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The 10 Companies Booming in Healthcare Sector


Acknowledging the remarkable contribution of the leading companies in the care sector, we bring to you the special issue of “The 10 Companies Booming in Healthcare Sector”. This edition portrays the inspiring stories of the listed pre-eminent organizations that are shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and dedication. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The 10 Companies Booming in Healthcare Sector

2019 Vol.6/ Issue-2
Dr. John Moller CEO
A Catalyst for Growth and a
Better Tomorrow
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Tannually, between the years 2017 to 2022. This
growth is driven by various factors including
he landscape of healthcare has noticeably changed
compared to what it was a few years ago.
The global expenditure of healthcare has been on
a spree, rising at the rate of 5.7 percent
the rise in the population of people in older age
groups, increased chronic disease rates, new
demands of the care receivers and newer approach
of care givers, and many more. Based on the
scenario of the global healthcare industry in
2019, we can predict a few possibilities that
will drive the market in the years to come. The
two big trends that have emerged in the past few
years are the shifting of this industry towards
personalized, outcome-based care and the
developments in diagnostic and preventive care.
These trends will continue to gain popularity
and many new startups as well as well-settled
business players are seen to focus on them. The
advancements in healthcare have come with huge
investments and there is a rising need to bring
in better solutions at a?ordable prices. Many new
researches and funding for drug development and
treatments, along with technological
advancements, are seen and are expected to
increase further. The future holds a promise for
various disruptive innovations to make this a
reality. We will also owe it to mergers and
collaborations among various healthcare and non-
healthcare organizations to attain ?nancial
sustainability. Technological innovation is
another key factor driving the steering of
tomorrow for healthcare niche. With emergence
and wide-spread acceptance of developments in
wearable devices, remote healthcare,
telemedicine, patient management apps, digital
healthcare, and more, myriads of companies are
seen to invest in these areas. The consumer
demands have changed with their increased role in
the system and therefore, the focus should be
shifted to patient engagement and building of
more personal relationships. Additionally,
technologies like AI, VR, 3D printing, medical
imaging, etc. have entered the healthcare sector
and are assisting the providers in o?ering more
accurate and enhanced care to the
patients. With increase in the number of changes
the industry is witnessing, there is increase in
the need of regulatory policies and compliances
as well. Other than that, patient data has become
the new currency in healthcare. Along with this
comes the need of cyber-security for protecting
the highly sensitive and critical healthcare
data. Additionally, the trend of health food
habits and self-care has grown tremendously. The
industry will be focusing on these aspects as
well. The stakeholders of healthcare, including
providers, investors, and consumers, have newer
demands and the ecosystem is, therefore,
shifting towards better and sustainable
solutions. The industry is expected to grow
further, market as well as development wise.
Preventive care, ?nancial sustainability,
digitalization, and so many other popular factors
may take us towards an enhanced, a?ordable, and
accessible tomorrow!
Aishwarya Nawandhar Editor
Editors Column
Cover Story
NOVOTECH A Catalyst for Growth and a Better
Interview with Insights Care
Sanomics Improving Healthcare with Innovation
and Compassion
Industry Insight What Digital Startups Need To
Succeed In The Healthcare Space
24 David Health Solutions Movement as Medicine
34 SpineMark Corporation Transforming
Care Delivery Through Exceptional Care Services
32 Accutest Research Laboratories The Preferred
CRO Partner for Healthcare Companies
36 Novel Discoveries Top Health Tech Innovations
in 2019 that are Breaking the Barriers
28 In-house Opinion Social Media Marketing A
Necessary Trend to Pick for Healthcare
Market Leaders Driving Development in Care
Ddevelopments in their respective niches and
healthcare sector is not aloof of this process.
The health
evelopment is a continuous process in any sector.
It brings in more comfort, more precision, and
enhanced way of living. Almost all the industries
have and will continue to witness extensive
and medical industry has grown through the years
with technological and device developments,
advancements, process enhancement, and more. It
owes this to various organizations and people
that have dedicated their resources and
expertise to improve several areas of
healthcare. Acknowledging the remarkable
contribution of the leading companies in the care
sector, we bring to you the special issue of
The 10 Companies Booming in Healthcare Sector.
This edition portrays the inspiring stories of
the listed pre-eminent organizations that are
shaping the future of healthcare through
innovation and dedication. Featured on the cover
is the internationally recognized leading
regional full-service contract research
organization (CRO), Novotech. The company has
been delivering CRO services in the Asia-Paci?c
region for more than 23 years. Apart from the
engaging cover story, the issue encompasses the
prominent leaders of the industry including
David Health Solutions, a world leader in
rehabilitation solutions for musculoskeletal
problems SpineMark Corporation, a premier
global spine service company for the development
of Spine Destination Centers and Spine Research
Organizations (SRO) Accutest Research
Laboratories, a top-notch independent and
internationally accredited India-based Contract
Research Organization (CRO) an interview by
Sanomics, a fast-growing company contributing
relentlessly to the future of healthcare with
novel gene therapy solutions Youshow AI tech
Development Paci?c Healthcare Paradigm Pharma
Teleme Technology and Meditech Solution. This
edition also includes few interesting articles by
our in-house editors and industry expert. So,
walk through the pages and enjoy a good read!
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Dr. John Moller CEO
Cover Story
A Catalyst for Growth and a Better Tomorrow

Biotech sector, offering full service clinical
trial services
A leading regional CRO in the Asia-Paci?c region
and the
he cost of research for new drugs has almost
Speaking of what sets them apart in todays
highly competitive global world, Dr. John
Moller, the CEO of Novotech, said, Novotech is
focused on delivering world-class clinical
services in the Asia-Paci?c region for the
biotech sector. We o?er the very latest in Oracle
and Medidata technology, and all our projects
are measured on quality of service and customer
satisfaction throughout every stage of our
engagement. The customers of the company value
its leadership as a regional CRO specialist, who
can understand local cultures, customs,
regulations, and have developed deep
relationships with the key investigators in the
region. Novotech follows a unique strategy for
all its clients projects. When discussing a new
potential project with a client, the company
brings in its senior clinical sta?, country
managers, and potentially investigators into the
discussions as early as possible. Through this,
it ensures that the sponsor can gain the
con?dence that their project will receive the
attention they may not otherwise have with
global CRO players. In addition to this, Novotech
has a signi?cant focus on appointing and
retaining the best people and is strongly
passionate about developing its employees. In
fact, in the year of 2018, 30 of the companys
employees were promoted. Focused on Client
Satisfaction Novotech has implemented a
systematic mechanism of monitoring customer and
investigator satisfaction across a range of
items. It has invested in new technology and
established clear processes to systematically
reach out to its customers after key milestones
for each project. The company ?nds this
initiative very important as it nurtures
relationships with its clients to address
potential issues well in advance and ensures
continuous improvement in the services it
provides. Validating the success of this
approach is Novotechs excellent levels of client
satisfaction - mostly 8 and 9 out of 10 - and
especially project communications which
consistently scores above 9 out of 10. Following
are some feedback comments from from Novotech
clients. Were delighted with the way our
project was managed. The structure of having the
study team together with the governance team was
e?ective. The team was very
tripled over the last 25 years and new models are
emerging to face these increasing expenses.
Multinational pharmaceutical companies are
deriving an even larger share of their revenues
from biotech acquisitions or external discovery,
and an increasing focus is put on clinical
development operational improvements and
optimization. Novotech is internationally
recognized as the leading regional full-service
contract research organization (CRO) in
Asia-Paci?c and is dedicated to supporting
biotech companies in their drug development by
tapping into the bene?ts of the region. With a
focus on clinical monitoring, it has been
instrumental in the success of hundreds of Phase
I - IV clinical trials in the Asia Paci?c
region. Headquartered in Sydney, Novotech has
been delivering CRO services in the region for
more than 23 years. It has o?ces in twelve
countries, including two customer- facing o?ces
in the US, and more than 550 sta? to accommodate
increased demand from international biotech
companies for specialist clinical
services. Strong Focus on Asia-Paci?c with a
Global Reach Novotech delivers clinical
development services across all clinical trial
phases and therapeutic areas. These include
feasibility assessments, ethics committee and
regulatory submissions, data management,
statistical analysis, medical monitoring, safety
services, central lab services, report write-up
to ICH requirements, and project and vendor
management. The companys strong Asia Paci?c
presence allows them to run clinical trials in
all key regional markets. It also has worldwide
reach through the companys network of strategic
partners. Full Service for Biotechnology
Companies Novotech is known as the leading
regional CRO in the Asia-Paci?c region and the
biotech sector. The company and its employees
have won numerous awards and recognitions in the
CRO industry over the last several years and has
been dedicated to delivering consistently
high-quality service for its clients. In
addition, the company ensures that the customer
satisfaction is closely and objectively
monitored across a range of KPIs throughout the
lifespan of each project.
We maintain and monitor the quality of service
and client satisfaction at every step of our


responsive, and issues were resolved within
expected timeframes. - Senior Clinical Project
Manager of a Swiss Biotech company Key
Highlights of 2018 Novotechs acquisition of
Australia specialist CNS last year was one of
the major milestones in its journey. This
acquisition has further strengthened Novotechs
presence in the region and has allowed the
company to o?er all clients a BioDesk,
capability that provides early stage product
development advice including toxicology, CMC and
FDA/EMA regulatory consulting. Moreover,
Asia-Paci?c was the fastest growing region for
biotech-sponsored trials again last year, with an
increase of about 35 compared with 2017. In the
year 2018, Novotech maintained its focus on
bringing in and retaining the best people,
nurturing relationships with
clients, investigators and partners, and brand
development initiatives. The organization also
made an important investment in relation to
technology improvements with the next generation
of Oracles Trial Management system. Novotech
has further reinforced its position of leading
CRO for the biotech sector in the Asia-Paci?c
region in 2018 with a very strong performance in
key markets such as ANZ, Hong Kong, Thailand,
Taiwan, and South Korea where Novotech estimates
its market share has increased to over 30 in
key territories. Foundational Values Values are
the roots of any company. The core values lay
the foundation of an organization and helps de?ne
its vision and shape its culture. Novotech
abides by the following values
  • Performance Passion According to Novotech, an
    attitude of making it happen drives a dedicated
    focus on engagement, quality, accountability,
    and performance results
  • Open Engagement Novotechs style of working
    recognizes the value of everyone involved
  • Uncompromised Integrity It follows the belief
  • one should never to hesitate to say or do the
    right thing
  • Unlocking Talent - Novotech seeks and nurtures
    people with exceptional talent

selection of the right investigators and
excellence in CRO study management. The company,
therefore, invests heavily in building formal
partnerships with major hospitals and medical
specialist sites through formal site partnership
agreements, as well as site management services
which facilitate rapid start-up activities and
patient recruitment to meet the sponsors
goals. Bringing in More for a Better
Tomorrow With biotech companies investing in more
complex and global programs, Novotech sees that
biotech sponsors are increasingly considering
locations outside of the US for their trials,
such as Eastern Europe and Asia-Paci?c. The
companys clinical sta? numbers have grown by
more than 20 in Asia over the last quarter of
2018 and 50 over the last twelve months. This
growth in the number of sta? members is fuelled
by demand for a regional CRO with international
accreditation and reputation, combined with
local knowledge, partnerships, and expertise in
the region. Furthermore, the companys
initiative of integration of capabilities, such
as BioDesk, will bring tremendous support to
biotech companies looking for global regulatory
Novotechs Take on Latest Developments Novotech
believes that clinical data quality is considered
the key priority for 2019. According to a recent
survey conducted by J.P. Morgan amongst life
sciences investors this is especially true
given the increasing complexity of trials and
trial designs. Novotech has driven an increasing
investment in upfront clinical development
strategy, including the use of carefully
designed protocols. These include multi-arm,
multi-stage designs with adaptive
randomization. According to Novotech, an e?cient
approach to clinical trial design will have the
greatest impact in containing the escalating
cost of drug development. It also believes that
the e?ectiveness of clinical trials also relies
on the
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Interview with Insights Care
Mr. Sy Ming Yiu CEO
Improving Healthcare with Innovation and
Tvarious advancements related to cancer
treatment, no speci?c solution is reached yet. By
far, the best possible
he healthcare industry is looking for better
answers to diagnose and treat various
life-threatening diseases we hear of
today. One of these diseases that the industry is
trying to combat since long is cancer. Although
there have been
solution comes from gene therapy. Apart from
cancer treatment, gene therapy has showed a lot
of potential to improve the
treatment of number of deadly diseases. Sanomics
is a fast-growing company, which is contributing
relentlessly to the future of healthcare with
novel gene therapy solutions. It is remarkably
revolutionizing cancer treatments for the
patients with safe and e?cient liquid-based and
tissue- based genomic tests. To know more about
the story of this ingenious company, we at
Insightscare bring to you an exclusive interview
with its CEO, Mr. Sy Ming Yiu, Stanley. 1. Tell
us in brief about Sanomics Limited. Established
in Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks
Corporation in 2015, Sanomics Limited is a Hong
Kong based biotechnology start-up that
specializes in liquid biopsy and tissue-based
genomic diagnostics for cancer patients, so as to
help doctors decide personalized cancer
solutions for patients. Since 2015, Sanomics
service covers 20 countries and regions and it
has completed more than 7,000 patient cases over
the world. Sanomics (Thailand) Limited was
founded in October 2018 in Bangkok, which is the
?rst Hong Kong biotechnology start-up launched in
Thailand. Focusing on lung and women cancer,
Sanomics comprehensive cancer genomic screening
services covers both somatic mutation and
germline mutations, adopting Droplet Digital
Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR), Next
Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to
complete Comprehensive Genomic Pro?ling (CGP),
and Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction
(Real-time PCR).
June 2019
  • What were the motivating factors that led towards
    the inception of the company?
  • Patient ?rst is absolutely the most motivating
    factor. An accurate genomic test result is
    critical for helping doctors to design a
    personalized treatment for cancer patients. We
    strive to provide the genomic tests which are of
    higher quality, cheaper price, and quicker
    turnaround time to help cancer patients to save
    time and medical expenses.
  • Which is your ?agship product? Also, tell us how
    Sanomics stands tall and di?erentiates itself
    from others in this competitive world.
  • Requiring only 20ml of blood and 2 working days
    of turnaround time, p-EGFR liquid biopsy test
    detects the EGFR gene mutation which causes lung
    cancer. Comparing with traditional tissue biopsy
    which is an invasive operation, costly, and time
    consuming, p-EGFR is non-invasive, a?ordable,
    and quick. Since the launch of p-EGFR in August
    2015 in Hong Kong, it has become the market
    leader in Hong Kong within just 8 months.
  • What makes Sanomics stand out is our dedication
    to execution. We always emphasis the innovation
    of Sanomics is in execution. Ranging from test
    request, specimen collection to release report,
    we try our best to keep the process as simple as
    possible, so that physicians precious time can
    be spent on treating patients instead of dealing
    with clumsy procedures. For example, we simplify
    the process of requesting Sanomics tests to 3
    steps only and keep our form and test report in 1
    page to save time of physicians. Also, we
    launched Sanomics Portal mobile app for doctors
    to keep posted.
  • What are all the products and services that
    Sanomics Limited provides?

The pEGFR test screens for the presence of Exon
19 deletions, Exon 21 L858R, Exon 20 T790M,
C797S mutations in blood specimens using droplet
digital PCR technology. This test is useful for
assessing and monitoring whether TKI therapies
would be e?ective mostly for lung cancer patients.
The pBRAF V600ETM test screens for the presence
of BRAF V600E mutation in blood specimens using
droplet digital PCR technology. The test targets
lung, thyroid, colorectal, and melanoma and it
is useful for assessing whether the indicated
therapies would be useful. It is suggested that
if the test results are positive, dabrafenib,
and trametinib can be used as targeted therapy.
Guardant360 identi?es somatic mutations of 73
genes, proven to be clinically relevant, and
reports on microsatellite instability (MSI)
status through the detection of circulating
tumor DNA (ctDNA) in blood specimens using NGS
technologies. The test is suitable for patients
with advanced solid tumors. The report would
present targeted treatment options including
approved therapies and therapies undergoing
late-stage clinical trials, as well as
immunotherapy options. The test would be
performed in the US.
BRCA Zoom identi?es germline mutation of BRCA1
and BRCA2. The test is suitable for patients who
have been diagnosed with breast, ovarian,
prostate, and pancreatic cancer people with
family history of the above mentioned cancer and
other cancer high-risk groups. Each person
carries BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. These two genes
are mainly responsible for repairing damaged DNA
and maintaining stable cell growth. If a person
carries a mutation of the BRCA gene, the risks of
developing breast, ovarian, prostate cancer or
pancreatic cancer in a lifetime also increases.
Also, the family members of that person would
also have a possibility of carrying the mutated
BRCA genes. 1
June 2019
OncoSnap is a pioneering tumor tissue pro?ling
test which screens for clinically relevant
somatic mutations of 130 genes in solid tumor
tissues by using NGS technologies, and o?ers
FDA-approved therapies undergoing clinical
trials. Able to detect single nucleotide
variations (SNVs), insertions and deletions
(indels), selected fusions and copy number
OncoSnap BRCATM is a pioneering NGS-based tumor
tissue pro?ling test which screens for somatic
mutations of BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes in solid tumor
tissues. This test is useful for assessing
patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer,
ovarian cancer and prostate cancer on whether
they could be bene?ted from selected PARP
inhibitor treatments.
OncoSnap NonetTM screens for 9 genes in tumor
tissue samples, intending to aid physicians to
identify multi-genetic biomarkers for potential
treatment options for primary diagnosed
non-small-cell lung cancer patients.
PD-L1 IHC 22C3 pharmDx is a qualitative
immunohistochemical assay using Monoclonal Mouse
Anti-PD-L1, Clone 22C3 to detect PD-L1 protein in
FFPE tissue specimens using EnVision FLEX
visualization system on Autostainer Link 48. It
detects PD-L1 expression with a dynamic range of
tumor-positive (TPS) 0-100 and combined
positive score (CPS) 0-10. Cancers include lung
cancer, gastric cancer, urothelial cancer,
cervical cancer, etc.
EmbryoSafeTM screens all 24 chromosomes of IVF
and ICSI embryos to detect pathogenic chromosome
copy number changes, including aneuploidy,
mosaicism, unbalanced translocations, and
microduplications/microdeletions (gt 10 Mb).
  • With respect to your distinctive products and
    services, how have you helped bring positive
    developments in the healthcare industry?
  • Sanomics contributed to provide genomic tests to
    help doctors decide personalized cancer solutions
    for patients. We keep
  • providing solutions to tackle with the pain
    points in current cancer management process. For
    example, Sanomics is the ?rst local private
    company in Hong Kong to adopt liquid biopsy, a
    non-invasive cancer screening technology that
    spares patients from the painful tissue biopsy,
    a traditional procedure of collecting tissue
    samples from tumors. Another example is that
    tissue samples often run outs before answering
    all the clinical questions that guide treatment
    selection, therefore, by launching OncoSnap
    NonetTM , this test can screen for 9 genes in
    tumor tissue samples to make best use of tissue.
  • Are there any social activities that your company
    organizes to uplift healthcare space?
  • To raise the public awareness of adopting genomic
    test in cancer management, Sanomics organizes
    workshops and seminars for healthcare
    professionals and general public. We also
    co-operate with our strategic partners, such as

June 2019
  • AstraZeneca and Bio-Rad to organize large scale
    symposium, to discuss about the latest
    development of genomic diagnostics and provide a
    platform for intellectual exchange in the
    healthcare industry.
  • Tell us some interesting things about your leader
    (CEO, CFO, COO or any other personality which you
    want to highlight in this issue).
  • Keep moving, keep thinking and keep solving,
    this is the common value that we share in
  • Mention the notable awards and accreditations
    Sanomics has received so far.
  • So far, Sanomics has won 19 awards. Some
    highlighted awards include
  • ? 2018 The Top 50 Innovative Biotechnology
    Enterprises in Guangdoug-Hong Kong-Macau Greater
    Bay Area by ZDVC Research Institute, KPMG
    Guangdoug Medical Valley
  • ? Innovative Business Gold Award 2018 by The Hong
    Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and
    Hong Kong Economic Times
  • ? Caring Company Award by The Hong Kong Council
    of Social Service
  • Can you share with us your upcoming projects?
  • Big data will be our next step. Big Data is
    everywhere in our daily life, actually DNA big
    data can also be digitalized to assist
    scientists and doctors to analyze and make
    advances in cancer treatment. Currently, there is
    no existing DNA database of Asian cancer
    patients. To address the need for building Asian
    cancer patients big data, we initiate to
    establish a DNA Big Data Centre in Hetao
    district at Lok Ma Chau. By doing so, we aim to
    attract more genetic related start-ups to set up
    their o?ces in Great Bay Area, so as to create an
    ecosystem of biotechnology companies in Great Bay
  • The initial design of this DNA big database is by
    subscription base. The meta data of the database
    will be open for public
  • access. However, to get full access, users must
    register and pay certain amount of subscription
    fee, as well as unveiling their data model to
    sustain the platform. The three main roles of the
    owner of this DNA Big Data Centre are - ?rst, to
    provide basic legal support and protection to the
    DNA data supplying and demanding sides second,
    to set up a rating scheme and payment scheme for
    DNA data transaction and thirdly, to be the DNA
    big data manager. The idea of this Asian DNA big
    data base is like a combination of Asian DNA eBay
    and DNA cloud.
  • We believe that more valuable studies and
    commercialized applications of DNA data will be
    generated once this Asian Big Data sharing
    platform has been launched. We foresee that
    ultimately this will enhance the overall life
    quality and improve the cancer solution for

Fig. Important Milestones in the Journey of
Sanomics June 2019
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Tania Martin-Mercado Chief Technology
Of?cer ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tania Martin-Mercado,
PhD, is the Chief Technology Of?cer of YGEIA, a
digital healthcare company focused on home
healthcare and chronic disease management. She
holds various degrees in IT, healthcare, as well
as biotechnology and is seasoned with a lot of
experience at various prestigious posts
throughout the years. Being a curious soul and
always been fascinated with technology, Tania has
been a part of various healthcare innovations.
June 2019
Industry Insight
Whealthcare. From arti?cial intelligence, machine
e hear a lot of buzz in the industry and in the
startups need to have patience something that
is unattractive to some investors, causing
digital healthcare startups to rush into product
development too quickly. Instead, involving key
stakeholders early in the development process and
fully understanding the concerns and perspective
will allow these startups to impact the
healthcare space where it matters most patient
care. The Medical Futurist published a fantastic
article earlier this year that highlights why
healthcare startups fail. Forgetting about the
patient, not including the provider, di?culty
creating clinical value and overclaiming what the
technology can do area just a few of areas
discussed in this article. Another area often
overlooked by digital healthcare startups is the
need to integrate. Healthcare data is massive,
and there is no central repository to draw
from. By understanding and embracing the need
for shared services, integration with other
startups or providers in the healthcare industry
can foster innovation and better meet patient
need or demand. Instead startups may focus on
siloed solutions that make it di?cult for
providers to implement into their practice, thus
not o?ering value to the patient. By
understanding how patient data is viewed from a
provider and payor perspective, digital
healthcare startups will ?nd out how their
product or service will be most useful. This is
such an exciting time to be in the healthcare
space. The satisfaction of making a positive
impact in communities by improving patient care
is why many startups dive into the healthcare
space. By taking a few of these points into
consideration, digital healthcare startups will
?nd their endeavors bearing fruit.
marketplace about the latest in digital
learning, remote patient monitoring and wearable
technology to home monitoring and data, data,
data digital healthcare has morphed into one
of the most transformative healthcare
trends. While this is one of the most exciting
times to be in the digital healthcare market,
startups focused on this space need to make sure
their product and service have three-fold
impact Improved patient outcomes, reduced cost
of delivery, and quality of care. Cost, quality
and patient experience often go unnoticed or
ignored in favor of technical functionality. The
latest and greatest digital healthcare
technology will fail if the patients dont
understand how to use it, providers cant
implement it into their work?ow, and payors
wont reimburse for its use. By starting with a
patient-centered focus, digital startups will
?nd they may need to slow down and get a better
understanding of the healthcare industry, which
operates di?erently than the tech world. There
are more stakeholders in healthcare that need
consideration doctors, patients, insurers,
regulators each of these stakeholders holds a
unique perspective on the technology being
adopted. Healthcare is complex because patients
are complex. As digital startups focus on one
area, such as a particular disease, they may
stumble onto the multiple factors that
contribute to that disease, what insurers do and
dont cover related to that disease and its
symptoms, and more variables that directly or
indirectly a?ect their product or service. The
development of a product or service requires
research into clinical practice, medical study,
patient and doctor interviews, and several focus
groups. Digital healthcare
June 2019
Hproblems. Established in the year 1981 by Arno

eadquarter in Helsinki, Finland David Health
Solutions Ltd.
is a rehabilitation solutions provider for
the CEO, the company has its operations on a
global platform. The
  • company is transforming spine and orthopedic care
    with a data-driven, device-based exercise
    therapy solution that is directly in consensus
    with the latest guidelines. It promotes exercise
    and cognitive support as the ?rst line treatment
    for most chronic musculoskeletal problems.
  • Exercise combined with the bodys ability to
    regenerate is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, it
    is underutilized in healthcare. However, times
    are changing. What DHS found out over 30 years
    ago is becoming the norm now. Indeed, its
    solution used to be the last remedy in the
    toolbox now, it is the ?rst. Decades ago, Arno
    was convinced that the best way to treat
    musculoskeletal pain was targeted and controlled
    exercise therapy using specially designed
    devices. Having started small, David Health
    Solutions has now set up more than 350 centers
    around the world using its intelligent solutions
    for spine and orthopedic care.
  • The Journey of Innovation Intelligence
  • Several years were spent on intense research and
    development in building biomechanically optimal
    training devices for each joint. David Health
    Solutions quickly found out that with this
    approach it was possible to start movement and
    training, even for the patients su?ering from
    severe pain. The key was to design devices that
    were gentle for the joints, but demanding for
    the muscles. The company visualizes becoming the
    torchbearer in one of the biggest changes in
    healthcare, covering the most costly and
    debilitating healthcare problem.
  • In anything we do, the well-being of the patient
    is always the most

June 2019
important factor. No technology alone can solve
these problems unless there are uni?ed minds at
all levels to bring the bene?ts to the patient,
asserts Arno. The company is strictly a school
medicine company, meaning that it makes no
unsubstantiated claims and bases its philosophy
on data and science. Therefore, to keep up with
technology, it is now developing an AI system
that can learn from the hundreds of thousands of
patient cases to provide better and more
individualized care for each patient.
curves, guaranteeing safe and pain-free training
experience. Its cloud based, state-of-the-art IT
system guides and motivates the patient and
simultaneously collects all relevant data
automatically for easy reporting.
Every device is also a testing device for
strength and mobility. Based on these test
results, the software will automatically provide
individualized training weights and movement
ranges. All parameters of the exercise are
digitally controlled this way. Nordic Health
clinic, which is equipped with the full system,
is frequently visited by the sta? of the clinic
for exercise and preventative care. It is great
to see everyone, from our COO to our Marketing
Associates, so enthusiastic to utilize the
technology for both rehabilitation and preventive
care, he says.
David Health Solutions works on the core value of
patient wellbeing, this is also the reason it
is transforming itself from a device company to
a service company. This is the only way we can
ensure the best quality and operational
e?ciency. We have centers under the Nordic
Health brand, either owned by us or under our
management in Finland, Netherlands, Saudi
Arabia, and now coming to USA. Our ?rst Nordic
Health Spine and Ortho Center will open in
Tulsa, Oklahoma, in partnership with
neurosurgeons. The next ones will open in
California and New Jersey, says Arno. There is a
great need for integrated services providing the
whole continuum of care, believes
DHS. Distinctive Services and Solutions The
David Exercise Therapy Solution utilizes
specially designed devices with joint-speci?c
isolation and loading
The companys medical rehabilitation system is
unique because it is the only fully equipped
solution in the market. The DAVID product
portfolio includes intelligent devices that
speci?cally target the spine, hip knee, and
shoulder joints. This is great news for
rehabilitation clinics because the practice can
June 2019
patients care for a variety of musculoskeletal
problems with a turn-key solution that has been
validated in a number of studies and in use in
hundreds of centers. Distinguishing Itself from
Others Typical services in this area are run by
therapists on a one-to-one basis, using poor and
outdated tools. This is a very consuming work
for the therapists and the work is typically
quite random. There are no standardized and
structured programs and due to high costs, most
programs are cut short before the patient is
well. DAVIDs innovative solution uses advanced
training technology and cloud-based software for
guidance, control, and data-gathering. This has
dramatically changed the role of the therapists
from manual workers to that of a coach, expert,
and motivator. After a few sessions with the
therapists, a patient learns to use the system
independently and is empowered to take care of
his/her own health. This frees the therapists to
concentrate on the more di?cult cases, while the
technology guides the other patients through the
program. Up to six patients can be treated by
one therapist, says Arno. This has also opened
a completely new market for medical centers, the
on-going prevention care with a membership
model. Most of the patients that went through
the program are willing to continue once a week
in the maintenance program. This requires very
little personnel resources and provides steady
income stream for the clinic. Awards and
Appreciations The company and Parviainen have
been awarded tens of di?erent patents in
connection to technical solutions and methods.
The companys production has an ISO 13485
certi?cate which is GMP in Europe, covering
production of medical devices. All the devices
are also separately medically certi?ed. The
praise it receives form its
June 2019
Mr. Arno Parviainen CEO Founder
customers speaks leaps and bounds of the
companys excellent service. We at St. Lucas
in Bruges, Belgium, adopted the use of
device-based back treatment already in 1998. Due
to the evidence of its e?cacy, a national
insurance code was issued for this method. In
December of 2015, we moved to a new phase in our
operation when we changed to a fully integrated
DAVID Solution with automatic adjustments,
patient guidance, and tracking of all critical
variables. Our experience is that patients are
more motivated, results seem to be better, and
integration to the hospitals electronic patient
record system saves a lot of administrational
work.-Dr. Marc Soenen, AZ Sint-Lucas
Hospital Having been a neurosurgeon for over
thirty years, I have always maintained the
desire to explore conservative, non-operative
options for my patients. In 2015, we became
acquainted with the DAVID Spine Concept. We have
been so impressed with the DAVID Solution that
we are on our third set of DAVID Spine equipment
and have now integrated DAVIDs hip and shoulder
therapy as well. It is rewarding to see that
active rehabilitation can dramatically change
peoples lives for the better and help them
avoid surgery. -Luke Knox M.D. F.A.C.S,
Northwest Arkansas Neurosurgery Clinic Bright
Future of DAVID The fact that device-based
exercise therapy is going to gain ground in the
medical world is already clear. National level
insurance reimbursements and contracts with
health ministries in di?erent countries are a
proof of that, believes Arno. When people become
more familiar with these ideas and have a chance
to personally try in practice how the system
works, attitudes will change, he says. The
company strives to improve its operations and
o?erings to continue to provide the worlds most
comprehensive solution for musculoskeletal
rehabilitation. The next major jump forward will
be when David Health Solutions will put its AI
engine in clinical use. This system will provide
the most accurate and individualized care of any
system available. It will consider all
background factors of the patient, like
diagnosis, pain level, education, psychological
pro?le, test results, and so on. It will well
understand that musculoskeletal problems are
complex, and not only physical, and therefore it
is critical to incorporate all success and
failure factors in the program. To know more,
Life is a Marathon Arno Parviainen knows the
power of exercise ?rsthand. AGer multiple
injuries in water skiing, cycling, and tennis,
he could have been disabled with any of those
incidences. But he was fortunate to know the
possibilities device-based training can o?er.
The most serious injury caused a cauda- equina
with total nerve block and paralyzed his calves.
It took him ?ve years of persistent training and
running before he was able to run same
distances and at same speeds as before the
accident. His experience is well documented in
his blog Life is a marathon.
Parviainen has a degree in economics, but his
knowledge in how to build biomechanically
correct devices is very rare in the industry. He
started his interest aGer travelling in the US
at the age of seventeen and got acquainted with
devices in the market there. He built his own
set of devices at the age of eighteen and from
there on his passion has been to develop
technologies that can help patients su?ering in
back and joint pain.
June 2019
Social Media
In-house Opinion
A Necessary Trend to Pick for Healthcare
oday, we dont know if we are conquering the
digital world or the digital world is
conquering us. Living in an era like this, we
need to ensure we are abreast with all the
trends and developments that directly a?ect us.
One trend that has moved all the
industries and all parts of the world is the
extensive use of social media. The millennial
generation has embraced various social platforms
with open arms and it is now a major part of
their lives. On the top of this generation is the
next, generation Z. Generation Z, also known as
the iGeneration, is immersed in technology. They
spend most of their time on social media. It
has, therefore, become very important for all
types of businesses in all the sectors to
leverage the technique of social media marketing
to attract the millennials and genzers. This will
not only increase the sales but help you build a
chain of loyal customers.
June 2019
June 2019
Healthcare industry is also a?ected by this
trend, but it lags behind in exploiting it to
the fullest. Lets understand what bene?ts it
brings to you. The idea of searching and
following a doctor on some social platform would
seem absurd if you thought about it a few years
back. But, time has changed and so has the trend.
When it comes to health, although people wont
shop around, they will still look for the best.
Advertising everything that a provider has to
o?er on a platform reaching anyone and everyone
is a great idea to mark him/her in the minds of
people. Additionally, users, all around the
globe, surf their social media feeds number of
times a day. If one makes sure to update their
account regularly, users are likely to come
across their post number of times. This leaves an
impact on the users. Where else can one make
their presence felt so frequently? It also
allows a company to connect with their patients
in real-time. And this can be done from anywhere
and everywhere! With social media, you can
ensure customer-centricity. Putting up health
tips and staying in touch with the patients
through social platforms are some ways to do
this. Moreover, healthcare providers can put up
about the practices, services, and products that
they provide and the stories of how they have
helped others for better. This will help them
build a sense of trust in the clients as well as
the audience visiting their account. Other than
this, social media marketing comes with a lot
more advantages. To stand out and make it fun,
here are a few ways that will help. Educational
Posts A healthcare brand can educate their
clients or patients through their social media
feed. This can include posting health tips, a
video of successful surgery carried by a
hospital, awareness and precautions for
particular disease, short description of a new
device or technology, and many more. Being
connected with the brand, the patients will look
out for such tips and probably implement them as
well. Not only will it help the brand in
building better relationship with its clients,
but also help improve the patients lifestyle.
Start a Campaign, Use Hash tags It is a very good
idea for a healthcare company to start its own
campaign on social media. The campaign can be
about anything from awareness about a disease to
encouraging audience to share their success
stories to starting a social initiative and
calling out audience to join in. Using hash tags
to promote such campaigns brings a lot of
bene?ts. Say for example, a company starts a
campaign for the patients of aids, calling out
people to share the success stories of
themselves or their loved ones in conquering
aids. Hash tag like companynameforaids can be
used by everyone joining in the campaign. This
helps improve the companys branding alongside a
good cause. Interactive Communication Clients/pat
ients do not usually indulge in the interactive
communication with the healthcare providers. On a
social platform, this can be initiated. This
will help the patients feel more close to the
company and hence, build a long, trustful
relationship. Leverage Infographics Infographics
can help one provide highly informative content
in very short time. Without taking up a lot of
the audiences time, a company can portray its
strengths with the help of infographics. A step
further is infographic videos. They say a lot of
things in matter of seconds. Also, the
combination of an audio, video, content, and
colors is easier to remember and leaves a high
impact on the viewers. These are just some of
the ways to leverage social media for marketing
by healthcare brands. The scope for ideas is
wide, as when it comes to creativity, the sky is
the limit. It is the need of the hour to walk
with the trends of the world and use them for
your bene?t. Social media marketing brings in a
vast opportunity for healthcare companies to
brand and advertise their strengths and connect
to the clients better.
- Aishwarya Nawandhar, Editor
June 2019
(No Transcript)
Accutest Research Laboratories
demand in the market for BABE studies conduction
as a mandatory regulatory requirement for the
generic pharma manufacturers. Dr. Sawant has
been instrumental in manifold growth of Accutest
by setting up a friendly and inclusive work
culture, which does not compromise on quality
while serving the clients with utmost integrity
and e?ciency. Journeying to the Top The idea of
Accutest Research Laboratories was on the mind
of Dr. Sawant since he completed his Ph. D in
Pharmaceutical Sciences. After serving Indian
pharma industry for about 15 years in the areas
of drug research related to pharma testing using
various modern chromatographic techniques, Dr
Sawant set on a path to turn his long cherished
dream into reality. In 1998, Accutest entered
the industry as a small startup. Initially
taking up small projects, the company gradually
consolidated its position in the CRO
industry. When Accutest had started making its
mark, there were not many USFDA accredited
laboratories available to outsource clinical
research requirements for pharma organisations.
Pharma market was opening up and Indian Pharma
Industry was gearing up to launch their products
in developed countries like US and Europe. Thus,
in 2004, the company got the approval from
USFDA. After this initial step, there was no
looking back whether it was to add new
facilities, increase capacities or subsequent
audits and approvals from prominent regulatory
bodies across the world. Under steady leadership
of Dr Sawant, Accutest kept on innovating itself
by adding range of diverse services. Accutest
and its leadership have consistently been
recognized for its success and constant good
work with prestigious awards and accolades
throughout its journey of 21 years so far.
The Preferred CRO Partner for Healthcare
Tahead with continuous
Dr. Satish Sawant Founder CEO
he healthcare industry in India
has caught pace and is moving
developments. CROs are playing a major role in
this and have witnessed a positive growth in the
past few years. Through outsourced RD services
to the pharma, clinical device, and
biotechnology companies, CROs bring in the
promise of further developments in the
healthcare space. From clinical research to
product development, these companies provide the
processes and services on contract basis. One of
the leading companies contributing to the
future of Indian healthcare industry through its
comprehensive services is Accutest Research
Laboratories (I) Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Navi
Mumbai, Accutest is a top-notch independent and
internationally accredited India- based Contract
Research Organization (CRO). Incepted in 1998,
it o?ers best- in-class services along the whole
drug development process to pharmaceutical,
generics, and biotechnology companies. The
company operates out of three facilities viz.
Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and Baroda. Accutest has
emerged to be the undisputed leader in BABE
segment for over two decades now.
The Sculptor of Accutest Dr. Satish Sawant, the
Founder and CEO of Accutest, is a very down to
earth technocrat and a cricket enthusiast. He
has completed his doctorate in analytical
chemistry. He has spearheaded and shaped the
incredible journey of Accutest as one of leading
CROs in the industry through his sheer grit,
farsighted business strategies, and zeal to
consistently add value to research industry. His
business acumen has rightly led him to exploit
the huge
June 2019
Eclectic Services Accutest provides services
across various verticals like
Bioavailability/Bioequivalence (BA/BE) studies
for Generic Industry, Clinical Development
Services (CDS) for New Chemical Entities, and
Bio- analytical Services to Biologics/Bio-
similar drug molecules. Speaking about all that
they o?er to the clients, Dr. Sawant says, At
Accutest, we assist Pharma industries in their
drug development life cycle by evaluating its
safety, e?cacy, ADME character, and quality
aspect before the product is certi?ed as
appropriate for marketing. As a CRO, we become a
part of the pharmaceutical organizations in
their research program to evaluate medicines
for their quality and test on human population
for the safety, e?ectiveness, and blood levels
of the drug after they are consumed. Accutest
has undoubtedly emerged to be the preferred CRO
for ?rst-to-?le studies. The company also
focuses on Phase II-IV clinical trials services
for drug development companies in India and
abroad. It conducts clinical trials as per
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) developed
in-house, in accordance with ICH GCP guidelines
and Indian GCP to accomplish and e?ciently cater
to requirements of its clients. Accutest
Biologics, its subsidiary, is a one-stop
solution for analytical and bio-analytical
services from early stage characterization to
the late stage clinical evaluation of
biologics. Bioanalytical services include
Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, and
Immunogenicity assessment of biologics,
bio-therapeutics, biosimilars, vaccines, and
non-biological complex drugs using high-end
assay formats like ELISA, MSD, and GYROS. It
also provides in vitro activity/potency and
bioassays services for evaluating the biological
activities besides toxic kinetics and related
services. What sets It Apart? Being in clinical
research ?eld for 21
years now, Accutest is setting a niche in the
industry with its unmatched expertise and
services. The success stories of Accutest and
accreditations from global regulators, like US
prominent authorities, stand as a testament to
its unwavering commitment to international
quality standards and operating procedures.
Recently, the company received the prestigious
OECD GLP certi?cation by NGCMA. Accutest is the
?rst and only independent biologics testing
facility in India to be honored with this
international accreditation. The company
constantly strives to reinvent itself, along
with providing advanced services to its
clients. Incredible Team Accutest takes great
pride in its dynamic team, which understands
customer requirements and gives optimal
solutions. Dr. Sawant asserts, We have a rich
pool of well quali?ed and dedicated
professionals, these are our assets. Their rich
experience and involvement during clients drug
development program gives clients the con?dence
to outsource their clinical development needs.
Timely delivery, our regulatory history, global
reach, sta? and our ability to work hand-in-
hand with the clients are some of our value
propositions which set us apart from other
competitors in the market. Perfect RD
Partner Accutest is the partner of choice for
generic drug manufacturers looking to execute
BA/BE studies with a high degree of quality and
speed, at competitive prices. It has one of the
largest data banks of 41,000 volunteers along
with strong regulatory track records. The
companys state-of- the-art infrastructure
comprises of more than 400 beds, 38 LCMS-MS,
and 700 validated methods, enabling it to serve
the clients with ease and quality. Acutest is
rendering numerous bene?ts to its clients by
catering to their complete, complex, and cross
functional service requirements, under one roof
with ease and expertise.

We offer an
contract-based RD services to our industry
partners with a focus on quality and quick
turnaround time

June 2019
SpineMark Corporation
Thought Leadership Marcy T. Rogers, M.Ed., is the
President and Chief Executive O?cer of
SpineMark. Rogers has built her executive career
in the healthcare industry through the
development of niche surgical centers of
excellence fueled by innovation and clinical
research. A proven leader, she has built trust
and rapport with physicians, hospitals,
ambulatory surgery centers, and medical device
manufacturers in spine, orthopedics, biologics,
and interventional pain. She has dedicated over
30 years of her life to delivering
results. Through alliances, partnerships, and
collaborations in the ?eld of spinal care,
Rogers is getting things done. Her destination
center model integrates and aligns stakeholders
in the delivery of spine services, and she has
successfully demonstrated solid ?nancial results
as well as strong returns on investment for the
hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and
physician groups she has managed and counseled.
She has consulted and worked with over 300
hospitals and surgery centers on their
musculoskeletal and neurological service lines,
formation of new centers, or expanding
facilities on its campuses in the US and
abroad. Through her recognitions and endeavors,
Rogers has established herself as a key opinion
leader in the ?eld of spine among her clients,
professional colleagues, and peers. The Vision of
SpineMark The company strives to create a new
standard of care for
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