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Emerging Healthcare Solution Providers to Watch in 2019


Though most of healthcare solution providers are still evolving, there are larger drifts growing in healthcare, emergency services, pathology, and various among other things. Here in this special issue of ‘Emerging Healthcare Solution Providers to Watch in 2019’, we have enlightened the foremost Healthcare Solution Providers that are transforming the healthcare industry with their astounding services and approaches. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Emerging Healthcare Solution Providers to Watch in 2019

Vol.-5/ Issue-2
www.insightscare.com May 2019 EMERGING Healthcar
Sam Santhosh Founder Chairman
Dr Ramprasad V L COO
Genomics and Clinical Data-driven Diagnostic and
Drug Discovery Research Company
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Hi-Fi to 5G!
Ashwini S. Deshpande Editor
Iin the rural areas where doctors located at
several miles away, travelling ill can be very
tough and time-
magine someone is ill and needs a prompt medical
help. In this situation, the patient has just one
option and it is
travelling to a doctor or hospital doesnt matter
what time and at what distance. Now, consider the
same situation
consuming. But, today, with the ever-changing
technology and with the advent of telehealth and
remote monitoring
systems, one could receive care right from the
comfort of their home. Doctors can easily make
recommendations after a short video call and can
submit prescription requests. However, it has
been noticed that the remote monitoring along
with sophisticated imaging equipment can lead to
additional pressure on the business networks in
the healthcare industry. This often increases
congestion and slows down network speeds,
especially for healthcare providers that might be
interfacing with number of patients a day. The
situation is not only frustrating for those who
are using it, but the poor network quality can
also delay patient care, which could hurt
outcomes in the long run. Also, because the
implementation of IoT technologies continues to
grow, the amount of data on networks is expected
to increase with each passing day. But, 5G
technologies hold the potential to help resolve
these challenges and improving patient experience
with personalized, preventive care. Let us
consider the case of MRIs and other image
machines, which are of a large size and are
often sent to the specialist for review. If the
network is on low bandwidth, then the
transmission can take a long time due to which
patient needs to wait for long and providers can
attend fewer patients in the same amount of
time. Adding a high-speed 5g network would help
to transport huge data ?les of medical imagery
which can improve quality of care. Talking
about telemedicine whose market has been expected
to grow at an annual rate of 16.5 by 2023,
showcases the increasing demand for healthcare
in rural areas. Implementing a 5g Network in
telemedicine would support real- time high
quality videos. 5g network would assist mobile
networks to handle telemedicine appointments
which can easily increase the reach of program.
A number of healthcare systems use language
translators while providing care to help sta?
overcome language barriers. With 5G, translators
can make video conference with the patient and
doctor using models at the network edge which
makes the process more e?cient, reliable and
accessible. Down the line, it is known fact
that, every new development is full of
challenges, and like all technologies, 5G use in
medical health has its one-of-a-kind signi?cant
e?ect. By enabling all technologies through 5G
networks, healthcare systems can expand the
quality of care and patient experience along with
reducing the cost of care. To add more on
reacting to patients conditions, 5G networks can
o?er providers the ability to o?er more
personalized and preventive care.
Ashwini S. Deshpande

ARTICLE Chalk-Talk Tips for Better Decision Making ARTICLE Chalk-Talk Tips for Better Decision Making

Cover Story
MedGenome Genomics and Clinical Data-driven
Diagnostic and Drug Discovery Research Company
Healthcare Trends The Burden of Obesity in India
26 Clove Dental Spreading Con?dent and Dazzling
30 Healtho5 Spearheading the Healthcare Space
with Innovative Solutions
34 MarksMan Healthcare Committed to
Deliver Client-focused Scienti?c and Data Driven
38 NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. A One-stop
Destination for Life Science Essentials and
Research Resources
42 PurpleDocs A Customer-centric Organization
Delivering Seamless Tech-enabled Products and
Sturdy Healthcare Solution Providers Rede?ning
Sthe healthcare spending to 2.5 percent of the
GDP by the end of its 12th ?ve year plan that
would be
ince a few decades, Indias GDP has been grown at
about seven percent while the countrys healthcare
sector is lagging behind with over 1.2 percent of
the GDP. Hence, the Indian Government aims to
increased to 3 percent by 2022.
With the fast expanding economy and increased
Internet usage, there is a high demand for
quality and cost-e?ective healthcare in India.
The increasing healthcare market in India is
generating a huge opportunity for healthtech as
well as healthcare organizations and
startups. Though most of healthcare solution
providers are still evolving, there are larger
drifts growing in healthcare, emergency
services, pathology, and various among other
things. Here in this special issue of Emerging
Healthcare Solution Providers in 2019, we have
enlightened the foremost Healthcare Solution
Providers that are transforming the healthcare
industry with their astounding services and
approaches. In this issue, we have introduced,
MedGenome as a Cover Story. MedGenome is
Indias premier genomics- based research and
Diagnostics Company that o?ers comprehensive
diagnostic solutions to researchers, doctors and
hospitals, the companys clinical, phenotypic and
genomics data provide in-depth perceptions and
aid in drug discovery to complex diseases at a
molecular and genetic level. We have also
represented, Healtho5 is the leading organization
that implements AI and Machine Learning
technologies to navigate the healthcare ecosystem
better with regular support and guidance NextGen
Life Sciences provides Innovative Solutions and
Services for Life Science and Healthcare
Industry PurpleDocs is the well-known startup
in Gujarat that delivers innovative tech-enabled
services and applications to the clients
MarksMan Healthcare that o?ers customized
information solutions for all stages of the
products life-cycle and therapeutic categories
and Clove Dental which is the largest network of
dental clinics in India that o?ers global
standards of dentistry and has spread across 300
locations in 12 states and 26 cities in the
country. We have also encompassed CXO Article on
The Burden of Obesity in India by Dr. Nikhil
Agnihotri who is Director and Head, Department
of Minimal Access, Metabolic and Bariatric
Surgery at Max Super-specialty Hospital,
Shalimar Bagh and Max Multispecialty Hospital,
Pitampura New Delhi. Our in-house editors have
also scripted article on Tips for Better
E?ective Decision Making.
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Cover Story
Genomics and Clinical Data-driven Diagnostic and
Drug Discovery Research Company

We probably are the only
genomic diagnostics
company to bring together
an infrastructure, intellect
and network to potentially revolutionize the way
healthcare is assessed and delivered today

Epremier genomics-based research and Diagnostics
ndorsed with the prestigious Leadership Award in
Precision Medicine by ABP news, MedGenome is
While it o?ers comprehensive diagnostic solutions
to researchers,
doctors and hospitals, the companys clinical,
phenotypic and genomics data provide in-depth
perceptions and aid in drug discovery to complex
diseases at a molecular and genetic level. In
the genomic science space, it is critical to
ensure you are able to localize your o?ering to
the genetic pool of a certain population.
MedGenome has access to data pool and insights
that are centric to the Indian and Asian
population. This sets the company apart from
various other international players who are
trying to make inroads into this
market. MedGenome has worked extensively on
building clinical databases of more than 1
million patients through collaborations. It is
also a founding member of GenomeAsia 100K, an
initiative to sequence 100,000 Genomes in Asia,
with which the company aims to provide a unique
resource of genetic research for the
world. Uniqueness at its best MedGenome has a
strong belief in Innovation as many of its
tests have been developed in-house including its
comprehensive Gene Panels. Its diverse range of
tests includes carrier screening test for
couples planning a baby or clinical and whole
exome sequencing test for identifying gene
mutations in rare diseases. The company believes
in a continuous revolution to cut the cost of
genetic tests and empower clinicians with
actionable clinical insights for better outcomes.
About the Dedicated Leader
Owing to his interest and passion in science and
technology, Sam Santhosh, the Founder Chairman
of MedGenome established the company in 2013. He
is an entrepreneur with more than two decades of
extensive experience in initiating and running
successful businesses. He founded Calsoft in 1992
and escalated it to become a global IT player
with over 1,200 employees and o?ces in eight
countries, which then went public in India in
1996. During 2009, Sam started out as a general
sequencing lab in Cochin and in the next two
years, the team had started developing tests
targeted at speci?c diseases and disorders. By
2013, the operations scaled up and MedGenome was
conceptualized. Being an investor and mentor for
many companies, Santhosh is currently a board
member at Impelsys Inc, New York, ePay
Healthcare, San Francisco, SciGenom Labs,
Cochin, Emerge Ventures, Singapore and the
Centre for Commercialization of Antibodies (CCAB)
Toronto, Canada. A natural entrepreneur, Sam
constantly challenges and rede?nes the
boundaries of his own personal achievements. Havin
g spent leading a software ?rm over two decades
in the United States, he drew parallels in the
?eld of genomics to the computing industry. Sam
believes that harnessing the power of science is
critical to
Sam Santhosh
innovation and this strong belief has led him to
move into a future blending science technology
with business. I was convinced that genomics
would be the most signi?cant instrument to
change the future of our species and its
application in medical health, life sciences,
agriculture, veterinary sciences, aquaculture,
and environmental cleanup and so on, seemed
limitless. That belief started me on a journey
in Genomics-based entrepreneurship which has
allowed me to actively participate in this
revolution, says Santhosh.
Founder Chairman
Our vision is to become

a genomics data company leveraging the unique
features of the Indian population
  • As the company strongly believes in o?ering
    Quality, MedGenome adheres to the highest
    international standards with services and have
    obtained the prestigious CAP accreditation for
    all its labs across India. The company
    implements modern molecular techniques such as
    FISH, PCR, Sanger Sequencing and Microarray to
    o?er broad solutions to the fraternity.
    Currently, it is the highest throughput NGS
    sequencing lab in South Asia with the help of
    its cutting-edge genome sequencing platforms such
    as Illuminas NovaSeq, HiSeq X, HiSeq 4000 and
    2500, MiSeq, etc.
  • Assorted Services
  • MedGenomes o?erings primarily comprises of three
  • Diagnostic testing to be used by doctors and
    hospitals covers the following
  • Prima An integrated solution covering oncology,
    hemato-oncology and non-malignant hematology.
    Its ?agship products at MedGenome are Liquid
    Biopsy using the ct- DNA approach, HLA Typing
    for donor selection, Gene panels that provide
    germline predisposition, somatic cancer response

Dr Ramprasad V L COO
  • prenatal screening test (NIPT) covering 10 most
    common chromosomal disorders. Besides, a Carrier
    Screening test can be conducted to ?nd out
    carrier status for autosomal recessive disorder
    for a couple planning a baby. We also have the
    expertise to conduct a PGS to screen for
    chromosomal disorders in an embryo conceived
    through IVF.
  • Customized research solutions to researchers
    working in universities, research institutes
    companies and hospitals. A whole range of
    solutions covering DNA and RNA are being o?ered
  • Joint research working with companies focused on
    ?nding precision medicine solutions for doctors
    and patients
  • The company o?ers more than 475 genetic tests
    across several disease categories such as
    pediatrics, neurology, oncology, hematology,
    endocrinology, nephrology, ophthalmology, etc.
    and have partnered with major hospitals and
    research centers across India.
  • MedGenome was the ?rst company to launch the ?rst
    clinical exome (sequencing all genes) for rare

prediction, clinical exome and others. ii. Actia
It is for the therapeutic areas such as Neurology,
Nephrology, Endocrinology wherein the
?agship products include gene panels for
diagnosing the root cause of a genetic disorder,
prenatal testing for parents with suspected It
is a Reproductive Health screening solution
focused on mother and child. Here the ?agship
products include 2nd Generation non-invasive
genetic issues. iii.Claria

mission is to decipher
large amounts of
complex genome

data that can aid
precision medicine and the discovery of new
  • diseases in India which is one of the biggest
    moments considered by the organization. Until
    now, the company has completed testing of around
    15,000 cases with approximate 60-70 success
    rate in identifying diagnosable diseases by
    clinical exome sequencing.
  • Today, MedGenome is the only genetic diagnostics
    lab in India which is CAP accredited for Whole
    Genome Sequencing (WGS) and Whole Exome
    Sequencing (WES).
  • Awarded the Emerging Company of the Year under
    Bioinformatics System Biology category At
    India Bio 2016
  • Recognized by BusinessWorld as a Disruptor in
  • Had been the ?nalists for India's Emerging
    Global Companies at IE20 London 2016
  • Also received Best Life Science Company award
    by ET Now
  • Making Of Developed India (MODI) Awards in Feb

After a 12-year long struggle and multiple IVF
attempts a couple was blessed with a son who was
conceived using IVF in combination with an
advanced genetic screening technique called
Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS). Prior
to this, the couple su?ered multiple
miscarriages. On investigation, it was found
that the miscarriages occurred due to
aneuploidies in the fetus. 11 embryos from the
next IVF cycle were screened using PGS at
MedGenome Labs. PGS involves analyzing few cells
from an IVF Embryo and checking if the number
of chromosomes is normal. The report provided by
MedGenome recommended the best embryos for
transfer that resulted in normal pregnancy and a
healthy baby. In the case of a 35-year-old male
with developmental delays who had 2 episodes of
seizures and was brought to the hospital and
testing showed that he had hyperammonemia. A
routine biochemical test done earlier for Urea
cycle test came up normal, but the treating
doctor decided to go for a broader genetic test
as a baseline
Apart from these achievements, MedGenome has
successfully developed ONCPEPT which is an end-
to-end genomics platform to address the unmet
needs of cancer immunotherapy drugs. It has also
established DIABETOME, a clinical knowledge
base to promote understanding and treatment of
diabetes. This will enable novel research and
diagnostics in the area of Type 1 and Type 2
Diabetes. The companys research capabilities
have led to various collaborations in the area
of inherited diseases, familial deafness and
non-invasive prenatal screening test. Happy
Clients at MedGenome Being a next-generation
diagnostics company, MedGenome works with
experts to help people ?nd answers to their
health concerns which could have a genetic
linkage. This approach has led the company to
achieve large feats with best client
experiences. MedGenome shares some of its
memorable experiences.
biochemical test might not pick up during
asymptomatic times. The clinical exome genetic
test performed at MedGenome Labs showed a
genetic defect that manifested in Urea Cycle
De?cient Disorder. Thus, Genetic testing was
able to provide the correct diagnosis even when
symptoms are not present. Genetic testing has
also allowed us to diagnose many metabolic
disorders which if detected early and treated
timely can prevent neurological
damage. Building Strong Organizational
Culture While speaking about how the team
members are motivated at MedGenome, Dr Ramprasad
V L, COO, MedGenome asserts, Our work domain
is a niche one where we continuously work on new
challenges with new areas of focus and
innovations. We have a like-minded team of
scientists, bioinformatics, genome analysts who
understand the larger vision of the organization
and their contribution to healthcare on the
whole. The work we do supports a paradigm shift
in how diagnostics and targeted therapy will
impact human wellbeing. This gives them an
immense sense of pride and keeps our workforce
motivated. MedGenome provides its teams with
the best in class infrastructure as a part of
their work environment. The companys continuous
training program keeps its sta? constantly
upgraded and updated with a knowledge ground at
par with the rest of the world. The company
provides end-to-end doctor-prescribed genetic
diagnostic solutions for patients. The team also
believes that the genomic data on Indian
population is a great source of genomics
research which allows us to understand the
history and pattern of diseases. Ultimate Goal
Customer Satisfaction Loyalty We are a
genetic diagnostics organization and our end
goal is to enable researchers and doctors make
an informed decision about the study or on the
course of treatment respectively, says Dr
Ramprasad on speaking about the company
goal. He further adds, Our commitment and
subject understanding are very unique and help
us provide data points that can assist medical
professionals to understand a health problem
better and thus deliver what is known as
precise medical care for patients. Over and
above, we are the knowledge partners to doctors
in helping them understand the application of a
genetic test in their practice. We also
undertake patient counseling to enable a
well-informed decision. With its world-class
technical expertise and a team of domain
experts, MedGenome provides data points and
precise reasons behind the incidence of a
disease which becomes instrumental in de?ning
the treatment plan for a patient. Further, as it
is the only company to have both diagnostics and
research verticals, it will be able to build
the Indian baseline data which

With its prime purpose to improve healthcare
outcomes, MedGenome also collaborates with
several government hospitals to subsidize the
costs of tests for BPL patients. Plotting
Success for Advanced Future MedGenome would be
accelerating its biomarker discovery programs
and further the development of MedGenomes
OncoPept suite of cancer immunotherapy
biomarker solutions. These e?orts will enable
global genomic and biopharmaceutical researchers
to access MedGenomes advanced research
solutions and leverage the worlds most diverse
genetic variant database drawn from Indian
population for early drug discovery and target
validation. MedGenome aims to lead the next wave
of innovation in molecular biology-based
diagnostics. It is rapidly expanding its
diagnostic test portfolio and aggressively
working towards creating awareness about the
utility and e?cacy of its diagnostic solutions
in the medical fraternity. Realizing the
tremendous potential of its portfolio in
reducing the burden of disease,
will aid in drug discovery and developing new
tests. The company is hoping that the large
diverse Indian population would be a great
platform in helping Global Pharma companies
understand diseases better and develop new
drugs. Social Activities for Health
Enhancement MedGenome ?rmly believes that
education about the potential of genetic
diagnostics in everyday health care is very
pivotal. The understanding and intent to
mainstream genetics in diagnosis is the next
leap the industry can take to improve
outcomes. It also realizes the overall
investment the domain needs before its complete
potential is leveraged. The company invests in
educating and demonstrating all aspects of
genetic testing. To cater to these objectives,
MedGenome works with the doctors and general
consumers on various educational seminars and
CMEs. It also conducts free Genetic Counseling
sessions for patients and their families to
establish the need for genetic testing and clear
understanding of the subject matter.
engagement is
also critical and

we ensure that we have a work and fun culture
MedGenome has begun extending its o?erings in
neighboring countries as well. Our in-house
intellect and infrastructure enable us to
constantly innovate to bene?t and bring out the
importance of genetic diagnostics in the
healthcare industry. There are multiple projects
and tests we are developing in the area of
cardiovascular and infectious diseases, says Dr
Ramprasad on asking him about the companys
upcoming projects.
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Dr Nikhil Agnihotri Director and Head
18 May 2019
Dr Nikhil Agnihotri after completing his
post-graduation in General Surgery joined the
prestigious Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi for
post-doctoral fellowship in Minimal Access
Academically pro?cient, he trains young
laparoscopic surgeons across the globe and is
also a peer reviewer for many national and
international surgical journals.
Healthcare Trends
Dr Nikhil Agnihotri is currently the Director and
Head, Department of Minimal Access, Metabolic
and Bariatric Surgery at Max Super- specialty
Hospital, Shalimar Bagh and Max Multispecialty
Hospital, Pitampura New Delhi. Iamongst the
developed nations. On health grounds too
ndia has come a long way and is now perceived as a
progressive economy ?ghting hard to secure its
it has successfully eliminated many infectious
such as Polio, Leprosy, Yaws, etc. but is now
staring at the immense burden of chronic
non-communicable diseases. Non-communicable
diseases such as cardiovascular diseases,
Cancers, Respiratory diseases, Diabetes have been
inherited from globalization of unhealthy
lifestyles and diets, unplanned rapid
urbanization, sedentary lifestyles and lack of
physical sports and activity. Overweight and
Obesity contribute majorly to these diseases.
Obesity is de?ned as a chronic disease of excess
fat storage to the extent that it impairs health
of the individual. It brings along with itself a
plethora of related diseases such as type 2
Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemias,
Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Joint Pains, Polycystic
Ovarian Disease, Infertility, Depression and
Hernias. Obesity is also associated with
development of Cancers in long term. According
to recent estimates of National Family Health
Survey Overweight and Obesity almost doubled in a
decade (2005 to 2015) from 21 to 39.3. India
now stands third, after USA and China amongst
most obese nations. It is no more a disease of
only the a?uent and a?ects individuals across
all socio-economic spectrums. Even the children
May 2019 19
adolescents are increasingly a?ected. Worldwide,
33 of populations a staggering 2.36 billion
people are estimated to be overweight or obese -
PANDEMIC. Body Mass Index is used to measure and
quantify Obesity in adults. It is a simple
calculation of dividing weight in centimeters by
height in meters2. Moreover we have a typical
pattern of fat distribution around the waist
which makes us prone to development of insulin
resistance and type 2 Diabetes at much lower
BMIs. After quanti?cation, management of Obesity
becomes easier where mild to moderately Obese
are managed by encouraging lifestyle
modi?cations, supervised diets and regular
physical exercise. Severely Obese i.e. BMI gt 37.5
are advised a Bariatric Procedure. When two or
more co morbidities have already set in such as
Diabetes, Hypertension, OSA, PCOS etc. surgery
is advised at a lower BMI of gt 32.5. Bariatric
procedures have undergone tremendous
innovations, the most signi?cant being the
performance of these Laparoscopically compared
to when these were ?rst started more than 50
years ago. Laparoscopy has its inherent bene?ts
of being safer, less painful, decreasing
hospital stay, providing early return to work and
superior cosmesis across all procedures but
biggest bene?t is reaped by Obese patient when
early ambulation is started just a few hours
after the surgery, preventing many serious
complications in these otherwise susceptible
obese subjects.
Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy removes a part of
stomach along the greater curvature, thus
reducing the size of the stomach substantially.
It is the most commonly performed procedure
worldwide today.It is mainly a restrictive
procedure with hormonal alterations. There is a
decrease in levels of hormone Ghrelin which
produces hunger.
In this procedure a very small, micro pouch of
stomach is created to which small bowel loop is
attached. Intestinal rerouting is done to create
a Roux-en-Y con?guration which prevents re?ux of
bile into the micro pouch and also provides a
very small degree of malabsorption.
20 May 2019
This is a loop modi?cation of RouxEnY Gastric
Bypass where a loop of intestine is attached to
long, narrow pouch of stomach. Choosing a
procedure If required, surgeon chooses the
procedure depending on age, presence or absence
of related diseases, duration of those diseases,
dosage of medications and investigative ?ndings
and patients preference. Usual stay in hospital
is 2-3 days and oral liquid diet is initiated a
day after the procedure. Detailed diet chart with
instructions and follow up is advised. One may
expect to loose 4-6 kg weight every month after
the procedure and the pattern of resolution of
related diseases starts typically with Diabetes
(immediate post op, even before weight loss),
Obstructive Sleep Apnea ( 15 days to a month),
Hypertension ( 2 to 3 months) and reduced pain
in joints with signi?cant weight loss. Up to 80
of excess weight is lost in the next one
year. Although Bariatric procedures are safe and
e?ective in treating individuals with Class II
and III Obesity, a lot of focus, e?ort and
commitment is required for its prevention
beginning with sensitization and education of
families, educational establishments, increasing
awareness at the community level and in media,
labeling and higher taxation of fat rich
commercial foods. Those already su?ering
however, should not be further victimized by
social stigma predicated on Hippocratic nostrum
that weight can be reduced by deciding to eat
less and exercise more as it holds no scienti?c
May 2019 21
Tips for Better
MAKING Doing business in the 21st century isnt
easy. Irrespective of the industry, most of the
organizations eventually face the derth of
talent. Today's cut-throat competition demands
quick action and strategy from the
organizations. Hence conducting market research,
analyzing trends, evolving the model has become
mandatory. Hence, organizations are required to
follow strict strategy by shifting their
attention to a small number of ordinary business
activities like managing customer relationships,
courcing inputs and developing right people.
Optimizing their operations will help
organizations promote their conditions and set up
more thoughtful and long-range strategies to
emerge inductively. In many organizations there
is a major problem with communications where
there is little open communication before the
decision and the proper exchange of information
only occurs after the decision has supposedly
been made. Also, the talent is not available to
make the decision occasionally. Hence, there is
a dire need for developing decision-making skills
in the employees of organizations.
It is always better to subject our thoughts to
group scrutiny. Share with your colleagues the
data that in?uenced your opinion and what
evidence can back up further decision.
22 May 2019
One needs to understand the environment or
decision-making context. Successful approaches
include a thoughtful classi?cation of situations,
people, or organizational processes into present
frameworks. Analyzing a current situation is a
starting point for an effective decision-making
process. In this stage, one should ask self the
following questions
  • Why do I need to make a decision?
  • What are the effects if no decision is made?
  • What research or analysis should be done?
  • The thorough answers of all these questions will
    help to ?gure out what data one already has and
    what else is needed to de?ne the objectives of
    decision making.

  • It helps executives identify and compare the
    strengths as well as weaknesses of the
    alternatives (costs and revenues). Following are
    the steps to carry out a CDA analysis
  • Determine costs
  • Calculate bene?ts
  • Compare alternatives
  • Report and plan action

Depending on the analysis, make a recommendation
and plan action.
May 2019
A risk-reward ratio is a measurement of your
potential risks and rewards. Find all the
possible rewards and contrast those all the
potential risks.
Naturally, some logic is always present behind
taking any decision. Hence, one must clearly
know what stands behind the opinion.
With all the information in hand, one can make
the best decision from some of the methodologies
that are mentioned above. The overall process of
decision making depends on multiple factors such
as the time pressure, complexity of the problem,
and the environment. Hence, trust on the data,
research, and fundamental processes in your
24 May 2019
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Clove Dental
Spreading Con?dent and Dazzling Smiles!
Our mission is to be the preferred dental care
provider in every neighborhood across India by
o?ering high quality healthcare, ethically
Ecare across the country. Clove o?ers a
stablished in 2011, Clove Dental started its
with a clear vision to provide highest quality
comprehensive set of oral healthcare services,
best-in-class equipment, and utilizes the latest
pain- management technology to provide a?ordable
healthcare of the highest quality. To establish
itself as the industry leader, Clove adheres to
the highest standards in clinic safety and
hygiene, customer service, and recruiting, with
a constant focus on ethics and transparency.
Clove also allocates resources to address the
professionals that win peoples trust and make it
as their preferred dental care partner. Why
Clove Dental? It is all about Ethics, Quality,
and Professionalism that Clove adheres to that
makes it stand out from the competitors. Our
patients place their trust in us and in the work
that we do, hence, it is of vital importance that
each of us abides by the highest ethical,
quality professional standards. Doing so
ensures we not only provide services of the
highest quality, but create a business
environment that re?ects our core values
Respect, Integrity Trust. These guidelines are
intended to enhance the culture at Clove
Dental, says the Founder.
oral healthcare needs of under-served
communities. Today, Clove Dental has expanded to
320 clinics across India, getting closer to
accomplish its desired count. The company has a
robust team of 850 highly quali?ed dental
professionals that has immense contribution in
the achievement of Clove Dental. The
organization believes that it is due to diligent
and passionate working style of the
26 May 2019
Mr Amarinder Singh CEO and Founder
ABOUT THE LEADING LIGHT Mr Amarinder Singh, the
CEO and Founder of Clove Dental, is an MBA
graduate from Harvard Business School. He is a
passionate person who works with learned
attitude. With a Masters degree in System
Design Engineering from the University of
Waterloo, Canada, and having a formal degree in
Mechanical Engineering from the University of
Ilorin, his life journey has been enriched with
ideas. He is a serial entrepreneur and a
seasoned executive who has spent more than two
decades in both entrepreneurial ventures and
large corporate organizations. Prior to founding
Global Dental Services and Clove Dental in
India, Amar ran a supply chain software company
based in San Francisco, California. Amar is
passionate about bringing in the world-class
quality care, which is also socially responsible,
to India. He works with a clear mission of
serving the best and never compromising on
quality in any aspect of his life personal and
professional. The three things Amar strongly
believes in are continuous learning, staying
curious, and respecting diversity of all kinds.
Clove Dentals 4-step sterilization protocol
ensures hygiene and quality along with
preventing any infection or future damage. It is
the only organization till now which maintains
all the records of their patients, employees as
well as the doctors digitally, that can be
accessed at real time from any geographical
location. Besides its core values, the dedicated
and specially assigned quality team at Clove
Dental ensures that the clinics
provide the highest quality services to their
patients and strive for continuous quality
improvements. The team comprises of expert
dentists who have a vast and stirring experience
in both dentistry as well as administration. Disti
nctive Services Clove Dental has a wide spectrum
of dentistry services. The specialized services
that Clove Dental o?er are dental ?lling, root
canal treatment, wisdom teeth removal, braces
May 2019 27
one of its most outstanding client experiences
and says- We have experienced one case where
one of our dentists played a pivotal role in
changing the life of a soon to be the groom.
Working with a private ?rm, the patient lost his
upper left front teeth in an accident 4 years
ago. That time he just underwent surgery to make
sure that there isnt any damage to his jaw but
did not get his teeth ?xed. As he was getting
married in a short span of 3 days, he had raised
concern about his looks. He visited Clove Dental
to get his front two teeth ?xed of which just
root remnants had left. In addition to this, he
also had stained teeth which were an add-on
challenge for the doctor. The doctor, along with
her team, then took charge of giving him the
picture perfect smile for his wedding day. The
team performed a single sitting root canal
treatment on his retained root remnants as
extraction was not an option, owing to no
availability of time for healing. She did a
crown reduction for the teeth adjacent to the
missing crowns and coordinated with the lab for
taking the work to a super-fast pace! Seeing an
extremely happy patient at the end of treatment
was worth all the e?orts and hard work. The
doctor says that she is glad she could give the
groom the picture perfect smile on the biggest
day of his life and thats all that
matters! Future Outlook Clove Dentals future
plan is to spread more awareness and possibly
reach more audience. The company has invested Rs
239 crore (35 million) since inception and has
further plan to invest the capital of about Rs
171 crore (25 million) in the near future. The
companys goal is to address oral health and
wishes to reach the count of 600 clinics by 2020.
  • and aligners, dental implants, dentures, bridges
    and crowns, teeth whitening, smile makeover,
    kids dentistry, mouth ulcers, preventive
    dentistry, and advanced gum treatment.
  • Clove Dental owns a large team of specialized
    dental surgeons who have enriching experience of
    handling complex dental cases which require
    special guidance and attention.
  • Accreditations and Awards
  • Clove Dental has reached the milestone of having
    310 clinics this year and is on its way to
    achieve more. Adding more recognition to its
    list, Clove is the only Asian member of the
    Royal Society of Medicine, UK, which is one of
    the worlds most prestigious medical
    institutions. The companys membership is an
    indicator of its prime emphasis on its core
    values. Besides, Clove Dental is the only Indian
    healthcare organization to have been given
    membership by this renowned organization.
  • A List of Awards received
  • Clove Dental has been recognized for being a
    symbol of excellence in health and wellness-
    The Economic Times Best Healthcare Brands
  • Best building of brand by Business Model
  • Awards 2018 Healthcare Business International.
  • Famdent Excellence in Dentistry 2017
  • Best Dental Chain Award of the year 2017 by
    Times Network
  • Best Employer Brand 2017 by World HRD Congress
  • 2017
  • Astounding Client Experience
  • Patient care is of the greatest importance at
    Clove. The company takes every possible measure
    to make sure that the patients are happy and
    satis?ed. Clove Dental shares

28 May 2019
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Spearheading the Healthcare Space with Innovative
Steve Stomel Founder CEO Dr Neelesh
Bhandari Co-founder
Venky Vaddineni Co-founder
Kousik Rajendran Co-founder
ProCat Distribution Technologies
Kousik Rajendran, the Co-founder has more than a
decade of extensive experience through working
for a number of healthcare IT products
development across the globe. He believes
Software Architecture as real-time, make it
simple with a focus on adding long-term value to
the organization. He also designed architecture
based on these principles and standards that have
helped companies deliver their ideas and
technology solutions driving real value impacting
their business. At Healtho5, he looks after the
technology and operations with added
responsibilities in marketing and sales. Dr
Neelesh Bhandari, another Co-founder is an Armed
Forces Medical College, Pune graduate with
post-graduation in Pathology. After his twelve
years of medical practice in public and private
hospitals across India, he shifted to technology
in Healthcare technology entrepreneurship in
2010. Dr. Neelesh is a patient-centered
physician, Chairman, Social Media Committee at
the Indian Association for Medical Informatics
(2012-14). At Healtho5, he takes care of medical
affairs with added responsibility in marketing
and sales. Venky Vaddineni, the third Co-founder
of Healtho5 possesses more than two decades of
enriched experience as a Management Leader and
Engineering Leader, and astute project
professional focusing on delivery management,
compliance, risk prevention, and change
management. He is an expert at delivering
simultaneous, large-scale projects within budget
and time constraints while leading technical
teams in providing innovative business solutions.
At Healtho5, Venky looks after the Healtho5
software team.
30 May 2019
The companys clientele include Hospitals,
Pharmaceuticals, Government and Non-government
organizations, Laboratories and Insurance
companies. Milestones Achieved Healtho5 launched
MedEngage platform in January 2018 with over
2000 patients and two clients across India. The
companys ?rst milestone attained was engaging
30,000 unique patients by December 2018. Today,
they have reached close to 100,000 unique
patients on its platform to deliver its patient
experience and engagement solutions. The company
delivers patient support services to epilepsy
patients across Maharashtra and multiple
Sclerosis patients across India. Also, renal
hypertension support service would be coming in
the next few days. Apart from these
achievements, Helatho5 has presented its unique
solutions at many national as well as
international forums. The companys patient
feedback services are used by 30 hospitals
across India. MedEngage The Unique Solution of
Healtho5 Healtho5s A.I. assisted Patient
Relationship Management platform MedEngage
allows patients to create detailed,
multimedia-rich, and longitudinal patient
journey health record. These patient journey
health records are rich in clinical and
patient-reported data allow to use analytics and
algorithms to create automatic alerts for high
risk patients. This assists payers and providers
identify at-risk patients early and direct them
to correct healthcare services. With this
solution, Care protocols can be personalized
depending on patient reported outcome measures
to ensure best health outcomes. Also, both
patients and payers are bene?tted while
providers can keep unnecessary readmissions
low. Another popular module of its MedEngage
platform is a real-time feedback and redressal
solution for hospitals and clinics that go for
JCI/NABH/similar accreditation. The software
helps in capturing feedback from
patients/visitors, complaint and redressal,
tracking of complaints and custom report
generation ready to be submitted to regulatory
Intelligent clinical and non-clinical tools can
now be used for fostering long-term patient
relations with a human touch. This leads to
engaged, happier and healthier individuals for
Westablished its Patient Relationship
ith the clear vision of assisting patients
throughout their care journey, Healtho5
Management (PRM) company at Bangalore in February
2015. Since its founding, the company had the
goal to help patients navigate the healthcare
ecosystem better with regular support and
guidance. Subsequently,
  • Healtho5 focused on building its own proprietary
    A.I assisted platform called MedEngage with
    built in clinical logic, triggers, multi-lingual
    care pathway protocols, visual dashboards,
    multi-channel communications and lots more.
  • Today, the company has grown to 30 strong team
    of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, developers,
    etc. who seamlessly provide services and
    solutions to more than 25,000 patients every
  • Unique Services
  • Healtho5 is a SaaS/ PaaS company providing
    patient- centric solutions to the payers and
    providers. Its patient centric solutions
  • Campaigns and Lead Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Informed Consent
  • Feedback and grievance redressal
  • Follow-up and Engagement

May 2019 31
Enhancing Customer Satisfaction and
Loyalty Being a relationship management company,
Healtho5 realized that providing customers with
?awless customer service is the core aspect that
would keep them ahead in the market. Hence, the
company has a customer service team with the
escalation matrix to resolve client issues in the
stipulated time. It also provides round-the-clock
online as well as telephonic support to its
clients. For better results, they use lean
project management techniques and work in a close
team to keep everyone informed internally about
any changes concerning the clients. Also, the
company takes regular feedback from patients
about its services. However, it has been noticed
that over 70 of the patients found its services
excellent whereas 25 rated the engagement
services Good while the rest found it
average. Surpassing Challenges and Overcoming
Them Healtho5 faced numerous challenges during
launching of its patient engagement services in
India which is indeed a unique concept in the
initial stage in multiple countries, including
India. The healthcare providers and payers were
skeptical about the implementation, e?ectiveness
and Return-on-investment (RoI) of these
services. Healtho5 considers itself lucky to have
a few early adopters in hospitals, NGOs and
pharmaceuticals who helped in showing proof of
concept for their o?erings. The companys patient
engagement services received a tremendous
response from the patients which convinced more
clients about this unmet need. These initial
assignments uplifted Healtho5s motivation and
guided it in getting more traction with a now
proven track record. Future Prospect Healtho5
believes that the addition of patient generated
health data to medical records and the
implementation of Machine Learning in healthcare
is all set to transform the way healthcare is
being delivered. The company would be launching
more specialty support services in niche
conditions like heart disease and stroke and
would be working to make its platform more
intelligent to gather more data. We believe that
Healtho5 have the capacity to contribute to the
world of value-based healthcare in providing
better outcomes at lower costs. We are planning
to expand our services in the USA, Middle East
and African countries soon, say the co-founders
while talking about the companys future plans.
32 May 2019
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Committed to Deliver Client-focused Scienti?c
and Data Driven Solutions
arksMan Healthcare Communications,
one of the renowned and eminent
Right use of healthcare data at the right time
can play an indispensable role in improving
patient outcomes and reducing the overall
healthcare cost to the patient
organizations in the healthcare space o?ers
Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR),
  • medical a?airs, and data analytics consulting.
    The company was founded in 2014 and since its
    inception MarksMan Healthcare has been
    committed in providing the highest level of
    scienti?c evidence to optimize the value and
    health impact of medicines and health
    technologies. The company also provides services
    related to scienti?c writing, curation-as-a-servic
    e, patient chart abstraction and Real World
    Evidence (RWE) solutions.
  • MarksMan Healthcare has majorly positioned itself
    in two major domains i.e. HEOR and Medical
  • The Vibrant Duo
  • Dr. Amit Dang, the Founder and CEO of MarksMan
    Healthcare, is one of the eminent personalities
    in the healthcare domain. He completed his M.D.
    in pharmacology from Goa University. Along with
    abundant healthcare knowledge, he possesses the
    best business acumen. Prior to establishing
    MarksMan Healthcare, he had been the director at
    Geronimo Healthcare Solutions and handled
    various prestigious clients in the ?eld of
    scienti?c content development and medical
  • Asking him about how you motivate your team
    members and provide customer satisfaction, Dr.
    Dang said, Working in the core knowledge and
    scienti?c domain, our primary focus has always
    been on maintaining the
  • 34 May 2019

quality of deliverables. Also, high importance is
given to prompt communication, be it with
clients or with employees working in our
organization. We have optimized the process
through advanced management software to make
sure that every mail gets a quick revert and our
clients concerns are resolved at the
soonest. Another key personality contributing
majorly to the success of MarksMan Healthcare is
Dimple Arora, Co-founder of the company. She is
an MBA professional and has a decade of domain
expertise and global experience in insurance and
investment banking. She has expertise in dealing
with core business-related issues related to
result-oriented approach and building long- term
pro?table client relations for generating
repetitive business. A Wide Range of
Services MarksMan Healthcare o?ers a spectrum of
Dr. Amit Dang Founder and CEO
Dimple Arora Co-founder
HEOR Services With its prime focus on HEOR,
MarksMan Healthcare does literature reviews with
the help of advanced software like RevMan,
WinBugs, and STATA. The companys team of HEOR
analysts has set a track record in conducting
targeted and systematic literature
reviews. Besides, MarksMan Healthcare also
renders Economic Modeling, Real World Evidence,
and Market Access support to its
clients. Medical A?airs Services MarksMan
Healthcare does research by writing evocative
scienti?c manuscripts and assists in getting them
published in indexed biomedical journals. It
also assists in handling publications as well as
does editing and proof-reading of scienti?c
papers. Curation-as-a-Service (C-a-a-S) MarksMan
Healthcare holds the ability to o?er a
collaborative approach to collect, integrate, and
curate real- world data from patient charts and
EMR. The company processes a variety of data
types to support healthcare analytic
applications, such as patient strati?cation,
predictive modeling, and data visualization.
May 2019 35
Healthcare Analytics Services Its medical
writers and statisticians team leverages their
clinical, medical, and regulatory expertise to
ensure seamless clinical data management with
the accuracy of the drug trial and patient
safety. PV and Regulatory Services These
services provide customized information
solutions for all stages of the products life
cycle and therapeutic categories. Milestones
Achieved 2014- Establishment of MarksMan
Healthcare. 2015- Team MarksMan represented
internationally in Vienna (Austria) and Milan
(Italy). Dr. Amit Dang received Healthcare
Entrepreneur of the Year award at Indo-Global
Healthcare Summit and Expo. Dr. Amit Dang won the
2015 ISPOR Meeting Travel Grant. 2016- Team
MarksMan represented internationally in
Singapore (USA) and Washington DC (USA). The
companys one of the research posters got
nominated among ?nalist at ISPOR 21st Annual
International Meeting at Washington DC
(USA). 2017- Team MarksMan represented
internationally at Tokyo (Japan) and Boston
(USA). Dr. Amit Dang won Young Global Leader
Award by GLF. 2018- Team MarksMan organized
INMAS 2018 (2nd Indian Medical A?airs Summit).
MarksMan launched Certi?cation Programme
in Fundamentals of Health Economics and Outcomes
Research (HEOR). Team MarksMan represented
internationally at Chicago (USA), Boston (USA)
and Baltimore (USA) 2019- MarksMan got empaneled
with Kalam Institute of Health and Technology
to render its consulting services to the
esteemed body and its clients at AMTZ
zone. C.A.R.E. Generic Medical Store- A Flagship
Program of the Company Marksman Healthcare
Communications, a company also working in the
domain of health economics, has earlier realized
that in India the constant price rise had made
access to a?ordable quality medicine a major
challenge. The problem is further provoked by
increasing incidence of chronic ailments like
diabetes, hypertension, etc. that requires long
term therapy. The company believes that the rise
in medicine cost is a strong barrier to the
completion of prescribed treatment thereby
endangering the health of citizens. Also,
accessing a?ordable quality medicines is
becoming a matter of great concern to the common
man. Hence, they believe that this problem can
be addressed by providing quality generic
medicines to citizens at an a?ordable price
range and empowering them with the knowledge
needed in their health matters. The team at
MarksMan is committed to society and strives to
become responsible corporate citizens of the
country. The core values of MarksMan Healthcare
infer that a
strong company cannot grow without successful
social and sustainable policies. Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a key role in
Marksman Healthcare Communications social
strategy for the present as well as upcoming
years. Future Plans MarksMan Healthcare is
planning to generate business partnerships in
countries like USA, the UK, Europe, and South
Africa, which would most probably be occurring
in the next couple of months. The company is
also planning to launch an online certi?cation
course on medical a?airs this year as well,
which is taking place for the ?rst time in
India. The company is ambitious about its
upcoming patient-centric app The KYT , i.e.
Know Your Treatment, which is going to be the
?rst healthcare data market application in
India. The app would help patients to monetize
on their health records and hospital
data. MarksMan Healthcare aims to build the
largest RWE (Real World Evidence) Repository in
India. When the whole world is moving towards
AI and machine learning, it is high time that we
at least start aggregating and digitizing health
records of Indian patients and help them
understand its value, believes Dr. Amit.
36 May 2019
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NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.
A One-stop Destination for Life Science
Essentials and Research Resources Unique Products
and Solutions
With its augmenting spectrum of products and
solutions, NextGen Life sciences empowers the
mounting realm of research to solve complex
analytical challenges in the pharmaceutical,
biotechnology, academic, government,
environmental and industrial research, and the
clinical laboratory. The companys products
address a wide range of requirements right from
the sample, material characterization and
chemical analysis to clinical diagnoses and
biological-based therapeutics handling. The
company o?ers products for Cell Analysis, Cell
Culture Transfection, Cloning, DNA RNA
Puri?cation, Gene Expression Analysis
Genotyping, PCR, Protein Expression Analysis,
Real-Time PCR, Sequencing, Synthetic Biology,
Cancer Research, Stem cell research, Drug
Discovery and development, Plant Sciences,
Epigenetics and Services for Sequencing, Next
Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics. NextGe
ns products support scientists and researchers
across di?erent geographies to meet the
challenges they encounter to decipher and
discover the space of life science. From routine
investigation to ground-breaking discoveries,
the company experts assist scientists to unravel
complex analytical challenges. It also empowers
them to conduct their work?ow in the desired
way. Golden Rules of NextGen to Motivate the
Team Members Fuel employees with opportunities
and provide a pleasant workplace The company
says that a clean and stimulating o?ce
environment makes employees feel good and
rejuvenated. Also, it doesnt take a lot of
investment to make the environment pleasant. It
also believes that organizations should provide
the team with apt training. This would help them
make advancement
Our mission is to discover, delineate and
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