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The Korean War


It was a war between South and North Korea, but America and Russia were using it to fight without having a hot war . – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Korean War

The Korean War
  • By Adam Spark, Greg Bourolias, Todd Isbister,
    Dave Rodgers

  • The Korean War was an episode in the Cold War.
    It was a war between South and North Korea, but
    America and Russia were using it to fight without
    having a hot war.
  • The USA went to war in Korea for three reasons.
    The first reason was the Domino theory China
    turned Communist in 1949 and Truman feared that
    the next domino would be Japan. The second
    was to undermine Communism and protect the
    American way of life in 1950 the American
    National Security Council recommended that
    America start 'rolling back' Communism.
    Thirdly, Truman realized the USA was in a
    competition for world domination with the USSR.
  • Russia went to war because Stalin wanted
    Communism to grow. In 1949, Kim Il Sung
    persuaded Stalin and Mao Tse Tung to support an
    invasion of South Korea.
  • In 1950, Syngman Rhee threatened to attack North
    Korea. It was an excuse the trigger for war
    the NKPA invaded South Korea

Explain how this was a proxy war. Who were the
power and which side were they on?
  • This was a proxy war because it was the
    communist North Korea vs. the capitalist South
  • It was part of the Cold War because it was the
    communists against the capitalists
  • Major countries supporting the North were the
    U.S.S.R. and China
  • Major countries supporting the South were the UK,
    Canada, and the U.S.
  • It was a way for the western war to fight the

Analyze Americas role and stand on the war. How
did the President view this war? What about
citizens? Other Members of the American
government? Other countries?
  • American Role
  • Americas in the war was to lead and command the
    UN troops
  • They aided South Korea in the war
  • At first they were sent to stem the North Korean
    advance not to attack
  • President View
  • Truman saw the war as an opportunity to fight
  • Citizen View

What was the end result of the war? What did it
accomplish or what did it fail to accomplish?
  • The war never really ended, but there was a
    signing of a armistice or ceasefire between the
    U.S., North Korea, and China on July 27, 1953,
    but not a peace treaty
  • The Korean War failed to unite the country
  • This meant that Korea is still split up into the
    communist North Korea and the capitalist South
  • The end of the war formed the formation of the
    De-Militarized zone between North and South
    Korea, one of the most heavily armed stretches in
    the world

Evaluate the importance of this war and how it
is a reflection of the Cold War era?
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