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Amadeus CRS / Amadeus Central Reservation System


FlightsLogic provides Amadeus CRS, Travel CRS, Amadeus Central Reservation System, Amadeus CRS Software, and Amadeus CRS System to the global travel industry. Travel CRS integration services that we offer include Amadeus Airline Reservation System, Amadeus Hotel, Amadeus travel packages, Amadeus cruise booking and more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Amadeus CRS / Amadeus Central Reservation System

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The primary goal of Amadeus CRS is to create a
one-stop service shop and to eliminate physical
and geographical distances between mediators and
What is Amadeus CRS?
  • Amadeus Computer Reservation System or Amadeus
    Central Reservation System (Amadeus CRS) is a
    web-based application used by travel agencies and
    travel corporate clients to retrieve and conduct
    transactions associated with air travel, hotels,
    car rental, or other activities, etc. to boost
    sales and customer reach around the globe.
  • If you want to rely only on a specific
    travel-related system, such as offering air
    tickets, Amadeus CRS will be beneficial. Amadeus
    CRS tools help travel companies to control and
    manage distributions, bookings and rates through
    a comprehensive platform of capabilities.
  • Global travel management companies utilize
    Amadeus CRS Solution to access online travel
    content including airline, hotels, transfers,
    sightseeing, cars and other value-added services.

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Why do travel agents need access to Amadeus CRS
  • If a travel agency wants to grow, the integration
    of a robust global distribution system and
    Amadeus CRS software would be the best option.
  • At FlightsLogic, we can provide you with a unique
    but robust travel marketplace. We are constantly
    developing better ideas to help create a more
    connected future for the travel industry and
    consumers as a whole.
  • We implement Amadeus Airline Reservation
    System to access a huge array of flights,
    transfers and even hotels through Amadeus. With
    our Amadeus Integration Services, we're helping
    you better serve your customers. With Amadeus,
    you can inspire and sell your customers more
    efficiently and effectively.

  • However, we have a highly equipped team of
    experts with enormous industry experience to help
    you build your perfect online travel portal and
    promote your travel agency.
  • With Amadeus reservation software, it is possible
    to increase the value of different business
    processes not only for travel suppliers but also
    for users. For all kinds of bookings and
    reservations, especially airline ticketing,
    you'll find this GDS to be among the best. 
  • As such, Amadeus can help your travel company to
    succeed in the competitive travel industry. Our
    specialists at FlightsLogic can help you build a
    decisive competitive edge with our comprehensive
    Amadeus CRS services.

What is the key advantage of using the Amadeus
CRS System for travel agencies?
  • The Amadeus CRS System has all the key
    competencies and benefits to succeed in the long
    run, not only because it is a comprehensive
    travel management system, but also because of its
    diversity in aggregating the travel contents. 
  • Over 100,000 travel agencies worldwide use the
    Amadeus GDS System and software platform. Amadeus
    is structured around two core competencies, GDS
    and travel IT solutions.
  • The main advantage of Amadeus GDS Integration is
    that it easily connects to your emerging central
    reservation system and existing inventory and

  • Airline  Amadeus is involved in providing IT
    solutions and services that help manage the key
    operation of the airline industry, such as sales,
    booking, ticket booking, inventory management,
    departure control, and e-commerce. Amadeus is
    also providing an innovative GDS solution that
    maximizes the value of travel agency
    distribution. This enables the companies to grow,
    leads to the opening of new revenue streams,
    increases efficiency, and helps to gain a
    sustainable competitive advantage.

  • Hotel- Amadeus interconnects independent hotels
    and small chains and to distribute the hotel
    inventory and make them visible in the world's
    leading global distribution system. The Amadeus
    API acts as a powerful tool for the marketing of
    hotel properties and their features.
  • Car-Rental- Amadeus travel software would
    significantly improve the sale of car rental
    companies as Amadeus cars are efficient and easy
    to use. Car rental companies can make their
    content visible through a global multi-channel
    technology solution and reach multiple customer
    segments. These engineering solutions provided by
    Amadeus helps in serving the customers in a
    better manner and in the module enhance the
    customers satisfaction.

Here are some of the primary functions in an
Amadeus CRS
  • Displays travel services with prices and
  • Inventory and booking management
  • User-friendly reservation system
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Customer data management
  • Email notifications
  • Booking cancelation and refund management
  • Fully flexible and scalable for growing
  • A platform that is convenient to use
  • Manageability of rates, availability and content
    or information from a single entry point

Key features of Amadeus CRS
  • Suitable for business models B2B and B2C
  • Includes a comprehensive admin console
  • Offers custom reporting services
  • All customer-related services such as Passenger
    Name Record (PNR) or Guest Name Record (GNR) are
  • The system can thus store customer-related
    information, such as all services provided to a
    specific customer, type of payment, service
    information, etc
  • CRS are web-based applications that save a lot of
    time on administration work

  • High-speed network of information infrastructure
  • Fare quote, ticketing and voucher generation
  • Beneficial for both small and large businesses
  • Provide easy payment gateway integration
  • Increase your online booking
  • Represents real-time data, availability, and
  • Support multi-currency and multi-language

FlightsLogic Travel Booking Engine
  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car Rental
  • Vacation Package

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