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5 New Social Media Trends


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Title: 5 New Social Media Trends

5 New Social Media Trends
Introduction Current social media trends are a
direct result of the epidemic and its widespread
disruption, which created a specialized clientele
with specific needs. As more people have gotten
used to living virtually, technology has advanced
in many ways, and consumers are working hard to
change society at the same time. Social media
has ingrained itself into people's daily lives
and habits. Some people are so dependent on it
that they check their social media feeds as soon
as they wake up. Businesses and marketers swarm
social media sites in the hopes of connecting
with their target audience. On the other hand,
social media is overrun with content, and there
is the fierce rivalry. Without a clear social
media marketing approach, it may be difficult for
you to stand out. Following the most recent
social media trends will help your strategy
succeed and set you apart from the
competition. Here are the top 5 social media
trends for 2022 and beyond that you need to be
aware of- 1 . Using Instagram Stories for
Marketing 85 of Instagram users follow at least
one brand, and 50 of users discover a business's
items through the story function. Nevertheless,
not every brand makes use of it, which is the
equivalent of placing one table in your
restaurant when there is space for two. First
off, tales are a terrific supplement to your
regular updates and are displayed at the top of
the app. You may promote your customers on
Instagram Stories, share your brand's story,
collaborate with influencers, make polls and
quizzes, and even go
live solo or with collaborating with other
In order to diversify their content and keep
things interesting, brands are turning more and
more to IG Stories. It is hard to ignore the
valuable resource that stories provide for brand
2. Streaming services for SVoD Making a
Fortune- Online streaming and video-on-demand go
hand in hand. During the pandemic, the
subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) model has
flourished and is demonstrating its tenacity. For
many users, SVoD services feel like a need, and
they now compete with the water bill for space in
the monthly budget. Additionally, they frequently
accommodate multiple people. In terms of
subscriber count, Netflix is followed by Amazon,
Disney, HBO Max, Peacock, and Hulu. some markets
are set for a decline. For the past three
consecutive quarters ending in Q4 2021, new SVoD
customers have preferred Amazon Prime Video over
all other options. In 2022, the content will
reign supreme, and you'll want your company to be
active on social media.
3. The Increasing penetration of Virtual
Reality- As the pandemic emerged, VR evolved
from being a niche curiosity to being widely
used. Undoubtedly, early broad lockdowns
contributed significantly to it, as did Meta's
well-known Oculus Quest VR device. Naturally, VR
headsets and gaming are at the forefront, but
there are a lot of other innovative applications
as well. People exercised outdoors, took virtual
reality tours of exotic destinations like the
Vatican, and even used Vroom to buy cars
online. Late in 2021, Facebook changed its
identity and pledged to make a large investment
in the creation of the metaverse, a network of
connected virtual
worlds. Although it has been difficult to make
the metaverse lucrative,
  • virtual reality has a stronghold in the
    entertainment sector. Through 2030, the market
    for VR headsets is anticipated to expand at a
    CAGR of 28.
  • In this sector, keep a look out for changes since
    everyone will be vying for Meta's product
    visibility. Social listening will provide
    important consumer data to guide your efforts,
    whether you're incorporating your brand into new
    games and platforms or learning the vernacular
    for an upcoming campaign.
  • Podcasts are dominating the globe-
  • Podcasts existed in the past, much like streaming
    services. However, as more people choose to work
    from home, the on-demand feature of podcasts
    gained appeal to a wider audience. From 274
    million listeners in 2019 to 383 million in 2021,
    the market for podcasts increased. For a total
    audience of 424 million unique listeners this
    year, another 40 million are anticipated to be
  • Age-related growth slows down and is greatest for
    those between the ages of 18 and 34. As the
    podcast industry has grown, brands have taken
    note and entered the fray. Brands that haven't
    yet joined the podcast revolution can use their
    social listening capabilities to see how they may
    participate in the conversation. If you don't,
    your rivals probably will. Huge internet
    discussion has 60 favorable sentiment over the
    past three months, which is a healthy level of
  • The Use of Real-Time Marketing Intelligence on
  • Brands frequently ignore Reddit, but this should
    not be the case. Like many other social media
    networks, it is not overly flashy or in your
    face, but its users take it very seriously.
    Considering that it's a goldmine for customer
    input, your brand should join in (VoC)
  • Given that Reddit counts 430 million active
    monthly users, there is a lot of that to be had.
    That was sufficient to avoid Twitter last year,
    and because the platform hasn't released updated
    figures, that may still be the case. A

site is a go-to place for many people conducting
their due diligence on new
items or ideas since users talk extensively about
companies and products on it. Additionally, since
Reddit discussions and content are mostly text-
based, it's simple to incorporate them into your
social media listening tools to gather market
research and identify gaps in your industry that
you can fix.
Conclusion The ideas mentioned above are only a
few of those that will dominate social media in
2022 and beyond. By exploiting these patterns,
you could maintain an advantage over your
competitors. The most anticipated innovations
are short-form video content. Larger networks
like Instagram and Twitter will probably continue
to be important even while smaller networks like
Pinterest and Snapchat may finally take off in
2022. (especially for B2B enterprises). Social
commerce is also crucial for eCommerce
businesses. It's crucial to remember that social
media is a dynamic and competitive environment in
the end.
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