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GDS Reservation System


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Title: GDS Reservation System

GDS Reservation System
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  • A global distribution system is a computerized
    network that is utilized to facilitate the
    reservation of travel services, like airline
    tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, and other
    travel services.
  • A Global Distribution System is a worldwide
    booking system that acts as a conduit between
    travel bookers and suppliers, such as hotels,
    other accommodation suppliers, and other
    travel-related services. It communicates live
    product, price, and availability data to travel
    agents and online reservation engines for
    automated transactions.
  • These systems are typically utilized by travel
    agents and other travel industry professionals to
    access a wide range of travel options and make
    reservations on behalf of their customers.
  • It transmits up-to-date product, pricing, and
    availability information to travel agencies and
    online booking systems to automate the
    transaction and booking process.
  • GDS is often used for business travel bookings
    because it allows hotels, flights, and rental
    cars to be presented in one interface, providing
    convenience to users.

  • How does a global distribution system work?
  • Global distribution systems are a mediator
    between vendors, like hotels and airlines, and
    service suppliers, such as online travel
    agencies. While most big GDSs are connected to
    the major travel agencies, smaller, less
    expensive GDSs may provide a limited amount of
    travel agencies.
  • Hotels and other travel organizations can utilize
    technology solutions to capitalize on this trend,
    tapping into all GDSs, including Amadeus,
    Galileo, Sabre, and Worldspan by Travelport.
  • In short, a GDS functions as a mediator between a
    travel agent and a hotels central booking
    system. Travel agents can see real-time rates and
    inventory for a given hotel through the GDS,
    though the GDS does not hold its inventory.
  • It is simply a window into the hotels system,
    which visible available room types, rates, and
    restrictions. When a travel agent reserves a
    room, the GDS transfers the booking detail to the
    hotels system and removes that room from the
    hotel systems inventory.
  • The travel agent doesn't need to talk to anyone
    from the hotel, and the hotels reservations
    agents dont need to enter any data manually.

  • Why is GDS important to the travel industry?
  • Just like every other industry, the travel
    industry also depends on the smooth flow of
    information in real-time.
  • The system works as an exception central
    repository to access and exchange travel
    knowledge, compare, buy, and formalize travel
  • It's a global and digital system always available
    to travel agencies and other customers. It offers
    a global platform for agents to establish their
  • Since the system combines and provides a range of
    products and services, rates, and booking options
    for airlines, hotels, and other travel mediums,
    it allows agents to deliver a complete travel
  • GDS is gradually showing acceptance among
    corporate and leisure travelers, assisting to
    expand the market
  • GDS has contributed immensely to increasing the
    travelers (business or leisure) experience.

  • Is the GDS suited to your hotel?
  • Whether a global distribution system (GDS) is
    suited to your hotel depends on a variety of
    factors, including the size and location of your
    hotel, the type of guests you serve, and your
    business goals. Some of the advantages and
    drawbacks of using a GDS for your hotel are as
  • Increased visibility GDSs are used by travel
    agencies and other travel companies to search for
    and book accommodations, so having your hotel
    listed on a GDS can increase the visibility of
    your property to potential guests.
  • Easier bookings GDSs allow customers to book
    rooms at your hotel directly via their platform,
    which can make the booking process more
    convenient for both you and your customers.
  • Increased revenue By using a GDS, you can reach
    a larger audience of potential customers, which
    can lead to an increase in reservations and
    revenue for your hotel.
  • Improved efficiency GDSs allow you to manage
    bookings, reservations, and other aspects of your
    hotels operations more efficiently, which can
    save you time and resources.

  • What are the major GDS software?
  • Amadeus A comprehensive travel technology
    platform that delivers booking, reservation, and
    ticketing services for airlines, hotels, and car
    rental companies.
  • Sabre GDS Sabre is a leading technology and
    data-driven solutions supplier helping airlines,
    hotels and travel agencies grow their businesses
    and transform the traveller experience on a
    global level.
  • Travelport A global travel technology company
    that delivers booking, ticketing, and other
    travel services to travel agencies, corporations,
    and online travel websites.
  • Galileo GDS Galileo GDS gives hotel owners the
    ability to distribute hotel rooms and
    availability to travel agencies globally,
    offering 24-hour access to inventories and
  • Worldspan GDS Worldspan is part of the
    Travelport GDS platform, and is a technology
    leader in web-based travel eCommerce, delivering
    solutions for all facets of travel business

  • The importance of GDS to travel agents?
  • Global Distribution System is always going to be
    the most important distribution channel for
    hotels, airlines, and car rental companies.
    Global Distribution System has become basic to
    the delivery of travel products in todays world.
    To truly understand the significance of GDS, take
    a look at the following advantages offered by it.
  • Online travel agencies are now able to provide a
    vastly improved experience for travel shoppers
    thanks to GDS. With it, agencies now offer
    increased convenience and even pricing
    transparency for customers.
  • Travel agencies who want to attract international
    travelers will require to utilize GDS. After all,
    it delivers the most effective method. For this
    reason, the utilization of GDS is rising
    exponentially among agents every year.
  • A major advantage of GDS is its capacity to
    provide status updates in real-time. As such,
    agents can look at and track all changes as soon
    as they take place. This permits them to suggest
    and provide the latest statuses to their
    customers without any delays whatsoever.
  • GDS makes it easier to provide package deals as
    it brings together multiple service suppliers in
    an intuitive interface.

  • What Benefits Does the GDS Offer?
  • Wider distribution reaches
  • Competitiveness
  • Operational efficiency 
  • Access to analysis and reports
  • Coverage
  • Revenue
  • Distribution network is expanded
  • Market reach
  • Little maintenance required
  • Simple easy interface and connectivity
  • 24/7 visibility

  • Features of GDS Flight Booking System
  • Quick and easy accessibility
  • Targeting all travel agencies and agents with the
    best deals and commissions.
  • GDS streamlines information management.
  • Displays global Hotels, Cars, and Airlines
  • Both B2B and B2C can be accessed
  • GDS allows you to book the best seat and services
  • Single Window Interface
  • Easier accessibility and mapping of content
  • Exposure of inventory on new distribution
  • Best options for fares
  • A single interface and hence, excellent
  • A suitable platform for B2C and B2B companies

  • Why Choose Us?
  • Travelopro takes the initiative to link travel
    businesses with the best Global Distribution
    system. Being in the travel industry for years
    Travelopro offers seamless and flexible travel
    portal development for our customers. Most
    importantly we suggest Global Distribution System
    and travel API integration according to the
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) service delivers
    real-time availability and booking of travel
    services like flights, hotels, rental cars, and
    activities to travel agents and online travel
  • Travelopro is a one-stop destination serving a
    wide range of travel products and services from
    the worlds leading Global Distribution System to
    domestic and international customers.
  • Travelopro is a recognized leader in the travel
    industry, with innovative technology that
    continues to modernize the airline commerce and
    distribution landscape.
  • Travelopro is made up of specialists in system
    analysis and design, as well as system
    architecture and modeling. Development and
    coding, testing and implementation, and various
    other factors.

  • Future of Global Distribution System
  • The Global Distribution System has been the
    backbone of airline operations for years.
  • GDS is the worldwide computerized booking system
    utilized to reserve airline seats, accommodation
    rooms, and automobile rentals by travel agencies,
    internet reservation sites, and huge
  • The Global Distribution System has been a change
    for airline operators. The future market of GDS
    with an increased focus on technology and a
    smooth reservation experience for end-customers.
  • GDS has always aimed hard to bridge the gap
    between tour operators and travelers but in the
    future, they will opt to deliver centralized
    services and cover airline ticketing car rentals,
    and cruise booking more efficiently. In the air
    travel industry, LCCs' low-cost carriers have
    grown their market shares, which in turn has
    grown demand for air travel by providing low dare
    rates. The ability of GDS to easily the complex
    bulk flight booking has attracted more and more

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