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Joseph Stalin


Joseph Stalin The Bolshevik Czar ... out against Stalin in exile in Mexico and was murdered in ... actions Methods of Enforcement secret police censorship camps ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin
  • The Bolshevik Czar

Early Life
  • Born in Georgia in 1879 to peasant couple and
    died in march 1953
  • Father was poor, violent alcoholic
  • Family background led him to be a cruel, sadistic

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Early Life
  • Not a revolutionary in the sense of Marx -- but
    more of a thug that the revolution would need
  • Started out as a criminal to finance the
  • Repeatedly exiled by the czar would later exile
    millions of Russians

Early Life
  • Did take part in the Revolution but was involved
    in the Civil War of 1918 1921
  • The civil war brought out in Stalin the worst of
    his personality -- he was more interested in
    violence than in speaking of revolution
  • "death solves all problems. No man, no problem."

Political Beginning
  • Stalin used alliance w/ Khamenev Zenoviev to
    oust Trotsky from the party
  • Before Lenin died, he left secret will that told
    the party not to trust or to keep Stalin
  • Stalin's alliances prevented his ouster

Political Beginning
  • Later Stalin's alliance w/ the conservatives led
    to the ouster of Khamenev Zenoviev
  • Lenin's successor's did so much squabbling that
    Stalin was able to manipulate the party gain

Stalinist Control Of The Economy
  • Unlike Lenin before him, Stalin created a command
    economy in which the Soviet government made all
    of the economic decisions.
  • Problem areas of the economy, like agriculture,
    were identified by the government and plans were
    made to correct these problems.

Stalinist Control Of The Economy
  • Collectivized farming kicked kulaks off land and
    sent them to Siberia
  • Giant farms created w/ as many as 40,000 people
    and production still fell
  • 5 million died as result of the famine Russians
    turned in some instances to cannibalism. Stalin
    made it a crime to even mention the famine.

Stalinist Control Of The Economy
  • 5 year plans in industry were also not having the
    kind of success he had imagined.
  • Stalin had unrealistic expectations and many
    projects failed as a result.
  • Consumer goods were necessarily limited. Why!?
  • 5 Year Plans resulted in shortages in just about
    every product area.

Stalin's Totalitarian Russia
  • "A government that takes total, centralized state
    control over every aspect of public and private
  • It is a more modern version of the absolute
  • The individual and his/her rights are trampled,
    freedom is forgotten the use of logic reason
    continued only as long as it does not get in the
    way of what the leader wants.

Methods of Enforcement secret police censorship ca
mps torture
Ideology sets goals for the state glorifies aims
of the state justifies govt actions
Control of Individuals demands loyalty deny basic
liberty personal sacrifice for good of state
Modern Technology mass communication to spread
the word advanced weapons
One-Party Rule absolute authority dominates govt
Control of Society business labor housing arts re
ligion youth groups
Dynamic leader unites people symbol of
govt encourages popular support
Control Of The Soviet State
  • Stalin filled the gulags with criminal who were
    late to work or who had stolen food
  • Gulags were hard labor prisons and filled with
    brutality and torture murder.
  • Religion, the opiate of the masses, according to
    Karl Marx, was persecuted. It did not disappear
    completely, however.

Control Of The Soviet State
  • Stalin made Russia look good but in reality there
    was not as much success as he'd like the world to
  • Stalin became a secular saint. People were
    overwhelmed w/ propaganda about Stalin being
  • To remain god status Stalin had to begin his
    purges of the communist party and of the military
    and the educated classes

Control Of The Soviet State
  • The Great Purge (1934) was directed against
    "enemies of the state" but really was directed
    against anyone that Stalin saw as a threat to

Control Of The Soviet State
  • Stalin purged communist party members, army
    officers, directors of industry, and anyone else
    who might run afoul of Stalin.
  • Students were taught in school that the state
    came above all, that individual freedom meant
    nothing and that Comrade Stalin was all-knowing
    and very powerful.

Control Of The Soviet State
  • Stalin needed a form of coronation to solidify
    his power. Had to disgrace Lenin's followers and
    show the nation that he was the only man who
    could lead the soviet union
  • Leon Trotsky spoke out against Stalin in exile in
    Mexico and was murdered in 1940
  • Stalin created a society of terror and informers.
    Stalin's paranoia led to millions disappearing
    into the gulags or being executed.

World War II
  • Growing power of Hitler's Germany led to respect
    b/t both nations.
  • In August 1939 the two nations signed the
    Nazi-Soviet Non-aggression Pact.
  • Both nations needed time before they would fight
    each other (they knew they would fight
    eventually) this was a way to buy time to
    prepare for the main event.