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Top 11 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020


Digital marketing trends cannot be ignored The digital landscape is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Here are 11 trends of Digital marketing that are shaping into strategies in 2020 Thank You For Any Queries Find Us At - Contact us : 9052425444 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 11 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Digital Marketing Trends for 2020
Digital marketing trends cannot be ignored The
digital landscape is evolving so quickly that
its hard to keep up.
Here are 11 trends of Digital marketing that are
shaping into strategies in 2020
What is Digital marketing
Digital Marketing is a marketing approach to
promote a business on various digital platforms
The primary goal of digital
marketing is to reach our target audience based
on their demographics, behaviors and interests to
generate brand awareness, traffic and leads.
Digital marketing is most cost effective
marketing strategy with high ROI compared with
traditional marketing. Goal of our Digital
Marketing course in Hyderabad is to make your
expert in digital marketing strategies.
Growth of Digital Marketing
According to this research, the digital economy
is growing 10 times faster than the traditional
economy and firms that engage in online trading
are twice as likely to be creating jobs as firms
that aren't. It provides you with various career
This is an Example Graph showing Growth of
Digital Marketing Economy
Increased Interaction with Target Audiences
Interacting with target audiences has never been
easier for businesses thanks to digital
marketing. This not only helps increase customer
satisfaction, it also drives revenue through
personalized offers and leads to better
customer retention.
The cause of integration with Target Audiences is
very simple as the number increasing in usage of
internet With this Digital marketing is Directly
proportional to users in increasing in internet
This is an Graph showing Individual using the
internet, 2005-2019
Worldwide Social Network Users
With 2.3 billion users, Facebook is the most
popular social media platform today. YouTube,
Instagram and WeChat follow, with more than a
billion users. Tumblr and TikTok come next, with
over half a billion users. The bar chart below
shows a ranking of the top social
media platforms, year by year
Digital Advertising Revenues
  • Mobile marketing is a multi-channel online
    marketing technique focused at reaching a
    specific audience on their smartphones, feature
    phones, tablets, or any other related devices
    through websites, E-mail, SMS and MMS, social
    media, or mobile applications. Marketers and
    advertisers are putting 51 of there budget into
    mobile ads. By 2018 mobile should account ad
    revenues, That translates to a projected spending
    of 19.2 billion on mobile advertising in 2018.

Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence
The name Artificial Intelligence is exactly how
it sounds it refers to robots or machines
having the ability to work like humans. AI uses a
combination of different features such
as chatbots and voice assistants to quickly find
For instance, Alexa and Siri are voice assistants
that provide excellent Customer
care. Just like a human, they can take orders
from the users and work behind the
scenes on their behalf.
The AI robot does this by using sensors and human
inputs to gather facts about a situation and can
also collect/store the search data to improve the
users future experiences.
Cardinal Digital marketing even has an AI-powered
healthcare marketing software
called Patient steam that allows doctors and
healthcare providers to monitor and
streamline their advertising campaigns.
Ad placement, media buying, performance tracking
and customer targeting can all be handled by
software. Not only do the results tend to be
better, but outsourcing these tasks to a bot
also frees up time in your schedule to handle
more important tasks. Its automation at its best.
Email is Getting More Personalized
Email continues to be a major channel of
communication, with billions still using it for
personal, commercial, industrial, legal,
scientific, and academic purposes. In other
words, email is here to stay, and email marketing
itself continues to be important. However, email
marketing is evolving, and generic marketing
emails aren't as effective as they once were. It
is now a combination of automation and, more
importantly, personalization that makes email
marketing important for 2020
Video is No Longer an Option
If your business isnt already using video
marketing, you should get on board this year.
Text-based content simply cant compete with the
power of video, especially when it comes to
trying to sell products and services online.
Video marketing is highly-engaging, especially if
it's live video. Live streaming is a powerful
method of digital marketing when combined with
influencer marketing. Whether it's the new
generation of social media influencers or
traditional sources, such as celebrities,
athletes, and musicians, having a live stream
with an influencer who is interacting directly
with comments is a huge draw for an audience.
48 of consumers want videos to reflect what they
are interested in
Micro-influencers focus on a specific niche or
topic specialist.
Micro-influencers generally regarded as an
industry expert or topic specialist have stronger
relationships than a typical influencer.
They had 60 higher engagement while being 6.7x
more cost-effective than influencers with more
A micro-influencer is someone
who has between 1,000 to 100,000 followers. 
Optimizing for featured snippets
One of the reasons digital marketing trends
change so rapidly is because the platforms they
depend on change rapidly. Just look at Google,
which updates its search algorithm thousands of
times a year
But as search engines evolve and become smarter,
marketers need to adjust. More and more search
queries have featured snippets, which enjoy a lot
of real estate on the first page and get a lot
more clicks than the other search results. Thats
why its crucial to keep them in mind when
creating digital marketing content and optimize
each piece of content for featured snippets
create extremely high-quality content that covers
topics thoroughly yet clearly and that is well
structured and easy to understand.
Facebook May Be Peaking. Really
Facebook is no longer the kingpin in the social
media world. According to Forbes, 41 of its
users are over the age of 65. While it is by no
means struggling, its clear that Facebook is
losing ground with the younger demographics, who
tend to prefer the more visual, interactive
experiences offered by Instagram, Snapchat, and
the rising star, TikTok.
After the data breach scandal in 2018, Facebook
has lost significant credibility, with many
people growing frustrated and resentful with the
platform's proliferation of fake news, political
propaganda, and cyberbullying. The once-dominant
force is continuing to drop in popularity with
younger demographics, with TechCrunch speculating
that Facebook may be dead to Gen Z.
Good Content Still Matters (and Now Context
Matters More!)
Content marketing continues to be an essential
component of digital marketing, although there's
an increasing emphasis on nuance in content. The
quality is always going to matter, but now
there's more emphasis on the context and
targeting. Google is developing a deeper, more
sophisticated understanding of online content,
and so, marketers must think carefully about
their target market and how they can tailor
content more precisely in 2020.
The quality is always going to matter,
but now there's more emphasis on the context and
targeting. ... keep this in mind
New Channels and Media Help Brands Form Authentic
'Treat it like a real media channel' Brands are
changing how they work with influencers ...
Brands are building strong relationships with
creators, and the two are working together to tap
... economies of scale and you're not searching
for new partnerships every single month. ...
Platforms help legitimize it
Shoppable posts (social commerce)
Social commerce refers to buying products
directly through social media posts or adsyou
dont need to leave the site or app. These
shoppable social media posts arent exactly new
per se, but since Instagram Checkout launched in
2019, theyre rapidly getting more and more
More Focus on Customer Retention
In the coming years, companies will also start to
divert their attention from acquiring new
customers to retaining their existing ones. These
companies understand that it takes less money to
keep existing customers happy and will channel
more effort in the middle and last stages of the
buyers journey. Because collecting better data
and focusing on market segmentation helps save
Retaining customers helps increase revenue
because when you keep your existing customers
then they tend to tell their friends and give you
referrals. Loyal customers are also likely to be
more direct and honest with you regarding any
issues or problems, giving you a chance to
improve your brand
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