deliver package offerings
    by integrating multiple service providers into
    one single platform. Travel agents can easily and
    quickly modify and update packages to meet the
    specific needs of their customers. Furthermore,
    agents can provide better rates, which increases
    customer satisfaction.

Importance of Global Distribution Systems for
  • Increased Access to Travel Agents for More
    Bookings Many companies still use travel agents
    to make travel arrangements for their workers
    rather than having someone on staff handle
    specific employee reservations. More than 600,000
    travel agencies now use global distribution
    systems to locate and book hotel bookings online.
  • More Efficient Booking Process In addition to
    increasing exposure to more clients at once when
    making room bookings, these systems help hotel
    employees reduce the routine responsibilities
    associated with reserving room reservations.
  • Bundling Options for Other Travel Needs Another
    benefit of reserving hotel rooms through a global
    distribution system is that travel agencies can
    combine travel offers for the same travel. They
    can use the same system to reserve a hotel stay,
    a flight, a rental vehicle, or any other form of
    ground transportation.

  • Less Expensive than Marketing While there is an
    initial fee for establishing a worldwide
    distribution system for a hotel, it is likely to
    be much less than the marketing expenses that a
    hotel company would have to incur to see the same
    rise in bookings. Instead of incurring the cost
    and time commitments associated with developing a
    new marketing strategy, a hotel can gain instant
    access to a larger share of the travel
    reservation market by partnering with a worldwide
    distribution system to reach more travel agents.
  • Integration with Property-Management Systems
    Furthermore, many of the leading distribution
    systems are capable of complete integration with
    the property management system, which aids in the
    administration of a hotel's daily operational
    tasks. Full PMS integration allows hotels to
    automate the tasks associated with accepting room
    bookings without having to manage individual
    components such as the room cleaning timetable,
    staff availability, current booking and
    availability information, event schedules, and
    supply levels.

Why Choose FlightsLogic For GDS Hotel
  • FlightsLogic is a top GDS travel software company
    that develops and deploys best-in-class travel
    booking systems with travel APIs and GDS links.
    GDS (global distribution systems) are
    computerized network systems owned by major
    travel technology companies such as Amadeus,
    Travelport, and Sabre. Travel GDS systems
    facilitate deals between travel agencies, DMCs,
    business agents, and suppliers such as airlines,
    hotels, transfer companies, cruise lines, and
    sightseeing operators.
  • We can connect your travel company with advanced
    travel API technologies. We provide GDS
    integration solutions that enable travel agents
    and operators to manage bookings and offers along
    with other functionalities. The main benefit of
    using a GDS is that it can increase your hotel
    bookings and revenue by placing your hotel around
    the globe. This strategy is especially effective
    at attracting international business travelers.

  • With FlightsLogic GDS Hotel Reservation System,
    boost your distribution, focus on direct
    bookings, maximize revenue, reduce costs, and
    improve your guest experience. We also work with
    CRS to establish an online hotel reservation
    system (central reservation system). The
    procedure enables travel agencies and online
    travel portals to connect with hotel
    consolidators/suppliers and handle their various
    capabilities, such as quick online booking and
    confirmation to their consumers for online
    bookings, using our XML interface.
  • Using our hotel reservation system, you may
    combine hotel inventory from several sources
    (direct contracts / GDS / bedbanks / channel
    managers) to give your clients the best possible
    rate. Your retail clients, B2B agents, and
    corporate clients may book the aggregated
    inventory online in just a few clicks, leveraging
    real-time pricing and availability.
  • FlightsLogic is a GDS hotel booking system that
    works for all types of accommodation hotels,
    motels, hostels, BBs, lodges, and guest houses.
    Your bookings are easily accessible anytime and

Major Hotel GDS Systems Used Today
  • Amadeus GDS Amadeus is one of the Global
    Distribution System providers that connects
    hotels to clients all over the globe. Travel
    companies with a Central Reservation System can
    link directly to the GDS. By linking your hotel
    to the GDS system, travel companies will have
    access to real-time inventory information,
    enabling them to offer accommodations on your
    property to their customers.
  • Sabre GDS Sabre is the valued provider of the
    world's top travel agencies and business travel
    initiatives. The Sabre travel platform provides
    worldwide access to over 750,000 hotel sites.
    Sabre Hotel GDS can assist travel agents in
    rapidly shopping and booking properties at the
    best negotiable prices from over 175,000
    properties worldwide.

  • Travelport GDS Travelport is one of the world's
    largest providers of travel products, and they
    now provide the Galileo global distribution
    solutions system. Independent and boutique hotels
    can easily connect with Travelport's travel
    commerce platform, which is the most efficient
    and easy method for hoteliers to incorporate
    their properties and interact directly with
    2,34,000 travel agents worldwide.
  • Takeaways To summarize, the global distribution
    systems available for hotel reservations make it
    much easier for customers to schedule trip
    arrangements. As a result of a singular entry
    point for numerous agents to browse and choose
    hotel room availability for travelers, hotels
    profit from increased market access for travel
    bookings and reduced errors in the booking

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