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The 10 Best Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers 2018


we bring to you the special edition, titled “The 10 Best Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers 2018”. It highlights the pioneers in this industry as well as their contribution to augment the existing workflow. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The 10 Best Revenue Cycle Management Solution Providers 2018

1 December 2018
Revenue Cycle Management
Company of The Month
Solution Providers 2018
Richard Atkin, CEO Greenway Health
Sam Khashman President CEO
Software Continuous Innovation for Best-in-Class
Revenue Cycle Solutions
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Editors Column
he revenue cycle in healthcare has been following
fee-for-service reimbursement strategy for a long
now. According to various healthcare experts, this
process has proven to be very time-consuming.
Patients are paying more for the
out-of-the-pocket services, which are not
very bene?cial, and opting less for the necessary
services. All of these concerns call out for a
change in the existing revenue cycle management
system. This is where the value-based care
reimbursement strategy comes in. The value-based
payments bring to us the opportunity to lower
the cost of patient care while improving the
quality. The process is solely based on charging
medical bills for positive clinical outcomes.
Not only does it increase the sense of
accountability in healthcare organizations, but
it also shifts the burden of ?nancial
responsibility from payors to providers. The
question that arises is - can we do this? Yes!
Although, the transition from fee-for-service to
value-based payments is not easy, it is
de?nitely possible. A few strategies can help
make the process faster and smoother. Data
analytics play a major role in analyzing quality
metrics of an organization and monitoring its
progress. This will help in keeping track of the
quality of the services provided. The medical
bills can then be tied to outcomes of those
services. Alongside, healthcare companies should
promote collaboration among its several
professionals, like nurses, doctors, ?nance
managers, and so on. Often, due to lack of sync
between these role-players, the payment process
becomes confusing and is delayed. Also,
front-end revenue cycle tasks are to be paid
attention to. If the patients are educated about
their ?nancial responsibilities at every step,
the transparency and ease in the entire process
can be maintained. Population health management
is another factor to be considered. Providing
preventive and post-treatment care can aid to
this. As it is said, change is the only constant
thing and such a change for better results is
today a necessity in healthcare. By adopting
value-based care reimbursement system, the
industry can holistically improve its revenue
Transiting to the Value-based Care Reimbursement
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Cover Story
Continuous Innovation for Best-in-Class Revenue
Cycle Solutions
Company of the Month
Experts Corner How Today's Environment is
Reshaping the Medical Device Industry
Greenway Health Expanding Possibilities in
Healthcare with Leading-Edge Technology
Solutions and Services
Billing Tree Enhancing the Patient Payment
Process with Avant-Garde Solutions
ezDI Making Data Management Intelligent
Intuit Micro O?ering State-of-the-art SoGware
Solutions to Improve Patient Care
22 Health Spotlight Balancing Health and Fitness
at Workplace
28 Editors Choice 8 Tactics to Augment Patient
Financial Experience
38 Emerging Trends Healthcare's Big Leap to Big
Meet the Innovators of Tomorrow
Revenue Cycle Management
Solution Providers 2018
he world is embracing digitalization at a rapid
pace and the global healthcare industry is not an
Patient care is made better, disruptive
innovations have engulfed the industry and
theres a lot more
development going on, in and around healthcare.
Along with focusing on improving and
personalizing the
care, the healthcare providers need to focus on
remaining ?nancially ?t. E?cient revenue cycle
management is the
key to ensure this. There are various companies
around the globe that are helping the care
providers in e?ciently managing their ?nancial
duties, as well as reducing the patients
?nancial responsibilities. In a pursuit to
acknowledge the revolution some of these
companies are bringing to the existing revenue
cycle segment in healthcare, we bring to you the
special edition, titled The 10 Best Revenue
Cycle Management Solution Providers 2018. It
highlights the pioneers in this industry as well
as their contribution to augment the existing
work?ow. On its Cover, is featured a
remarkable contributor in this domain who is
reinventing the revenue cycle experience and is
striving to create a truly patient-centered
experience, ImagineSoftware. The cover story
provides the insight into the company and how it
is making its mark in the healthcare
domain. Other than the interesting cover story,
we have Greenway Health, a company aiding
physicians run their business better while
improving care for patients, listed as the
Company of the Month. Apart from this, we have
also enlisted BillingTree, a pioneer providing
integrated payment solutions ezDI, Inc. that
o?ers holistic and state-of-the-art billing
solutions Intuit Micro Technology, LLC, who is a
leading healthcare IT solution provider in the
Middle East Impact Advisors Intuitive
Solutions MD1, Inc. RSource and the MEDCOR
Group. As you ?ip through the pages, you will
?nd an engaging article by an ingenious
personality of the industry Je? Mongelli, the
CEO and Founder of Acentec, Inc., under the title
Experts Corner. Contributing further to this
special edition are certain brilliant articles by
our in-house editors- Health Spotlight, Emerging
Trends, and Editors Choice. Walk yourself
through the pages and enjoy a good read!
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Continuous Innovation for Best-in-Class Revenue
Cycle Solutions We are committed to the
success of our clients, partners, and employees.

Revenue Cycle Management
Solution Providers 2018
Sam Khashman President CEO
Cover Story

We are committed to innovative development and
intuitive revenue cycle management solutions.

Rorganizations. In addition to ever-changing
evenue cycle management possesses the
healthcare IT sector around 2003. Eighteen years
later, the goal remains the same To be the
leading healthcare revenue cycle management
platform. Today, the company has grown to a
grand stature. ImagineSoftware was the ?rst
mover in the industry after implementing
Arti?cial Intelligence (AI) within its product
suite to address patient insurance
eligibility. Further, it is committed to
innovative development and intuitive revenue
cycle management solutions, helping clients
achieve peak performance and measurable results
by streamlining the billing and collections
work?ow, improving sta? productivity and
increasing practice pro?tability. The Seasoned
Leader Sam Khashman, ImagineSoftware President
and CEO, established the company with the vision
of work?ow- centric computer systems. Khashman
leveraged his experience working with high
volume transactions in the manufacturing,
?nancial and insurance industries to develop
Imagines revenue cycle management system. He has
spent his career evolving markets with various
software solutions and is recognized in the
health industry for combining complex processes
into e?cient, single system solutions. He has an
extensive background in systems integration,
process e?ciency, and imaging systems. With more
than two decades of executive leadership
positions, he has led the development and
commercialization of more than 18 software
products which are utilized by thousands of
unique users and serve millions of patients.
potential to ?nancially make or break healthcare
policies and regulations, e?ective billing and
collection processes are becoming more important
than ever for
medical billing companies, practices, and
hospitals to
stay a?oat. Designed as a complete medical billing
solution, ImagineSoftware o?ers the technology
to capitalize on collections throughout the
lifecycle of a
medical claim. The company is reinventing revenue
cycle management to create a more streamlined
and patient-centered experience. ImagineSoftware
is a leading provider of billing automation
software and revenue cycle management
applications. O?ering powerful technology
solutions for medical billing o?ces, practices,
and hospitals, it currently services more than
46,000 physicians across all 50 states. It is
headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with
additional o?ce locations in San Diego, CA and
Daytona Beach, FL. The companys solutions
improve ?nancial e?ciency, build provider
reputation, and ultimately improve the patient
payment experience. A Journey of Innovation If
you can imagine it, they can do it. A statement
proclaimed by one of ImagineSoftwares ?rst
clients that shaped the future of the company.
ImagineSoftware was incorporated and launched in
2000 as a work?ow and document imaging company.
After successfully developing enterprise-wide
analysis and ?nancial systems in 2002, the
company began to focus on the
The Product Suite ImagineSoftware is built for
high-volume and complex medical billing. After
years of client feedback, research, and
collaboration across numerous specialties,
Imagine has developed cutting-edge medical
billing software that is both ?exible and
scalable. It is designed to meet the needs of
numerous specialties and helps to streamline the
practice management work?ow to increase revenue.
The products not only o?er providers increased
collections and better sta? productivity, they
also ensure a better patient payment experience.
Along with providing advanced technology and
automation, the company provides seamless
connectivity for a fully optimized practice
management experience. Designed as a complete
healthcare billing systems and revenue cycle
solution, the Imagine software suite of products
o?er the technologies and tools needed to
enhance practice management, capitalizing on
collections throughout the entire lifecycle of a
implementation, and customer support. Much of
ImagineSoftwares growth over the years can be
attributed to its dedication to customers. We
never forget who we work for. Without our
clients, were just a software company. They are
the reason were successful, says
Khashman. Honorable Laurels ImagineSoftware has
been named to the 2018 Grant Thornton North
Carolina 100 (Nc100), which ranks the state's
largest private companies by revenue. Khashman
states, This award re?ects our commitment to
delivering innovative software solutions to our
customers in the healthcare space through our
culture of servant leadership. In addition, the
company holds a place in the Inc.5000 list, the
NC Mid-Market Fast 40 list and the Fast 50
list. The Imagine Family Theres more to
ImagineSoftware than the services and products
it provides. It is the family, with all its
employees having a signi?cant place. The
ImagineSoftware team works together in a
transparent environment where all ideas and
suggestions are respected. Employees are
provided with numerous bene?ts including free
lunches, family and employee social events,
recognition awards, and more. This helps create
a positive, ?exible work-life balance. ImagineGive
s, an internal charitable initiative that
provides Imagine employees with the opportunity
to support their community through volunteering,
prioritizes philanthropy for its surrounding
communities and people. This was started to make
a lasting and positive impact on the people and
communities that have supported ImagineSoftware.
The company also encourages the spirit of giving
by supporting its employees through a matching
gifts program. The ?rm encourages its employees
to grow in their
With the ImaginePay online payment portal and
HonorCare patient payment plan, patients are
provided with convenience, a?ordability, and the
freedom to take better control over their medical
ImagineAI, as it is aptly named, allows health
providers to gather detailed patient demographics
and payor information, while customizing billing
messaging based on patients ability to pay
their medical bills. The system learns and
adjusts over time to maximize revenue without
compromising compliance. Tailoring Services to
Fit Client Needs At the heart of
ImagineSoftwares core values is servant
leadership. Each clients business challenges are
unique making the selection of medical billing
software a complicated process. To meet the
needs of health organizations of all shapes and
sizes, ImagineSoftwares three areas of focus
are medical billing solutions that
cater to numerous specialties, exceptional

We never forget who we work for.
Without our clients, were just a software

They are the reason were successful.

With our state-of-the-art solutions, we are here
to help

healthcare move closer to patient-centric care.
current and future careers with Imagine by
o?ering weekly time for learning and training
courses as well as de?ned paths for positional
movement within the organization. Hand-in-hand
with Technologies With rapid changes in the
healthcare industry due to the adoption of
innovative technologies, ImagineSoftware has
made it a point to stay at pace with these
developments. The evolution of AI and machine
learning is now a reality and AI is already
disrupting various sectors. ImagineSoftware has
adopted the technology to revamp the world of
healthcare, and endeavors to continue the same.
It is transforming the revenue cycle experience
to move closer to the notion of patient
personalization. Its holistic medical billing and
revenue cycle solution has empowered healthcare
providers with technology and tools. With this,
they can enhance practice management and
capitalize on collections throughout the
complete lifecycle of a claim from front-end
scheduling to back-end reporting. Endeavors in
Care Enhancement Healthcare is an industry in
need of innovation as health plans, providers,
healthcare companies, and the government, are
facing rising costs and inconsistent outcomes.
All involved are working to improve care and
health outcomes, all while reducing costs and
spending. At ImagineSoftware, we pave the way for
peak performance in medical billing as we
continue our focus on results-driven innovation,
asserts the CEO. ImagineSoftware plans to drive
its business forward and create new advancements
in the industry by understanding client needs and
anticipating its next steps. It also foresees
the bene?ts for automation and intelligence in
the current healthcare space and far into the
future. The company plans to continue to react to
the needs of its customers by implementing
quality technology to combat ongoing challenges
in capturing revenue through payor reimbursements
and patient payments. For more info visit It's not just about the
software, it's our people too.

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Revenue Cycle Management
Solution Providers 2018
Company Name Management Brief Company Name Management Brief Company Name Management Brief
BillingTree CareView Edgars Edz Sturans CEO BillingTree is a leading provider of integrated payment solutions in Healthcare and other biller direct verticals.
ezDI, Inc. Chetan Parikh CEO ezDI claims to be the only provider of born-in-the-cloud, AI- based, fully integrated, Speech to text, CDI, CAC, Encoder, Auditing and Analytics platform on the planet.
Greenway Health Richard Atkin CEO Greenway Health provides software services to ambulatory healthcare practices, so that physicians can better run their businesses and care for their patients.
ImagineSoftware Sam Khashman President CEO ImagineSoftware is reinventing the revenue cycle experience to create a truly patient-centered experience.
Impact Advisors Peter Smith Co-founder CEO Impact Advisors is a healthcare consulting ?rm dedicated to improving healthcare through technology and process improvement.
Intuit Micro Technology, LLC Giri Rajan Founder CEO Intuit Micro is a healthcare IT solution provider and software developer in the Middle East.
Intuitive Solutions Tayyab Yunus CEO Intuitive Solutions Inc. (ISI) is a global People gt Pro?tSM company.
Md1 Richard Hicks CEO Md1 provides patient encounter, revenue cycle, practice operations, and transitional care management solutions.
Rsource Lawrence Reid CEO Rsource provides innovative third-party-payer solutions that improve revenue cycle performance for hospitals.
The MEDCOR Group Jonathan Gerber CEO MEDCOR Revenue Services is a premier independent billing and revenue cycle management services provider.
Greenway Health
Expanding Possibilities in Healthcare with
Leading-Edge Technology Solutions and Services
Tchanging the equation for
he consumerization of
All of Greenways solutions and services are
designed to meet its company-wide goals of
delivery high quality solutions that create
value for providers and patients. The company
aims to expand possibilities in care,
contributing to the success of its customers in
ways no one else is doing in the
industry. Prominent Services for Managing the
Revenue Cycle Greenway goes beyond Electronic
Health Record (EHR) and practice management
solutions, providing its customers with
integrated, user- friendly tools, such as
Greenway Revenue Services (GRS), the top-rated
revenue cycle partnership chosen by
high-performing practices of all specialties to
improve their focus on patient care while
increasing their revenue. Excelling in denial
management, consultation, and billing expertise,
GRS dedicated teams invest personally to help
each practice expand their revenue potential and
consults on billing best practices to optimize a
practice in the front o?ce, back o?ce, and
clinical-side to improve insurance and patient
collections. As a revenue cycle management (RCM)
partner, its billing expertise and transparency
enables administrative sta? to shift their focus
to regulatory compliance, security and patient
The Journey to Innovation Nearly 40 years ago,
under a previous name, Greenway helped
healthcare providers tackle a major problem by
introducing the ?rst-ever practice management
system Medical Manager. The solution
revolutionized scheduling, billing and reporting
by eliminating paper on the practice side, and
is now in the Smithsonian Institute. Following
several acquisitions and name changes, the
company became the present-day Greenway Health
after combining with Greenway Medical
Technologies in 2013. Today, Greenway continues
its tradition of innovating, introducing new
capabilities to its platforms and products that
balance a deep understanding of whats required
today with a keen eye toward the emerging
future. The company continues to focus on
creating innovative tools and services that help
its customers navigate value-based care and
capitalize on government incentive programs
while keeping their patients, and their
practices, healthy. GRS plays an important role
in doing that.
healthcare is dramatically
providers. Competitive pressure is
forcing physicians to invest in new technologies
and processes designed to improve the patient
experience, all while they're seeking ways to
grow their bottom line. Thanks to innovative
technology available today, practices can
simplify billing and identify new revenue
opportunities. One company making this possible
is Greenway Health. Greenway, a market leader in
the U.S. healthcare space for more than 40
years, provides software and services to
ambulatory practices so physicians and their
o?ce sta? can better run their businesses,
nurture their practices, and provide better
care for their patients. The company provides
services that create value for providers and
patients through a proven team of clinical,
?nancial and technology experts committed to
innovations that keep people healthier and
happier. Their primary focus to make patient-
driven care a reality while navigating the
ever-changing healthcare system. To date,
Greenway has partnered with more than 10,000
organizations and 75,000 progressive providers
across more than 40 specialties, which
translates into more than 100 million lives that
are touched by its solutions.
In fact, this year Greenway was named a Category
Leader for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management
Services in the Best in KLAS Software
Services report. The company and its
16 December 2018
Company of The Month
Our mission is to partner with our customers
to help keep them financially healthy, so they
can focus on keeping their patients physically
Richard Atkin, CEO
An Experienced, Natural-Born Leader
As CEO of Greenway, Richard Atkin brings
extensive executive experience to the company. He
has a strong background in developing talent,
team building and organizational alignment, and
has a focus on process-driven management. He
received his B.Sc. honors in physics and
electronic materials from Bangor, University of
Wales, and his MBA from the University of
London, Imperial College. Prior to joining
Greenway Health, Richard worked at Vista Equity
Partners, serving its portfolio companies,
including DealerSocket, EagleView, Finastra,
Omnitracs, Solera, and STATS. Receding to his
role as an operating principal, he was the
president of Vista Consulting Group from 2014 to
2017, where he helped the organization evolve
and scale to support the growth in the Vista
portfolio. Before joining Vista, Richard was the
President and CEO of Sunquest from 2005 to 2014.
Prior to that, he was President of Hospital
Systems at Misys plc, CEO of Spacelabs Medical,
and CEO of DatexOhmeda Inc. December 2018
A partnership with Greenway Health gives your
practice full insight into its financial
standing, and proactive service from an
expertly trained staff
their processes to improve e?ciency. The front
o?ce sta? was trained to improve accuracy on
in-take and collecting patient payments. Mesa
OB/GYN has doubled its average reimbursement per
encounter improved days in A/R from 54 to 36
grew payments in 60 days to 72 percent. Dr.
Gomez only receives 10 percent less revenue than
when it had twice as many providers and
contributes that adds to the success of his
partnership with GRS. Valley Day and Night, a
?ve-location practice in southern Texas, is
another happy Greenway customer. It provides
a?ordable, reliable quality care to about 15,000
patients each month. Upon partnering with GRS,
the company uncovered 1 million in uncollected
revenue, down-coding visits and opportunities to
train internal sta? on new billing procedures
and improved processes. The key outcomes of
this partnership include decreasing denial
trends from 100,000 to nearly 19,000 per month
decreasing days in A/R 75 from 142 days to 36
days and the accessibility to the GRS team for
guidance that also opened new doors to
additional e?ciencies in the practice. Melissa
Jareño, Chief Operating O?cer of Valley Day and
Night states, I am able to focus on e?ciencies
because I am no longer worried and focused so
much on billing and ?ghting to bring in every
dollar while fearing that my billing department
was having trouble keeping up with the workload,
and keeping up to date on billing challenges.
management solution received the top KLAS rating
for Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management Services
among small clinics in the 2017 Ambulatory
Revenue Cycle Management Services report. It was
also honored with 2015 Enabling Technology
Leadership Award for the U.S. Ambulatory
Electronic Health Record Market by the
consulting ?rm Frost Sullivan. Future Roadmap
Whats Ahead for Greenway Health The average
revenue improvement seen by the companys
practices after switching to GRS is 6.
Moreover, net collections average 97 for those
who partner with GRS. This is a true testament
to how GRS helps practices simplify billing and
identify new revenue opportunities while also
providing the consultation, expertise and
resources practices need to achieve their
?nancial goals. Moving forward, Greenway plans
to continue meeting the needs of its customers
in the evolving healthcare landscape, providing
tools and solutions their customers need to
achieve success with value-based care.
software were recognized for a true
partnership, transparency of ?nancials, expertly
trained sta? and proactive service. Greenway
has more than 15 years of extensive experience
in revenue cycle management and optimizing
billing processes, which enables the team to
apply deep expertise in order to e?ciently
maximize revenue potential. Also, with a key
focus on data analysis and metric performance
with over 85 of customer excelling beyond RCM
industry benchmarks, the ?rm improves revenue
generation. Adding to this is its dedicated team
with ongoing communication and transparency,
which is often cited by its customers as an
extension of their own teams.
Improving healthcare is at the heart of our
work. We help you turn data and insights into
action, so you can fit life-saving care into
real life
A Valued Partner Helping Healthcare Practices
Achieve Their Goals One of Greenways
prestigious clients, Dr. Ernesto Gomez with Mesa
OB/GYN states, If Greenway Revenue Services
had not come into my life, I dont think Id be
in private practice today. GRS educated his
billing sta? on claim practices and helped update
Apart from the success stories of its clients,
Greenway has also received several awards and
recognitions. Greenways revenue cycle
18 December 2018
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Enhancing the Patient Payment Process with
Avant-Garde Solutions
Tterm- Positive Disruptive
he landscape of healthcare is
witnessed constant and spectacular growth over
the years. Initially, it was founded mainly as a
sales and marketing company with ACH
processing. Later, it developed the business
model of integration with an ARM software
package beginning with CR Software. Within a few
years, it added credit card processing, o?ering
its customers an easier, more secure, faster,
and cost-e?ective payment- processing solution.
With the announcement of the integration of new
digital payment solutions including CareView
into its suite in 2018, BillingTree has
journeyed to become a leading a ?ntech
innovator. The testimony to its incredible
growth in innovation is its Payrazr that o?ers
its customers comprehensive, in-house developed
payment solutions and CareView Patient Hub. The
Perfectly Designed Suite The BillingTrees
CareView HUB is a suite of sophisticated
features and services designed to rapidly
communicate and accurately capture
healthcare-focused patient payments securely
through multiple channels. It empowers the
patients with the ability to make a quick,
one-time payment against an outstanding bill.
They can also enroll their credentials for a
more enriching portal-based account management
experience where
they can view statements, setup payment plans,
view payment history, and save virtual wallets.
Moreover, with CareView HUB, patients can pay
at the point of care with their
credit/debit/FSA/HSA card or via cash and check,
further enhancing the channels and methods of
payment available. It also supports SMS
noti?cations and mobile text-to-pay along with
inbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to
check balances and make payments over the
telephone. Additionally, for the practitioner,
this suite allows customer service agents to
have a full range of always-on features to
capture payments and obtain advanced reporting
of transaction activity. It also supports fully
customizable data integration within every
leading healthcare practice management system.
If the healthcare practice doesnt have its own
merchant account to accept credit cards or
eChecks, BillingTree o?ers these with a fast
turnaround - getting any practice up and running
on the CareView HUB quickly. Insurer payments
are only part of todays healthcare revenue
cycle. In a world of copays and rising
deductibles, nearly every healthcare encounter
now requires some type of patient payment.
Thats why BillingTrees CareView solutions are
designed to ensure that
changing, and for better. The
Innovation has made the healthcare providers
committed to improving the quality of healthcare
solutions while e?ectively reducing the costs
involved.For balancing this ?nancial curve,
value-based, state-of-the-art RCM has become a
thing of prime importance. A company focused on
technological innovation in payment processing
to render state-of-the-art billing solutions to
the healthcare industry is BillingTree. It is a
leader of payment solutions for the new age.
Through its technology-driven suite of products
and services, the company empowers organizations
to increase their e?ciency and decrease the
costs of accepting payments and
patient/consumer communications, while adhering
to the most stringent compliance
regulations. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona,
BillingTree was established to meet the markets
growing demand for a vertically-focused provider
of integrated payments solutions. Today, it is
the leading provider of these solutions to the
Healthcare, ARM, Property Management, B2B, and
Financial Services industry verticals. Journeying
to the Top Incepted in 2003, BillingTree has
20 December 2018
Edgars Edz Sturans CEO
you receive your fair share in a process thats
quick, e?ective and convenient for you AND
your patients, asserts its CEO. Outshining Peers
with Innovation at its Heart With its focus on
cutting-edge comparatively priced payment
solutions and technology, BillingTree o?ers
convenience, high service levels, risk
mitigation, and compliance above and beyond its
peers. Unlike other payment problem solvers, the
company o?ers innovative in-house developed
CareView, Payrazr gateway solution, and multiple
other ?ntech solutions in the product suite. It
is dedicated to creating the least resistant
payment pathway for the patients. The company
has helped in maximizing settlements by allowing
clients to move freely between several channels
and payment methods, making the whole process
more convenient for them. In addition,
BillingTrees customers can maximize the timely
collection of balances by using their end-to-end
suite of payment options and solutions. Catalyst
to the Growth of BillingTree Edgars Edz Sturans
is the CEO of BillingTree, joining in 2014.
Prior to BillingTree, he served as a VP of Global
Product Services at FICO, which acquired CR
Software. Under Edzs guidance, the company has
experienced signi?cant growth, welcoming new
clients and expanding its payment o?erings
across the ARM, Auto Finance, Student Loan Rehab,
Credit Union, and Healthcare industries. Accolade
s and Recognitions Three years back, BillingTree
began surveying the healthcare industry on
payment technology challenges, trends, and
opportunities for revenue cycle management
professionals in its annual industry study. It
has now become a benchmark for the changes in
the industry, a copy of the recent survey results
is available at https//
ral/2017- collections-operations-and-technology-s
urvey-report/. BillingTree was also included in
the Beckers Hospital Reviews 160 healthcare
revenue cycle companies to know 2017. The
company has also been accredited with A rating
by the highly reputed Better Business Bureau
(BBB). It strongly complies to PCI-DSS 3.2,
HIPAA (ePHI). Future Endeavors BillingTree is all
set to continue its growth trajectory with the
CareView integration solidi?ed within their
growing product portfolio to focus on the
healthcare payment needs. The company expects to
process more than 4.00 billion in payments in
the U.S. this year.

We make
easier, for both

your practice and your patients

December 2018 21

22 December 2018
Tbusiness environment, employees have to
Health Spotlight
he modern corporate life is very challenging
and hectic. Due to the highly competitive
give their 100 at work, at times even more than
that. They have to deal with a variety of issues
at the same time in the o?ce including client
meetings, deadlines, weekly and monthly goals,
and so on. As a result, most of their time is
spent either in the o?ce premises or in front of
laptops or computers. Employees get very little
time because of which indulging in healthy
activities like exercise, going to the gym, or
other similar institutions often becomes di?cult.
December 2018 23
Maintaining a Healthy Routine is the Biggest
Challenge These days, employees get very little
time to engage in healthy activities. They spend
almost 9-10 hours in o?ce. After this hectic
o?ce routine, employees ?nd it lazy to go to gym
or attend dance or yoga classes. Moreover, many
also engage into unhealthy snacking considering
it as a stress buster. Also, stress of o?ce work
prevents them from enjoying quality time with
friends and family. For many, the prime
challenge is not only to meet the deadlines,
deal with client demands, and upcoming
performance reviews. In fact, for them,
maintaining a healthy diet and accomplishing
their ?tness goals amidst team lunches, short
snack breaks, month-end, and birthday
celebrations with cakes and fried food is also a
big pressure. Being a part of the o?ce fun is
essential for building a team atmosphere. But,
it creates hindrances for one to accomplish
their ?tness goals. Setting Desired Objectives In
order to remain healthy and ?t, individuals can
set certain goals which are speci?c, measurable,
achievable, relevant, and time bound. They can
create a speci?ed framework which can be
followed for better health-oriented results. For
example, an individual can set a certain time
limit within which they intend to shed/gain
weight. Following small routine activities like
reducing sugar intake or a short walk after
lunch can be very helpful. Steps to Accomplish
Health Goals Maintaining a healthy routine isn't
very di?cult and can work wonders if followed
properly. Individuals can follow the below
mentioned steps to meet their health
objectives. Constant Reminder Individuals should
always remind themselves of why they started
following a healthy regimen. People should
understand the importance of the goal. Subtle
reminders at workplace will help them to stay
focused. For extra attention, people can put a
sticky note on their desk or on their computer
screens. These reminders will help them in
controlling their cravings for a pastry or a
take-out. Teaming up with a Partner When it comes
to maintaining a healthy routine, looking for
like-minded people and working with them can be
Finding a colleague with similar goals can help
fend o? unhealthy temptations. A partner focused
on being ?t and healthy will always remind you
of your wellness goals whenever you divert from
your healthy eating ways. Reminding each other of
taking healthy food is also a good
step. Tracking Progress An individual should
always be aware of what they are eating. They
should keep a daily record of their food intake.
Recording weight, measurement, and energy levels
every week can also be helpful. Occasionally,
treating oneself can help in managing
temptations. If one keeps a track of how many
calories they have consumed, it will be helpful
for them to indulge into snacking if they ever
feel to do so. Proper Planning Sometimes,
employees may have to go for multiple dinners in
a week and during celebrations and business.
During such times it may become di?cult to
overcome temptations. To deal with this, one can
plan for what they might indulge in and prepare
accordingly. They can pack healthy foods in case
they have to travel for business purpose.
Occasionally, a small piece of dark chocolate can
be consumed to overcome sweet cravings. Act as a
Leader Sometimes it may so happen that there are
many people who are trying to follow a healthy
lifestyle. An individual can act as a leader by
o?ering their colleagues a healthy alternative
to junk food like pizza or fried noodles. One can
even suggest starting a wellness community at
o?ce that gives employees the opportunity to eat
well and maintain a healthy lifestyle at o?ce. A
person can set an example among their colleagues
and motivate them to lead a healthy life. In a
lifetime, an individual spends a signi?cant
portion of time at work. They dont want to miss
out on the socializing and fun activities
associated with their work. It is true that
every temptation at work cannot be overcome. But,
with proper planning, awareness, dedication, and
accountability, one can enjoy their life at o?ce
and achieve their health goals as well. -By
Ananda Kamal Das
24 December 2018
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Making Data Management Intelligent
ajority of the people look
team of researchers and engineers at ezDI are
dedicated to leveraging AI technologies that
achieve the e?ortless management of healthcare
data. About the Tech-Savvy Leader Chetan Parikh,
a serial entrepreneur with more than 15 years of
experience in healthcare, is the CEO of ezDI. He
is responsible for the overall growth of the
company. His mantra is, Empower people to
develop innovative solutions that enhance human
life. At heart, he is a technologist. He
strongly believes that for any company to become
a signi?cant and formidable player, a strong
technology backbone is essential. For the same,
he has initiated various tactics and
collaborations, which has brought technological
advantage to the company. Chetan is a certi?ed
Six Sigma Black Belt and holds numerous patents.
He is an avid reader and a charter member of TiE
Ahmedabad. He believes that, In Healthcare, we
are data rich but information poor. A Basket of
Solutions ezDI o?ers a wide array of services
and products to the healthcare sector. Software Co
mputer-assisted coding software It is the use
of computer software that automatically
generates a set of medical codes for
review/validation and/or use based upon clinical
documentation provided by healthcare
Computer-assisted CDI software CDI is the
process of improving healthcare records to
ensure improved patient outcomes, data quality
and accurate reimbursement. Computer-assisted
quality measures software It is comprehensive
software for ?agging, searching, managing, and
reporting quality measures. Computer-assisted
auditing software It is an excellent solution
for internal audit processes, ongoing monitoring
of the recovery audit contractor (RAC) program
and other CMS and payer audits. Computer-assisted
enterprise analytics It is a Healthcare
Analytics Platform focusing on advancing and
applying web-scale data analytics to empower
key healthcare stakeholders to solve complex
care, treatment, and cost challenges. Medical
speech recognition software ezDI o?ers both
front-end and back- end speech recognition
solutions. Services Medical transcription
services ezDI is one of the leading medical
transcription service providers in the US,
catering to healthcare organizations of all size
and shape. NLP-as-a-Service ezDI o?ers its NLP
platform as a service to enable clients extract
meaningful information from the huge chunks of
data located in
for an order in everything.
Same is the case with
data. We look for B after A and C
after B. In healthcare, this order is not always
maintained, making it harder for the users to
make sense out of the pile of data available.
With a vision to understand and convert this
unstructured clinical data into actionable
structured data, the co-founders of ezDI started
the company in 2014 after ?ve years of stealth
RD. ezDI is focused on providing the best
possible user experience using its dictation
applications and transcription services. The
companys applications optimize mid-revenue
cycle work?ows, coding compliance, quality
measures, and key performance measurements. In
collaboration with Wright State University, the
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB),
and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), it has
engineered its own world-class, award winning
Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine and
comprehensive medical knowledge graphs. The
company also o?ers computer-assisted coding
(CAC) and clinical documentation improvement
(CDI) products. These solutions improve medical
coding and clinical documentation, increase
productivity, reduce denials, and improve
revenue cycle management. ezDI aims to be the
best NLP platform for healthcare. With a passion
of saving lives at their heart, the zealous
26 December 2018
Chetan Parikh CEO
complex patient documentation. De-identi?cation
services ezDI solutions give its customers a
quick and easy way to de-identify data. They can
remove sensitive patient data, while leaving
clinical work?ows intact. KPI consulting
services ezDI analysts and consultants perform
in-depth analysis of a hospitals KPIs, including
Case Mix Index (CMI), Coder and CDI
Productivity, Denials and a host of other
metrics. Data Labeling/Annotation Services ezDI
provides data annotation services for text,
audio, and image. Prominent Honors ezDI has
bagged a number of awards and accolades since its
inception. It has been ranked 1 in the Semantic
Evaluation of Clinical Data (SemEval)
competition for the year 2015 and named as one
of the top 100 highly innovative companies at
TiECon 2014. It has also been featured in several
popular publications. In 2016, after very
careful vetting process, ezDI was chosen by one
of the largest and renowned technology companies
to become their partner to develop certain AI
technologies for healthcare. ezDI has been
working with their research team since then on
various stealth projects. Whats Next for
ezDI? In near term, ezDI claims to be
well-positioned to become a signi?cant player in
the CDI, CAC, and Quality Measures spaces. It is
also in discussion with the giant vendors to open
some of its AI technology and tools to create a
vibrant developer community. The long-term goal
of the company is to become the Premier
Healthcare IT Company, with cost-e?ective
solutions and customer obsession. ezDI believes
that by staying true to its core values, it can
achieve this. ezDI currently employs a
customer-intimacy strategy. It works closely
with its customers to understand their challenges
in order to create an exacting solution. The
company has been investing heavily in Research
Development and hence is always operating on the
most advanced technologies available. In the long
run, ezDI aims to become the global leader in
converting healthcare data into intelligence.

We are poised
to empower people

to develop innovative
solutions that enhance human life

December 2018 27
28 December 2018
Aexperience always leaves a
Editors Choice
It can be a leveraged to show transparency,
clarity, ?delity, and ?exibility of the ?rm.
Meet the Patients at their Door-Step To stay in
the race, it is very necessary to go digital.
Make available digital payment tools for the
patients, with which they can pay their bills
sitting in the comforts of their home. In
todays day, maximum population owns a
smartphone or a computer and has access to the
internet. It is bene?cial for the healthcare
providers to acknowledge this fact and provide
digital payment options to their patients.
good clinical experience
followed by a bad billing
patient disappointed. Today, patients are
bearing more and more ?nancial responsibilities
of their treatments and are very interested to
know when, where, how they have to pay. With
health issues already being their major problem,
patients do not want to be stressed about their
medical bills. It is necessary that the
healthcare providers focus a little more on
Patient Financial Experience. Every billing
statement that is sent to the clients can be
used to create a positive brand image on them.
The world is going digital and what better than
leveraging this to enhance the patients billing
experience? Healthcare providers, today, have
several tools and methodologies at hand to
implement this. Some traditional ways along with
some modern techniques can help an organization
strategize a perfect ?nancial experience for its
customers. Mentioned below are some tips for the
Educate the Patients Once the patients are aware
of their ?nancial responsibilities, their medical
December 2018 29
bills come as no surprise to them. This also
increases the predictability of the ?nancial dues
on the patients end. It is a good practice to
educate the customers about their medical duties
before the start of any treatment process. This
helps them to choose between the available
options and be prepared in advance. Estimation
at All the Points-of-Care With a
state-of-the-art, reliable system, a ?rm can
generate accurate billing statements at every
point in the treatment process from
registration to service delivery to
post-treatment care. This develops a sense of
involvement in the patients and prevents the
impending stress. All the sta? members should
have the access to the same information, so that
whenever a patient enquires, he or she receives
the same answer. One-to-One Communication To
enhance the patient ?nancial experience, it is
important to communicate with them e?ectively.
This can be done by leveraging technology to
create a patient engagement platform on their
preferred communication channels. The system
should customize the messages separately for
every patient, to provide a patient-centric
experience. Implementation of this technique is
said to increase patient payments by around
25. Customize Packages How easy it would be if
the patients could access information about the
needed treatment and its billing statements
online more so, if they could select the
packages that could ?t their ?nancial situation?
This would make healthcare very convenient and
burden-free for them. Additionally, the features
of negotiation as well as customization can be
added, to further ease the process and enhance
the experience. Colleting the patients data can
help the health system device a perfect package
tailored to ?t the patients needs. Keep them
updated in Real-Time The patient ?nancial
experience can be further made better by
providing the patients with their billing
statements in real-time. This will develop in
the patients a sense of loyalty and transparency
in the services provided by the organization.
Price Transparency is valued today, more than
ever. Having the latest data and updates about
the billing statements will ensure faith of the
patients in their healthcare provider. Employ
the Right Sta? Once you put your feet in the
patients shoes, the realization that the
patient-facing roles cannot be entry level comes
automatically. The billing aspects are as
signi?cant as clinical aspects for the patients
and they expect likewise from the providers. The
sta? involved in patient engagement should be
properly trained and e?cient. All the members
should have the access to the right and similar
information, so that everyone can provide the
same answers to the clients questions. They
should be well informed about every patients
?nancial history, insurance coverage, payment
process and channels, and the patients
responsibilities. Allow them to Rate the
Experience A feedback always helps to ?nd the
loophole in the system or the place where the
organization is lacking. It ensures continuous
improvement. So, how can patients rate their
experience? Focus groups and online feedback
panels can come to aid here. Using these,
patients can talk about their ?nancial experience
with the company. Receiving feedbacks after every
treatment process can signi?cantly improve the
health system as well as the quality of
service. When it comes to the medical billing
process, there is no one-size-?ts-all strategy.
Healthcare is moving towards providing more
a?ordable and accessible services to the
patients. Also, patients are bearing most of the
?nancial burden. And in this landscape, the
healthcare providers should pay more attention to
their revenue cycle management and come up with
ideas to revamp the ?nancial experience they
provide to their patients. Today, numerous tools
and technologies are available to aid them in
this. The catch is to leverage these e?ciently to
provide sophisticated, ?exible, and compassionate
services. -By Aishwarya Nawandhar 30 December
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DEVICE INDUSTRY 32 December 2018
Experts Corner
Jeff Mongelli Founder CEO
December 2018 33
About the Author
Je? Mongelli built and sold his ?nance company 17
years ago to GE Capital to enter the healthcare
industry. As the Founder and CEO, Je? built
Acentec, Inc. into a national leader in
improving the clinical and ?nancial performance
of healthcare organizations. He understands that
achieving the promise of improved healthcare
through aggregated data requires dedicated
commitment to the protection and privacy of that
information. Je? is considered an industry expert
in IT Technology Security, HIPAA compliance,
and is actively involved in the ?eld of arti?cial
intelligence. He is frequently quoted in the
industrys publications and is a featured speaker
at national trade shows and Medical Association
meetings. Hes a member of the FBIs Infragard
program and a collaborator in their Healthcare
CyberSecurity Workgroup and also a member of
Homeland Securitys Information Network.
Dnurse using two ?ngers on my
uring a recent trip to the
to share with her the heart rate alerts I had
received on my Apple Watch while essentially
doing nothing. This type of information has been
made available by the Internet of Things, or
internet connected devices, both wearable and
otherwise. Thats the positive side of
technologys impact on healthcare. Its not just
our physician encounters that have changed.
Medical devices have also seen great change. Not
only do our elderly have access to home health
monitoring equipment, but virtually every
medical device being manufactured is now either
connected directly to an internal network or
onto the World Wide Web. These technological
advancements have allowed for the ?ow of data
into software systems that analyze, alert, and
share that information with providers throughout
the care chain. The result is leading to better
outcomes and improved quality of life for many
of us. Sadly, its not all good news. The
connectivity of all these devices has created a
treasure trove of opportunities for cyber
criminals. The possibility of extorting someone
for bitcoins or theyll shut your pacemaker o?
is not an unrealistic concern. In fact, a 2017
Ponemon Institute study found that 39 of
medical device manufacturers reported attackers
have taken control of their devices. Additionally
, 38 of care delivery organizations said
inappropriate therapy/treatment had been
delivered to patients because of an insecure
medical device. Imagine a hacker in Romania
manipulating the medicine pump connected to your
arm when youre in the hospital this is
todays reality.
doctors o?ce, other than the
wrist and a watch to take my pulse,
everything else was completely di?erent. From
booking my appointment online, to completing
much of the usual paperwork from home, things
have changed. For the ?rst time, I was able to
provide an actual medical history, since I was
home where that information is. When I arrived
at the o?ce, I checked in on a tablet and was
told the wait would be less than 5 minutes. Once
the doctor entered the exam room, she had
already reviewed a thorough and accurate medical
history and began ?ring o? questions about the
sorts of things that happen during an active
lifestyle. Although my ?rst encounter with this
provider, she seemed to know me like shed been
treating me for years. During the encounter, I
was able
34 December 2018
Whats being done about it? Truthfully, not
enough. Rather than pile on the device
manufacturers themselves, lets consider 3
stakeholders and where each carries a share of
the burden. First, its the device manufacturers
whos brands are on the line, so one would think
theyre doing all they can to strengthen their
?nal products. That may not be the case. The
Ponemon study goes on to state most device
manufacturers have yet to adopt more stringent
software and device security protocols,
resulting in production devices with vulnerable
code. The urge to get to market as quickly as
possible often supersedes adhering to the proper
process of security and vulnerability
testing. Second, one must consider the security
of the facilities who house these devices,
namely hospitals, other care facilities, and
even our own homes. From a hackers perspective,
medical devices are simply another node on a
network, much like a computer or a printer. That
means theyre as vulnerable as any other
networked device. If medical devices are not
being routinely patched and updated, whether
manually or automatically, then theyre
vulnerable to new threats and exploits. Finally,
the third culprit in our trio is the facilities
who refuse to update their devices. Believe it
or not, there are still medical devices in use
today that are running Microsoft XP as their
operating system. This OS became unsupported in
April of 2014, which means for the past 4 plus
years, any new Microsoft based attacks would
?nd an open door to those devices. Again, to be
fair, a signi?cant reason these devices havent
been upgraded is because the cost to small and
facilities is prohibitive. Many of these smaller
organizations, like solo providers, are
struggling to stay above water in our new
healthcare environment. The thought of
spending 200,000 or more on a new X-Ray
machine, for example, is beyond their reach and
reason. This particular issue doesn't have a
simple ?x. What was left o? the list? Many
industry insiders grew accustomed to blaming
the bureaucratic morass as their reason for not
developing and pushing out updates to their
devices. However, as far back as 2005 the FDA
began making allowances for security related
patches and updates and this year again issued
an update to this policy with the intent to
streamline the process. Frankly, we cant accuse
the FDA of standing in the way on this
issue. We also omitted the fact that few IoT
devices communicate their data over encrypted
channels. This includes medical devices. Citing
the Ponemon study, only a third of device makers
built encryption into their devices and few
healthcare facilities were deploying it on their
own IoT devices. While the percentages have
likely improved since the study was published,
those devices, and the thousands produced before
them, are still in use and will be in use for
years to come. Lack of encryption of data in
transit and data at rest violates a HIPAA
recommendation and can be a source of ?nes from
the O?ce for Civil Rights (OCR), so it should be
implemented wherever possible. What needs to
change? Due to these increased vulnerabilities,
a paradigm shift is required and its as
signi?cant as the technological advancements
that led to them. The traditional way of
contracting with a software development team to
add the soft layer on top of a device is no
longer valid. Gone are the days when an o?shore
software team can be hired, given a functional
speci?cation, and then be released once the
project is completed. Now, medical device
manufacturers need to bring software development
in house and incorporate it into the design
cycle as early as possible. Likewise, the
?rmware team needs to stay intact post
development and work closely with the software
team to coordinate patches and updates on an
ongoing basis. Needless to say, these teams
arent cheap, nor is this talent easy to come
by. As a result, its going to take some time
for medical device manufacturers to get the
right teams in place and to adjust their
business models to account for the increased
overhead they present. Like all things
cybersecurity relat
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