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World War II- A Total War for All


World War II- A Total War for All Nagasaki after the atomic bomb is dropped. Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri. VJ Day Times Square NYC Trial of Nazi war ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: World War II- A Total War for All

World War II- A Total War for All
The start of the war...
WWII starts on September 1, 1939. It is a
conflict that will involve all areas of the
world. It will cost 55 million people their
lives. Financially, it will cost countries
billions of dollars. For example, the United
States will spend 341 billion dollars to
prosecute this war. Over 300,000 Americans will
die in this war. The Soviet Union will bear the
greatest human toll. They will sacrifice 20
million people during the war. Millions of
innocent people will be killed, including the
victims of the Holocaust.
USSR-German Non-Aggression Pact Signing
The United States prepares for war with a peace
time draft. We also pass Lend-Lease laws to
support our allies. On 12/7/1941 Japan launches
an assault on the Pacific Naval Base at Pearl
Harbor in Hawaii. On 12/8/1941 the United States
declares war. This in not unexpected since the
Japanese Imperial Government and the US have
limited diplomatic talks due to the Americans
freezing Japanese assets, stopping sales to Japan
of oil and scrap metals and the consequences
Japanese invasion of Manchuria and the Chinese
mainland. The US quickly mobilizes for war and
FDR assumes greater powers to conduct the war.
Citizens make numerous sacrifices for the war
Hitler Nazis conquest.
Hitler views Paris after Nazi conquest, 1940.
Attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.
The Pacific strategy included several major naval
battles including Coral Sea, Midway and Leyte
Gulf. The technique of island hopping is
developed to overtake territories quickly. Soon
the US forces are able to command control over
the Pacific after early Japanese victories. In
October of 1944 General MacArthur leads US forces
back into the Philippine Island in the last major
assault before the proposed invasion of Japan.
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Japanese Americans being sent to relocation camps
in the western part of the United States.
Big Three at Teheran 1943.
Omaha Beach 1944.
Buzz Bomb V-1 before it explodes in London, 1944.
In the European theater, the Allied invasion of
France along the beaches of Normandy has left
Germany fighting battles in the east, south and
west. In a desperate attempt to weaken the
Allies Hitler orders a major advance in what
becomes known as the Battle of the Bulge
(December 1944-January 1945). By the end of the
battle it is clear that Germany is in a desperate
situation. Through the use of clever
deception, misinformation and by providing
numerical superiority in weaponry and people the
Axis powers in Europe are vanquished. Horrifying
discoveries await the Allies when they go past
the Siegfried Line into territories deep inside
the Third Reich.
United States troops move into Germany.
Concentration camp locations.
SS round up Jews in Warsaw, Poland.
Being forced to wear the Star of David.
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Inmate at Treblinka.
NAZI terror on display for residents in towns
near the Buchenwald death camp.
The once proud German army is drafting soldiers
at 16 years of age and is relying on older men as
well to bolster their army.
The Allies drop leaflets like this urging German
forces to surrender. Germany finally does on May
2, 1945.
Its time to surrender.
Mass surrender of Germans 1945.
Big Three at Yalta. FDR dies one month later.
Churchill is voted out of office.
America wins the war because its citizens
organize massive drives to provide the troops
with clothing, food and materials necessary to
conduct war. All Americans feel the need to
destroy totalitarian governments that threaten
the personal liberties of all people. The
citizen soldier is seen as a key element in the
A week later, on 1 November, USS Claxton was hit
in one of the first deliberate suicide plane
attacks of the war by a Japanese plane that
exploded in the water to starboard, killing five
and wounding 23.
My uncle, Bob Logan
My father standing somewhere near mid-ship on
the way home from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He was a
radar operator.
On 1 July, Shangri-La got underway from Leyte to
return to the combat zone. On the 2d, the oath of
office of Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Air
was administered to John L. Sullivan on board
Shangri-La, the first ceremony of its type ever
undertaken in a combat zone. Eight days later,
her air group commenced a series of air strikes
against Japan which lasted until the capitulation
on 15 August.
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(No Transcript)
VE Day London
Harry S. Truman takes over for FDR who
dies(4/12/45) in Georgia. Truman is told of a
device that might end the war early and save tens
of thousands of lives. In July the US
successfully tests its first a-bomb. Japan is
asked to surrender. On August 3, 1945 Japan
refuses to surrender. On August 6, 1945 the
single plane, Enola Gay, drops a bomb that kills
80,000 people. After a second bomb is dropped
Japan surrenders on August 14.
Nagasaki Explosion August 1945
Nagasaki after the atomic bomb is dropped.
Japanese surrender aboard the USS Missouri.
VJ Day Times Square NYC
Trial of Nazi war criminals.
Countries Total Dead ofPop Military
Deaths Civilian Deaths USSR 20,600,000
10.4 13,600,000 7,000,000 CHINA
10,000,000 2.0 GERMANY 6,850,000
9.5 3,250,000 3,600,000 POLAND
6,123,000 17.2 123,000 6,000,000 JAP
AN 2,000,000 2.7 YUGOSL
1,706,000 10.9 FRANCE 810,000
1.9 340,000 470,000 GREECE
520,000 7.2 USA 500,000
0.4 500,000 AUSTRIA 480,000
7.2 ROMANIA 460,000 3.4 HUNGARY
420,000 3.0 ITALY 410,000
0.9 330,000 80,000 CZECH
400,000 2.7 BRITAIN 388,000
0.8 326,000 62,000 HOLLAND
210,000 2.4 198,000 12,000 BELGI
UM 88,000 1.1
76,000 12,000 FINLAND 84,000
2.2 AUSTRALIA 39,000 0.3 CANADA
34,000 0.3 ALBANIA 28,000
2.5 INDIA 24,000 0.01 NORWAY
10,262 0.3 NEW ZEALAND 10,000
0.6 LUXEMBOURG 5,000
1.7 TOTAL 52,199,262