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Escape from Stalin


Escape from Stalin s Russia? A Simulation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Escape from Stalin

Escape from Stalins Russia?
  • A Simulation

Your Group
  • You will be assigned groups for this simulation.
    This is Communism, after all.
  • Much of this will be decided be dice, so when you
    get into your group, be ready to come up in front
    to roll. We all roll at once here.

First Roll Social Group
  • 1 Party Elite- Government Worker
  • 2 Bodyguard for Stalin
  • 3 Factory Worker
  • 4 Military Member
  • 5 Newspaper Owner
  • 6 Rural Peasant
  • Once you roll your familys group, come up with a
    quick family story based on what you know about
    your group already. How would they like the
    changes Stalin made? Any possible conflicts? Do
    you like Stalin?
  • Take about 4 mins to come up with your tale and a
    name for your group.

Report Out
  • Tell us your story

Roll 2 Daily Life
  • 1 Stand on line for 3 hrs for nothing, all out
    of TP. Doesnt apply to group 1s (Elite)
  • 2 One member of your group has been chosen to
    attend Logic Camp if they are successful, this
    is good. If not, you know the rest. (send 1 up)
  • 3 You stand in line for 2 hours in the cold and
    get food for your family.
  • 4 You attend a play and have a great night.
  • 5 Your group is targeted by the Party as
    possible traitors, plead your case or be killed.
  • 6 You are safe.

Roll 3 Totalitarianism
  • 1 Write a loyalty oath with your group pledging
    undying loyalty to Comrade Stalin.
  • 2 Stalin wants you to bear him a strong Russian
    child. Get some construction paper and get to
  • 3 You have been chosen to write a new slogan for
    the Party. If Stalin likes it you are OK. You
    know the rest.
  • 4 The Party puts 2 members of your group in a
    work camp to build a road in Siberia.
  • 5/6 Stalins Great Purge is going on, you have
    been deemed as an enemy of the Party. If you are
    from the bodyguard/Elite group, your group loses
    2 people.

Roll 4 School
  • 1 Write your name in Russian, you have 1 minute.
  • 2 You get good grades and are awarded a spot on
    the ping pong team, get your ball.
  • 3 You must answer 7 correct from the numbers
    game or face expulsion and imprisonment.
  • 4 Give me three benefits of Communism and 3
    evils of Capitalism.
  • 5/6 You have been chosen to re-write the school
    song, write a 20 second song about the greatness
    of Soviet education.

Roll 5 Escape?
  • 1 3 5
  • You are given the chance to escape Russia. You
    and your group mates (yes the dead ones also)
    must write a letter to the American Embassy
    explaining why you need to leave Russia
    immediately and be given asylum in the US. You
    must give 5 solid facts that condemn Communism
    and Stalin. You must include our simulation in
    your letter
  • 2-4-6
  • Your group must write a letter praising Stalin
    and his handling of Russia. You must give 5 solid
    facts that back up why your life/ Russia is
    better now than under the Czars. You must include
    details from the simulation to back it up, even
    if bad stuff happened. Yes dead folks, you too.

Joseph Stalin
The Father of Mother Russia
  • Ideology Government takes total control of every
    aspect of life
  • Stalin was a DICTATOR!
  • Considered savior of the country, but a mass
    murderer of millions of people.

  • Impossibly high quotas, to increase the output of
    steel, coal, oil, and electricity.
  • The government limited the production of consumer
  • severe shortages of housing, food, clothing, and
    other necessary goods.
  • The government chose the workers, assigned them
    jobs, and determined their working hours
  • Needed police permission to move

  • In 1928, the government seized over 25 million
    privately owned farms in the Soviet Union.
  • It created collective farms large government
    owned farms that each had hundreds of workers
    producing food for the state.
  • Stalin used terror and violence to force peasants
    to work on the collective farms (between 5 to 10
    million peasants were killed).

  • ART
  • Method of propaganda used to rally the workers.
  • Artistic style that praised Soviet Life and
    Communist values.
  • Communists aimed to replace religious teachings
  • The police destroyed churches and synagogues
    also killed leaders of all faiths or sent them to
    labor camps.

  • The government controlled all education nursery
    to university.
  • Students learned the virtues of communism and
    evils of capitalism
  • Professors and students who questioned Communist
    Leaders were threatened or arrested.

  • Police Terror
  • monitored telephone lines, read mail, planted
    spies, and arrested/executed millions of traitors
  • The Great Purge (a campaign of terror)
  • It was directed at eliminating anyone who
    threatened Stalins power.
  • Estimate killed 8 to 13 million people
  • Censorship
  • -Stalin would not tolerate individual
    creativity wanted conformity and obedience of
  • -Government controlled all media (newspapers,
    movies, etc.)

  • Totalitarian states rely on indoctrination or
  • Propaganda is biased or incomplete information
    used by those in power to sway people to accept
    certain beliefs or actions.
  • Soviet newspapers and radio broadcasts glorified
    the achievements of communism, Stalin, and his