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Causes of the American Revolution


Causes of the American Revolution After the Conquest of Quebec Most French leaders returned to France French that remained were uncertain what Br. rule would mean for ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Causes of the American Revolution

Causes of the American Revolution
After the Conquest of Quebec
  • Most French leaders returned to France
  • French that remained were uncertain what Br. rule
    would mean for them
  • Would they lose their language, land, religion?
  • 13 colonies were glad conflict and competition
    were over

Royal Proclamation of 1763
  • Limited new province of Quebec to area around St.
  • Land to west closed for fur trade Natives
  • Official religion was Protestantism
  • English law replaced French law
  • Br. governor appointed to rule
  • English schools established

Royal Proclamation of 1763
  • Designed to wipe out French culture
  • However, Br. needed the support of the French
    because of problems in 13 colonies
  • Proposed new legislation

Quebec Act 1774
  • Ohio valley given to Quebec
  • Seigneurial system was continued
  • Catholic Church allowed
  • Allowed French civil law introduced English
    criminal law
  • Catholics could be appointed to governing council

Effects of the Seven Years War
  • Before war, England had let colonies run
  • During war, George III became king
  • After war, policy towards colonies changed
  • Br. wanted more control

After the Seven Years War
  • Reasons
  • money to pay for war with France
  • believed in mercantilism (control of colonies)
  • wanted to prevent 13 colonies from expanding into
    Indian Territory
  • British brought in series of laws to raise tax
    money and control colonies
  • Colonies not used to Br. interference

No taxation without
  • Br. brought in Stamp Act (1765) Townshend
    Duties (1767)
  • Colonies demanded no taxation without
  • They believed Br. did not have the right to tax
    the colonies because Parliament did not represent
    the people of the colonies
  • Colonies called these unfair taxes

Boston Massacre
  • Br. had large military presence in Boston
  • Tensions amongst the civilians led to
    confrontation in the street
  • 5 people killed
  • Colonists called it a massacre

Tea anyone?
  • Tea Act (1773) gave preference to British East
    India Company tea
  • Cut out local merchants
  • Colonist resisted by boycotting the BEI tea
  • Led to Boston Tea Party
  • 50 colonists, some dressed as Mohawk Indians,
    threw 300 chests of tea into Boston Harbour

Intolerable Acts
  • Several acts brought in by Br. In 1774
  • Quartering Act
  • Colonists forced to house and feed Br. soldiers
  • Led to increased tensions between civilians and

Intolerable Acts Cont.
  • Quebec Act
  • prevented growth of the 13 colonies to the west
    (into the Ohio valley)
  • Quebec wasnt given elected government
  • Allowed Catholic religion

Navigation Acts (1660 1668)
  • Restricted shipping to Britain
  • Hurt the economy of the colonies

Enlightenment Thought
  • Philosophical movement
  • Introduced new ideas about equality, liberty,
    justice and rights
  • Influenced the revolutionary leaders

Common Sense
  • Pamphlet by Thomas Paine
  • Challenged British authority
  • Called for independence
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