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Hotel Extranet Booking System


Global GDS is a leading travel technology company specializing in Hotel Extranet Systems. Our technologies help hoteliers optimize operations, manage inventory and pricing, and increase web presence. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Hotel Extranet Booking System

Hotel Extranet Booking System
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Hotel Extranet Booking System
  • A hotel extranet is a customized software
    platform that allows hotels to manage room
    inventory, pricing, and availability in
    real-time. It serves as a single point for hotels
    to update their information, set pricing plans,
    and connect with online travel agents like us to
    reach a larger audience of potential customers.
  • The Online Hotel Extranet System enables travel
    companies to enter their agreed-upon hotels and
    manage their inventory online. This excellent
    technology provided the hotel business with
    substantial flexibility and convenience in
    managing online inventories and increasing sales.
  • The hotel extranet technology allows its clients
    to acquire additional bookings, which increases
    the number of occupancies. Hotel extranets also
    boost the quantity of available rooms till the
    last minute.
  • There are several payment options accessible
    through the online hotel extranet. You make the
    payment from your preferred payment options, be
    it a debit card, credit card, UPI, wallet, and
    more. Mostly the payments are asked to be made
    through credit cards during last-minute bookings
    and so are charged online by credit card at the
    time of booking resulting in very low
    cancellation rates and more occupancy.

How does it work?
  • The Hotel Extranet is an excellent solution to be
    competitive, to have the best available rates,
    corporate rates, and advanced purchased rates all
    in just one system. Adding the Contracting Tool
    on top of your Extranet will also permit you to
    append to that system your preferred contracted
    rates, directly negotiated with hotels.
  • The Hotel Extranet System allows your travel
    company to connect directly to the
    specific Channel Managers used by the hotels you
    desire to have in your inventory, to obtain the
    updated dynamic rates and availability data.
  • Hotel extranets have not only boosted hotel
    owners' efficiency in providing better services,
    but they have also increased customer loyalty.
    With the growth of online bookings as an
    accommodation provider, you no longer need to
    deal with a middleman for your hotel
    reservations instead, contact your partners and
    list their properties on your extranet.
  • The hotelier can add or less their room inventory
    and apply the dynamic rate for their room
    category, period, and many more. These changes
    will be then available directly to you to benefit
    from the best available rates (BAR) and further
    regulate them to your selling channels.

Why is Hotel Extranet a must-have tool?
  • For hotels and accommodation providers, the hotel
    contract system solves problems. With a hotel
    contract, you can easily manage hotel bookings,
    and save information and other details easily
    without wasting much time.
  • A hotel extranet is essentially a unique
    application that allows travel management
    companies, travel agencies, and travel operators
    to upload linked hotels and add them to their
    online booking system. All you need to do is
    enter the following hotel information
    allocations, hotel descriptions, pricing, and
    exclusive deals.
  • The Hotel Extranet serves as a single point of
    entry for GDS Integration and online distribution
    platforms. The hotel extranet system provides a
    platform for hotel management to track their
    sales, revenue, and market potential. Using this,
    hotel managers can reflect hotel prices, room
    availability, offers, and discounts on different
    sales channels.The hotel contract system
    benefits both hotels and travel agents. It
    greatly helps the accommodation providers. Any
    travel companies that specialize in hotels in a
    particular region, can boost your profits and
    margins through direct contracting with hotels
    and providing unbeatable deals. A robust extranet
    allows you to build a great inventory of hotels
    in the region.

Why is Hotel Extranet a must-have tool?
  • Hotel extranets empower online travel agents by
    providing a centralized platform to manage hotel
    inventory, rates, and bookings. They enhance
    collaboration, streamline operations, and boost
    the customer experience by offering accurate
    information, competitive pricing, and efficient
    booking processes.
  • You can further improve your revenues by selling
    this inventory through multiple channels like
    B2B, B2C, XML Out, and White label. An effective
    direct contracting module allows you to apply
    different mark-ups and control your margins
    dynamically.Travel companies benefit from the
    most comprehensive and powerful extranet
    available from Global GDS. With the Global GDS
    extranet solution, you can sell your direct
    contracting inventory via your online travel
    portal and also create a standalone booking
  • The advantages of an online hotel extranet
    include the opportunity for hotel managers to
    quickly mention the hotel's description as well
    as every detail about room availability.
  • Extranet booking hotel access will also allow you
    to view pricing, special deals, and privacy
    policies. As Hotel Extranet is a travel
    management tool, it can be easily used to manage
    and maintain various distribution systems.
    Integrating the global distribution system or GDS
    like the Sabre, Amadeus, or Travelport you can
    easily integrate a single travel system.

Key functions of Hotel Extranet
  • Rates Adjust rates daily or over a specific time
  • Managing Rooms Manage room availability,
    including the number and dates available for
  • Managing Policies Manage policies such as
    payment, cancellation, tax, terms, and property.
  • Reports Generate daily reports, reservation
    details reports, cancellation reports, billing
    details reports, inventory reports nationality
    rate reports.

Why choose Global GDS?
  • Being in the industry for years, Global GDS works
    as an experienced extranet development company
    and serves clients from all around the world. We
    provide a Hotel Extranet Booking System with a
    full-fledged module so that your customers can
    focus on minor hotel booking details.
  • We believe in securing booking opportunities for
    our clients, thus we incorporate the best CRS and
    capabilities into the hotel extranet.
  • Hotel Extranet is utilized by travel companies
    that have direct contracts with hotels and offer
    rooms to their clients.
  • Global GDS Hotel Extranet or Hotel CRS is
    essentially another type of hotel central
    reservation system. We create all kinds of hotel
    CRS for our clients based on their
    specifications for example, if they want to
    expand the extranet to include resorts, hotels,
    presidential suites, and more, we can do it.
  • Once a customer makes a booking, our Hotel
    Extranet system updates information on all sales
    channels. It saves you valuable time by
    efficiently handling your operational chores.
    Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of
    over reservation.

Why choose our hotel extranet system?
  • Use the Global GDS hotel extranet to increase
    business efficiency and quickly establish your
    tourism brand. Not only that when it comes to
    excellence you can avoid all kinds of errors.
  • Additionally, you can boost your
    last-minute hotel booking services.
  • With our extranet, you can acquire more bookings,
    enhance occupancy rates, and assist agents and
    clients in making last-minute bookings,
    especially during holiday times.
  • Global GDS is a leading travel technology
    company specializing in Hotel Extranet Systems.
    Our technologies help hoteliers optimize
    operations, manage inventory and pricing, and
    increase web presence.
  • Global Hotel Extranet system offers travel
    agencies an opportunity to insert their own
    agreed hotels and permits them to manage their
    inventories online. Through this excellent
    platform, the hotel industry got enormous freedom
    and ease in online inventory management and
    improved sales.
  • Our hotel extranet solution provides a platform
    for hotel managers to track sales, revenue, and
    market prospects. Using this, hotel managers can
    reflect hotel prices, room availability, offers,
    and discounts on different sales channels.

Why Global GDS for your Hotel Extranet need?
  • Global GDS is a leading travel technology company
    that creates the best Hotel Extranet System that
    integrates seamlessly into existing platforms and
    boosts revenue and efficiency.
  • The Hotel Extranet System holds all hotel
    information, including room availability, prices,
    images, descriptions, policies, and other data
    that is vital throughout the hotel booking
    process. It includes extensive capabilities such
    as real-time booking, pricing management, mark-up
    management, room management, policy management
    (cancellation and child policy), and payment
    integration to boost hotel reservations and
  • Hotel Extranet is a user-friendly platform to
    enter details of associated hotels and permit
    them to upload their product description, images,
    prices, availability, etc.
  • Hotel Extranet is an essential part of the online
    central reservation system. Travel agents use it
    to upload contracted hotels and enter information
    such as room occupancy, updated pricing,
    additional services, cancellation policy, and
    other details. It offers flexibility to come up
    with the best deals for end users. Our
    well-designed platform allows our clients to
    easily control the last date of offers and the
    day of stay.
  • Global GDS's innovative hotel extranet software
    increases bookings and includes tools to ensure
    booking at the last minute. It keeps your
    property booked all the time and provides a
    flawless booking experience to travel agencies.

Here are some key features and functions
typically found in a hotel extranet
  • Inventory Management Hotel extranets enable OTAs
    to view and manage the inventory of numerous
    hotels in real-time. They can view room
    availability, rates, and restrictions, ensuring
    accurate and up-to-date information for their
  • Rate and Availability Management The extranet
    allows OTAs to establish contracts and negotiate
    rates with hotels. They can set up pricing plans
    that include dynamic prices based on demand,
    seasonality, and other considerations. This
    flexibility allows OTAs to provide competitive
    prices to their clients.
  • Reservations and Bookings Hoteliers can access
    and manage reservations made through many
    channels, such as OTAs, GDS, and direct bookings.
    They can update reservation details,
    check-in/check-out dates, and assign rooms to
  • Booking Confirmation and Modifications Hotel
    extranets allow OTAs to quickly confirm and
    update bookings, delivering an effortless client
    experience. This decreases the possibility of
    errors or double reservations, resulting in
    higher client satisfaction.
  • Reporting and Analytics The extranet allows OTAs
    to access thorough data and analytics, which
    provide insights into booking patterns, consumer
    preferences, and performance metrics. This data
    enables OTAs to make more educated business
    decisions and enhance their approach.

Key capabilities of a Hotel Extranet System
  • Chance to get easily connected to the B2B or B2C
  • Add your preferred and negotiated rates through
    the contracting tool
  • Get a one-stop web-based system to facilitate
    travel services
  • All types of properties like resorts, villas,
    apartments, budgeted hotels, luxury hotels and
    more can be accessed from the hotel extranet
  • Chance to include the product description,
    facilities, amenities, meals, photos and more
  • Check and manage availability.
  • Guest, extra bed, and child policies
  • Special offers like the price, discount, and
    early booking, all come under extranet bookings

Benefits of Hotel Extranet
  • Effective and accurate information Since the
    accommodation providers get the chance to add all
    the related details like editing, adding, and
    updating all the related information and saving
    it in the inventory it is different from the
    former hotel booking made through pen and paper.
  • Business enhancers Extranet increases business
    achievement and automates the booking process
    which was once affected hugely by the manual
    hotel booking process. As a business owner, you
    can manage the business on your terms and
  • Flexibility No matter when your customers are
    booking, with the flexible hotel extranet booking
    services you can easily offer last-minute
    bookings. As an owner when you use the extranet
    it becomes available to the customers, clients,
    and partners, and they can operate at their
    comfortable timing and place. So, the hotel
    extranet is adaptable since it reduces the time
    spent organizing meetings and phone tags. Also,
    it has no particular operating hours, and you can
    easily get information 24/7.
  • Shorter time to market Through the hotel
    extranet you get to market the products more
    quickly and efficiently. Make proposals, approach
    suppliers, and provide clients and business
    partners with up-to-date information.

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