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Central Reservation System


Travelopro is an Award-Winning Travel Software Company that delivers a central reservation system for hotels, car rentals, transfers, and other services online. Travelopro CRS can help you centrally manage your portfolio’s availabilities, rates, and reservations. Our Central Reservations System allows users to manage reservations for all properties in their group from one central location. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Central Reservation System

Central Reservation System
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Travelopro CRS can help you centrally manage your
portfolio's availabilities, rates, and
  • Travelopro provides Central Reservation System to
    manage hotels inventory and reservations.
  • Grow up your direct sales with our CRS booking
  • Travelopro is an Award Winning Travel Software
    Company, delivering central reservation system
    for hotels, car rentals, transfers and other
    services online.
  • Travelopro CRS connects and empowers you to sell
    your inventory through all of your sales channels
    like B2B/B2C including online travel agencies

Gain a Competitive Advantage with a Central
Reservation System
  • Central Reservation System is automated
    reservation software used to maintain the hotel
    information, room inventory and guest reservation
    all in one place.
  • A CRS provides hotel room's rates and
    availability for many different distribution
    channels such as GDS, OTAS, Third party websites
  • Travelopro provides hotel central reservation
    system that revolves around storage and
    distribution of information concerning resorts,
    hotels and host of lodging facilities.
  • Travelopro provides hotel central reservation
    system which helps hotelier to manage their hotel
    data and availability of rooms to guests.
  • Travelopro CRS assists hotel managers in managing
    their online marketing and sales, allowing them
    to upload their rates and availabilities to be
    seen by sales channels that are using the CRS
    (Hotel Central Reservation System).

Drive Direct Bookings, Increase Revenues and Save
Time with Central Reservation System
  • A central reservation system is utilized for the
    reservations of a selected airline and interfaces
    with a global distribution system (GDS).
  • That carry travel agencies and different
    distribution channels in making ready
    reservations for many prime airlines in a very
    single system GDS is a worldwide.
  • Global Distribution System computerized
    reservation network used as one point of gaining
    for useful airline seats and different
    travel-related things by travel agents, online
    reservation sites, and large companies
  • The global industry which provides global
    distribution systems is Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre,
    and Worldspan.
  • They are maintained and operated as joint
    ventures by major airline teams also known as
    automated reservation systems (ARS) or
    computerized reservation systems (CRS).
  • CRS or Central Reservation System is a type of
    reservation software that's used to update and
    manage information of an airline concerning
    inventory and rates so airlines are capable to
    manage quest reservations and therefore the
    method around such reservations in real-time.

  • Airline CRS stands for Airline central
    reservation system and is often used in the
    airline industry.
  • An airline CRS constitutes of various modules
    teams, rate and inventory control,
    administration, reporting, global distribution
    interface, and PMS interface.
  • An airline reservation system has turned out to
    be useful for travel agencies and users.
  • We are providing CRS (Central Reservation System)
    that stores and distributes information of an
    airline, and different lodging choices
  • A CRS permits airline managers in organizing and
    managing their online and offline sales, enabling
    them to transfer their rates and availability
    which can be simply seen by their sales channels.
  • Our CRS offers leading-edge products and
    provisions to the travel industry to boost edges
    by maximizing direct bookings and whole
    visibility within the digital distribution
  • CRS or Central Reservation System is a sort of
    reservation software that's used to update and
    maintain knowledge of an airline relating
    inventory and rates so airlines are ready to
    manage guest reservations and therefore the
    procedure around such reservations in real-time.

  • A CRS centralizes the information from the
    property management systems (PMS), distribution
    channels, call centers and phone reservation
    systems used across one or several properties.
  • A CRS software will commit the reservation
    knowledge from the PMS/s to the distribution
    channels in real-time so airlines are capable to
    achieve guests across as several channels as
    needed as a part of their distribution strategy.
  • The program empowers the operation for single to
    multi-property groups and chains which is very
    helpful for managers who need a single source to
    manage multi-channel and multi-property methods.
  • Travel software and quality solutions have helped
    global travel agencies improve very fast It has
    improved the 100 adoption of the OTA model Since
    travel suggests locomotion, travel technology,
    was originally associated with the central
    reservations system (CRS) of the airline
    industry, however now's used more inclusively
    Incorporating the massive tourism sector.
  • While travel technology involves the central
    reservations system, it also represents a much
    broader vary of applications.
  • Our industry-leading, web-based central
    reservation system, Travelopro, supports all our
    reservation solutions, straightforward and

  • Travelopro connects to several distribution
    channels and offers distribution modules for your
    web, mobile, voice, agent and online travel agent
    (OTA) channels.
  • You can manage availability, rates, and inventory
    from one single point of entry while continuously
    improving performance using our strong coverage
    tools and automatic alert system.
  • Amadeus Central Reservations System (CRS)
    products modify enterprise airlines the
    capability to direct and command distributions,
    bookings, and rates via a comprehensive platform
    of capabilities.
  • All Amadeus CRS solutions consisting of training
    to get you started.
  • Our award-winning client support is also
    available 24/7 Airline CRS is used for
    consolidated airline knowledge for a separate
  • The main benefits are the unique inventory, which
    isn't normally available and therefore the
  • Airline CRS as a tool is used to increase the
    global distribution system or GDS along with an
    internet distribution system from one single
    point system.
  • Airline managers use this tool to direct their
    online sales and marketing avenues.

Key benefits of having a Central Reservation
  • Keep track of reservations
  • Save time and increase profits
  • Increase your occupancy rate
  • Rate and inventory control
  • Global distribution interface
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Maximize revenue and streamline your operations

Features of Travelopro Central Reservation System
  • Fully flexible and scalable for growing business
  • Platform which is easier to use and implement
  • Control Room Settings
  • Manageability of rates, availability, and content
    or information from a single point of entry
  • Connectivity of hotels to GDS, online travel
    agents as well as mobile booking engines
  • Easy to book different hotels in a location
  • Multiple distribution channels emphasized with
    channel manager usage
  • Unparalleled integration to drive revenue and
    improve performance
  • Traveler satisfaction is boosted as the tool is
    more user-friendly

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