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Hotel Central Reservation System


TripFro provides best Hotel Central Booking System, Hotel CRS System – Hotel Central Reservations System which is online hotel booking software solution designed for travel agency, tour operator and travel companies to simplify the work of hotel reservation online. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Central Reservation System

Hotel Central Reservation System
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Hotel Central Reservation System
  • TripFro provides best Hotel Central Booking
    System, Hotel CRS System Hotel Central
    Reservations System which is online hotel booking
    software solution designed for travel agency,
    tour operator and travel companies to simplify
    the work of hotel reservation online.
  • A hotel central reservation system is one of the
    most valuable tools you can use as a hotel
    manager. The right solution can help
    you centralise all your booking details in one
    place so that you have access to everything you
    need to know, in real-time and at the click of a
  • Hotel Reservation System is the complete hotel
    booking system where in guest can book hotels
    online via hotel website. It can display real
    time hotel data (hotels, rooms, availability, and
    accommodation, rates) to grow the customer
  • Our Central Reservation System gives insightful
    reports to analyse visitors behavioural
    patterns. By knowing more about them, you can
    come up with actionable ideas to increase
    customer retention and increase loyalty.

Functions of a central reservation system
  • Keep track of all your bookings in real time.
  • Synchronise your rates through a centralised
    platform to make sure rate parity, which is
    especially important if you market your hotel
    through numerous distribution channels.
  • Streamline your booking process so you can
    re-focus on maximising your revenue per room.
  • Optimise your distribution strategy and increase
    your brand exposure as it is much easier to
    expand into a range of platforms with very little
  • Easily adjust your rates and availability across
    all your distribution channels in line with
    demand and market trends
  • Easily share promotions and offers via all your
    distribution platforms.
  • Better manage room cancellations and refunds so
    that you can adjust your availability across all
    channels and re-sell cancelled rooms more
    efficiently, helping to boost your occupancy

Benefits of Central Reservation System for Hotels
  • Central reservation system help you improve your
    hotel business.
  • A central reservation system can help you get
    more bookings, which means that you will have a
    higher occupancy rate, as well as higher revenue
    and profits.
  • It can also reduce costs for any hotel or
    accommodation provider by providing them with an
    easy way of making bookings and reducing the
    number of calls received from customers looking
    to make reservations. 
  • The automated process becomes more efficient,
    allowing more time for managing other aspects of
    the business like marketing campaigns or new
    product development initiatives. 
  • The result increases profitability from existing
    customers while attracting new ones via
    word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied
    clients who have visited other properties managed
    by that same provider

How to find best Hotel CRS System?
  • A hotel CRS system or better known as central
    reservation system enables all kinds and sizes of
    hotel groups and chains to maintain a complete
    and centralized control over their reservations
    and online inventory distribution. The CRS hotel
    system also helps hotel chains in acquiring
    chain-wide direct bookings, increase guest
    experience, and even streamline operations.
  • TripFro has an industry-leading Hotel CRS, the
    root of all us outclass hotel management
    solutions. Its exclusive application structure
    integrates high end technology and up-to-date
    user-friendly features to cater the hotel
    industry with the most robust, flexible and
    simple booking and distribution system for
    instant reservation solutions.
  • The crucial advantage of TripFro CRS is that it
    enters you to manage everything in a single
    panel. You can develop the booking engine, rates
    and pricing, inventory, multimedia content, etc.
    This is extremely convenient and enables you to
    save a lot of time.

What key features for hotel Central Reservation
  • Integration with your hotels PMS to provide
    automatic updates to guest information rather
    than having to manually transfer data from one
    platform to another.
  • Two-way connectivity with a channel manager and
    revenue management software to optimize
    distribution, pricing, and inventory.
  • A simple, user-friendly, and commission-free
    booking engine that can be customized to match
    your website design.
  • A built-in rate comparison widget gives visitors
    the confidence that booking directly is the best
  • Built-in reporting and analytics with powerful
    data insights to help you understand purchase
    behaviour and preferences.
  • Language and currency functionality to allow
    international guests to complete a reservation in
    their preferred language and currency to simplify
    the booking process.
  • A secure system that adheres to privacy
    regulations and ensures guest information and
    payment details are processed and stored in a
    secure manner.

Why Choose Us?
  • TripFro is an outstanding Travel Technology
    Company represents Hotel CRS System - Hotel
    Central Reservation System, which helps to manage
    hotel booking and maximize hotel booking to
    enhance customer experience.
  • TripFro Central Reservation System has some of
    the most comprehensive elements, and is the
    backbone of your business and serves to optimize
    your reservations and entire hotel sales
    operations, thus keeps on highlighting your
    online presence through the board.
  • We have experienced developer develop best Hotel
    CRS System - Hotel Central Reservation System
    which is easily integrated in travel agent
    exciting travel portal and also easily
    integration with several suppliers from global
    market and offer best online hotel booking system
    experience to travel agent. We also give best API
    Integration services.

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