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Georgia during World War I


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Title: Georgia during World War I

Georgia during World War I
  • Give reasons for World War I and describe
  • Georgias contribution.

In August 1914, President Woodrow Wilson asked
Americans to remain impartial in thought and deed
toward the war that had just broken out in
Europe. Wilson wanted the United States to
exemplify the democratic commitment to peace, but
"The Great War" continually challenged the
nation's neutrality.
President Woodrow Wilson tried to keep America
out of World War I, and succeeded in postponing
U.S. entry into the war for almost three years.
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World War I was
  • Originally called the Great War due to the
    numerous nations that fought and the great cost
    of lives and property.
  • Broke out in Europe in August 1914 between the
    Allied Powers (Great Britain, France, and Russia)
    and the
  • Central Powers (Germany, Austrian-Hungary
    Empire, and the Ottoman Empire)
  • Over 9 million soldiers died as well as over 5
    million civilians died (22 million soldiers
  • United States remained neutral until April
    1917 ( war had already gone on for 20 months),
    then joined Allied Powers

Causes of World War I
  • Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (heir to
    throne in Austrian-Hungary Empire) in August 1914
    by Serbian nationalists--------? starts a chain
    of events that lead to war
  • System of Secret Treaties
  • Competition between empires
  • a. Militarism government with
    a strong military  spirit or policy
  • b. Imperialism the policy of extending
     the  rule or authority of an empire 
  • c. Nationalism - devotion and loyalty to
     one's own nation
  • 3. Smaller ethnic groups (Serbs, Poles, etc.)
    wishing self-determination

Trench Warfare was most common method of
fighting during war
Trench Warfare
What war pictures are these similar too?
Péronne during the Battle of the Somme,
1916--Robert Carlson. "Don't be angry, just be
amazed," was the calling card left by Germans on
the destroyed town hall of Péronne after their
withdrawal to the Hindenberg 
Civil War Shermans March to the Sea.
Many new weapons of war used for first time
during World War I
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United States Involvement during war
  • United States declared the Neutrality
    Proclamation at start of war (President
    Washington urged all future presidents not to be
    involved in European wars!)
  • U.S. claimed freedom of the seas meaning they
    can trade with any warring nation
  • Yet U.S. gets drawn into war
  • 1. German U-Boats sinking ships
  • 2. Anti-German propaganda (German
  • 3. German spies attempt to sabotage U.S.
  • 4. Zimmerman telegram (Germany ally with

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Georgias Contribution to World War I
(SS8H7d)Military Personnel from GeorgiaNumber
who served 100,000 men and women to the war
effortTextile Mills How they helped the
war effortRailroads How they helped
the war effortFarms How they
helped the war effortSewing circles How
they helped the war effortBond Drives How
they helped the war effortRed Cross What is
it? How it helped the war effort dispatched
a ship to Europe loaded with medical
personnel and supplies Victory Gardens What
were they How they helped the war effort
Southern Textile Mills
How they helped the war effort?
  • Made material for clothing.

How did railroads help the war?
  1. Transported weapons
  2. Transported soldiers
  3. Transported supplies

  • Germans blindsided the Allies with chlorine gas

  • Once in the body, the yellow-green gas tortured
    and killed at the same time, causing
    asphyxiation, convulsions, panic, and a slow death
  • When the wind was just right, the Germans would
    release the gas and it would creep slowly over
    battlefields, finding its way into trench
    crevices and soldiers' lungs. 
  • It was something to be feared, but as American
    chemist James Bert Garner discovered in 1915, it
    could be subdued with activated charcoal, made
    from natural fibers such as those found in peach

Sewing circles
  • groups of ladies (some married to military men)
  • sew items from clothes to flags to raise money
    for the war effort. 

War Bond Drives during World War I
  • a bond is like a loan the holder of the bond is
    the lender (creditor), the issuer of the bond is
    the borrower (debtor), and the coupon is the

Victory Gardens during World War I ?
During WWI families were encouraged to plant home
gardens at their residences or in public parks in
order to reduce the pressure on the public food
supply brought on by the war effort.
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  • War officially ends on November 11, 1918
  • (Armistice Day)The Central Powers lose land
    and power
  • 100,000 men and women to the war effort
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