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The Korean War


The Korean War The Forgotten War 1950 1953 Early Origins 1910-1945 Korea was ruled by Japan After WWII it was divided into North & South Korea By 1949, the U.S ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Korean War

The Korean War
  • The Forgotten War
  • 1950 1953

Early Origins
  • 1910-1945 Korea was ruled by Japan
  • After WWII it was divided into North South
  • By 1949, the U.S. began withdrawing troops while
    the Soviets increased supplies to North Korea to
    aid the invasion of South Korea

War Begins
  • June 25, 1950 North Korea invades the South
  • Truman fears repeating appeasement demands
    support for containment
  • 1st armed confrontation of the Cold War

Role of the United Nations
  • South Korea asks the U.N. for assistance
  • Due to the Soviet boycott the position of China
    with Nationalist Taiwan, the Security Council
    agrees to help
  • The U.N. sends 15 nations (including the U.S.,
    Britain Canada)
  • Troops are led by General Douglas MacArthur

US UN Pushed to Pusan
Korean War
  • By Sept 1950, the North controls the entire
    Korean peninsula except for Pusan
  • MacArthur designs an attack at Inchon where the
    South Koreans force half of the North Koreans to
    surrender the rest to retreat (by attacking
    from Pusan in both directions)
  • Inchon is risky but successful the South
    recaptures its capital at Seoul

U.N. U.S. Push to China
Chinas Involvement
  • U.N. troops continue to push north to the Yalu
    River (border of China)
  • China has warned that if the Yalu is breached, it
    will react China is worried of U.S. influence in
  • Oct 1950 the Chinese enter this becomes a war
    between China the U.S.
  • The Chinese push troops South recapture Seoul
  • Chinese unexpected entry turns the tide of the war

General MacArthur
  • MacArthur threatens the use of the atomic bomb
    (but Truman disagrees)
  • MacArthur goes to Congress (behind Trumans back)
    gt fired for disobedience
  • Despite the fact that the U.S. enters the war
    without a declaration of war by Congress

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  • Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
  • 1st used in the Korean War
  • Greatly reduced the casualties of war
  • Books, movie TV series based on MASH units

End of the War
  • By 1952, the U.N. has Seoul South Korea
  • A stalemate ensues (see-saw fighting) by July
    1953, a cease-fire is signed
  • Division remains at the 38th parallel
  • Approximately 5 million die in this war
  • 4 million Koreans 54,000 Americans (a
    significant amount considering the short time
    period of the war)

Post War in North Korea
  • Kim Il Sung promotes collective farms
  • Development of nuclear weapons
  • Economic problems of shortages of food energy
  • 1996 troops enter demilitarized zone
  • Current issues??

Post War in South Korea
  • Syngman Rhee (disputes over election results) but
    backed by U.S.
  • South Korea prospers from U.S. aid
  • 1960s develops industry trade
  • 1980-90s one of highest economic growth rates
  • U.S. maintains 40,000 troops here
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