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Unit 3 Born to Win


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Title: Unit 3 Born to Win

Unit 3 Born to Win
New word 1
New word 2
New word 3
In-class passage
After-class passage 1
After-class passage 2
  • ????LeBron James
  • ?? ??
  • ?? ??? (?????)
  • ?? 2.03?
  • ??120??
  • ?? 1984-12-30
  • ?? ???????
  • 09-10???? 3000???
  • ??King James(??????????)
  • ?????-???2003????????????,???????????????????????
  • ???? 2003?NBA???????1????????????
    Valuable Player)?

  • Unit 3 Born to Win
  • New words 1
  • New words 2
  • New words 3
  • Born to Win
  • Better Late than Never
  • The Pursuit of Excellence

  • 1. (??P105)Translate the following Chinese into
    English. Try to find out some other sayings about

  • 1. Failure is the mother of success.
  • 2. Any man who is afraid of failure will/can
    never win.
  • 3. Success means that you enjoy/love and are good
    at doing what you are doing now.
  • 4. One who is eager to win will not necessarily
    win quickly.
  • 5. A successful person doesn't ask for things
    from others. On the contrary/instead, he will ask
    himself what can I leave to this world?
  • 6. A real winner is someone who makes the
    greatest contributions to the society, not the
    one who is the richest, or the most famous.

  • I succeeded because I willed it I never
    hesitated . (Bonaparte Napoleon, French emperor )
  • ??????????,???? ?
  • If you wish to succeed , you should use
    persistence as your good friend , experience as
    your reference , prudence as your brother and
    hope as your sentry. (Thomas Edison , American
    inventor )
  • ???????,?????????????????????????????
  • Only those who have the patience to do simple
    things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do
    difficult things easily . (Friedrich Schiller ,
    German Dramatist and poet).
  • ???????????????,???????????????
  • The people who get on in this world are the
    people who get up and look for circumstances they
    want , and if they cannot find them .they make
    them.(George Bernard Shaw , British Dramatist )
  • ??????,?????????????????????,???????,?????????

  • You have to believe in yourself . That's the
    secret of success. (Charles Chaplin , American
    actor )
  • ???????,????????
  • There are no secrets to success. It is the result
    of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.
    (Gen.Colin L.Powell )
  • ?????????????,????,????????????
  • You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are
    doomed if you don't try. (Beverly Sills )
  • ?????????,??????,??????
  • A man is not finished when he is defeated. He is
    finished when he quits. (Richard Nixon )
  • ?????????????,??????????

  • For your reference
  • 1. Confidence in yourself is the first step on
    the road to success.--Emerson
  • 2. Where there is a will, there is a way.
  • 3. The talent of success is nothing more than
    doing well whatever you do without a thought of
  • 4. He that never climbed, never fell.

  • 5. In days of adversity, we should stand firm and
    be unyielding in days of happiness, we should,
    all the more, be prudent and careful.
  • 6. Life would be too smooth if it had no rubs in
    it. 7. I would prefer even to fail with honor
    than win by cheating.
  • 8. All that you do, do with your might things
    done by halves are never right.
  • 9. You may be disappointed if you fail but you
    are doomed if you don't try.
  • 10. A man is not finished when he is defeated. He
    is finished when he quits.

  • 2. What Does Winning Mean?
  • Directions Walk around the classroom and ask
    five classmantes about what winning means to each
    of them?

  • Sample
  • Winning means being happy.
  • Winning means being No. 1 or one of the best in
    your field.
  • Winning means being able to make great
    contributions to society.
  • Winning means being able to overcome great
    difficulties that others cant.
  • Winning means making a lot of money.
  • Winning means doing what enjoy and being good at
  • Winning means having good health and a happy
  • Winning means that you can be the kind of person
    you want to be.

  • 3. Winners in My Eyes
  • Work in groups and tell each other who is a
    wimmer in your eyes and why.

  • Sample 1
  • I think Helen Keller is a winner. Even though she
    became blind and deaf at a very early age, she
    didnt give up. With the help of her teacher, she
    bcame a teacher, writer and lecturer. She
    couldnt see or hear, but she learned to read and
    write by touch and feel. Helen also learned
    several foreign languages French, German, Latin
    and Greek. Helen always wanted to try what others
    could do.

  • Sample 2
  • For me, my father is a winner. He was born into a
    very poor family. He hardly had enough to eat.
    Every week he had to walk 20 kilometers to
    school. Though he dropped out later due to the
    lack of money, he taught himself and became a
    teacher at a village school. He sent my brothers
    and me to school. Now my broghers and I are all
    studying in national key universities. For
    others, my father may be a very ordinary person.
    But to me, he is a real winner.

  • 4. Can Never Giving Up Guarantee Success?
  • Directions Two ants want to climb over a wall to
    get food there. One ant climbs up the wall
    without hesitation but falls down because of
    exhausion. He tries again and again despite
    repeated failures. The other ant decides to round
    the wall. If you are an ant , what will you do to
    get food? Do you think by never giving up, the
    first ant can finally succeed in getting food?
    The following words and phrases may be useful to
  • erroneous ??? contribute to ??
  • strategy ?? alter ??
  • destination ?? side-tracked
  • self-awareness ???? solution ??
  • give up half-way ???? persistence ??
  • setback ??

  • Sample
  • If I were an ant, I would choose to round the
    wall to enjoy delicious food.
  • The first ant may fail because he continues on a
    path that is wrong for him. He makes a wrong
    choice initially and believes the erroneous
    choice is the one he must stay with. I am not
    sure that never giving up can guarantee
    success. There are many factors contributing to
    success, such as strategy, opportunity, luck,
    personal relationships, and environment.
    Sometimes, no matter how hard people may work,
    they still fail. To ensure success you must be
    willing to alter your course and keep altering
    it, and to try again and again, as many times as
    it takes, to reach your destination. People who
    dont know themselves are easily side-tracked.
    Only with self-awareness and understanding can we
    come to believe in our ability to find the right
    solution and to arrive at our goals.

  • Of course, I dont mean that we should quit
    trying at the beginning or give up half-way. Its
    better to have persistence than give up easily.
    It will certainly do you good to have the courage
    what you are doing despite the fact that you
    might have come across various difficulties or
    setbacks. life is not always easy and
    comfortable. There are more difficulties than
    eases in the real life. Therefore, those who
    learn how to deal and endure failures will taste
    their success eventually. I really appreciate
    courage and persistence of the first ant, but I
    think wisdom and stratedy of the second one is
    more important.

  • 5. To Success Opportunity or Hard Working?
  • Directions Every body wants to succeed. But when
    it comes to the question that which factor leads
    to success, opportunity or hard working,
    different people have different opinions. Discuss
    with your classmates and share your opinions
    about this question.

  • Sample
  • Every body wants to succeed. But when it comes to
    the question that which factor leads to success,
    opportunity or hard working, different people
    will offer different answers.
  • Some people think that opportunity is the first
    factor leading to success. They hold the idea, as
    a proverb saying, Man proposes, god disposes.
    Because almost all successful people have good
    luck and have caught their valuable
    opportunities, they believe that opportunity is a
    leading condition of the success. If seizes and
    makes the best use of opportunity available, one
    can succeed surely. In summary, to them, chances
    and lucks play the most important role on the
    road to success.
  • However, others maintain that no pains, no
    gains. Without exerting oneself, one could never
    expect to achieve success in no matter what one
    is doing. As is known to all, there is no royal
    road to the summit of success. One is likely to
    succeed only when one has worked with
    whole-hearted devotion and perseverance. Those
    who are lazy, sloppy and indifferent to their
    work, those who never concentrate on work will
    definitely end in failure. On the whole, as far
    as they are concerned, hard working is the
    decisive factor to success.

  • In my view, both hard working and opportunity
    eventually matters. They are inseparable from
    each other, and put together, they make a great
    success. Hard working is to luck what fish is to
    water, and can be seen as an interior
    precondition of success. It lays the corner-stone
    for building a house while luck serves to cement
    it, to make the building bricks adherent to one
    another. They are the twins that contribute to
    success together. They are the factors from
    within and without respectively. We must work
    hard, make efforts and get prepared. When
    opportunities come, meet and make full use of
    them. Only in this way can we succeed one day.

  • 6. Directions Failure is a part of life and
    everyone experiences failure more or less in
    his/her life. However, many people are afraid of
    failure and reagrd it as a bad thing. How do you
    look at failure? Have a debate on the topic Is
    failure a bad thing?
  • pleasurable??? target?? delay??
  • effort?? criticize??
  • temper?? willpower??? desperate??
  • inhibit?? take the risk?? pursuit??
  • positive??? contribution??
  • vicious circle???? gains and losses??
  • interpersonal relationship????

  • For your reference
  • Arguments of supporters
  • 1. Failure is never pleasurable. It means we have
    to give up before achieving the anticipated
  • 2. Every failure delays the time of your success.
    Faulure makes our efforts and hard work
  • 3. Failure is a waste of time, money and energy.
    For example, for hundreds of years people dreamt
    of produing Perpetual Motion Machine(???) but
    failed at last.
  • 4. Failure gets us doubted, criticized, even
    fired by boss. Failure is unacceptable for
    doctors, lawyers, as well as in the war, which
    means loss of peooles lives.
  • 5. Bad emotions and sadnesses that failure brings
    spoil our sleep, diet, health, passion in work,
    family relationship and interpersonal
  • 6. Failure makes us feel hopeless, even
    desperate. It makes us lose self-confidence and
    inhibits our development. Frequent failures cause
    people to be used to failures and result in a
    kind of vicious circle.
  • 7. Failure ruins many people. For example, one of
    Chinas earliest poets, minister of the State of
    Chu, Qu Yuan (340-278 BC) advocated enriching the
    country and strengthening its military forces so
    as to fight against the Qin but failed. In 278
    BC, he heard the news that Qin troops had finally
    conquered Chu's capital, drowned himself in the
    Miluo River.

  • Arguments of opponents
  • 1. Failure is the mother of success. Failure
    doesnt mean you are a failure. It just means you
    havent succeeded yet. Failure is the light on
    the way to success.
  • 2. Failure can make a positive contribution to
    our life once we learn to use it. From the
    experience of failure, we can find out the reason
    why we failed, then we can do better next time.
  • 3. People who have failed must have the courage
    to take risks. Only through the test of failure
    can people understand the exciting pleasure of
  • 4. Both success and failure are true in fact and
    we should face them. Failure is a common thing in
    our daily life. Failure is part of life and every
    person has the right to fail.
  • 5. Be ready to fail. That doesnt mean we give up
    the pursuit of success. Failure makes us relaxed
    and have a good attitude toward gains and losses
    in life.
  • 6. Failure is an opportunity to tempers our
    willpower and encourages us to become stronger in
  • 7. Failure builds up many people. For example,
    the American inventor Thomas Edison (18471931)
    developed many devices that greatly influenced
    life around the world. He failed 1200 times in
    his incandescent bulbs(????) trial. A businessman
    said that he is a person without any success.
    Edison laughed, "I have a lot of achievements. I
    have proved that 1200 kinds of filament(??)
    material is not suitable to do." Edison is
    considered one of the most prolific inventors in

  • 1. Failure doesn't mean you are failure it does
    mean you haven't succeeded yet.
  • 2. Failure doesn't mean you have accomplished
    nothing it does mean you have learned something.
  • 3. Failure doesn't mean you have been a fool it
    does mean you have a lot of faith.
  • 4. Failure doesn't mean you have been disgraced
    it does mean you were willing to try.
  • 5. Failure doesn't mean you don't have it it
    does mean you have to do something in a different
  • 6. Failure doesn't mean you are inferior it does
    mean you are not perfect.
  • 7. Failure doesn't mean you have wasted your
    life it does mean you have a reason to start
  • 8. Failure doesn't mean you have wasted your
    life it does mean you have must try harder.
  • 9. Failure doesn't mean you'll never make it it
    does mean it will take a little longer.
  • 10. Failure doesn't mean God has abandoned you
    it does mean God has a better idea.

  • 7. What accounts for success? For best results,
    this garden should be planted every day
  • Four rows of Peas preparedness, promptness,
    perseverance, politeness.
  • Three rows of squash squash gossip, squash
    criticism, squash indifference.
  • Five rows of lettuce let us love one another,
    let us be faithful, let us be loyal, let us be
    unselfish, let us be truthful.
  • Two rows of turnips turn up with a new idea,
    turn up with the determination to do a better job
    tomorrow than you did today.

Hey, guys! This is Success Garden. Welcome to
come inside and have a look. OK, here is the
garden members self-introduction.
S u c c e s s G a r d e n
Oh, call me Perseverance, please. Im very
Hello, we are Peas and my name is Preparedness.
How do you do? From my smile you know that Im
Im Promptness. Im always being in time.
Squash family (??, ?????, ??? ??) Their duty
Squash Gossip Squash Criticism
Squash Indifference
Success Lettuce (??, ??)family know the
importance of good team-work. Their slogan is
  • Let us love one another.
  • Let us be faithful.
  • Let us be loyal.
  • Let us be unselfish.
  • Let us be truthful.

Here are two turnips(??). They are twins!
Mummy tells me to turn up with a new idea
Daddy tells me to turn up with the determination
to do a better job tomorrow than I did today.
  • Sample 1
  • I think intelligence and hard work are the most
    important things. First you must be intelligent.
    You wont be able to succeed if you are stupid.
    But intelligence alone is not enough. You alse
    need to work hard. Success is something you have
    to earn painstakingly.

  • Sample 2
  • In my opinion, the most important thing is to be
    prepared and perseverant. Opportunities only
    favor those who are prepared. Many people
    complain that they dont have the opportunity to
    succeed. That is not true. The fact is that they
    are not ready and dont see the opportunity, not
    to say how to seize it. Then perseverance is also
    very important. Once you start a thing, you
    shouldnt give up when you face difficulty. You
    have to try again and again to figure out a way
    to solve the problem. There are a lot of stories
    about how winners persist on the way to success.

  • Sample 3
  • I think your dreams and the determination to
    pursue them are two vital factors for your
    success. Once you make up your mind to follow
    your dreams, you will become very independent and
    diligent. Besides, physical fitness is also
    important to success. As the old saying goes,
    health is the capital to revolution. Then to
    succeed, you also need outside support such as
    social relationships and family influence. They
    will contribute to your success if you can use
    them properly.

  • Part 1 Listening-in
  • ( ) 1. The girl was ill because her watch was
  • ( ) 2. The priest came to make the girl realize
    it was not sensible to be unhappy about the loss.
  • ( ) 3. The girl was happy again because the
    priest gave her a more beautiful watch.
  • ( ) 4. The true life is that you know how to
    face the life and live for yourself.
  • ( ) 5. Some people lose in their lives because
    they dont know how to restart from the failure.

  • A girl lost her favourite watch and she was very
    unhappy, she even fell sick because of that.
  • The priest came to visit her while she was sick
    and asked her, If one day you accidentally
    dropped one hundred thousand dollars, would you
    accidentally dropped another two hundred thousand
    dollars again?
  • No the girl replied, Of course not.
  • The priest said again, If that is the case, why
    did you let yourself lose two weeks of happiness
    after you have lost your watch? And also went on
    to let yourself lose two weeks of health?

  • The girl was suddenly enlightened(??) and jumped
    out of bed. She said, You are right. I refuse to
    lose more than what I did. From today onwards, I
    will earn back the money I need to buy myself
    another watch.
  • Life is full of winning and losing and also full
    of challenges. It doesnt matter if you lose, if
    you live for yourself, then that is true life.
  • Some people refuse to accept the truth and to
    start again, thus they end up losing more and
    more in life and end up nothing can be done to
    bring back what they lost.
  • If you are losing in your life now, dont
    continue letting yourself lose more than what you
    did. Put a stop to that situation and do not be
    afraid to start from scratch(????).

  • Part 2 Listen and Answer
  • 1. What do the successful people have in common?
  • Successful people have some characteristics in
    common. They are optimistic and persistent they
    have both intellectual skills and the ability to
    work well with other people and they love their
  • 2. What is the speakers opinion on roles of
    genetics and environment in ones success?
  • He thinks the roles of genetics and environment
    in ones success is still in doubt.
  • 3. Why does the speaker regard our view of who is
    winner is not always fair or accurate?
  • Because he considers that some people are usually
    ignored when we define winning, such as women.

  • There are many paths to winning. Some people go
    down in(???) history for their influential
    political leadership. Others are remembered for
    spectacular scientific breakthroughs for
    composing great symphonies, or writing brilliant
    poetry. But whatever path they take, successful
    people seem to share a few common
    characteristics. They are optimistic and
    persistent they have both intellectual skills
    and the ability to work well with other people
    and they love their work. In fact, for these
    people, work is more like a must than a job.

  • Of course, many questions about winners remain
    unanswered. What roles do genetics and
    environment play in the equation(??,???)? How can
    we know who around us will be remembered as
    winners and which people, though famous today,
    will be forgotten in the future? Its also
    possible that our view of who is winner is not
    always fair or accurate. For example, the
    achievements of women are not recognized as often
    as they should be.

  • Bridge the Cultural Gap
  • We talk about seeing both sides of a question as
    if every question has only two sides. We (1)_____
    that everyone is either a success or failure
    when, in fact, infinite (2)__________ of both are
    possible. There is a world of (3)__________
    between I have failed three times and I am a
    failure. (4)__________, the words failure and
    success cannot be (5)__________ applied to a
    complex, living, (6)__________ human being. They
    can only (7)__________ the situation at a
    particular time and place.

  • (8)_______________________________________________
    ______________________. What we dont always
    recognize is that what looks like failure may, in
    the long run, prove beneficial.
    ______________. Step one is to ask, Why did I
    fail? Resist the natural impulse to blame
    someone else. Ask yourself what you did wrong,
    how you can improve. If someone else can help,
    dont be shy about inquiring.

Our society places so much emphasis on making
it that we assume that any failure is bad
It can make a positive contribution to your life
once you learn to use it
  • Though we may envy the assurance that comes with
    success, most of us are attracted by courage in
    defeat. There is what might be called the noble
    failure the special heroism of aiming high,
    doing your best and then, when that proves not
    enough, moving bravely on. As Ralph Waldo Emerson
    said (10)_______________________________________
    _________________________________, and the more
    falls he gets, moves faster on.

A mans success is made up of failure, Because
he experiments and ventures every day
In-class Reading PassageBorn to Win
Difference between a winner and a loser
  • A winner says, let me do you a favor
  • A winner says, I must do it
  • A winner says, its difficult but possible
  • A winner says, yes, but it can be better.
  • A winner sees happiness of harvest
  • A winner sees possibilities
  • A winner believes everyone can win
  • A winner prefers principles to trifles
  • A winner brings it out
  • A winner is doing sth
  • A winner has a plan
  • A winner has ideals
  • A loser says, thats not my business
  • A loser says, it must be done
  • A loser says, its possible but difficult
  • A loser says, yes, still there is worse.
  • A loser sees bitterness of labor
  • A loser sees difficulties
  • A loser believes everyone may lose
  • A loser prefers trifles to principles
  • A loser lets it be
  • A loser is making wishes
  • A loser has an excuse
  • A loser has idealism

  • In-class Reading Passage Born to Win
  • 1. Introduction (para 1)
  • Each person has__________________________
  • 2. The meanings of winner and loser (para 2)
  • A winner is one who
  • ______________________________________
  • A loser is one who________________________
  • 3. Few people are winners and losers ________
    (para 3)
  • 4. Winners (para 47)_____________of a winner
  • A. a winner is_________
  • B. a winner is not afraid
  • ______________________________________
  • C. a winner is____________________________
  • D. a winner has__________________________
  • E. a winner cares about____________________

the potential to win in his own way.
responds genuinely by being trustworthy and
fails to respond genuinely.
all the time.
to do his own thinking and to use his own
a love for life.
the world and its people.
  • 5. Losers (para 810)
  • Possible causes
  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • Characteristics of a loser
  • A. a loser lacks
  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • B. a loser has difficulty
  • ___________________

poor conditions cruelty unhappy relationships
disease continuing disappointments inadequate
physical care.
an ability to appropriately express himself
through a full range of possible behavior.
giving and receiving love.
  • 1. a. refer to a person as a winner
  • b. Chinese people usually refer to Wang Jinxi
    as the Iron man.
  • 2. a. It is a matter of degree.
  • b. It was a matter of life and death for them.

  • 3. a. He can change his plans when the situation
    calls for it.
  • b.The task before us calls for courage and
  • 4. a. care about the world and its people
  • b. You say you care about the poor, but you
    dont help them.

  • 5.a. in the face of national and international
  • b. We are powerless in the face of such
  • 6. a. be also born totally dependent on the
  • b. Most college students are still dependent
    on their parents for financial support.

  • 7.a. contribute to making people losers
  • b. Exercise contributes to better health.
  • 8. a. a loser is held back
  • b. No one can hold back the wheel of history.

  • 9. a. A loser has difficulty giving and receiving
  • b. Do you have any difficulty in finishing
    the task in time?
  • 10. a. enter into close, honest, direct
    relationships with others.
  • b. Well enter into details at the next

  • Ex.2
  • 1. flexibility 2. dependence 3. creation
  • 4. domination 5. inadequate 6. unique
  • 7. evaluation 8. guilty 9. contribution
  • 10. limit
  • Ex.3
  • 1. range 2. capacity 3.
  • 4. manipulate 5. rigid 6.
  • 7. unaware 8. helpless 9. contributed
  • 10. genuinely
  • Ex.4
  • 1. channelinto 2. come to a conclusion
  • 3. in his own right 4. live up to
  • 5. in the face of 6. care about
  • 7. call for 8. referred toas
  • 9. contribute to 10. held back

  • Ex. 5
  • 1. to live up to her parents expectations
  • 2. It is a matter of principle
  • 3. The occasion calls for a cool head
  • 4. the president of a large firm doesnt care
    much about dress
  • 5. In the face of great difficulty
  • 6. she became a famous actress in her own right
  • 7. your suggestion has greatly contributed to the
    accomplishment of our work
  • 8. She was unable to hold back her excitement
  • 9. in persuading people to leave their homes for
    more developed area
  • 10. our shop has entered into a contract with a
    clothing firm to by 100 T-shirts a week

  • Part 5 Listen to the Summary
  • Each person has the (1)__________ to win in his
    own way few people are winners and losers
    (2)__________. The winners must have some certain
    (3)_____________, while some (4)__________may
    lead a person to (5)__________.To the losers
    they (6)__________an ability to
    (7)____________express themselves through a full
    (8)__________ of possible behavior, and they have
    difficulty giving and receiving love.

all the time
  • ??P79 Ex. 1
  • 1. A. be thankful or grateful for
  • B. recognize and enjoy the good qualities or
    worth of
  • 2. A. the amount that sth can hold or contain
  • B. ability or power
  • 3. A. n. a particular television station
  • B. v. direct sth towards a particular purpose
  • 4. A. join with others in giving
  • B. help in causing a situation, event, or

  • 5. A. that can bend or be bent easily
  • B. that can change or be changed to be
    suitable for new needs
  • 6. A. the fact of having broken a moral rule or
    official law
  • B. the feelings produced by knowledge or
    belief that one has done wrong
  • 7. A. adj. likely to develop into a particular
    type of person or thing in the future
  • B. n. the inherent ability for growth and
  • 8. A. stiff, not easy to bend
  • B. firm or fixed, difficult to change or
    unwilling to change

  • Ex. 2
  • achieve------achievement
  • depend------dependence
  • cruel---------cruelty
  • genuine------genuineness
  • aware--------awareness
  • capable------capability
  • expect-------expectation
  • limit---------limitation/limit
  • unique-------uniqueness
  • respond-----response
  • disappoint---disappointment
  • behave-------behavior

  • Ex. 3
  • 1. entered into
  • 2. channeledinto
  • 3. holds/held back
  • 4. unaware of
  • 5. separatesfrom
  • 6. referred toas
  • 7. lived up to
  • 8. calls of
  • 9. contributes to
  • 10. see/sawas

  • Translation
  • 1. Lack of confidence contributed to his failure.
  • 2. She has shown great courage in the face of her
    serious illness.
  • 3. We came to the conclusion that she was telling
    the truth.
  • 4. His secretary failed to tell him about the

  • 5. Learning languages isnt just a matter of
    memorizing words.
  • 6. Once she has made her decision, no one can
    hold her back.
  • 7. Itll be difficult to live up to the standards
    set by our captain.
  • 8. The scientist referred to the discovery as the
    most exciting new development in this field.

After-class Reading Passage 1Better Late than
  • ??????? ?????????????????,?????10000????,???
    )?????????????(PIZZA HUT)????????TACO BELL??A
    W?Long John Silvers(LJS)???????????????????????

  • ????? ??????--Sanders???1890????????????????
  • ?????????????????????????????????,???????
    ???????400?????? ???????????66????105????????

  • KFC?????????,??????? We Do Chicken Right!

  • ??(1)????????
  • ??(2)???????
  • ??(3)???????-)
  • ??(4)?????????
  • ??(5)???????!
  • ??(6)??????????
  • ??(7)????????
  • ??(8)?????????......
  • ??(9)??????,??!!
  • ??(10)?????????
  • ??(11)????????!
  • ??(12)????????......
  • ??(13)????????

  • ??(14)??????(??)??!   (????????????)
  • ??(15)???????????!
  • ??(16)????????,??!
  • ??(17)????????? ?
  • ??(18)???,?? !
  • ??(19)???????????!!!
  • ??(20)?????????
  • ??(21)?????????(??????????! )
  • ??(22)??????????!
  • ??(23)????????(???????????)
  • ???????????

  • Para. 1-6 An introduction to a mans plan
  • Para. 7-33 A series of_________ in Harlans
    earlier life.
  • Para. 34-42 The transition in his life
    from_______ to________.

kidnapping a girl
  • 1. a. drop out of Greenwood School
  • b. Teenagers who drop out of high school have
    trouble/difficulty finding jobs.
  • 2. a. give away all their possessions
  • b. The supermarket is giving away a box of
    sugar to everyone who comes today.

  • 3. a. And then his expected life span ran out.
  • b. Our supplies finally ran out.
  • 4. a. It was his own daughter hed meant to
    kidnap from his runaway wife (L46-47)
  • b. I meant to go running this morning, but I

  • 5. a. carry on with remarkable success
  • b. We must carry on till success in spite of
    the extremely difficult conditions.

  • Ex.2
  • 1. prosperous 2. depressed
  • 3. innocence 4. misery
  • 5. successive
  • Ex.3
  • 1. succession 2. resented
  • 3. odd 4. insurance
  • 5. depression
  • Ex.4
  • 1. run out 2. carry on
  • 3. out of reach of 4. A succession of
  • 5. given away

  • Ex. 5
  • 1. I dont think its a good idea to drop out of
  • 2. the look on her face gave her away
  • 3. Though they are running out of food and drink
  • 4. I never meant to offend you
  • 5. the children carried on until they came back
    to the camp

  • Part 5 Listen to the Summary
  • Harlans early life was full of
    (1)__________________ things his father died
    when he was only five. He (2)_____________ the
    school at fourteen, then he entered the society
    and tried (3)______________ jobs, but
    (4)__________ he failed most of them
    (5)_________________. Time flied and it was the
    time for him to (6)__________, but he didnt
    (7)__________ until he started his new business
    and succeeded. Today he was (8)__________
    worldwide as the founder of KFC.

failures and unfortunate
dropped out of
a succession of
for various reasons
give up
  • Get to know something about McDonald

McDonald???Ray Kroc
  • ??????,??????????,???????????????????
  • Ray Kroc, an American. The year when he was born,
    gold rush had already been over. An opportunity
    to make a fortune brushed past him.
  • 15????????,1931??????????????????????
  • At the age of 15, he dropped out of the high
    school. The economic depression in 1931 made him
    penniless to study in a university.
  • ????????????.
  • Made a living by selling paper-made cups to the
  • ???????????????????????,??????,??????????
  • Wanted to do a good job in house estate.
    Unfortunately, the second world war made a drop
    in the house price. He failed again.

  • ????,?????,??????????????????????
  • He had been a first-aid driver, a piano player
    and a stirrer salesman.
  • ??????,????????????,?????????
  • Depression , adversity and unfortunate
    accompanied and made fun of him.
  • 1955?,???????????????,?????????????????
  • In 1955, he got back home, sold his family
    property and started a business.
  • ????????52??,?????????????,????????????????????
  • At the age of 52, this layman learnt to make
    hamburgers in a mobile restaurant of McDonald

  • ??270????????????(Ray Kroc)52????????????
  • He loaned and brought this mobile restaurant at
    the cost of 2.7 million dollars and then founded
  • ???????????????QSCV???Q???(Quality),
    S????(Service), C?????(Clean) V????(Value)
  • The golden principle is QSCV-----Q is quality, S
    is service, C is clean and V is value.
  • ??????????,??????????????????????????,??????1?????
  • Through the painstaking management of decades,
    McDonald has already become the biggest fast food
    company taking hamburger as staple food. There
    are more than 10,000 chain branches at home and

After-class Reading Passage 2The Pursuit of
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
(No Transcript)
  • ????????05?1?11???,???????1883???????????,??
  • ????,1874?11?30??????????????????,???????,???????

  • ?????????
  • ????,7???,??????????????????????????????????????
  • ???????,?????????????????????????????????????18

  • ???????
  • ??????,1886?????12??,??????????????????????????
  • ??,????????????,??????????????????????????,????

  • ???????
  • ???,????????,?????150??????????????????????????
  • ???????????????????,??????????????????????????

(No Transcript)
  • ?????????
  • ??,????????????????,???????????,??????????,?????
  • ???,??????????????,?????????,?????????????,????,

  • ??????
  • 1860?,???????????,????????????????????????????????
  • ??????,??????????,??????????????????????????????

  • ????
  • ?????????????,??????????????,?????????????????,???

  • ??
  • ??,???????????????????
  • ?,????,???????????
  • ??,????,?????????? 

  • ?????????
  • ?????????????????????????????????????????,????????

  • Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln
  • (Delivered on the 19th Day of November, 1863
    Cemetery Hill, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania )
  • Four score and seven years ago, our fathers
    brought forth upon this continent a new Nation,
    conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the
    proposition that all men are created equal. Now,
    we are engaged in a great Civil War, testing
    whether that Nation, or any nation so conceived
    and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met
    here on a great battlefield of that war. We have
    come to dedicate a portion of it as a final
    resting-place for those who here gave their lives
    that their Nation might live. It is altogether
    fitting and proper that we should do this.

  • But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we
    cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground.
    The brave men, living and dead, who struggled
    here, have consecrated it far above our poor
    power to add or detract. The world will little
    note nor long remember what we say here, but it
    can never forget what they did here. It is for
    us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to
    the unfinished work which they have thus far so
    nobly carried on. It is rather for us to be here
    dedicated to the great task remaining before us
    that from these honored dead, we take increased
    devotion to that cause for which they here gave
    the last full measure of devotion that we here,
    highly resolve, that these dead shall not have
    died in vain that this Nation, under GOD, shall
    have a new birth of freedom and that government
    of the People by the People (and) for the People
    shall not perish from the earth."

  • ????????
  • 1963?11?19?
  • 87??,????????????????????,????????,???????????????
  • ??,??????????,???????????,?????,??????????????????

  • Para. 1-4
  • Although he________________ when he was young,
    Churchill became a successful leader.
  • Para. 5-7
  • Despite his_____________________________
  • ______________Lincoln was considered to be the
    greatest president of all time.

behaved badly
humble beginning and a series of failures
and defeats
  • 1. a. as a matter of fact
  • b. As a matter of fact, I didnt intend to
    hurt your feelings.
  • 2. a. be expelled from the school
  • b. He was expelled for stealing from the

  • 3. a. embark on a great career in the British
  • b. He determined to have a change and embark
    on a new life.
  • 4. a. acknowledge the introduction
  • b. Mary acknowledged the gift with a letter.

  • 5. a. grow up on an isolated farm
  • b.The farm is isolated the nearest house is
    30 kilometers away.

  • Ex.2
  • 1. acknowledgement 2. excellence
  • 3. isolating 4. pursued
  • 5. exposures
  • Ex.3
  • 1. acknowledged 2. humble
  • 3. former 4. expel
  • 5. embarked
  • Ex.4
  • 1. at home and abroad 2. give up
  • 3. isolated from 4. expellingfrom
  • 5. as a matter of fact

  • Ex. 5
  • 1. your lack of practice is holding you back
  • 2. to expel people believed to be dishonest from
  • 3. that he should embark on an enterprise of his
  • 4. we acknowledged the favor we received
  • 5. we are never to isolate ourselves from the

  • Part 5 Listen to the Summary
  • Winston Churchill (1)____________ a bad boy
    when he was in the public school. However, he
    completed his education and (2)____________
    office and led his people through (3)__________
    when Britain was at a (4)__________. Abraham
    Lincoln, who was born with (5)________________
    and received less education in his early
    childhood, (6)__________ many failures in his
    political life but he finally made a successful
    leader of American. The two examples given in
    this passage (7)__________ a fact that
    background, education, circumstances none of
    these can (8)__________ a creative spirit.

was regarded as
was thrust into
severe risk
a humble background
hold back
  • Homework
  • Ex. 1
  • 1120 ADACA CBBCB
  • 2130 ADABA DDACD
  • Ex. 2
  • Ex. 3
  • Ex.5
  • 1120 BBDAD CADCB

  • Extra translation work for your reference
  • ???????
  • A Self-portrait of Asians
  • 1. ??????????.
  • You use the dishwasher as if it were a cupboard.
  • 2. ???????.
  • You often try to pay the bill before others.
  • (to save face. In fact, it is not your turn this
  • 3. ???????????.
  • You never use measuring cups when you prepare a
  • (?????, ?????.everyone is an experienced cook.)
  • 4. ?????????, ??????.
  • You save all your shopping bags for garbage.
  • (I cannot agree with you more. I am one of
  • 5. ???????????.
  • Your family has a pot of hot water available all
    the time.
  • 6. ??????????.
  • Most of your money is deposited in the bank.
  • (even all of the money we earn through our life
    cannot afford an apartment and a car.)

  • 7. ??????????????.
  • Your dad thinks he can fix everything.
  • (he always forgets how to assemble those parts
    after he disassembles a radio.)
  • 8. ????????????.
  • The tablecloth covering your dining table is made
    of plastic.
  • (it is easy to clean.)
  • 9. ??????, ?????????.
  • You will starve yourself before you go to a
  • (why not?)
  • 10. ?????.
  • You drink only boiled water.
  • (it keeps me healthy and it costs less than
    orange juice.)
  • 11. ????????, ?????????.
  • In order to keep the dining room clean, you have
    three meals in the kitchen.
  • (a dining room is used only when we have a
  • 12. ????????????????.
  • You will share the above information with other
    Asian friends.
  • (absolutely! Thats what Im doing at the moment.)
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