Generating Employee Awareness About Your Company's Compliance Management Program: 5 Tips for Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Generating Employee Awareness About Your Company's Compliance Management Program: 5 Tips for Success


| A compliance management program means nothing if your employees don’t follow it, or worse—don’t know it exists. Aruvio offers 5 tips for generating awareness among employees. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Generating Employee Awareness About Your Company's Compliance Management Program: 5 Tips for Success

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  • Compliance management refers to the policies and
    procedures a company enforces in order to comply
    with government regulations as well as the
    companys own internal policies.
  • Creating a compliance management program is just
    one step in the process.
  • Ensuring each and every one of your employees is
    aware of your compliance planwhich may include
    policies on issues ranging from cyber security to
    workplace safety to consumer rightsis vital.

  • Compliance with federal and state regulations is
    not a matter to take lightlya compliance breach
    has many potential ramifications, including
  • Erosion of consumer trust
  • Loss of brand integrity
  • Damaged internal morale
  • Legal trouble with regulatory agencies
  • An effective compliance planone in which
    employees are well-informedminimizes these risks
    and protects your companys good name from
    preventable mistakes.

  • Its safe to say that announcing a compliance
    training program probably wont stir up much
    excitement in employees.
  • Yet, training doesnt have to be tedious. With
    the right strategy, you can create a fun,
    engaging, and effective campaign that raises
    awareness and protects your company from
    compliance failures.
  • How to do it? Try these 5 strategies.

  • Modern businesses face many challenges, not the
    least of which is a growing list of compliance
    requirementsfrom FCPA to IT to SOX compliance.
  • Different sets of guidelines between departments
    within a company can cause confusion and lead to
    compliance breaches.
  • Dedicated software, such as the products offered
    by Aruvio, can help compliance managers
    centralize all of their information and
    streamline their processes.

  • Marketing pros know what makes people tick. Hint
    A dry presentation full of compliance jargon
    isnt it.
  • You dont have to reinvent the wheeluse
    tried-and-tested marketing tactics to grab
    attention and drive messages home to your
  • Think catchy taglines and phrases that grab
    attention and are memorable.
  • Contests, games, and reward systems are
    additional ways to engage employees and make
    learning fun.

  • Storytelling is one of the best ways to capture
    attention and make your presentation memorable.
    People relate to peoplenot technical jargon or
  • Decide what type of narrative lends itself to
    your campaign, whether its
  • The story of your company
  • A fictional character
  • A true story involving one of your clients or
  • Facts and figures are important, but on their
    own they are seldom very effective. Tie facts in
    with stories to make them memorable.

  • Imagery is powerful. Visual information is easier
    to digest and can help people make sense of
    jargon-heavy or complex topics, such as the
    consequences of compliance breaches.
  • Use images to tell stories. Mediums can include
  • Posters
  • Infographics
  • Image slideshows
  • Comic narratives
  • Place posters in high-traffic areas like break
    rooms, hallways, and entryways. Other mediums,
    like infographics, can be pasted into the body
    of an email.

  • Change takes time. Repeat your message. The more
    your employees hear it the more likely they are
    to remember it, provided the message is
    interesting and impactful.
  • How to repeat a message without coming off as
    tediously repetitive? The key is delivering the
    same point or points in varied and clever ways.
    Remember A compliance plan means nothing if your
    employees arent following it, or worse, dont
    know it exists.
  • Ready to get your company on track with an
    effective compliance management program? Contact
    Aruvio today.

  • Aruvio is a leading developer of GRC (governance,
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  • Aruvio is built on, with powerful
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