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Stalin By Jessie Cheung History Presentation Basic Information Name: Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili (Known as Joseph Stalin means) Birth ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Stalin

  • By Jessie Cheung

History Presentation
Basic Information
  • Name Joseph Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili
    (Known as Joseph Stalin means)
  • Birth December 21, 1879
  • Place Gori, Georgia
  • Dead March 5, 1953 (74 years old)
  • Place Moscow, Russia

  • Father was a bootmaker and mother was a washer
  • The forth Children, the first three died
  • Bad health since born
  • His mother was very protective towards him
  • Beat by father ? hatred of authority
  • Age of 9, father left the family without support

(No Transcript)
School life I
  • Started his education at age of eight in Gori
    Church School
  • Spoke Georgian, but forced to speak Russian
  • Favorite hero was Koba, a legendary mountain
    ranger ? became Stalins 1st alias
  • Age of 14, he graduated first in his class and
    awarded a scholarship to the Seminary of Tiflis
  • Because of the lack of locally available
    university education, he attended to Seminary

School life II
  • he joined a secret organization called Messame
    Dassy (supporters of Georgian independence from
    Russia ) while studying at the seminary
  • Stalin first came to contact with the idea of
    Karl Marx
  • Age of 20, expelled from the seminary
  • Work as a clerk at the Tiflis Observatory
  • Began writing articles for socialist Georgian

? Marriage ?
  • In 1907, first wife, Ekaterina Svanidze died,
    only four years after their marriage
  • Had a son called Yakov Dzhugashvili
  • In 1932, second wife, Nadeshda Alliluyeva died by
    shooting herself after a quarrel with Stalin
  • Had a son, Vasiliy, and a daughter, Svetlana

Secretly married to a third wife named Rosa
Kaganovich ?
Political life start I
  • 1901, Stalin joined the Social Democratic Party
  • 1902, Stalin was arrested
  • 1903, dispute between Vladimir Lenin and Julius
  • 1904 Stalin escaped from Siberia and identified
    himself with the Bolsheviks
  • 1905, Stalin made a name as the organizer of
    daring bank robberies and raids on money
    transports, he was invited to meet Lenin in
  • Stalin met Lenin in congresses

Political life start II
  • 1910, Changed his name to Stalin
  • Became a follower of Lenin
  • Stalin remained in exile during WWI
  • 1917, Russian monarchy was crumbed, Stalin
  • 1917, Stalin was editor of Pravda
  • Helped the Bolsheviks in the November Revolution
    in 1918
  • Established a Communist government
  • Communists fought a civil war against democratic

Rise to Power I
  • During the Russian Civil War, Stalin was a
    political commissar in the Red Army
  • His first government position was as Peoples
    Commissar of Nationalities Affairs during
  • member of the Central Executive Committee of the
    Congress of Soviets (from 1917)
  • Also was People's Commissar of the Workers and
    Peasants Inspection (19191922)
  • member of the Revolutionary Military Council of
    the republic (192023)

Rise to Power II
  • On April 3, 1922, Stalin was the General
    Committee of the Central Communist Committee of
    the All-Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks)
  • 1922, he disagreed with Lenin over the issue of
    foreign trade ? Lenin began to fear
  • Lenin died in 1924
  • Acted like the leader of the Soviet Union
  • Gained power, Stalin continued Lenin's New
    Economic Policy

Against the opponents I
  • Left-wing
  • Joined forces with two left-wing members of the
    Politburo, Gregory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev
  • ? keep Leon Trotsky away from power
  • 1925, removed his emery Leon Trotsky
  • Trotsky and Zinoviev were expelled from the party
    and Kamenev lost his seat on the Central
    Committee during the 15th Congress in 1927

Against the opponents II
  • Right-wing
  • Gained popular appeal from his presentation 'man
    of the people' from the poorer classes
  • concentrating in building "Socialism in One
    Country" ? optimistic
  • ban on factionalism
  • Got absolute power until the Great Purge ,
  • 19371938

Great Purge 1938
  • The Great Purge is the name given to campaigns of
    political repression and persecution in the
    Soviet Union controlled by Stalin during 1937 to
  • It involved the purge of the Communist Party of
    the Soviet Union and the persecution of
    unaffiliated persons, both occurring within a
    period characterized by omnipresent police
    surveillance, widespread suspicion of
    "saboteurs", imprisonment, and killings.

World War II
  • Signed Non-aggressive Pact with German in Sept
    23, 1939
  • Ended by June 22, 1941 when German invaded Soviet

During WWII
  • November, 1943, Stalin met Winston Churchill and
    Franklin D. Roosevelt in Iran
  • February, 1945, Stalin, Winston Churchill and
    Franklin D. Roosevelt met again in Yalta
  • Promised to enter the war against Japan

After WWII
  • Leaded Soviet to victory against the Nazis
  • set up of communist regimes in Rumania, Bulgaria,
    Hungary, East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia
  • In 1948, Stalin ordered an economic blockade of
  • Soon recognized Mao's Peoples Republc of China
  • In 1950, he encouraged Kim II Sung, the communist
    ruler of North Korea, to invade South Korea

  • A meeting between Stalin and Mao Zedong after
  • the CCP's 1949 victory over the KMT in the
  • Chinese Civil War

Question 1
  • Which child of Stalin was captured
  • by Germany?
  • A Yakov
  • B Vasiliy
  • C Svetlana
  • D Nadeshda

Question 2
  • Who is not the enemy of Stalin after he became
    the leader of Soviet?
  • A Leon Trotsky
  • B Gregory Zinoviev
  • C Lev Kamenev
  • D Vladimir Lenin

Question 3
  • When did Great Purge take place?
  • A1935 - 1936
  • B1936 - 1937
  • C1937 - 1938
  • D1939 - 1940

Question 4
  • Why did Stalin order an economic blockade of
  • retaliation
  • True
  • False

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