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American Colonial Life


Copy these notes into your notebook I. Colonial Regions The 13 British colonies were divided into 3 regions New England, Middle, and Southern. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: American Colonial Life

American Colonial Life
  • Copy these notes into your notebook

I. Colonial Regions
  • The 13 British colonies were divided into 3
    regions New England, Middle, and Southern.
  • New England Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
    Connecticut, New Hampshire
  • Middle New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and
  • Southern Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina,
    South Carolina, and Georgia

II. New England
  • Economy based on fishing, whaling,
    shipbuilding, furniture making, shipping goods in
    and out of major port cities
  • Agriculture short growing season because of
    cold weather and rugged terrain most farms were
    small and crops were grown for personal use
  • Religion Reason many New England colonies were
    founded (Puritan Church)
  • Puritan church wanted to purify Church of England

  • Church was the center of towns and enforced the
    strict rules of the communities
  • If you broke a church/community rule, could be
    punished publicly caning, put in the stocks,
    banished from community
  • Education
  • Reading was important in order to study Bible
  • First area in U.S. to have public schools (boys
  • Puritans began Harvard oldest college in U.S.
  • Lifestyle
  • Large cities along coast Boston, Providence,
  • Most New Englanders were of English background

III. Middle Colonies
  • Economy most diverse economy of all regions
  • Industries included mining, shipbuilding,
    barrel-making, textiles and manufacturing
  • Agriculture better soil and weather led to more
    agriculture than New England known as the
    bread colonies for production of wheat
  • Religion most diverse groups Quakers (Penn.
    and Del.), Catholics, Lutherans, Anglican, Jews

  • Education no public school requirements
  • Used to prepare boys for a trade
  • Night schools and trade schools were available to
    those who worked during the day
  • Lifestyle
  • Philadelphia and New York were largest cities in
    all of the colonies
  • People in the colonies of diverse European
    backgrounds English, German, Dutch, Swedish,
  • For both New England and Middle colonies, free
    time still revolved around work barn raisings,
    quilting bees

IV. Southern Colonies
  • Economy based on agriculture.
  • Industries/businesses also revolved around
    agriculture forest products, making casks and
    barrels, naval stores
  • Agriculture backbone of southern economy
  • In addition to small farms, plantations
    flourished b/c of ability to make money from
    certain crops
  • Virginia and Maryland tobacco South Carolina
    and Georgia rice and indigo

  • Religion not much diversity
  • Maryland established as refuge for Catholics
  • Other southern colonies Anglican
  • Education no formal education required
  • Sons of wealthy planters were either educated by
    private tutors or sent to private schools
  • Lifestyle only large city was Charleston, SC
  • Social time was used to relax from hard work of
    farming, managing plantation
  • Parties/barbecues may have lasted for days b/c
    people traveled from miles around for the
  • Food all kinds of meats, fresh vegetables and
    plenty of desserts