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Marketing Trends 2020: Top 5 Strategies You Need to Know About


Marketing trends have ever been useful to contribute to business growth. Here are the top 5 strategies you need to know about that will be prominent marketing trends in 2020. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Marketing Trends 2020: Top 5 Strategies You Need to Know About

Marketing Trends 2020 Top 5 Strategies You Need
to Know About
Nowadays people are more aware of the technology,
social media, etc than 3 decades earlier. The
world has converted into a global village with
the help of technology. Sharing information has
become easier than ever like it is much easier
than o generate product awareness or promote your
service. There are a variety of tools that easily
available. Some of them are free of cost and some
are paid. This way, customers feel like theyre a
part of your brand. This type of emotional
relationship is a core component in many top
digital marketing strategies and trends in 2019.
Start Using AI(Artificial Intelligence)
AI as the name suggests where robots or machines
perform most of the human tasks. This has put
great impact as it reduced personal burden. This
technology has been used in chatbots, voice
assistants to find answers. To cite an example,
Alexa and Siri provide excellent customer care
service just like a human.
Use of Private Messaging Apps
Using private messaging apps will be one of the
market trends. During this time most of the
companies will shift towards using private
messing apps as well as private apps instead of
emails. Their focus will be on how to better
utilize private messing apps. Some major brands
have already started experiments and soon enough
customers will be able to pay for products
directly through these apps.
Hyper-Targeted Advertising
People love great content. Therefore,
Hyper-Targeted advertising will be more
beneficial in this case where advertising
companies can best-in-class audience targeting
using proven campaign methodologies. Days are
gone when you had to see unrelated and annoying
Presenting Personalized Products to Audience
Small businesses have not started using this type
of method in order to reach the right audience.
Big companies like Amazon are using this
strategy. In this method, they analyze customers'
behavior and promote their products on those
assumptions. One study shows that 79 of
consumers get frustrated when see unrelated
content, ads or products.
Next Generation SEO
Nowadays, Search Engines are focusing on
AI(Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning.
Search Engines are rolling out new algorithm
updates day by day to provide better answers to
queries. Therefore, SEO professionals will have
to adopt those changes in order to bring their
sites at the top.
Focus on Voice Search
A rapid increase in the use of AI(Artificial
Intelligence). Most of the people are performing
searches using mobile phones with voice
assistants features like Google, Alexa, and Siri.
Voice search is also helpful in business growth
at a local level or global level. Voice search
also prioritizes semantics of searches.
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